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uha4Hello, i just tryed to post a longer Question on the mailinglist, but i got an errormessage back.14:58
uha4do i have to get Permissions first?14:59
uha4i was posting at tryton@googlegroups.com14:59
Pilouyou should subscribe to the mailinglist first14:59
uha4thanks, i'll try again...15:00
Pilouin order to subscribe, you need to send a mail to tryton+subscribe@googlegroups.com15:00
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uha4pilou: there was a subscribe-Link at the mail-archive. I used it, and it seemed to work, but now i get a auto-reply stating that they are blocking my server for spam. I'll try again with another address...15:18
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wagon63hi, anyone here using tryton in the us?18:58
cedkwagon63: is in the US19:04
wagon63i saw that, looks like they are a hosted provider?19:04
wagon63cedk: have u done development work on tryon19:05
cedkwagon63: yes19:06
wagon63cedk: i am really interested in using t for a new customer, would need to build an ecommerce module, app… not really interested in using the xml based view stuff. do u think doing a react.js frontend would be feasable? prolly would need to have a rest api that exchanged json19:09
cedkwagon63: I do not think react is the right tool for an ecommerce19:10
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cedkwagon63: you should prefer server side template framework like flask19:10
wagon63really want the shop manager to be able to “click” and change the underlying product data without going to the backend, also would be nice to control the layout a bit19:12
wagon63would prolly generate all the js server side but would like the react functionality19:13
cedkwagon63: if you want to rewrite the full Tryton client in react, good luck.19:15
cedkwagon63: this is a strange idea as you have a backend client for free now (even two native and web)19:16
cedkwagon63: just for the record, it took more than 5 years for the community to write sao and it still misses some small features19:17
wagon63guess thats what im asking, not looking to rewrite anything. hoping to use the current backend with a small new frontend to sell products using the backend for everything except the view19:18
wagon63cedk: similar to connecting it to shopify???19:19
cedkwagon63: I do not understand, what are you calling "frontend"?19:19
cedkwagon63: so just use a webframework and write the pages19:20
cedkwagon63: we have module for Flask:
wagon63cedk: maybe a full js stack or flask? looking at your link19:21
cedkwagon63: I think it is wrong to do js stack for ecommerce19:22
cedkwagon63: page template will be much more efficient19:22
cedkACTION bbl19:23
wagon63cedk: k19:23
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wagon63cedk: u back?23:14
cedkwagon63: yes23:20
wagon63cedk: did a couple deployments with odoo a while back and think i understand how i could connect to the backend via the flask_tryton module.23:21
wagon63cedk: turn the data (products, whatever) into json and feed it to a cool frontend for layout?23:23
cedkwagon63: no with flask-tryton, you directly use the trytond ORM23:24
wagon63cedk: doesn23:24
wagon63t the orm just return u data in a list23:25
cedkwagon63: do not understand23:25
cedkwagon63: the ORM use objects like the name says23:25
wagon63cedk: grab all the products using the orm, doesnt returns a list of objects?23:27
cedkwagon63: yes and this will make flask template easier to write23:30
wagon63cedk: k, should be straight forward  to render the data / componets either server side or client side  with flask - react - redux23:32
wagon63cedk: thanks for all the help / your patience23:39
cedkwagon63: welcome23:42
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