IRC logs of #tryton for Thursday, 2008-07-17 #tryton log beginning Thu Jul 17 00:00:01 CEST 2008
cedkudono: this works
udonocedk: sorry, it work with id too...00:01
udonocedk: :-)00:01
udonocedk: thank you.00:01
cedkudono: I just fix irc2html to works with the date time format of ii00:02
bechamelcedk: nice colors00:03
udonocedk: is it possible to use date-time not date time. Because then we can use the link on the end of each line directly for reference00:04
cedkbechamel: I don't choose it00:04
udonocedk: I mean without spaces inside date and time. Because space is transformed to %20 when I copy the link00:05
udonocedk: about the XML there is no validation of mandatory. They want everything wht they can get. A mandatory test is already implemented in the german invoice.00:07
cedkudono: done but I use _ instead of -00:10
udonocedk: ok, better, thx00:10
udonocedk: works great00:11
cedkudono: but I suppose they need at least "customer name", "invoice date", "invoice number", "invoice amount", "invoice tax amount", ...00:11
udonoyes, and deliverydate, customer VAT-ID, all addresses compleat, all taxes00:12
udonoinvoice number must be strongly sequenced...00:13
udonoon each invoiceline there need to be the tax type (can be done with footnotes)00:14
cedkudono: I don't see how you can put invoice lines in a cvs file with the invoice ?00:14
cedkudono: and I find very strange that the specification doesn't tell any thing about mandatory values00:15
udonocedk: ah, ok you are on the xml2csv... no there they just want to see the standards, no details00:16
udonocedk: its for forensic, so they get everything they can, without any filter...00:17
cedkudono: but it is you that need to provide the information00:17
cedkudono: they don't write script to extract data from your database00:18
cedkudono: I think they must have some minimal requirement for each document invoice, sale, account, etc...00:19
udonocedk: yes, but I have to write a script, which collect everything. If there are wrong invoicecs, they will tell me, of course, than they ask why is the invoice without deliverydate? I say Its the software, they say, invoice not accepted...00:20
udonocedk: They want all data, even if they are corrupted, because corrupted data coud be a try to betray...00:21
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cedkudono: yes but they must tell you before which data is mandatory00:24
udonocedk: yes, they do, I count all the mandatorys above...00:25
udonocedk: for the xml2csv report all data is mandatory00:25
udonocedk: they use the data to automatic find problems. After they find enough, the cone to your office and want to see the books...00:26
cedkudono: but it must have somewhere a file which say this data is mandatory for an invoice00:27
udonocedk: why?00:36
udonocedk: these are different things00:37
udonocedk: the law defines what is mandatory for an invoice, there is no special file00:37
cedkudono: yes, but they make some automatic test so they can tell you which test they do00:40
udonocedk: Ok, I try to find out what they test. But I dont think they tell me...00:42
cedkudono: it is to be sure that we have all and that we will historize it00:49
udonocedk: Yes I understand. I will talk to timitos, because he is our German financial and Government expert.00:50
cedkudono: ok thks00:51
udonocedk: thank you00:51
cedknicoe: I just begin to think about the translation and the filters00:54
cedknicoe: is the filters run before or after the parser have evaluate all the genshi function?00:54
cedknicoe: because we need to have all the loop runs before translate strings00:55
nicoecedk: after the parser has evaluated the expressions00:55
cedknicoe: good00:55
nicoecedk: I'll include some examples in the tests I will commit tonight00:57
cedknicoe: ok, I have starting to write the translate filter to test00:59
bechamelcedk: it's better like that ...01:01
bechamelcedk: i wonder who add the initial _() mecanism ...01:01
cedkbechamel: I find launchpad very slow01:02
bechamelcedk: i was the same guy01:02
bechamel*iT was *01:03
bechamelcedk: but now there is all the history01:04
cedkbechamel: they remove the inherit table01:06
cedkbechamel: I don't know if it is not usefull01:07
cedkbechamel: it is easier to follow the dev :-)01:08
bechamelcedk: it's redundant with the foreign keys on objects themselves, no ?01:09
cedkbechamel: yes you are right01:10
cedkbechamel: I remove it also01:10
bechamelcedk: ok01:11
