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FWiesinggood morning08:52
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CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 72:787058c2ef3c account_invoice/invoice.odt: Use new vat_code12:29
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 40:013321ff36d0 company/company.xml: Add vat_country12:29
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 36:71787550ab46 purchase/purchase.odt: Use new vat_code12:30
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 99:24f738dc4117 relationship/ Improve test in ids12:30
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 100:782ddb14cccd relationship/ ( party.xml):12:30
CIA-53tryton: Add some VAT validation for issue14312:30
CIA-53tryton: Add field function vat_code to concatenate vat_number and vat_country12:30
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #143/add VAT number validation: [testing] Vat check added with changeset 782ddb14cccd Please check with some VAT12:31
cedkI just push VAT check, it will be great if everybody can test it with known vat number12:31
udonocedk: my german VATID works!12:59
CIA-53tryton: udono roundup * #165/TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'bool' and 'str': [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/", line 339, in run res = method(*msg[2:]) File "/trytond/web_service/obj ...13:00
CIA-53tryton: udono roundup * #165/TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'bool' and 'str': [chatting] If I try to open a Party without a VAT ID, This error is raised.13:01
udonocedk: did you recognice my request about windows and os.fork()13:04
udonocedk: yesterday evening...13:04
CIA-53tryton: udono roundup * #165/TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'bool' and 'str': [testing] Solved: hg diff modules/relationship/ diff -r 782ddb14cccd --- a/ Wed Jul 02 12:28:34 2008 +0200 +++ b/party.p ...13:27
cedkudono: yes I will work on it now13:32
udonocedk: roundup #165 is solved...13:32
udonohow can I generate a difffile for hg wich you can merge easily?13:33
cedkudono: do you want to submit an export for issue165?13:34
udonocedk: yes, I like to try ...13:35
cedkudono: and don't forget to re-assign to me for including it into the main stream13:36
udonocedk:yes,  I cant find an information about the REV parameter in : hg export [OPTION]... [-o OUTFILESPEC] REV13:36
udonocedk: what should I use for REV?13:37
cedkudono: the number or the changeset13:37
udonocedk: where to get this number?13:38
cedkhg log13:40
udonook, the last one seems to be 100, so I take 101...13:42
cedkudono: don't care, you must commit your change, look at the rev number and run hg export13:44
udonoced, Yes I got it. My brain is to complicated today :-) Thanks13:45
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 488:6b822a6bd0f3 tryton/tryton/ (common/ gui/ Use os.startfile on win32 to open files for issue15513:57
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #155/win32: report is not opened automaticly: Must be fixed with changeset 6b822a6bd0f313:59
cedkudono: is it working ?14:02
cedkudono: I don't see your export ?14:02
udonocedk: Oh, Sorry, comming now, I updated the Wiki... I told you I am brainless today...14:03
udonocedk: updated Docs:
udonocedk: uploaded!14:04
CIA-53tryton: uspallek@Lisa.dsl default * 101:a2a4cd474049 relationship/ Solved issue16514:09
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #165/TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'bool' and 'str': [resolved] Applied14:10
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 489:2df9e10381ec tryton/tryton/ Improve setlocale error message14:19
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 663:37f2a20f38ef trytond/trytond/report/ Improve set_locale error message14:20
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #164/win32: when trying to print an report i get error-messages like this:: [testing] Can you test with the changeset 37f2a20f38ef. It will give a better error message.14:20
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 664:f8a2a5368909 trytond/trytond/report/ Fix typo14:27
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 665:71e879d77c47 trytond/trytond/res/ Fix language in get_preferences for issue16214:29
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #162/can´t set language in user preferences: [resolved] Fix with changeset 71e879d77c4714:29
