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pokolicedk: I'm not recieving any notification of the issues you are creating about help text10:24
pokolicedk: is this correct?10:24
cedkpokoli: because I do not put comment10:25
pokolicedk: understood, thanks10:26
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EdbOHello All, Can anybody explain how to use the multiple clicks per button?13:32
EdbOI'm testing that multiple users have to click on "quote" in sales, before the sale is actually goes to state quote13:34
EdbOSo I added 2 for number of users in the rules and the Sales as group.13:34
EdbOBut what do I have to add for the condition?13:35
cedkEdbO: the extra condition you want to add for the rule13:43
EdbOcedk: I'm lost .... I want 2 users to click on the button and when the second user has clicked on the button, the state of the sale-order should be updated to quote13:46
EdbOcedk: How will the condition looks like?13:47
cedkEdbO: empty13:49
EdbOcedk: OK, but it won't trigger :-(13:51
EdbOcedk: I'm even able with 3 different users to click on the button, nothing happens13:51
EdbOcedk: I'm on 4.2.213:53
cedkEdbO: what is exactly your wonfiguration?14:00
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pokoliIs possible to get the account deferrals splited by party?15:12
cedkpokoli: do not see the point15:15
pokolicedk: on account.general_ledger.line it's possible to split value by party15:16
EdbOcedk: what do you mean with configuration? my trytond.conf?15:17
pokolicedk: If the account is marked as cumulate the balance should reflect the previous fiscalyears amounts15:17
cedkEdbO: no the button configuration15:18
pokolicedk: this is not the case currently, and after some digging in the code i haven't seen any way to get deferrals splited by party15:18
cedkpokoli: no this is GL15:19
EdbOcedk: I didn't do any configuration, I just did go to "Administration" -> "Models" -> "Models Access" -> "Buttons"15:21
EdbOcedk: Then I select the button with the name "quote" and Model "Sales"15:21
EdbOcedk: And added a new Rule which defines that 2 users have to click15:22
cedkEdbO: there is a different between what you say and what you did, please show exactly what you did15:23
EdbOcedk: I think that I now understand what you mean with "button configuration"  ..... /me need some coffee15:27
EdbOcedk: Going forward, I started from scratch again.15:28
EdbOcedk: "Administration" -> "Models" -> "Models Access" -> "Buttons" -> open "quote" button on model Sales15:29
EdbOcedk: Added a new rule: description = 2 clicks; Number of users = 2; Group = Sales; Condition = left empty15:30
pokolicedk: don't understand what do you mean15:33
cedkEdbO: so do you see the number of click on the button?15:33
cedkpokoli: the GL show what is in the selected fiscalyear15:34
EdbOcedk: restarted the client and added a new Sales and clicked on the quote button. The button is updated with a 1, disconnected, connected as other user clicked also on the button, the button is updated with a 215:34
EdbOcedk: Also the names are visible in the tooltip15:35
cedkEdbO: so the counting works15:35
cedkEdbO: Maybe you have something else that prevent the transition15:36
cedkpokoli: the cumulate balance of the line is only inside the fiscal year, you have the balance with deferral on the account15:37
EdbOcedk: Yep, but a few days back I saw something on the bugtracker about button rules doing something with a decorator. I'm just searching for it15:38
pokolicedk: thanks for the explanation15:40
cedkEdbO: not related15:40
cedkEdbO: what happens if you remove the button rule?15:41
EdbOcedk: It just works as it did before15:41
EdbOcedk: Even when I change the number of users to 1, it just works15:41
cedkEdbO: is all your user in the Sales group?15:42
EdbOcedk: Double chek: yes, they are15:43
EdbOcedk: I did the same for the validate button on invoice. Same behaviour15:45
cedkEdbO: and if you remove the group in the button rule?15:45
EdbOcedk: I removed the group. Same behaviour.15:48
EdbOcedk: Resetting the counter on the other hand works15:48
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cedkEdbO: please report an issue16:03
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cedkIn case EdbO read the logs, it should be fixed by
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sisalphello, did someone work on an ebay or amazon connector ?18:40
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cedksisalp: I guess fulfilio should get one19:01
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sisalpcedk: will [try to] contact them, thank you.19:37
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