cedkbechamel: but the speed improvement will not be very impressif as there is not many inherited object01:13
bechamelcedk: you spare a query on the inherit table each time01:15
cedkbechamel: only for object that have inherit so only for product01:17
cedkbechamel: which will not change often01:17
cedkbechamel: I made the change but I will push later when relatorio stuff will work as I have made already some change that will break all01:18
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 520:ad4b145c2d7a tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/ (3 files in 2 dirs):01:53
CIA-53tryton: Add autocompletion on selection field (inspired from openerp rev539)01:53
CIA-53tryton: Improve selection and checkbox in search widget to connect to activate signal01:53
nicoefilters are commited now02:13
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cedknicoe: the filters work well11:53
nicoecedk: cool11:53
cedknicoe: do you need some help for the styles.xml ?11:54
nicoeI'm working for a customer right now, but I keep the styles.xml under my head11:54
nicoecedk: I already have a pretty good idea of what to do.11:54
nicoecedk: But I will check your code anyway. And we will talk about it.11:55
cedknicoe: which code?11:56
nicoecedk: The code you are using to include the headers and footers in the files11:58
cedknicoe: one way is to merge the two xml (content.xml and styles.xml) into one big11:59
cedknicoe: ha ok, but I'm not sure it must part of the default tool11:59
cedknicoe: the last for now that miss in relatorio to be included in tryton is the evaluation of the styles.xml12:00
nicoecedk: Well we need a way to parse the data from styles.xml in relatorio, that's what I will work on.12:01
cedknicoe: and that what I spoke about merging the two xml file12:02
cedknicoe: and split it after in the OOSerializer12:02
cedknicoe: by the way my email is "ced at" or "cedric.krier at"12:03
nicoecedk: Yep. In fact, if I can do the merge then split the way I want, the interpretation will be guaranteed12:04
nicoecedk: ok I'll fix that12:04
bechamelcedk: hi, for the party balance, does the draft moves must been included ?12:16
cedkbechamel: it must have a checkbox like other reports for only posted move12:17
bechamelcedk: and i imagine that the balance only concider moves for which the maturity date is in the past (or today)12:17
cedkbechamel: I'm not sure12:18
bechamelcedk: for the checkbox: it's a bit counter-intuitive, at first sight it seems that i must check the box to include posted moves12:20
cedkbechamel: you can change the label into Only posted moves12:21
bechamelcedk: or "Include Draft move" it's explicit12:22
cedkbechamel: no everybody doesn't work with posted move12:25
cedkbechamel: so by default it must have all moves12:25
bechamelcedk: it can be checkboxed by default12:27
cedkbechamel: why changed ?12:30
cedkbechamel: it must be call "Third Party Legder", I think12:33
bechamelcedk: in tiny there is a partner ledger and a partner balance. I also try to find something similar in openbravo but i did not manage to see something with their buggy web client12:35
cedkbechamel: yes, the balance is the resume of the legder12:37
cedkbechamel: so you can have "Third Party Legder" and "Third Party Balance"12:37
bechamelcedk: ah ok, the ledger details all the moves12:42
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bechamelcedk: finaly, you are ok with "Include draft move" or not ?12:54
cedkbechamel: I don't see the difference12:55
cedkbechamel: it is the same so why change ?12:56
bechamelcedk: of course it's the same, it's just a matter of user-friendliness12:58
cedkbechamel: it doesn't change anything on the userfriendliness because it is the same12:58
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cedkbechamel: for the translation of the exception, I have created a function raise_user_error15:37
bechamelcedk: yes15:38
cedkbechamel: I start to rewrite all the exception but it is a big work15:39
bechamelcedk: like raise_user_error(cursor, "error sting") ?15:39
cedkbechamel: self.raise_user_error(cursor, 'incoming_move_input_dest', context=context)15:42
bechamelcedk: yes, without context no translation :)15:42
cedkbechamel: with the possibility: self.raise_user_error(cursor, 'incoming_move_input_dest', (,), context=context)15:42
bechamelcedk: ok15:43
cedkbechamel: and self._error_messages for the error message strings15:43
cedkbechamel: the error message are add to ir.translation when updating the module15:44