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CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #163/when opening user preferences on windows these warnings appear: [testing] Must be fixed with changeset 1310cd55cd0715:34
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FWiesingwhat is the recommended update - procedure? Timitos sent me a script where trytond is started at least with the option -i all -u all - in the wiki I read that tryton should start with the option -d after update?16:59
udonoFWiesing: the -d option select the database to update. You need to update all databases you have in use17:08
FWiesingwhat the client is doing if I start the server with - i and -u - is then the database updatetd - I don't think so17:10
FWiesingso I must update the database separate17:10
FWiesingAt the moment I use this procedure:17:10
FWiesingThe skript starts the trytond with -i all -u all and I think then the client will be updated - for database update I stop trytond and start it once more with -d <databasename>17:12
FWiesingIs this right?17:12
cedkFWiesing: start the server without any arguments for normal use17:16
FWiesingafter an update too?17:16
cedkFWiesing: and run once the server with "-d databasename -u  all" when you want updating the database17:16
cedkFWiesing: an you have nothing to do with the client17:16
cedkFWiesing: and -i options is only for installing new modules17:17
FWiesingok - thx a lot - after an update "trytond -d xxxxxxx -u all" --> -i all is only for new modules17:19
cedkFWiesing: yes but installing new module, you can do it in the client it is easier17:20
FWiesingyes - I think so too and I will use the procedure with the client17:20
cedkFWiesing: but update must be done with the server17:21
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FWiesingok - thx17:24
CIA-53tryton: Timitos roundup * #166/AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute 'strip': [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "\trytond\", line 339, in run res = method(*msg[2:]) File "\trytond\web_service\wiz ...17:32
CIA-53tryton: Timitos roundup * #166/win32: AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute 'strip': [chatting] tried to create a new database after updating to newest changeset17:33
CIA-53tryton: Timitos roundup * #166/win32: AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute 'strip': i can confirm this issue under linux too.17:43
CIA-53tryton: Timitos roundup * #155/win32: report is not opened automaticly: [resolved] fixed17:46
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CIA-53tryton: Timitos roundup * #163/when opening user preferences on windows these warnings appear: still the same behavior, but i get this warnings only the first time i open the user preferences now. after that there no warning anymore.17:52
CIA-53tryton: Timitos roundup * #164/win32: when trying to print an report i get error-messages like this:: new error-message: [Wed Jul 02 17:52:27 2008] ERROR:web-service:Report account.invoice: unable to s et locale "en_US.1252"17:53
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CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 667:b43de7164d37 trytond/trytond/res/ Better for for language preferences18:00
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #166/win32: AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute 'strip': [resolved] Must be fix with changeset b43de7164d3718:01
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #164/win32: when trying to print an report i get error-messages like this:: But is it the report well generated?18:02
CIA-53tryton: Timitos roundup * #164/win32: when trying to print an report i get error-messages like this:: yes, report is well generated.18:04
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 668:cebabd64ccbc trytond/doc/index.rst: Fix index title18:25
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 669:7edb96379d60 trytond/doc/views.rst: Add form view documentation18:25
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CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 490:3353660b872b tryton/tryton/gui/window/
CIA-53tryton: Update shortcut on tree view after reload20:10
CIA-53tryton: from openerp r873320:10
CIA-53tryton: udono roundup * #120/Client Menu under Help: "Contributors" entry: This names I know: Udo Spallek Korbinian Preisler Hartmut Goebel Franz Wiesinger Mathias Behrle21:30
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CIA-53tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 670:8e223f2ad0ee trytond/trytond/report/ Added image handling on report parser21:40
