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pokolicedk: about did you mind I open a separate issue?11:07
pokolithis will make the code more complex, as we have to load the relation fields when adding the many2one11:07
pokoliand currently many2one fields aren't preselected.11:08
cedkpokoli: OK11:09
sisalphello ! I'd like to get a new option on shortcuts. in the shortcut management, get an "open at login". Is it feasable ? I use Tryton without the left menu most of the time and use shortcuts only.11:10
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cedkpokoli: indeed I think it is simpler to make the Many2One node selectable and pointed to '.rec_name'11:28
cedkpokoli: this will avoid to load the definition of all Many2One which may be expensive11:28
cedksisalp: you can register actions on your profile that will be executed at startup11:29
pokolicedk: just add them to the actions option on the user preferences :)11:30
pokolisorry, that was for sisalp11:37
pokolicedk: ok, thanks for the sugestions11:37
pokoliindeed, we should probably do the same for all the relation fields: many2one and xxx2many11:41
cedkpokoli: I do not think it is a good idea for xxx2many because it will result in an unexpected CSV file11:43
cedkpokoli: also we almost never put xxx2many in tree view11:44
pokolicedk: unexpected because of the number of rows?11:51
cedkpokoli: because it is not standard CSV format11:52
pokoliok, thanks for explanations12:00
sisalpcedk: pokoli: thank you. It works very well. A bit technical but powerful. Is it possible to decide on the order ? Seem alphabetical only.12:01
pokolisisalp: is not possible to decide order currently but probably it can be improved12:03
pokolisisalp: btw, any ideas on how to make it more user friendly?12:03
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sisalppokoli: when it is about menus, the shortcut manager could be an expected place. It would only feed the start actions. I think that if the user sees some lines in the start action list, he will be willing to use its other possibilities. But it makes two ways for doing the same thing.12:09
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cedkpokoli: I guess we could have an action "Add to startup" on the menu12:11
sisalpcedk: pokoli: is it feasable : I click once it is a short-cut, I click twice it is also startuped, I click 3x, it is back to nothing, and the star has three colors ?12:20
cedksisalp: I do not think it is right because it is arbitrary and user will not discover it12:23
cedkby action, I mean: right click, select in the popup menu "Add to startup"12:24
sisalpcedk: yes, better12:28
pokolicedk: but rigth click is not available on sao, so probably ti will be easier to add an icon, like we do for favourites12:29
cedkpokoli: I think it is going to bloat the UI for a feature that will be used by too few users12:30
sisalpcedk: so what about  the previous idea about shortcut management ?12:31
cedksisalp: multiple clicks are really undiscoverable12:43
cedkI think the action could be on the shortcut management view12:44
pokoliadding a functional field on the manage favorites view which adds it to the user actions will do the trick12:50
cedkpokoli: why a field when it can be a button?13:03
pokolicedk: because a boolean function field can be used to add and remove it in a single click13:06
cedkpokoli: no because the record will need to be saved13:07
cedkpokoli: this is an action so it should be a button13:08
sisalpcedk: yes it was my first attempt was on this view13:09
cedkso it should be reported in a feature request13:14
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andrespolitihello, is there a way of forcing the execution of an on_change_with_some_field even if some_field is not in the view?20:48
andrespolitithis is because i have an invisible condition depending on a field inside a many2one field, which Eval() cannot access, so i bring this field to the class with a function field20:50
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