bechamelcedk: for the balance i used query_get on the move line object, but it add also a constraint which filter on open fiscal year. What happens when an invoice is created in december and the payment is received on january ? is the payment defined on the same fiscal year, does the fiscal year stay open until the payment is received ?16:05
cedkbechamel: when you close a fiscalyear, new lines are created to report not reconciled lines16:44
cedkbechamel: so there is no problem with the fiscalyear16:44
cedkbechamel: every report on accounting must depend of fiscalyear16:44
bechamelcedk: ok i understand16:46
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CIA-53tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 137:8d79e7b8f430 account/ Fix following modification about account code usage.17:00
CIA-53tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 138:70497dad3992 account/ ( account.xml third_party_balance.odt): Added Third Party Balance report17:00
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CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 139:7fb8fac00014 account/ Fix for new kind on account17:33
CIA-53tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 106:02ebb72982d1 relationship/ Fix: use select=1 instead of select=True17:36
CIA-53tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 140:7ee1dc488d28 account/ Fix: use select=1 instead of select=True17:38
CIA-53tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 141:5810866758d2 account/: merge17:38
yangoon1 hi cedk18:22
yangoon1cedk: Is the VAT validation supposed to work?18:22
cedkyangoon1: yes, it is a check on the format18:23
cedkyangoon1: not on the existence18:23
yangoon1if I put in my german VAT (which is a correct one;) I get ValidateError18:23
yangoon1('Error! Wrong VAT number.', 'vat_number,vat_country')18:23
yangoon1it is DE14200902018:24
cedkyangoon1: I think that you don't put DE in the vat country and the number in the vat number field18:27
yangoon1then it works, yes18:27
yangoon1but this is misleading, since the country prefix belongs to the VAT number18:28
cedkyangoon1: we need to have this to be able to enter vat that are not supported18:29
yangoon1I am not entirely sure, but I think all VAT numbers are built like this: country prefix and number18:29
yangoon1ah ok18:29
yangoon1but perhaps you could check, if the number, that was entered, has same prefix as field VAT country18:30
yangoon1and then to exclude from the check18:30
yangoon1cedk: all the countries in VAT country are supported by the check, others not?18:31
cedkyangoon1: yes, if you don't set the vat country, there is no check18:31
yangoon1OTOH you could do only the check, if supported prefix is encountered18:32
cedkyangoon1: I think we must have a way to enter vat that are not supported by the check18:32
yangoon1yes, that's what I intended to say18:33
cedkyangoon1: but I can not suppose that there is no vat number that will start with the same letter18:33
yangoon1and makes superfluous filed VAT country18:33
yangoon1cedk: I don't understand last sentence18:34
yangoon1cedk: if you only check numbers with prefixes, that are given in VAT country, it is the same result18:35
cedkyangoon1: I can not suppose that any vat number in the world starts with a uniq country code18:35
cedkyangoon1: but we can improve the view, to have the selection box nearest the char entry18:37
yangoon1cedk: yes, and allow for input of country prefix, if set in VAT country18:37
yangoon1cedk: depends also, how VAT number is used later in reports18:39
yangoon1cedk: there you have to use the whole string anyway18:39
cedkyangoon1: there is a function field that merge the two string and it is used in the reports18:40
yangoon1cedk: and I think it is not very clear to the user, that the program will put together later the two parts18:40
cedkyangoon1: look at the list view of party, the vat number is complete18:44
yangoon1cedk: If field VAT country is needed absolutely, nevertheless the whole string should be put in VAT nr: because this is the VAT Nr18:44
yangoon1it is like email address, if you take it from the puristic view18:45
yangoon1cedk: the <> brackets are belonging to hte address!18:45
nicoecedk: the styles templating works now18:46
cedkyangoon1: there is the russia vat that doesn't have country code18:46
cedknicoe: great18:46
yangoon1cedk: yes, and they will put in the whole number, not only part of it18:47
nicoecedk: I'll try the ods rendering now ...18:47