CIA-53tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 671:ad88b74d92f9 trytond/trytond/report/ Merge21:40
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 491:9df76884333a tryton/share/tryton/contributors.txt: Add contributors for issue12021:41
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #120/Client Menu under Help: "Contributors" entry: [resolved] Applied21:41
Timitosrmu: hi21:42
rmuist hier deutsch erlaubt? or english only channel?21:43
Timitosrmu: also das meiste besprechen wir auf englisch. allerdings mischt sich manchmal deutsch oder französisch mit rein. ist aber eher selten.21:44
rmuandere sprachen wuerd ich eh nicht verstehen ;)21:45
rmuich hab mir das tryton (aktuellen hg "checkout" von vorhin) gerade angeschaut und bin grad am herumspielen21:45
rmuaber da scheints doch noch einige kanten zu geben ;)21:46
Timitoshauptsächlich sind hier belgier, franzosen, österreicher und deutsche im chat. letztens waren mal ein marokkaner und ein holländer kurz da.21:46
Timitosrmu: erzähl. wo hakts?21:46
Timitosklar. gibts noch viel zu tun. aber bei mir läufts schon ganz gut.21:47
rmuich denk am layout wie ich ausgecheckt hab21:47
rmuund die distutils haben anscheinend bei einigen modulen die xml-files nicht installiert21:47
rmudie gehen dann ab21:47
rmumuss das aber nochmal auf einer "sauberen" maschine nachprüfen21:47
rmunix tragisches21:48
Timitosdu solltest am besten 3 ordner machen. einen für tryton (client), einen für trytond (server) und einen für die modules. die modules kannst du dann per symlink in den trytond bereich verlinken. das klappt am besten.21:48
Timitosich glaube dass die meisten die gar nicht nutzen, sondern lediglich die dependencies installieren und den rest einfach irgendwo hin kopieren.21:48
rmuja, das muss ich noch gscheiter einrichten21:48
Timitosich mach das zumindest so.21:48
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rmumas mich noch wundert: es gibt zwar product und purchase module, aber kein sale???21:50
rmuoder bin ich blind?21:50
Timitosstimmt. das fehlt noch. da mischt ein kunde mit und der hat ein bisschen wenig zeit. wir hoffen, dass das modul so in den nächsten 2 wochen fertig wird.21:50
Timitosso ähnlich sieht es auch für project aus.21:51
cedkTimitos, rmu: if you speak english, we can perhaps help you21:51
rmucedk: ok, switching to english21:51
cedkrmu: it is just for you :-)21:52
rmuintroduction: i'm using tinyerp in a small company to manage purchaes (partly) and sales of some standard-products21:52
rmuand for tracking customer issues21:52
rmui tried using MRP but the BOM stuff is way too inflexible and "convoluted" to really use, and it seems buggy21:53
rmui a former life, i was something like a software engineer and architect at a company of johannes kepler university @ linz21:53
rmuso... i would be willing to contribute in the areas of MRP if it's possible21:54
cedkrmu: yes great21:54
cedkrmu: actually, we don't have yet plan for MRP stuff21:55
rmumy only problem is lack of time at the moment - hopefully this will get better in 2-3 months21:55
cedkbut if you have enough knowledge, you can try to contribute21:55
cedkby documentation on how MRP should work, or writing modules, etc...21:56
Timitosrmu: for udono and me mrp would be interesting. it would be great to work together with you on mrp21:56
rmuplanning is not that important for me, but i need something that keeps track of stock and manufactured products with BOMs21:57
cedkwe will soon write a procurement mecanism that must be the base for MRP stuff I think21:57
rmugenerates and prints production orders21:58
rmucan keep track of serial numbers21:58
rmuand so on ;)21:58
rmumy problem is that i can not model our products within tinyerp without changing most of the automatic procurement stuff21:59
rmumostly because no "bill of operation" is possible21:59
rmu(product 1) --> (n_1 * product 2 + n_2 * product 3)21:59
rmui will think about this and perhaps i can come up with some useful data model22:00
rmuanother thing i'm quite unsure how it could fit:22:02
cedkrmu: don't hesitate to discuss with us22:02
rmuwe are using sheets of metal, that are cut into pieces while manufacturing different products22:02
rmuso f.e. i have some aluminium sheet with 2000x1000x1mm22:03
rmuthis is cut into 6*500x1000x1mm and the rest is put into stock again22:03
rmuclearly, i can't use something like square meters as "unit of measurement"22:03
rmuboth dimensions have to be put on the "lot"22:04
