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jcmhi, I don't understand the specificity of Stock Inventory Location Module. Seems it does the same as creating a new inventory, but with a domain limiting to Storage.14:07
pokolijcm: for me the docs are pretty clear:
jcmSeems it allows to inventory many locations together. But why limit to Storage ? I have many Supplier locations that I can access only by creating an inventory without the wizard14:07
cedkjcm: you do not make inventory on supplier locations, they are virtual14:07
jcmcedk: I need to do some... and it seems to work correctly when done one by one14:07
cedkjcm: it is not allowed to make inventory on other location than 'storage'14:07
jcmer... it works well, I have plenty of them14:07
jcmhow should I populate my locations without an inventory?14:07
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cedkjcm: I do not understand what you are talking about14:07
cedkbut it is forbidden to make inventory on location of any other type then 'storage'14:07
cedkif you can then you have custom code that breaks Tryton14:07
jcmno line of custom code on stock, I do New Inventory on a location with type Supplier and add products and quantities14:07
cedkjcm: it is not possible:
pokolicedk: did you thought about adding a requirements.txt file on the new tryton-env repository with all the development dependencies?14:07
jcmcedk: just did one more to retest, it work14:07
cedkpokoli: this is not the purpose of requirements.txt14:07
cedkpokoli: requirements.txt is for reproducible deployment14:07
cedkpokoli: but I will not be against a tool/hook that extract dependencies of all setup and generate a requirements.txt or something that can be used with pip14:07
pokolicedk: ok, I will have a look because I'm creating a new environment and I did not remember all the required dependencies14:07
Timitospokoli: why dont you do a "pip -e" on trytond and all modules?14:07
pokoliTimitos: i only do it for trytond, which makes all the modules available14:07
Timitosi think to have a tool that does it for the modules too would be a good idea14:07
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cedkTimitos: develop installation avoid clone/share as branching or you have to create a new venv each time15:07
jcmcedk: just redone on : created a Supllier type location named "Supplier consignment" ; created an inventory on this location.15:07
Timitoscedk: i dont understand what you want to say15:07
cedkjcm: indeed it is allowed by stock_consignment to make inventory for consignemt location of supplier15:07
cedkTimitos: if you install the packages, you can not use code from another location15:07
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jcmcedk: so is it a bad idea to do this? how to populate new locations in another way? and is it normal that the Stock Inventory Location modules filters on "storage" type when Consignment is activated?15:07
Timitoscedk: why would i need that? only to prevent redundancy?15:07
Timitosif we talk about a tool to ease the creation of a dev environment i think we should keep it simple15:07
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cedkTimitos: agree but not at the cost of duplication and inconsistency16:07
Timitoscedk: why inconsistency?16:07
cedkjcm: You populate location with shipments16:07
cedkTimitos: we must not duplicate depenency declaration16:07
cedkjcm: inventory is only for correction16:07
Timitoscedk: how does "pip install -e" duplicate dependency declaration?16:07
cedkjcm: and yes it will be good that stock_consignment extend stock_inventory_location to support supplier in this case16:07
cedkalso stock_consignment will be better if it allow inventory on supplier location that are under a storage location16:07
cedkTimitos: it does not but I do not call that a solution for development16:07
cedkTimitos: it is just installing the package16:07
cedkand so it prevent to work with filesystem branch16:07
Timitoscedk: so how do you manage the dependencies in your venvs? i asume that you have at least one per branch if i understood your environment correct16:07
Timitosi also did some research lately about reading dependencies from in the python libraries there is no funtionality to do this. so it would need custom code16:07
cedkTimitos: I install manually the missing dependencies16:07
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lucascastroHello, I'm getting problem on translation, I set the language but the application keep in English language.21:07
cedklucascastro: you must update all the modules after activated a language21:07
lucascastrocedk: Thanks. I'll try right now.21:07
lucascastroreally Thanks, worked fine.21:07
cedklucascastro: the best is to use trytond-admin with the option -l and --all21:07
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lucascastrocedk: I've used trytond-admin22:07
cedklucascastro: the command is described in
lucascastroI was already using it, I was just lost about translation and I hadn't found anything about it.22:07
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