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alexbodnhello friends13:17
alexbodnhello pokoli.13:18
alexbodnhow can i know which group is needed for a special operation?13:18
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alexbodnthe domain is showing: ['AND', ['OR', [[u'groups', u'in', []]]], ['OR', [[u'company', u'=', 1]], [[u'company', u'=', None]]]]13:25
pokolialexbodn: look at the code :)13:49
pokolialexbodn: which is the pyson expression of this domain?13:49
alexbodnhey pokoli13:57
alexbodnpokoli: the generated sql expression is: ((((?))) AND ((("company" = ?)) OR (("company" IS NULL))))13:58
pokolialexbodn: but where is defined this access rule? Or whatever generates this domain14:02
alexbodnpokoli, i'm failing with this code14:07
alexbodn        invoice_sequence, = SequenceStrict.create([{14:07
alexbodn            'name': '%s' % date.year,14:07
alexbodn            'code': 'account.invoice',14:07
alexbodn            'company': company,14:07
alexbodn        }])14:07
pokolialexbodn: do you have the company set on the context?14:25
pokolialexbodn: it should contain the company that you are creating the sequence14:26
alexbodnpokoli, how could i set this?14:31
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pokolialexbodn: sorry but i have to go14:43
alexbodnenjoy, pokoli, thanks :)14:43
cedkalexbodn: the easiest way is to use a user with the field company correctly set14:46
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alexbodncedk: i've set company and main_company of the user.  now i understand i have to add the user to groups14:50
alexbodncedk, the domain shows: ['AND', ['OR', [[u'groups', u'in', []]]], ['OR', [[u'company', u'=', 1]], [[u'company', u'=', None]]]]. the company is correct, but the groups domain is empty. what is the right way to assign the user a group?15:00
mrichezalexbodn: In Administration Section -> Users -> Groups15:19
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alexbodnthanks mrichez. i'm writing a python script that creates an user, and i wish it to also assign group(s) to the user.16:58
alexbodnmrichez, i also don't know which groups should the user join16:59
mrichezalexbodn: ah ok, usually i assign user to specific group in xml file16:59
alexbodnmrichez, good ideaa, but how could i open an xml file from a python program?17:00
andrespolitihello, per request of a client, i need to automate the submit of a wizard in the callback of a widget (in Sao)17:01
mrichezit's a specific xml file in the tryton module structure17:01
alexbodnnot just open, but load the records from the xml17:01
andrespolitiis there a way of accessing the on_click() function of a button from within a widget callback?17:02
mricheztryton loads them automatically, see country module-> file country.xml17:02
andrespoliti(this is all happening in the init of a new type of widget i defined)17:03
alexbodnandrespoliti, not out of sao knowledge, you may assign another click event in jquery17:03
mrichezalexbodn: sorry, i have to go17:03
alexbodnmrichez, ok i'll search how is it being loaded, thanks :)17:04
alexbodnbye mrichez17:04
cedkandrespoliti: press "Enter"17:04
mrichezalexbodn: bye17:04
cedkalexbodn: I guess you just need to do user.groups.append(group)17:04
alexbodnhey cedk, typical orm behaviour :)17:05
alexbodncedk, is the group an object, or an id?17:06
alexbodnan object, i guess, cedk17:07
cedkalexbodn: I guess you are scripting with proteus, so you must get groups using .find17:08
alexbodncedk, thanks. would you recommend .find over search?17:09
nicoealexbodn: you must use find as search is not useable with proteus17:11
alexbodncedk, do you recommend using proteus over direct import of trytond modules?17:12
alexbodnnicoe, sorry, that was your answer17:13
nicoealexbodn: it depends, proteus is easier to use but its goal is to mimic the client so it's a bit slower17:16
nicoealexbodn: we usually use proteus though17:17
alexbodnnicoe, i understand17:17
andrespoliticedk: how do i trigger an "Enter"?17:39
andrespolitiif i'm still inside the callback, would an "enter" event have effect?17:40
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cedkandrespoliti: I do not understand but pressing Enter trigger the default button of a wizard17:44
andrespoliticedk: i defined a qr scanner widget, and the client wants that as soon as the qr is detected, the wizard ends, without having to press the button17:45
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andrespoliticedk: i have a callback for when the qr scanner sucessfully detects the qr code, and it sets the input value17:46
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cedkandrespoliti: maybe you can trigger "Enter" on the input17:47
andrespoliticedk: yes, i'm trying to trigger a keypress event, but if i'm still inside the callback, and the event closes the wizard, would it work?17:49
cedkandrespoliti: do not know17:50
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