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pokolisince the error message is not shown on client side, but only on server logs. Is this the expected behaviour?10:11
pokoliwhat I mean, is that this dialog is not shown anymore:
cedkpokoli: it is processed by the sys.excepthook10:15
pokolicedk: it's possible that sys.exepthook does nothing?10:17
cedkpokoli: normally no10:18
pokolicedk: I see, the exception get's printed to the stderr, but only when the appliction is closed10:18
cedkpokoli: you are testing on Windows?10:21
pokolicedk: no, on my development machine (linux)10:22
cedkpokoli: I guess it depends on where the exception is raised and it is catched manually or not10:24
pokolicedk: The error I'm testing is raised on the server (it was an error due to a missing column on the database)10:25
pokolicedk: instead of seeing the error, i see an empty list of records, which is strange for me as no feedback is given to the user10:25
cedkpokoli: it is probably because the record read catch the exception silently10:28
cedkpokoli: maybe we should have kept the last error call10:30
cedkpokoli: check this:
pokolicedk: that fixed it. Now the error dialog is shown10:34
pokolicedk: thanks10:35
plaesugh.. this function is a monster10:38
cedkI thought I had improved with changeset 438af1da332d10:40
plaesyeah.. needs some early returns...10:53
cedkplaes: fell free to improve it10:56
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plaesbtw.. what would be the most sane way to sync data (parties) against external master data set via cron?11:04
plaesI was thinking about creating custom party_ext module, which would add external_id field to party11:05
plaesand then during sync it would correlate via that11:05
plaesbut the cron part is somewhat unclear - where can I add the bulk sync query11:06
plaesor should I even use proteus with external data file11:07
pokoliplaes: we have some module that uses the code field to save the external_code11:09
pokoliplaes: but we have this approach as we want the user to see the other system code11:09
pokoliplaes: and we run it daily via a cron11:09
pokoliplaes: I will use proteus if the sync must be done only one or two times11:10
sisalpHi, I have again a question from a Mac user who fails to connect from tryton client. OSX 10.12.6 Application Tryton 4.4.212:38
sisalpanyone uses this ?12:38
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pokolisisalp: not me, but which is the error that the clients gives?12:51
sisalppokoli: cannot connect to server in the profile manager when it should get the database list.13:44
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fmorato[m]pokoli is the modules for syncing parties public? If so, could you share a link, please?18:06
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pokoli fmorato[m] no it's an internal development which syncs to another product of the company. So it does not makes sense to share18:17
fmorato[m]Yes, indeed18:45
fmorato[m]How can I run the Tryton client with GTK+ 3?19:00
cedkfmorato[m]: GTK_VERSION=319:08
fmorato[m]cedk: When I connect to the demo server I get an error from goocalendar:
fmorato[m]Is there an issue with current state/issues? I did not find it.19:22
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cedkfmorato[m]: probably:
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