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yangoon3hi cedk, still here?01:34
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #171/database only recognized, when owner is database user: [new] Even if the database user for tryton has all necessary privileges to read the database, only databases with owner == database user are recog ...02:08
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #172/Database backup fails: [new] Even if the database user has superuser privileges, backup from tryton menu fails. Client gives no feedback about succesfull or failed backu ...02:19
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #172/Database backup fails: [chatting] Same problem with restore of database02:21
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FWiesinggood morning09:07
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CIA-53tryton: Timitos roundup * #157/win32: some labels and fields are not shown correctly: i can confirm this issue on a real host. (see new screenshot (install button is missing and selection is not shown correctly)) my installation: W ...16:59
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FWiesingTimitos: Where do I create the balance sheet? Is it there where income statement and balance sheet is in OpenERP?19:47
FWiesing... then all is clear19:47
TimitosFWiesing: balance sheet seems to be configured over the account types.19:56
TimitosFWiesing: but i have to leave now.19:56
TimitosFWiesing: needs to be discussed with cedk as account types seem to have to functions. could be tricky19:57
FWiesingin OpenERP it is configured too over accountcu19:57
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FWiesingcedk: where can I create the balance sheet - like OpenERP in accounts?20:12
FWiesingI first created a accounttype "balance"20:13
FWiesingcedk: I sent a short mail with a screenshot20:13
cedkFWiesing: I don'think you need to create a account type20:21
cedkFWiesing: by default there is Asset, Liability and Equity20:21
cedkFWiesing: so you just have to set for each account the right type20:22
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