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CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #198/client does not start any more: It has in any case to do with the update process. Running trytond without -u all permits the client to connect to the server (but then having erro ...00:10
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #198/client does not start any more: On 22/07/08 23:21 +0200, Mathias wrote: > > Mathias <> added the comment: > > I just did hg fpull and fupdate, applied all ...00:10
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #198/client does not start any more: On 23/07/08 00:10 +0200, Mathias wrote: > > Mathias <> added the comment: > > It has in any case to do with the update proc ...00:11
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #198/client does not start any more: no, the name of the newly created database was tryton1, it didn't exist before00:13
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #198/client does not start any more: > [Tue Jul 22 23:18:16 2008] INFO:pooler:Connecting to tryton1 Here, you have the connection to database tryton1 > [Tue Jul 22 23:18:16 2008] IN ...00:15
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #198/client does not start any more: ced: > I realy think that you broke your database with the modules issue. > So create a new one like it is just for test. I really can't create a ...00:17
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #198/client does not start any more: Client message: Error during database creation! The server crashed during installation. We suggest you to drop this database. Error message: (' ...00:21
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 734:88fef2361f09 trytond/trytond/osv/ Fix pool get for not initialized object00:25
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #198/client does not start any more: [resolved] I think I find it It must be fixed with changeset 88fef2361f0900:26
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #198/client does not start any more: [in-progress] sorry, no. Nothing changed.00:36
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 735:b932e1f94da9 trytond/trytond/osv/ Better fix for only objects 'res.user', ''00:39
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #198/client does not start any more: Are you sure you have updated the server repository?00:39
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #198/client does not start any more: working on changeset: 735:b932e1f94da9 summary: Better fix for only objects 'res.user', ''00:59
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CIA-53tryton: Timitos roundup * #203/Exception: ('res.user', 'Traceback (most recent call last):\n File "/trytond/", line 335, in run\n res = method(*msg[2:])\n File "/trytond/web_service/", line 19, in login\n res = security.login(database, login, password)\n File "/trytond/", line 15, in login\n cursor = pooler.get_db(dbname).cursor()\n File "/trytond/", line 74, in get_db\n return get_db_and_pool(db_name)[0]\n 09:03
CIA-53tryton: Timitos roundup * #203/Exception: ('res.user', 'Traceback (most recent call last):\n File "/trytond/", line 335, in run\n res = method(*msg[2:])\n File "/trytond/web_service/", line 19, in login\n res = security.login(database, login, password)\n File "/trytond/", line 15, in login\n cursor = pooler.get_db(dbname).cursor()\n File "/trytond/", line 74, in get_db\n return get_db_and_pool(db_name)[0]\n 09:03
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CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #198/client does not start any more: And what is the log of the server?09:50
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udonogood mornin' everybody, today's not raining...10:04
cedkudono: hi10:06
Timitoscedk: bechamel: hi10:12
udonoShould we start the discussion about the reports in accounting?10:12
bechamelTimitos: hi10:12
Timitoscedk: the table account.type could be used to provide different reports for accounting like management analysis and so on.10:14
cedkTimitos: when I made it I though about balance and income10:14
Timitoscedk: for this the table needs some customization which we should discuss10:14
Timitoscedk: i try to explain my view on this table...10:15
Timitosyou have a tree of lines you use to create income statement and balance sheet.10:16
Timitosso you assign a account type to accounts an so you can compute sums of accounts10:16
cedkTimitos: yes10:16
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Timitosin the moment an account can only have one account type.10:17
Timitosif we want to use account.type for management analysis we need a many2many realtion the as an account needs to be related with the account types for management analysis and with the account types for income statement.10:18
cedkI think it will make the account definition more complex10:19
cedkwhy not use an other field for the management reporting10:20
Timitoswhat i try to create is a solution to create a solution which is very flexible to create new reports.10:21
cedkand have something like the account_report module in openerp10:21
Timitoscedk: need to look on this module. i do not remember.10:22
cedkbecause I think that balance and income are standard reports10:22
Timitoscedk: in tinyerp i created my reports as views in the table account.account. the only problem was to find a way to print them.10:23
cedkso they will be provided by the account_country module10:23
Timitosmanagement analysis is also a standard i think.10:23
cedkTimitos: I don't see what report you are talking by analysis ?10:24
cedkI know "Cash Flow"10:25
cedkthat we don't have yet10:25
Timitoscedk: management analysis is a something like the income statement but in a compressed way.10:26
cedkcompressed ?10:27
cedkwe have a tree so you can have the level that you want10:27
Timitosyes, but the accounts are sorted in a different way.10:28
cedkif it is just the sort, we can have a contextual sort way10:28
bechamelwhat about an account_report objetc which have a name and a list of account ?10:29