cedkrmu: do you have different widht ?22:05
rmuand different thickness, but that usually stays the same22:05
cedkrmu: and you have many different dimension or just somes ?22:06
rmumany different22:06
rmucompletely arbitrary22:07
rmuthink of a carpenter that cuts plates for custom furniture22:07
FWiesingrmu: hi22:08
rmui didn't find a straightforward way to fit this into tiny's model of UOMs and stock-lots22:08
rmuFWiesing: hi22:08
cedkrmu: me too, I don't22:09
cedkrmu: I think you must model the cut inside the production but it is not a trivial work22:11
FWiesingI think you need the measures AND the worth of the aluminium sheets22:13
FWiesingthe worth in € maybe22:13
FWiesingyou need a procedure to manage this22:13
rmui absolutely need both dimensions per piece22:13
rmuso worst case is one piece = one stock lot ;)22:14
rmu"worth" of cut sheets comes from dimensions, density, and current scrap metal price22:15
cedkrmu: I don't think you can solve this with BOM, as if I understand well you have every time different production order22:15
cedkrmu: so if you try to do it with BOM, you need to create everytime a new BOM22:16
rmucedk: we produce some standard products, those BOMs are pretty stable22:17
cedkrmu: yes, but the rest, I think you need a new module that fit your jobs22:17
rmuwe also produce on-demand non-standard-dimensions, so some mechanism to communicate some parameters from a product to a BOM would be nixe22:17
rmuyes, i know ;)22:17
rmusomething else with the standard products:22:18
rmuusually, there are multiple possiblities to cut a given sheet into pieces so your different product can be built22:18
rmuand it's not straightforward (at least with tiny) to say something like22:19
rmu"demand for 5 sheets dimension AxB" is there22:19
rmuand "something" then knows to fetch a sheet of some size, cut those 5 sheets in a specific way, figure out that the rest is only useful for that other product, and restock it for that purpose22:20
rmuthis would have to be more or less hardcoded into a module22:21
cedkrmu: yes I agree with you, because it is very specific22:21
rmuit would be very useful to have some set of products that can be transformed into another set of products via some "routing"22:22
rmuinstead of heaving a set of products that can be transformed into exactly one product22:22
cedkrmu: I agree, we will think about that when we will write mrp modules22:23
cedkso I need to go22:23
rmuas i said above, i will think about this a little more and try to come up with some improved (w/r to tiny) data model ;)22:23
udonormu hi22:26
rmuhi udono22:26
FWiesingrmu: bye22:26
rmuFWiesing: bye22:27
udonormu: maybe it is possible to solve your problem a bit like the tax applicable code in tiny. You know this?22:27
udonothere you can insert python code from userside for a tax to calculate...22:28
udonoso the frame is static, but the calculation is user definable by python code inserts...22:29
rmui think i would need:22:30
rmu* products extended with a set of 2 initial dimensions22:30
udonoon lx-office they have something similar, there you can provide a formula to calculate your special UOM UOS for each product...22:30
rmu(f.e. aluminium sheets come in sizes of 2000x1000, 2500x1250 and 3000x1500)22:31
rmuthen, when product is purchased, this initial dimension goes into dimensions of stock lot22:31
rmuand when such a plate is cut, new dimensions are put into stock lots22:31
rmuthis tweaking could perhaps happen at some "user definable python code"22:32
rmubut it seems awkward22:32
rmuand with this approach, i don't see how i can specify the needed dimensions in the BOM22:33
rmuwithout changing the guts of tiny ;)22:34
udonoI take another look to how the lx-office guys solved this. But I think there is a flexible way...22:35
rmumy "UOS" is always "piece" or "unit"22:36
rmumy "UOM" w/r to value of inventory is "kilogram"22:36
rmumy unit of purchase is "sheet of dimension small/medium/big with thickness X"22:36
rmumy UOM w/r to finding the right piece for manufacturing is width/height/thickness22:37
rmuusually, i would want the smallest piece of a given thickness that fits the dimensions, but i could live with something that only finds exact matches22:38
rmuwith regard (to)22:38
udonoTimitos: cu22:39
rmusomething completely different22:39
rmustock locations22:39
rmuit seems that the stock locations are a bit "coarse"22:40
udono...they doesnt work at all in Tiny...22:41
udonodid you try-tryton22:41
rmui suspected that. never got it to work.22:41
