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pokoliLordVan: hi09:54
LordVanabout what we talked about yesterday09:55
LordVanwould a module to accomodate my workflow (the basic parts of entering the order, generating my project sheets and -manually -invoicing later) be difficult / a lot of work or could it use some existing parts maybe?09:56
pokoliLordVan: your project sheets may be tryton productions?09:58
LordVani am open to suggestions on what to look at / try ;)09:59
pokoliLordVan: the invoices module can be totally reused09:59
LordVanyeah the only change i need for sales is that i need the different wished/required-for-delivery-dates ;)09:59
LordVanwhich should be fairly simple imho09:59
LordVan(after looking at the module code of the one that doesn'T seem to work anymore)09:59
pokoliLordVan: yeah, that's not so complex10:00
pokoliLordVan: but for me the automation will be something like:10:00
pokoli1. Creating the production request based on customer needs10:00
LordVanyes - that would be after creating the sale itself i guess10:00
pokoliLordVan: when the sale is processed10:01
LordVanwell i'D need it to be linked ot that sale of course somehow so I'd have to at least create the sale itself first right?10:01
pokoliLordVan: once you have this part, you should probably create a delivery after finishing a production10:01
pokoliLordVan: if the sale workflow fits for you yes, other option is to create a custom model for entering the customer requests, with it's own workflow10:02
LordVanWell tbh i was expecting that i would have to enter the data "twice" (or somehow copy) once from the actual order from the customer and then the details as production/project10:03
LordVando you think the project module would be useful too for that or just production?10:03
pokoliLordVan: i think production it's what you are doing, isn't it?10:04
LordVani am just a bit confused what the project module would be used for then10:04
pokoliLordVan: for example if the production involves some tasks (for example defining what to produce)10:05
pokoliLordVan: another usage is when selling services to a customer10:06
LordVanin the future could production also be used then to help calculate the price? - e.g. enter work hours , material costs, .. ?10:22
pokoliLordVan: the nantic guys have a module that does something like this10:24
LordVanok well not something i need to start with anyway but good to know that there is something like that10:25
pokoliLordVan: well this is a set of modules:
LordVanwell i know at least now that it is feasible10:27
pokoliLordVan: yeah, I thing everything is feasible :)10:34
LordVanlet me see if i can figure out how we can use the production module (i didnT' see a step-by-step tutorial or anything somewhere - is there one?)10:35
pokoliLordVan: not that I aware of10:37
LordVanit would be nice though to have some step-by-step guides for the most commonmodules ^^10:38
cedkLordVan: except that Tryton is a toolbox so there is no one way to use it10:53
LordVanyes i meant just very basic of course ;)10:53
cedkLordVan: we just try to have good defaults10:53
LordVanso you know what can be done with defaults10:53
LordVanbut anyway .. i like tryton a lot better than dolibarr already haha10:54
cedkLordVan: Tryton is mostly based always on the same concept/design10:55
LordVan- that and you guys are great (the dolibarr IRC channels is dead and one hardly gets answers on their forum either)10:55
LordVanshould we ever meet in person we got to at least go for a couple of beers/coffee/whatever (my treat of course ;))10:59
cedkLordVan: we have an annual meeting, the next is is not yet announced11:01
LordVanwhere is that usually?11:02
cedkLordVan: it is always moving11:05
LordVanah ok11:05
cedkLordVan: but next one should be in Belgium around the first weeks of December11:05
LordVanhm belgium is not too bad - i'Ve been to fosdem before11:05
LordVancedk, is it an event geared more at devs or users ?11:07
cedkLordVan: both, we try to have a day more for users and a day for devs11:12
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pokolicedk: December after the release?11:54
pokolicedk: BTW, do you have the patches for ?12:21
cedkpokoli: not yet12:33
cedkpokoli: you can take it if you want12:33
pokolicedk: ok, i will take it13:04
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csotelodear coders, I have updated my tryton 3.8 to the last one version and its module and an error start appearing any suggest?19:47
cedkcsotelo: when you update, you must say from where19:51
cedkcsotelo: but it looks like you do not have any report defined for the invoice19:53
csotelocedk, I dont understand you. I just update from 3.8.9 to 3.8.1219:54
csotelodownloading files and that... no comand done after downloading latest 3.812 version19:54
csotelocedk, sorry for this really dumb question: what do you mean with """but it looks like you do not have any report defined for the invoice"""19:55
cedkcsotelo: the code search for a linked to the invoice model20:00
csoteloand it is on account_invoice/invoice.py20:01
csoteloI have taken off an older module that was working with invoice, and it has an invoice report20:03
csotelobut, it was taken off20:03
csoteloprobably it is still lokking for it???20:03
cedkcsotelo: I guess this module deactivate the report and so now you have no report activated20:03
cedkcsotelo: you must reactivate the initial report20:04
cedkcsotelo: just search for it using "Active: False"20:04
csoteloagain.. the most dummy question: how?20:04
csotelocedk, more dummy, where?20:05
csoteloI start feeling really dumb20:05
csotelocedk, ir_action_report table?20:09
csotelocedk, I was looking for it on Admin menu -> actions -> report, but no appear :S20:18
csotelothis is really weird for me20:18
csoteloI also have tried to re install account_invoice module20:18
csoteloI have added directly and works!!20:23
csotelothanks a lot20:24
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sisalphello, it seems the invoice address is used as destination address in sale order, even if a non-invoice address exists. Is it expected ?22:58
sisalpcedk: I'm exactly in that case23:11
sisalpcedk: do you mean my 4.4 database is ready and I only have to modify the sale.odt ?23:12
sisalpcedk: or should I apply a patch too ?23:13
cedksisalp: next release will be ready for customization23:16
cedksisalp: but we keep default behaviour which is using the same address for sale than the invoice23:16
sisalpcedk: thank you. I will adapt for the few cases I have and then move to next release.23:26

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