Timitosjust a few minutes i will send you some example reports10:29
Timitosbechamel: cedk: something like the account_report object i try to do with account.type10:31
Timitoscedk: beschamel: why make a difference between standard reports and other reports that are needed for accounting?10:32
Timitosthere are only two things to change on account.table for this10:34
Timitos1. many2many-relation for account.account10:34
Timitos2. the boolean fields for income statement and balance sheet should be changed into a selection field.10:35
bechamelaccout.type is only used for report ? not anywhere else ?10:35
Timitossorry 3. every report should have a root10:35
Timitosbechamel: i think so10:35
Timitoswith my changes you can open a tree with all reports. an you can walk through the trees.10:36
cedkTimitos: yes but you can not easily select one to make a printable10:37
Timitosfor printing i propose to use the field sequence to set the order of the lines in the report.10:37
cedkI think having a many2many relation will make it more difficult to understand10:37
Timitoscedk: but more powerful10:38
cedkTimitos: not sure10:38
Timitoscedk: selection for printing can be made with the selection field i proposed10:38
cedkbecause I think when you make a custom report, you want to see which account is in one line and not the invert10:38
Timitoscedk: ? i don´t understand what you mean10:39
cedkTimitos: I think people when they are making a report think about puting account into the report and not puting the report on the account10:40
cedkfor me the field type on account must come from a module that have been made by a dev10:41
Timitoscedk: so you can leave out the many2many-field on account.account-view an only provide it in account.type10:41
cedkbut custom reporting will be done by the user, so we need to have a simple way to create it10:41
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cedkTimitos: but it will have the difficulty to assum that one account is not define into two branch of one report10:42
Timitoscedk: but then income statement and balance sheet is not enough in this module10:43
cedkso we will have to create some magic behavior like for the analytic module10:43
udonocedk: what magic you mean?10:43
cedkTimitos: why? What is missing ?10:43
cedkudono: I mean some hacking to display many2one instead of many2many to be sure to have only one analytic account by selection10:44
Timitoscedk: management analysis. it also must be provided by a dev if you go this way for income statement and balance sheet.10:44
cedkTimitos: but I don't see what is management analysis10:46
udonoSo we have this two ways if I understand right:1. (Timitos) a many2many for account types, so that each account can have many accout types which is able to feed many reports2. (ced) each account has just a basic income and balance report. Each account has a many2one to the account.types. Other reports in new modules extended the view for the account by new many2one to the special we like.10:46
cedkudono: I don't think it will add field on account but more create new report line that include accounts10:47
cedkudono: and perhaps with a improved syntax to be able to make some operation on it like sum those ones and remove those etc ...10:48
cedkand if I see management analysis report perhaps we can add in the base module10:49
cedkin fact I don't like the many2many feature, it is why I remove the many2many on account tree10:52
cedkfor me many2many is too open for mistake10:53
cedkyou can not be sure that one account is not twice in the report10:53
Timitoscedk: yes i know the problem with many2many. and it honors you that you try to get rid of it as many other accounting solutions go this way.10:53
Timitosperhaps you and udono are right to create a table for income statement and balance sheet is a good idea and other reports should be provided with another table.10:54
Timitoscedk: i sent some pdfs to you for a short look.10:55
udonoACTION and Timitos sitting in the same room10:56
Timitoscedk: the i would prefer to create a new module for account.type-table to divide it from account module10:56
bechamelTimitos: i'm interested too by the pdfs10:56
Timitosand then we should create a new module for reporting.10:57
cedkTimitos: I prefer to have account.type in the main module because I think we must provide it with the account chart of country11:00
cedkand it must be standard11:00
udonocedk: and for each new report a new module?11:01
cedkudono: I think it depends of each reports11:03
Timitoscedk: you are right. it will be provided with the account template.11:03
cedkTimitos: can you tell me wich report is what?11:06
TimitosThe PDF Kurzfristige Erfolgsrechnung.... is management analysis11:06
TimitosThe PDF GEWPO is income statement11:07
TimitosThe PDF GEWKONA is an extended way of income statement11:07
Timitoscedk: for the Kurzfriste Erfolgsrechnung there is also an extended version. i forgot.11:09
cedkTimitos: what is on the left? accounts?11:09
Timitoscedk: which pdf11:10
cedkand balance after for the periods11:10
cedkPDF Kurzfristige Erfolgsrechnung11:10
TimitosIn Kurzfristige Erfolgsrechnung on the left there are allocations of accounts.11:10
Timitoslike account types in tryton11:11
Timitosso i revert my yes from above into no :-)11:11
Timitosi will send you the extended way of kurzfristige erfolgsrechnung too. so you can understand better.11:12
cedkand what is the % columns11:12
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Timitoscedk: in the % columns some lines are calculated against a base. you can find the base in every column as it has the value 100,0011:16
Timitoscedk: for example in 1st % column "Erlöse Dienstl." is 70,73% of "Gesamtleistung"11:18
Timitosextended way is out11:18
cedkTimitos: it is really specific11:24
Timitoscedk: for me the % columns are not so important11:26
cedkTimitos: I have some difficulty to understand the report11:26
Timitoscedk: i will explain if you want11:27
cedkTimitos: and I don't know about the same in belgium11:27
