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sisalpHello, thank you to all who helped about client 'uncompatible version" on 3.8. Removing the known_hosts, solved the problem.11:35
sisalpHello, for someone else, today, the user installs Tryton client on windows, but get the chinese translation, which is somehow difficult to setup. Anyone had the same experience ?11:39
sisalpthere is no mean to get back to international english before connection ?11:40
pokolisisalp: you mean that the client started by default in chinese?11:40
pokolisisalp: that's probably because the computer is configured to use chinese as default locale11:40
sisalppokoli: it seems so. The user sent me an image of the login dialog in chinese11:40
sisalppokoli: I guess I get it in french because I connected to a server and the client stored it somewhere. So may be there is a conf file to delete.11:46
sisalpDo you know where the tryton client  conf files are stored on windows ?11:47
pokolisisalp: all the config files are explained in the docs: :)11:49
meigallodixitalsisalp, %appdata\.config\tryton\4.411:49
sisalppokoli: seems to be in ~/.config/tryton/4.4/tryton.conf on linux11:50
sisalpmeigallodixital: thank you11:50
pokolisisalp: IIRC once connected a server, it gets the last language used on this server11:50
meigallodixital %appdata%\.config\tryton\4.411:50
pokolimeigallodixital: sisalp: yes, there is a note in the docs that in windows ~ means %appdata%11:50
meigallodixital%appdata% is a shourtcurt :)11:51
sisalpjust to be sure: the user types "%appdata%" ?11:51
sisalppokoli: meigallodixital: thank you, waiting for feedback from the user.11:53
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plaeswhat's the proper way to run trytond with python3?18:12
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plaesok.. apparently it does not work with `pip install -e .` :S18:17
cedkplaes: without '-e'18:20
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plaesyay.. thanks :)18:24
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plaessharkcz: o/20:07
plaesdo you have any plans to update Fedora packages?20:07
plaesat least the tryton client20:08
sharkczplaes: unfortunately I lack the time now, but it's high on my todo21:07
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