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cedkpokoli: could you try to use instead of tryton-rietveld-hrd.appspot.com11:47
pokolicedk: that's what I'm using now. Probably I have old reviews with the tryton-rietveld server11:48
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cedkpokoli: I still receive email from your reviews with former link (on new reviews)11:52
pokolicedk: I see. Probably that's because of the rss feed11:54
Timitoscedk: i was searching which GTK3 versions are supported for the client. i only found this:
Timitosis there another place?11:58
pokolicedk: fixed now. You will probably recieve some more comments using the old server (cause I already have the email on my inbox), but I recieve new emails with the correct url12:00
pokoliTimitos: it requires 3.20 at least12:00
cedkpokoli: OK12:01
cedkpokoli: thx12:01
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cedktbruyere: did you have time to see if you can boost the sound of the first day?12:45
pokolisomebody asked on #tryton-es why videos are set as private on youtube channel12:47
tbruyerecedk: no, I try it this afternoon.12:48
cedkpokoli: because we want to rework them before publishing12:48
tbruyereI am also looking to put markers to find the different presentation.12:48
tbruyereI think the best thing would be to clip the videos to not have the waiting text12:49
cedktbruyere: what does it mean to "clip"?12:50
cedktbruyere: I think markers would be enough, no?12:50
pokolicedk: great thanks12:50
tbruyerecedk: when you play the video, you start with a message (starting soon ...) during +/- 15 min.12:52
cedktbruyere: OK, do you think it will take time to clip them?12:52
cedktbruyere: to be effecient such kind of video should be published very close to the event12:53
tbruyerecedk: I test it now ... but I do not think it's a big job. The longest will be to download the videos :)12:53
tbruyerecedk: I give a return in 1h.12:53
cedktbruyere: OK, perfect12:54
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tbruyerecedk: I work on the sound of first day.15:07
tbruyerecedk: I increased the volume. I started the encoding but it takes 3 hours to create the new file.15:07
tbruyereFor clipping, I can use the youtube system but I do not have access to this tools with my account on the youtube channel of Tryton.15:08
tbruyereEnhancements on youtube editor15:09
tbruyereCan you check if you have access?15:09
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cedktbruyere: I do not neither16:02
cedktbruyere: I think youtube removed its video editor tools16:02
cedktbruyere: it is not the first time, I try to find something similar. I saw also a video to transfer videos between accounts and finaly found they have removed the feature16:03
xcodinascedk: I'm still able to use the editor tools on my channel at least16:05
cedkxcodinas: maybe it does not work for new account16:10
tbruyereI can not find any information why the function is not available.16:13
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tbruyereHere is a test video with sound processing.16:28
tbruyerecedk: if it's ok for you, I'm creating the videos tonight and tomorrow morning and I'm putting the videos on youtube.16:29
cedktbruyere: of course there are parasite sound but at least we can hear the speaker16:32
cedktbruyere: but if I compare to the same in the original video, I can hear me correctly on the original16:32
cedkis it possible that Youtube has reprocessing the sound?16:33
tbruyerecedk: yes, youtube apply some filter to the sound.16:35
tbruyereI increase the volume ... so I increase the noise and the filters can not completely remove it.16:35
cedktbruyere: do not you think the current youtube video are OK?16:36
tbruyeretbruyere: the video with the low sound?16:37
tbruyerecedk: the video with the low sound?16:38
cedktbruyere: yes16:39
tbruyerecedk: it would be good then to report to increase the volume via a text on the video I think.16:42
tbruyerecedk: for info, I did not find how to put 'Tag' on the timeline of the video with youtube.16:44
cedktbruyere: but is not the volume in max by default on youtube?16:44
tbruyerecedk: oui, mais l'utilisateur doit augmenter le volume de son haut-parleur;)16:45
tbruyerecedk: yes, but the user must increase your speaker volume ;)16:45
xcodinastbruyere: you can put in de description the minute and text and you can access to that minute by clicking on it16:46
tbruyereOk ;)16:46
tbruyerexcodinas: thanks16:46
xcodinastbruyere: :)16:47
cedktbruyere: I watched with the default volum of my laptop16:49
cedktbruyere: so what do we do?16:52
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cedkwe publish them as is and we put as xcodinas suggested the time and title of each talks16:55
tbruyerecedk: I propose: I place the time pointer in the description of the live video. We publish this video. Then, I extract videos to publish separately during the week with a sound treatment (not too loud not to increase the noise)16:56
cedktbruyere: OK, this sounds good16:57
cedktbruyere: do you need any extra access right for that?16:57
tbruyereI have try ... it's ok with current rights.17:03
cedktbruyere: OK, thanks17:04
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