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FWiesinggood morning!07:57
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FWiesingcedk: good morning!10:28
FWiesingcedk: I think I have a problem with the update I run yesterday evening10:28
FWiesingI translated most of the items in the translation table to german10:29
FWiesingand now most of the items are double - one time in english - one time in "Deutsch"10:29
cedkFWiesing: where?10:32
FWiesingin the translation table10:32
cedkFWiesing: this is normal10:32
cedkFWiesing: you have the form in the right language ?10:33
FWiesingyes - the form is displayed ok10:33
cedkso no problems10:34
FWiesingI start to delete the items are double manually - should I go on?10:34
cedkFWiesing: which items are duplicate?10:34
FWiesingmost of them10:35
FWiesingI think 90 persent10:35
cedkFWiesing: but there are not duplicate because it is one in Deutsh and one in English10:35
cedkFWiesing: this is normal10:35
FWiesingI could send a database-dump - if it is helpful10:36
cedkFWiesing: it is normal to have the both language10:37
FWiesingOK - then I let it be and go on testing - thx10:37
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 462:7ab2e4375962 tryton/doc/ (16 files): Use sphinx for documentation11:00
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 652:420da56ec131 trytond/doc/ ( index.rst): Fix documentation name11:00
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 463:3a7cdf58d506 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/widget_search/ Fix select="0" in tree view15:04
FWiesingcedk: the selectboxes (combo-boxes) in all forms are displayed in english - although ther is a german translation in the translation-table - should I create a new task in the todo-list at the community?17:21
cedkFWiesing: fill a issue in roundup17:37
CIA-53tryton: FWiesing roundup * #145/Select-Boxes are displayed in english although a german translation is avialable: [new] All messageboxes are displayed in english - although a german translation is available in the translation-table.18:12
FWiesingTimitos: balance sheet in the form Account Types = Bilanz - it means that this account is in the balance integrated?20:20
FWiesingor is it on a "Saldenliste" - the difference is not always unique20:20
FWiesingTimitos: income Statement  is in German Gewinn- und Verlust - I mean?20:21
udonoFWiesing:  income Statement  is in German 'Gewinn- und Verlust Rechnung' or just 'GuV'20:23
FWiesingbalance sheet = Bilanz - then it make sense20:23
FWiesingyou could translate balance sheet with Saldenliste or Bilanz - both is OK20:24
FWiesingTimitos: thx - I'm try to make a new chart of accounts20:25
FWiesingTimitos: now I can upgrade my translation :-)20:26
FWiesingtimitos: beecause I'm working with the german forms20:26
FWiesingTimitos: what is the function "Display Balance" - can it change the view of Debit - Credit - I suggest, that the default is "Debit - Credit" - OK?20:34
FWiesingsorry - didn't register that Timitos is away!20:47
udonoFWiesing: no problem20:53
udonoFWiesing: the other question I don't know.20:54
FWiesingdoesn't matter - I think all are buzzy like ant's or so ... :-)20:55
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