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jani-mattiI'm getting a "company" not defined error while trying to print a customer invoice. Where  should I start looking for the missing definition? The company has been defined in the database in Party -> Configuration -> Companies, but that doesn't seem to be enough08:03
jani-mattiscratch that. didn't properly update my custom invoice report from tryton 4.208:03
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jani-mattiinvoice line notes don't seem to print though. I just have a reference to line.note, which used to work on 4.0 at least08:03
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jani-mattinevermind. seems to be caused by some corruption or something in my invoice report. will rebase from the 4.6 stock invoice09:03
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pokolithe certificate of is expired :(09:03
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cedkpokoli: I check, unfortunatly we must rely on the sh**ty letsencrypt script09:03
cedkpokoli: fixed, for some reason letsencrypt script stopped to use http-01 challenge but https09:03
pokolicedk: thanks09:03
cedkI whish there were on Ubuntu09:03
cedkany way, I put the parametter in the cron command09:03
Timitoscedk: do you know
pokolicedk: have you tried the portable version on Ubuntu?09:03
cedkTimitos: I can not find a package neither09:03
cedkpokoli: there is no package, I could find09:03
cedkTimitos: anyway, I have more trust in the OpenBSD writing code running on root and I use already acme-client on all other machines10:03
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pokoliany idea which problem should cause the following traceback:
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pokolithe server is able to connect to database but then when loggin it raises this error13:03
pokoliand the session is created on the ir.session table13:03
nicoeDid you try a python script doing some queries to the database to see if the problem comes from Tryton or from somewhere else?13:03
pokolinicoe: using a python script which imports the transaction and does some query works well...13:03
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jani-mattiI'm getting seemingly random errors where the style of the fields in Libreoffice reports get reset to "Standard". seems to especially happen inside tables in an fodt document13:03
jani-mattior rather the style encapsulating the field13:03
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jani-mattisome fields just lose the font style, others lose justification as well13:03
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pokolifrom my previous error, is something related to uwsgi as runnig tryton with werkzeug works correctly. I will have to investigat14:03
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adfenoHi all! I have friend which works for an organization that has a stock of cloth rolls, each roll is human-sized and moves every day various times of the day, they are currently looking for a software which can aid them on locating where a roll of cloth is in the work place. Do you happen to know if there is a free/libre software --- or better yet: a Tryton module --- that can help in this case?17:03
pokoliadfeno: you can track it by assigning a lot (number) to each roll, with the stock roll module17:03
adfenoI hope my english is right for the piece I'm describing :D17:03
pokoliadfeno: and if you are intersted in knowing which quantity cloth there is on every roll, you can use a movable location:
adfenopokoli: Are the "finer grain management for storage location" and the "location as pallet/package" already implemented in main Tryton or as modules, or do I need to apply the patches on a copy of Tryton?17:03
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pokoliadfeno: they are all resolved and part of the last release17:03
adfenoOh... interesting :D17:03
adfenoI wonder if they are united in ?17:03
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adfeno(because the description of that module seems similar to the one about pallets)17:03
pokoliadfeno: you should use the stock_location_movable module17:03
adfenopokoli: That's exactly it :D17:03
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