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scrapperHi folks, we do have our first ovirt Host up and running, everything fine so far... as ovirt was though of additional management webplattform to virt-manager and kimchi i thought i could now add external KVM hosts to ovirt just like virt-manager is doing... but besides an import of vm's i could not find a way how to manage (start, stop, reboot etc...) VM's on external KVM host with ovirt. Is this possible? Can you point me to a URL where such a09:03
scrapperszenario is described? All i could find was importing of VM's to ovirt but we would like to continue with running our existing VM's on the existing KVM Hosts, just manage them from ovirt. (start,stop, reboot, change settings... etc.) Is this even possible? Thanks in advance.09:03
scrappersorry wrong channel *timeforcoffee*09:03
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