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semariecedk: any particular reason to use c3-0.6.7 instead of c3-0.6.11 in tryton-overlay ?19:12
cedksemarie: no19:12
semarieok thanks. I am looking at improving the sao port on openbsd (to not include all the unnecessary files from npm+grunt)19:12
cedksemarie: of course, it does not make too much sense to use another package manager to build a package19:12
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justuniGreetings, Tryton channel.  I am seeking information on the structure of Tryton views as they relate to SAO (which I constantly read as Sword Art On-Line and laugh).20:12
justuniI have only found a very simplistic understanding at under Developer Guide.  A more comprehensive guide would be helpful.  Any ideas or suggestions?20:12
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justuni@ChanServ How might I register with this channel20:12
justuniWell that is not going how I expected.20:12
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cedkjustuni: there is this:
justuni@cedk Thanks!20:12
justuniI was looking in the wrong place.20:12
cedkjustuni: we are still lacking on doc, but if you miss some information ask them on than we could try to improve the doc20:12
justuniI am unable to reach the URL from my current location I will make a note and review it later.20:12
justuniI have been asked if there is a odoo studio like interface for Tryton.  I have found a few "builders" for boiler-plate but nothing in the same scale.  Suggestions?20:12
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