yangoon1cedk: imagine a number of Kuala Lumpur like this 1234566KL18:47
yangoon1then the country code is at the end18:47
cedkyangoon1: yes, so we will change the field function to put the code at the end for kuala Lumpur vat18:50
cedkyangoon1: I think it is better to separate the country of the number because we can not suppose that there is no collision between all vat number of the world18:51
yangoon1cedk: :) ok the format of Kuala Rumpur is K1234R57818:51
cedknicoe: will you make a release?18:51
nicoecedk: There has been a lot of changes so I was thinking about bumping the version to 0.218:52
nicoecedk: So Yes :)18:52
cedkyangoon1: here in belgium, people doesn't add BE number if they don't have foreign customer18:52
cedknicoe: perhaps wait that I try it18:52
nicoecedk: np18:53
yangoon1cedk: same in Germany, they can put in their usual tax number18:53
nicoecedk: I'm going to try the ods stuff for now18:53
cedknicoe: perhaps ask udono for some informations18:55
cedkyangoon1: did you look at the list view of party?18:55
nicoecedk: I was writing a message to everyone since I did not remember who talked about that yesterday18:56
yangoon1cedk: no, I am believing you18:56
nicoeudono: The way I intend to use the ods reporting is mainly to create Pivot Table and Charts. Not really to compute stuffs (python is there to do that). Do you have any idea about that ?18:58
cedkyangoon1: one thing that can be done is to remove country code on vat validation if it is there, but I don't like modify the values in validation process18:58
cedknicoe, udono: i don't see real usage for ods report in the ERP19:02
nicoecedk: Sometimes people want to fill a template of a spreadsheet that does a lot of stuffs with data : Pivot Table, Charts, it's a kind of a mini analyzing tool much more flexible than creating a report that does a lot of computation19:04
cedknicoe: we have implemented in the GTK client the copy/paste functionality19:05
cedknicoe: it works well to copy data into a spreadsheet19:06
cedknicoe: but I have no problem with ods reporting19:06
nicoecedk: np :) You're right this is a bit redundant. But sometimes people just want to spare one copy'n'paste19:07
cedknicoe: yes, by the way there is also the csv export :-)19:08
cedknicoe: we will have a lot of possibility that can not be wrong19:08
nicoecedk: moreover, I think this should be easy with the way I coded relatorio.19:09
nicoecedk; in csv you do not have formulas and tabs19:09
nicoecedk: But for now I can not find how to add placeholders to .ods files19:10
cedknicoe: the table is not describe like in odt table?19:11
nicoecedk: It is but there is no option in the GUI19:12
yangoon1cedk: back from database update19:16
yangoon1cedk: removing country code for validation would be good thing19:17
yangoon1cedk: other issue: I think19:18
yangoon1WARNING Field groups on res.user : integrity not tested.19:18
yangoon1should be made INFO19:18
cedkyangoon1: yes I think about removing it19:19
cedkyangoon1: can you fill an issue for that19:21
yangoon1cedk: or alternatively: check for user input of those countries and if he puts in with country code, put correct value in database19:21
yangoon1cedk: of course, can do that19:21
yangoon1cedk: also for database upgrade issue19:21
cedkyangoon1: yes for warning message19:24
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #178/Input in field VAT Nr: [new] Please change bahaviour of field VAT Nr., so that the user can put in whole string with country prefix. Either - cut off country prefix for ...19:28
cedknicoe: I just test the styles.xml parsing and it works great here19:28
nicoecedk: ok cool.19:28
cedknicoe: and works now for the entry_points.txt19:28
nicoecedk: I'm glad because now this more genshiesque19:29
nicoecedk: So I'll make the release tonight19:29
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #179/upgrade messages for certain fields: integrity not tested: [new] If fields of certain types cannot be tested for integrity, this should be either log level INFO instead of WARNING19:31
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #180/error message after cancelling login: [new] If after i.e inactivity timeout the user has to login again, but does cancel the login, this raises an error: NotLogged Traceback (most re ...19:39
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FWiesinggood evening19:45
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nicoecedk: openoffice does not have an option in the GUI to add placeholders in .ods. That suxx19:54
