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orpheanI'm trying out Tryton currently with the idea I'll use it for my small business13:11
orpheanSo far I've installed it on debian 9 really neatly no hitches13:12
orpheanI have loads of questions and most of them I try to answer my self by scouring the source13:12
orpheanOne thing I'd like to get some clarity on is the connection between trytond-cron, Scheduled Actions (ir.cron?) and the default Run On Time Triggers job instantiated by res module13:14
orpheanAm I right in saying trytond itself will never run ir.cron entries listed under the Scheduled Actions menu in the interface; These are only run if a trytond-cron daemon is running?13:15
orpheanSecondly, how critical is it to have trytond-cron running in that case if I have no bespoke modules that depend on Scheduled Actions?13:16
orpheanThirdly what is the purpose of the Run On Time Triggers task? Is it something base modules can depend on existing?13:16
orpheanBecause you can actually delete the task and it only reappears on reupdating the res module13:17
cedkorphean: yes cron tasks are run by trytond-cron13:19
cedkorphean: but user can optionally run it manually and so trytond will run it once13:19
cedkorphean: if you do not have any cron task, you can not run trytond-cron13:20
cedkorphean: the on time trigger is a legacy of OpenERP that we did not cleanup13:20
orpheanthis is the confusion then13:21
orpheanso triggers are depricated?13:21
orpheanAre there any modules you know of that depend on Triggers run by trigger_time?13:23
cedkorphean: oops not I wrongly read it, I confuse with number call13:23
cedkorphean: "On time trigger" is important if you have defined triggers that depends on time13:23
orpheanAre we talking about Triggers in the sense of SQL / Database Triggers?13:24
orpheanor does it have some other meaning in Tryton?13:24
cedkorphean: it is like database triggers but managed by trytond in Python using the ORM13:28
orpheanOk now I think I understand perfectly thanks; So on_time triggers will also not execute without trytond-cron daemon running?13:29
cedkorphean: yep13:29
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orpheanWhat did you have in mind?13:41
semarie 13:55
semarieoops sorry13:55
cedkorphean: return the content of index.html instead of redirect14:18
cedkorphean: index.html or something else that could be configured14:18
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cedkorphean: check
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apostatize!Xon William D Arand - [Selfless Hero 03] - Otherlife Awakenings (epub).rar21:51
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