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yangoonhola cedk11:54
yangooncedk: for which purpose exactly pywebdav is needed?11:55
yangoonIs it running a webdav server or is it the interface to an existing webdav server?11:55
yangooncedk: so, do I need it, when I have running webdav server anyway?11:56
cedkyangoon: pywebdav is used for the webdav interface11:56
cedkyangoon: so you only need it if you want to setup the webdav interface11:57
yangooncedk: should I install 0.8 despite the bugs?11:57
cedkyangoon: I have put a fix for it11:59
cedkyangoon: but I find this version a little bit uggly11:59
yangooncedk: the wiki installation page is a bit mixed up and incomplete, perhaps udono didn't finish yet11:59
cedkyangoon: but it seems to work with my fix11:59
yangooncedk: but you could join me to grouip members, if you like to be able to edit12:00
cedkyangoon: do you want write access to the wiki?12:00
yangooncedk: yes12:00
cedkhave you a google address?12:00
yangoonmathias.behrle at gmx.de12:00
cedkyangoon: or just a google account12:00
cedkyangoon: done12:01
yangooncedk: thx12:01
cedkyangoon: one things we try to have on the wiki, is to be OS independant as more as possible12:02
yangooncedk: appreciated, but since: We strongly suggest you to use the installation packages provided by your distribution. , there should be general substructure for distributions12:05
yangooncedk: like it is already12:05
yangooncedk: but more structured12:06
cedkyangoon: I don't like the "Mandrake" remarks12:07
cedkyangoon: because we will never have for all distribution and people know better her distribution than us12:07
yangooncedk: what is the purpose of openoffice-headless? create documents on server without X?12:08
cedkyangoon: it is to convert odt document into pdf12:08
yangooncedk: I understand, but nevertheless these remarks can be of general use for users getting in touch for the first time12:09
cedkyangoon: I don't think you install an ERP on a system that you don't know a little bit, especially installing packages12:12
cedkyangoon: and one more remarks, I prefere to have link to an existing howto than re-write things12:14
cedkbecause everythings we write, we must keep it updated12:14
yangooncedk: perfectly d'accord12:15
cedkso for the mandrake stuff, I would prefer to have a link to the howto of mandrake on how install packages12:15
yangooncedk: postgres installation shouldn't be handled12:15
yangooncedk: install of tryton on debian is a mix of different methods: apt and easy_install12:15
yangooncedk: so it can be of great help to know, which packages should be installed, they often don't have same names as the originals12:17
cedkyangoon: for postresql, just a link to howto will be perfect12:17
yangooncedk: would you prefer to link to distributions specific pages, to keep principal stuff on this page?12:19
cedkyangoon: why not12:20
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 42:a32284a69d01 purchase/purchase.odt: Fix typo for issue19212:50
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #192/Printjob for confirmed purchase fails: [resolved] Fix with changeset a32284a69d0112:51
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 723:49e37cdaedc8 trytond/trytond/ ( osv/ wizard/ Remove abort_response function on Service12:51
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 724:d6b8d06ecb23 trytond/trytond/ Improve sanitize traceback12:52
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FWiesingcedk: I use a updatescript which I got from Timitos. Since yesterday I get a line when I run the update. Here it is:14:17
FWiesing***failed to import extension hgext/hbisedt, No module named demandload --> what is missing?14:18
cedkFWiesing: I don't know about this script14:23
FWiesingI mail it14:23
FWiesingcedk: print a confirmed purchase is now OK14:27
cedkFWiesing: I think it is a miss configuration of your hgrc14:28
cedkFWiesing: it seems looking to the extension hbisedt that is not installed14:28
cedkFWiesing: check your ~/.hgrc and /etc/mercurial/hgrc14:29
FWiesingOK - I will check it14:32
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 27:484ced9c68b2 gentoo-overlay/dev-python/openoffice-interact/ (Manifest openoffice-interact-0.1.20080602.ebuild): Add new ebuild openoffice-interact14:45
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 28:60d66aa60494 gentoo-overlay/dev-python/openoffice-python/ (Manifest metadata.xml openoffice-python-0.1.20080602.ebuild): Remove old openoffice-python ebuild14:45
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 29:03a03ca55963 gentoo-overlay/app-office/trytond/ (Manifest trytond-0.0.1_alpha698.ebuild trytond-9999.ebuild): Fix rename openoffice-python into openoffice-interact14:45
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CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #193/printing as pdf fails: [new] Configuring output of a report as pdf fails with: (all openoffice packages according to wiki installed) Traceback (most recent call last): ...15:22
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #193/printing as pdf fails: [chatting] I think you must check with htgoebel because it seems to be a openoffice.interact.15:45
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #194/no submenu icons and texts after timeout: [new] Accessing a submenu after a timeout doesn't show its items, even after relogin. You have first to do Ctrl+R, but loose then actual position. ...15:45
cedkFWiesing: is tsock works for proxying with the client?15:47
cedkFWiesing: can I close issue63?15:48
yangooncedk: I think you are asking me?16:19
yangoontsocks is rather workaround than replacement for http proxy16:20
yangooncedk: I think http proxy is generally much more often used than socks proxy16:21
yangooncedk: and surely not each enterprise wants to install socks proxy just for tryton16:21
yangooncedk: so issue 63 is not solved16:22
cedkyangoon: I think about removing the https and use http16:22
cedkyangoon: so like that we can have http proxy support16:22
yangooncedk: and transmit password in cleartext?16:23
cedkyangoon: it is just for the bug tracker16:24
cedkyangoon: it is quite common, python bugtracker is in http16:24
yangooncedk: AFAIS python people are just looking to get a general solution for https proxy, so I would wait, if they will produce something16:25
yangooncedk: I am not really surprised, that python bugtracker is in http...;)16:26
cedkyangoon: ok, but when this solution will be available?16:26
yangooncedk: they are currently working on it, I don't know16:26
cedkyangoon: if it is for python 3000, we can not wait it16:27
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yangooncedk: just playing with webdav collections21:28
yangooncedk: if parent is inserted, it is only displayed, if parent has no model21:29
yangooncedk: intended behaviour?21:29
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #195/update/change download instructions on google: [new] The download instructions on should be changed to a link to ...22:02
cedkyangoon: yes because model is to display all record of the model22:33
cedkyangoon: and we can not mix record and collections22:33
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #195/update/change download instructions on google: [resolved] Fixed22:37
yangooncedk: ok, then parents containing models shouldn't be selectable as parents, right?22:48
cedkyangoon: yes I will add the constraint22:54
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 725:6282bb10bdce trytond/trytond/osv/ Add test on select value in fields22:56
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 726:b26e17e5a078 trytond/trytond/webdav/ Add domain for parent of collection22:56
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