rmuplaying with tryton at the moment22:41
udonoI have a client in tiny he is dieing on eavh inverntorysation...22:42
rmuthink of some "high-bay racking" (hochregallager)22:42
udonoyes, fifo and chargen, lot Numbers ....22:42
rmuif i model the whole rack as one stock location, i don't know where an individual pallet is stored22:43
rmuand i don't know whats on which pallet22:43
udonoso my client too... he even lost some products between some moves in Tiny...22:44
rmua (former) client of me produces autonomously guided vehicles, and those really need to know where everything is22:44
rmuand it seems as if i have to model each place where i could put a pallet as storage location??22:45
rmuhmm. it seems in tryton there is a possibility to define a hierarchy22:46
rmuwill have to find out how that behaves ;)22:46
rmuanother thing: what happened to product templates?22:49
rmuit seems something is there (in the code)22:49
udonoyes, if you like to test it would be great. Tryton has introduced Trees often.22:50
rmutrees? can i define a hierarchy of templates for a given product?22:51
udonono, this is for the last message before...22:51
udonoabout the hierachy...22:52
rmuoh, ok22:52
rmuyes, will try that22:52
rmuif this works, and some sort of sale module is available, i will immediately switch ;)22:52
rmubtw, i really like the new and improved way of reporting22:54
rmuwith openoffice22:54
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FWiesingI think this is a totally new stock-module22:57
-!- udono_( has joined #tryton22:57
FWiesinghi udono22:57
udono_but the great thing for me is, that the tryton Models are very generic and primitiv. Every addon feature will rest in a new extra module. The idea is that the base modules stay clean and simple...22:57
udono_FWiesing: hi22:59
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FWiesingudono: I'm thinking about the wishes or problems of rmu - I'm writing on a workflow for the material - I think this should be a totally new "stock-module" or a second stockmodule23:10
FWiesingmaybe 2 stockmodules are the solution - the customer has to descide if it is a product with a "normal" workflow or is it material for production like aluminium-sheets23:12
FWiesingrmu: if you can send me your e-Mail - I send you the document I'm just creating23:12
udono_FWiesing: I dont think so23:13
rmuFWiesing: see privmsg23:13
rmui don't think that two stockmodules would help23:13
FWiesingthx - done23:14
rmumy gripes come from the somehow limites BOM- and MRP- model of tiny23:14
FWiesinggive me just five minutes till I finished23:14
rmui have no access to my company email from home at the moment - vpn problems ;)23:15
rmuso no need to hurryy23:15
FWiesingfinished and sent23:23
FWiesingUdono: you got a copy23:24
udono_FWiesing: thx23:24
rmuFWiesing: thx. i will have a look at it tomorrow.23:25
FWiesingI'm not a programmer - but I think ther are a lot of features missing in the stock-module if it should work for a production-company23:25
rmuthe whole unit of measurement stuff can be very tricky23:26
udono_FWiesing: you are right there is missing a lot, but i cant see a misconception for the moment... for me its just some addon modules upon stock23:26
FWiesingI imageine, that the user has to decide which way he want to go when the supplier deliver the material - is it a "normal" article which is for trade or is it material that is changed totally when it leaves the company23:27
FWiesing... my opinion23:28
rmuudono_: perhaps i miss something, but in tryton there doesn't seem to be something like a "stock lot" ?23:29
FWiesingI don't see something23:29
udono_is it a los nummer in de?23:29
FWiesingyes - "Losnummer" - thats ok23:30
FWiesingther are "Losnummern" and "Chargennummern" - I think there is a difference - but I hardly can explain23:30
rmuwith stock lot i mean some entity that combines "product" with some attributes like "serial nr", "charge", "ablaufdatum"/"best before" etc23:30
udono_no there ist no function in the stock module. But ist just an addon module. We dont need Lot inside the stock module...23:31
FWiesingI would separate SR-number - because it is unique for a product like a notebook23:31
udono_for me its good design to keep basic models as simple as possible. Everything els could go into addon modules...23:32
rmuFWiesing: you mean notebook computer23:32
FWiesing"Chargennummer" - this is the number for one production of a product - like "Frankfurter Würstel"23:32
rmuwith serial number, service tag, etc...23:32
