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pokolicedk: about, i'm wondering if it's a good moment to remove duplicate ir.button.access rules14:03
pokolicedk: I mean, that rules that are redundant with write access14:04
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cedkpokoli: what duplicate are you talking?14:56
pokolicedk: button access that are the same as write access on the model15:05
pokolicedk: as the user allowed to write on the model will be allowed to click the button, this is duplicated15:05
cedkpokoli: I mean where do you see such case?15:06
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cedkpokoli: I do not see issue with this code15:11
pokolicedk: it can be simplified by removing the button access, and let it manage by write access on model (as both groups are allowed to write on the model)15:12
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cedkpokoli: I do not see any benefit15:13
pokolicedk: ok, so I try to simplify it15:14
uha41Hello, i'm working on a module to sync our online-shop with tryton. I came across your discussion about the new module sale_payment, and wonder if it is usable already.15:15
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cedkpokoli: it is not what I mean, I do not see any benefit in this move15:16
pokolicedk: understood, that was what I was asking15:17
pokoliuha41: on which trytond version are you working on?15:17
uha41pokoli: 4.415:18
pokoliuha41: I have a backported version on: that should work on 4.4 as is15:19
pokoliuha41: but I don't plan to maintain it anymore when 4.6 is released, so you should upgrade to 4.6 then15:19
pokoliuha41: and I'm not sure it has the latest review version15:20
uha41pokoli: thanks, i'll try. I just wondered, because rietveld has the diffs, but i didn't see any place to download the code.15:21
pokoliuha41: because the definitive repository does not exist yet15:22
pokoliuha41: but you should probably test the rietvield patch first and comment there if there is something missing15:23
uha41pokoli: i don't know yet how to use these paches15:25
pokoliuha41: create an empty mercurial repository (with hg init) and the fetch the patch as usuall15:25
pokoliuha41: how to fetch a patch (via hgreview) is explained on
uha41pokoli: but what i've seen looking at the discussion, is, that you say there, that no payment term is allowed. What about creating a special payment term, to indicate in sale view, that this should be prepayed.15:28
uha41but i suppose, i should write tis in rietveld too...15:29
pokoliuha41: as it's a desing issue, probably on the releated issue on (or on the original design discussion on
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uha41pokoli: do i need a google-account in order to use rietveld? I don't have a google-account, and i would like to avoid it in future too.15:53
pokoliuha41: if you use hgreview yes15:53
pokoliuha41: you can download the patch as raw and apply it using mercurial import15:54
uha41pokoli: that was my next step to try...15:54
pokoliuha41: there is a google to be less google dependent:
pokoliuha41: you are probably interested on:
uha41pokoli: ok, so there is hope not to need a google-account when i contribute in the future...16:01
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uha41pokoli: i quite some topics, i came across working with tryton, but at the moment i'm too busy building up our company, to do more than get it running for our needs. As soon as i have some more time, i want contribute more active...16:05
pokoliuha41: there is the plan since 2011, but nobody has ever worked on it16:05
pokoliuha41: don't worry, tryton is a comunity driven project, that evolves thanks to people voluntari contributing to it16:06
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cedkuha41: maybe you are looking for sale_advance_payment18:19
cedkuha41: sale_payment is to manage payment from webshop for example18:20
cedksale_advance_payment is a way to schedule many partial payment and block shipment before payments etc.18:20
uha41cedk: as i'm working on a module to sync the orders from our webshop, i think sale_payment is the right thing. I had a look at sale_advance_payment, but it seems too much creating a pro-forma invoice first.18:24
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cedkuha41: by the way, I have a 4.4 branch of it at
cedkuha41: we have one production installation running it for a webshop18:51
cedkbasicly we create payments on the sale before the shipping using stripe18:51
uha41cedk: now i cloned the backport from pokoli he showed me earlyer. should be as good, or?19:01
uha41cedk: i don't know stripe, but i imagine it to be something like PayPal.19:02
uha41cedk: i'll have to take care for paypal payments too, so i'll have a look.19:03
cedkuha41: stripe is kind of like Paypal but with a much simpler API19:04
cedkuha41: but Stripe does not do the wallet stuffs, it is mainly payments19:06
uha41cedk: for usual prepayment orders with our Webshop i imagine the workflow as we did it manually until now: If the customer selects prepayment, we wait until payment arrives, register the payment, and then generate the invoce, so we can print on the Invoice 'amount received at 3.8.2017'19:07
uha41if i generate the invoice first, i cant alter it to confirm Payment.19:08
uha41cedk: i don't think i'll deal with the paypal API. Our Webshop has a plugin to do so, and i'll generate the payment from the data i receive from our shop19:09
cedkuha41: so you do not really manage payments in Tryton19:12
uha41depending what you include with 'managing payments'. I want to use it for accounting, stock management and just automate whatever makes sense. I#19:18
uha41cedk: I'm new to accounting, always learning whats needed. Later when the Company grows, i suppose payment management makes sense, but i suppose then i don'n take care of these things alone anymore.19:22
cedkuha41: can not make choices for you19:26
uha41of cause not. You seemed intrested, so i wanted to give you the picture. Ant sometimes you have tips if you know what's intended19:28
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Alex_Bkashpsycopg2.ProgrammingError: relation "ir_cache" does not exist22:22
Alex_Bkashwhen i run command -->sudo bin/trytond -c /etc/tryton.conf -v -d tryton_db22:23
cedkAlex_Bkash: database does not seems to be updated/initialized22:38
Alex_Bkashthanks cedk. resolved that22:41
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