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catonanois therre ever goinna be thhe possibility to build Tryton based GUIs withh some tool likke Glade ? Has this ever been discussed ?10:17
pokolicatonano: whats Glade?10:18
catonanoGlade is te tool for bulding GUIs suggested for Gnome apps. It's a GUI builder10:19
catonanoYou drag and drop widgets on a canvas10:19
catonanoand it produces a file describing te GUI that you can further process10:19
pokolicatonano: normally on tryton you only need to define xml with the field definitions. Not sure if it's worth to use a tol like Glade10:19
catonanook, that answers my question. Thanks10:20
pokolicatonano: indeed, I was asked similar questions (if there is a view designed for tryton) on last spanish conference10:22
plaesnot sure whether Glade has plugin interface...10:22
plaesactually it has..10:23
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cedkI think few years ago someone made a prototype10:48
cedkI think it was at the TUL201[2-3]10:48
cedkbut I do not think it worth the effort10:49
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catonanook I was just wondering10:53
catonanothanks, anyway10:54
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myself21i am look for a veagrant VM or a docker container with tryton ready to go, is there anything like that ?11:35
cedkmyself21: we are in the process to create them:
cedkmyself21: meanwhile you can test:
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myself21cedk perfect i will test it11:41
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myself21cedk everything went OK , maybe because my OS(ubuntu 16.04) "docker volume create tryton" needs --name in front of tryton12:16
cedkmyself21: which version of Docker?12:28
myself21cedk docker -v Docker version 1.12.6, build 78d180212:29
cedkmyself21: seems pretty old, I have 17.03.2-ce which does not have "--name" option12:30
myself21cedk is the version that come by default on ubuntu16.04 VM12:33
cedkmaybe but I think we should document for latest releases of Docker12:34
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myself21this can sound stupid, during the config there is a step3 where u need to pick a company and a template, the drop down menu for company dint show anything, i wonder if there should be a setp on front of that that create a company and then  u pick one from the drop down menu13:19
pokolimyself21: Indeed what you are describing is exactly how it works :)13:48
pokolimyself21: but the first step can be skipped, so that's why the company is shown as empty too13:48
pokolimyself21: You can execute the steps later. Just go to Administration -> Modules -> Config Wizard Items13:48
pokolimark all the steps you want to redo as pending13:48
pokolimyself21: and use the action button to re-rexecute the wizad13:49
myself21btw maybe u can add tot he doc, if u the user want to clearn the setup and there are containers that remain stuck, normaly tryton-cron they need to reboot the mahine and then make docker rm -v $(docker ps -a -q -f status=exited)13:51
myself21if they use root account if now there needs to be "sudo docker rm -v $(sudo docker ps -a -q -f status=exited)"13:55
pokolimyself21: it should not be needed to reboot the machine, but only stop the container13:56
myself21pokoli yea for some reason they remain stuck on utuntu 16.04 with Docker version 17.09.0-ce, build afdb6d413:59
pokolimyself21: strange, let me test it14:04
pokolimyself21: I run docker stop to shut down the containers and everything worked well14:14
pokolimyself21: I'm using ubuntu 16.04 with docker 17.0514:14
myself21pokoli one more question how u install a new language ? i selected Spanish and launch action show nothing14:19
pokolimyself21: you can activate a language with tryton-admin14:20
pokolimyself21: for docker you should execute: docker run --link tryton-postgres:postgres -it cedk/tryton trytond-admin -d tryton -l es --all14:20
myself21oh i was thinking is done via webGUI14:20
pokolimyself21: the key is the -l flag followed by the language code, which will activate the language on the database, and --all loads all translations of all modules14:21
pokolimyself21: It's also possible via GUI, but commandline is easier :)14:21
pokolimyself21: from GUI, you should go to Administration -> Translations -> Languages and mark the languages as translatables14:22
pokolimyself21: once done, you have to update the ir module to load all the translations14:22
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andrespolitihi! is it possible to filter within a one2many or many2many field?17:03
pokoliandrespoliti: yes, there is a filter attribute on the fields:
andrespolitiis that available for 4.2?17:20
andrespolitiis that to filter which records can be added? or a filter for the user to only view some records in the one2many field?17:21
pokoliandrespoliti: the user will only view and add those reocrd on the one2many17:24
pokoliandrespoliti: is used to work on a subset of the relation17:24
pokoliandrespoliti: it's available since 4.4. See:
andrespolitiooh okey, i meant a filter for existing records added in a one2many field. Kind of like the filter in the treeview17:28
andrespolitiin the list view*17:29
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andrespolitiwhat are the fields left and right in the account model?20:24
cedkandrespoliti: it is for MPTT:
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