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sisalp   Hello, is this a known problem ?ProgrammingError: column a.drop_shipment does not exist15:26
sisalp   LINE 1: ...uence" AS "sequence", "a"."company" AS "company", "a"."drop_...15:26
cedksisalp: looks like a non-updated database15:27
sisalpcedk: possible. The database is restored from a previous 4.2.0 backup to a 4.2.3 server15:42
sisalpcedk: asaik, drop shipment was not installed on the initial database.15:43
sisalpcedk: /afaik/15:43
cedksisalp: is it on the update? Could you post the full traceback?15:44
sisalpcedk: it is not on an update. maybe on a module install.15:54
cedksisalp: for me, the module sale_supply_drop_shipment has not be correctly activated15:58
sisalpcedk: should it be reinstalled ?16:06
cedksisalp: I think a database update should be enough16:06
sisalpcedk: seems this happens with several (all) copies restored from this archive.16:07
sisalpcedk: thank you. Will start with an update.16:07
sisalpcedk : btw, is update a dangerous action ? Should I make an update when I restore an aged archive ?16:08
cedksisalp: from different series, it is mandatory16:09
sisalpcedk: I meant in 4.016:10
sisalpcedk: during database update, I get this error
cedksisalp: I think you are not restoring a database from the same series16:42
cedksisalp: so you probably have to follow the migration steps from
sisalpcedk: all is possible, this database model was save several months ago, I used 4.0 to build it, at least this is what I remember.16:46
sisalpThe update goes well on the database if I don't install modules on it16:47
sisalpcedk : if additional modules are added, then update fails with the pasted error16:47
sisalpcedk: Am I correct to assume that is about code update ?16:52
sisalpcedk: sorry, I used 4.2 to build it.16:55
cedksisalp: I do not understand any more16:56
sisalpcedk: I sum it up :16:57
sisalpI made a database on 4.2 in november.16:57
sisalpThen saved it as an archive16:57
sisalpOn 4.2.3, I restore it.16:58
sisalpif I update it it is ok.16:58
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sisalpif I add modules (not sure which ones, but likeky around stock_drop_shipment), then update fails16:59
sisalpI understand update should probably be better before installing new modules, but is wasn't17:00
sisalpcedk: does it sounds clear ?17:00
cedksisalp: for me the added module is not from the right series17:01
sisalpcedk: ok cheking17:01
sisalpcedk: all modules claim 4.2 0 to 3 in the tryton.cfg17:08
sisalpcedk: sale_supply_drop_shipment/tryton.cfg indicates 4.2.117:10
cedksisalp: then there is a custom module with the wrong translations: fr_FR was removed in 4.217:12
sisalpcedk : the origin of the code is wget -Atrytond-*.tar.gz
cedksisalp: and there is fr_FR translations?17:35
sisalpcedk: only fr.po17:39
sisalpgrep -rin fr_FR * is positive on account_fr/account.py17:41
cedksisalp: seems to be wrong version17:53
cedksisalp: oops no indeed it is a bug in account_fr17:54
sisalpcedk: would it explain the whole story ?17:54
cedksisalp: no17:55
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sisalpcedk: too bad ;-) I have edited and restarted update17:56
cedksisalp: I think the problem is that the default language in the configuration is fr_FR17:58
sisalpcedk: indeed, I missed this point and used the locale. I set "fr" and restarted update18:09
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