rmuthats unique per unit23:33
rmuand thats definitely not an attribute of the product or of the stock move23:33
FWiesingand the "Chargennummer" is for a lot of the same produckt23:33
FWiesingand the "Chargennummer" is for a lot of the same product23:33
FWiesing"Losnummer" - I don't have a decription for yet23:34
rmutiny seems to confuse serial numbers, "Chargennummer" and other stuff and nothing seems to really work23:34
FWiesingmaybe ther is no difference between "losnummer" and "chargennummer"23:35
FWiesingbut a serial-number is uniqe and I can indentify a product with it23:36
FWiesing... like the ID of a record23:36
rmui think some separate entity from "product" is needed that defines what is moved23:36
rmulosnummer, chargennummer and serial number may be possibly different for different deliveries of the same product23:37
FWiesingI have the second glass of a wonderful red wine - wow - the bottle has the description "flat lake" - the wine comes from the Burgenland - so I meen they call the "Neusiedler See" - Flat Lake :-)23:39
-!- udono( has joined #tryton23:39
FWiesingand now I have good Ideas23:39
rmuflat lake?23:39
FWiesingno - Neusiedler See23:40
rmuBodensee is in the west of austria23:40
rmusouth of germany23:40
rmunorth of switzerland23:40
-!- udono( has left #tryton23:40
FWiesingthe wine comes from the east23:40
rmuneusiedler see is on the border with hungary23:40
udono_cheers FWiesing23:40
FWiesingok - to the topic23:40
FWiesingundono: you read the doc I sent23:41
udono_FWiesing: yes23:42
FWiesingIthink this flow must be included in the actual stock-module23:42
udono_FWiesing: no23:42
udono_I find not23:43
FWiesingI'm wrong?23:43
udono_The stock module should stay as simple as possible23:43
FWiesingthat's what I meen too23:43
udono_everything you described is more advanced than as simple as possible. So this results in a set of extra modules upn the stockmodule...23:44
FWiesingso I think the best way is to have a second module for materials that are not a classical trade-product23:44
rmuudono_: i think the stock module should not track quantities of product(id)s, but it should track quantities of something that relates to the product _and_ can have attached arbitrary properties like "best before"23:44
rmuthose properties can come from additional modules23:45
FWiesingproduction is not simple23:45
udono_rmu: this sounds interesting23:45
rmubut the base functionality that there is a difference between "products" and what is stored in the warehouse (the stored stuff has additional "tags") should be in the base module23:46
rmuthink of something like "best before" or "ablaufdatum" - it's not possible to attach this to the product - it is attached to the physical things that are delivered23:47
rmuand those have to be tracked individually somehow23:48
rmui don't think that this tracking can/should be implemented as an addon-module23:48
FWiesingrmu: I don't think so23:49
rmuthats just IMHO, caveat emptor, etc.. ;)23:49
FWiesingif you are a diary - you need something like "ablaufdatum"23:50
udono_Fwiesinger rmu: I think we are on a good way. But Iam tired and moving tomorow into Holiday, for now its to hard to follow for me...23:50
FWiesingfor the materials you need in the production too23:50
FWiesingudono: you are right - I think we have to restrict some things - so we will get a slolution - maybe23:51
rmui'm also tired and not too focused atm.23:51
FWiesingOK - guy's - good evening23:52
rmui will ask cedk about stock module and plans23:52
rmugood night23:52
rmuFWiesing: one last question: what is "flat lake" in german?23:52
FWiesingwe made a artistic intermission23:53
FWiesingso everybody can think about we discussed this evening23:53
FWiesingflache Lacke23:53
FWiesingNeusiedlersee --> ist ein Steppensee23:53
FWiesingmax. Tiefe ist 2,5 m23:53
FWiesing oder so23:53
FWiesingdas Meer der Wiener23:54
FWiesingwie er auch genannt wird23:54
rmuich kenn nur "lange lacke"23:54
rmuflache lacke hoer ich zum ersten mal ;)23:54
FWiesingwar die Aufschrift am Etikett23:54
FWiesingLange Lacke ist auch OK - triffts auch23:54
FWiesingto everyone - good evening23:56
udono_goof night, sleep well23:56
FWiesingudono - you have tomorrow time to explain the questions of the sock-module??23:57
rmugoof night und sock module23:57
FWiesingI only say - the "flat-lake"!!!23:57
rmujetzt aber echt. gute nacht alle23:57
FWiesingja gn823:57
FWiesingI leave now the chat - truly23:59

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