nicoecedk: I will probably have to create a macro or find another tag that can be included easily19:54
yangoon1just tried to adapt a little bit the keyboard shortcuts, I would prefer Esc instead or additionally to Strg + W to close a tab19:55
yangoon1with gconftool-2 -t boolean -s /desktop/gnome/interface/can_change_accels 119:56
yangoon1it should be able to configure the shortcuts, but doesn't work for me so far19:56
cedkyangoon1: ctrl+w is standard shortcut19:56
cedkyangoon1: and tryton gtk client is not gnome client19:56
cedknicoe: or just code in the cell that will be transform into tag19:57
yangoon1cedk: ok, any possibility to change shortcuts without hardcoding?19:57
cedkyangoon1: yes, there are fixed19:58
nicoecedk: How can I make the difference between code and non-code portion then ?19:58
nicoecedk: It requires a convention and somehow, I don't really like that.19:58
yangoon1cedk: if I have propositions to make for usability, should I report them one by one to the bugtracker19:59
yangoon1cedk: or better one issue for all19:59
yangoon1cedk: or better not at all ;)19:59
cedkyangoon1: one by one19:59
cedknicoe: yes but it can be a problem if you need to write a plugin for that20:00
nicoecedk: indeed20:00
cedknicoe: because ods is standard so you can edit it with other programs20:01
nicoecedk: I'm checking the DTD to see if it is legal. If it is then the tools should be able to handle that case.20:01
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #181/usability: change/add shortcut for closing tabs: [new] I am used to close tabs by pressing Esc. I would appreciate to have both shortcuts (Esc and Strg+w) to do this, and if only one is possible ...20:03
nicoecedk: It is legal ...20:09
FWiesingHello - I update my applicateion 15 min ago - Now I have a Problem with the client under Debian KDE desktop - under Ubuntu all is fine. The problem under Debian is, that I cannot open a form like Paries or accounts - I got the Menu - but I'm unable to open any form - Should I open an new issue?20:11
cedkFWiesing: have you any error message?20:12
FWiesingyes - one moment20:13
cedkFWiesing: so create an issue in roundup with the error message20:14
CIA-53tryton: FWiesing roundup * #182/Error messagen when opening a form under Debian 4.0r3 - KDE: [new] With the new update I get under Debian the attached Message. My System is a Debian 4.0r3 with KDE-desktop. After LogIn in Tryton the menu ap ...20:21
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #183/usability: order of fields in form Lines - Purchase Line: [new] When selecting products to purchase or to sell, I would 0) select type (should always default to line and not get focus, since it won't be c ...20:22
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #184/amount in form Lines - Purchase Line not calculated: [new] Field amount in form Lines - Purchase Line only shows the calculated sum, if purchase was computed. This is definitely too late to be of any ...20:27
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #185/Sums on form purchase are only calculated with button 'Compute': [new] The sums on form purchase are only calculated after button 'Compute' has been pressed. This is rather uncomfortable and misleading, since yo ...20:33
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yangoon1FWiesing: I am also running Debian, but testing, and none of your problems. The error should be due to the new autocompletion changeset 520:  ad4b145c2d7a20:48
yangoon1Where should this autocompletion work, I didn't find it so far?20:49
cedkyangoon1: just on selection entry like language in party20:53
yangoon1cedk: thanks, I see20:54
nicoeBye !21:17
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 521:bd8920f25f0e tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/screen/ Add context to unlink21:19
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 522:8169db577498 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Fix set_inline_selection for issue18221:19
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #182/Error messagen when opening a form under Debian 4.0r3 - KDE: [resolved] Fix with changeset 8169db57749821:19
cedkFWiesing: it seems that your email at doesn't work21:21
cedkFWiesing: the hostname is not resolvable21:21
cedkFWiesing: i receive error message from roundup because it is enable to delivery emails21:25

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