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cedkTimitos: if you can just send me the same document but with description of each columns and title11:28
Timitoscedk: for now for me is clear that we will do this report with another table.11:29
Timitoscedk: i will try to make description as easy as possible. but it will take some time.11:30
Timitoscedk: did you look an extended version i sent later?11:31
cedkTimitos: yes11:32
cedkTimitos: so ok, if you are for an other table11:32
cedkTimitos: there is no need to worry about the description11:32
cedkIs there an other topic?11:33
Timitosperhaps we should discuss how we could create the new table or module. perhaps we can create a common module für reporting.11:34
cedkTimitos: I think we can start from the account_report module11:35
Timitosi mean a common module for reporting on accounting.11:35
cedkTimitos: but I'm not sure about all the devs11:36
Timitoscedk: ok i will look on it.11:36
udonoFor the view, we should create a new tab in account labeled "Reporting". This can be extended by other Reporting modules11:37
Timitoscedk: so i think we should talk about this on another day as i need to look on account_report before11:37
cedkTimitos: me too11:37
Timitoscedk: ok11:37
Timitoscedk: thanks for your time11:37
udonothanks all11:38
Timitoscedk: nice idea to post our irc-meeting in tryton calendar. i just saw it. great!11:56
Timitosthis way searching in irc log is really easy11:57
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nicoecedk: I fixed the problem with the image width/height12:39
cedknicoe: greats :-)12:40
cedknicoe: what was the problem?12:41
nicoecedk: the NS global variable I use did not have any link to the svg namespace12:41
nicoecedk: now relatorio will use the namespace defined by the openoffice document instead of a global variable12:42
cedknicoe: good12:42
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #198/client does not start any more: attaching client and server log for 735:b932e1f94da912:43
cedknicoe: I see the commit, it is better and more generic12:44
nicoecedk: Indeed :)12:45
nicoecedk: I also notice that OO does not use the 'official' svg namespace but their own ...12:46
nicoecedk: that's strange.12:46
cedknicoe: bechamel tells me that OO use svg for any image that is included in the document12:47
cedknicoe: perhaps they need some more functionality12:48
nicoecedk: probably, but it's not the first time I've got a surprise with the OO norm12:50
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #204/close button on form Keyboard shortcuts: [new] close button on form Keyboard shortcuts has name tryton-close instead of showing image and translated text.12:53
cedknicoe: I just test the svn relatorio and it works12:53
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #198/client does not start any more: On 23/07/08 12:43 +0200, Mathias wrote: > > Mathias <> added the comment: > > attaching client and server log for 735:b932 ...12:58
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #203/Exception: ('res.user', 'Traceback (most recent call last):\n File "/trytond/", line 335, in run\n res = method(*msg[2:])\n File "/trytond/web_service/", line 19, in login\n res = security.login(database, login, password)\n File "/trytond/", line 15, in login\n cursor = pooler.get_db(dbname).cursor()\n File "/trytond/", line 74, in get_db\n return get_db_and_pool(db_name)[0]\n File13:02
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 533:bcb76f2c0802 tryton/tryton/common/ Prevent to have issue title with more than 128 char13:07
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 534:b41c20e73b28 tryton/share/tryton/ Fix close button image for issue20413:18
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #204/close button on form Keyboard shortcuts: [resolved] Fix with changeset b41c20e73b2813:18
CIA-53tryton: Timitos roundup * #203/KeyError: \'res.user\': there is no reaction on the server. so i can´t give you a log.13:21
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #203/KeyError: \'res.user\': I don't care about the traceback, put all the output of the server.13:23
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #198/client does not start any more: With 735:b932e1f94da9 I am able to create a database again. But if I want to install all modules at once with -i all, it is failing again. Test fo ...13:27
CIA-53tryton: Timitos roundup * #203/KeyError: \'res.user\': kp@linux-tiny:~/proc/tryton/trytond/bin$ ./trytond -u all 2008-07-23 13:28:14,054 INFO initialising distributed objects services [Wed Jul 23 13:28 ...13:29
CIA-53tryton: Timitos roundup * #203/KeyError: \'res.user\': creating a new db is possible. this error only occurs with an existing database.13:30
CIA-53tryton: Timitos roundup * #203/KeyError: \'res.user\': Error message from server having to do with this issue. Traceback (most recent call last): File "./trytond", line 29, in <module> trytond.T ...13:34
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 736:cec6d0ee3701 trytond/trytond/osv/
CIA-53tryton: Fix pool get for not initialized object for issue19813:39
CIA-53tryton: And remove old test on ir_actions13:39
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #198/client does not start any more: It is possible to install the modules in the new database with tryton client, but as soon as I start the server with -u all -vv and connect to thi ...13:39
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #198/client does not start any more: [resolved] It must be fixed with the changeset cec6d0ee370113:40
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #203/KeyError: \'res.user\': [resolved] It must be the same than the issue19813:41
cedknicoe: hey I try the image replacement in relatorio but I have an exception13:45
cedknicoe: I put in the name of the image: "image: (decodestring(article.barcode), 'image/png')"13:45
cedknicoe: is it right?13:45
nicoecedk: does decodestring(article.barcode) returns a file-like object ?13:48
cedknicoe: no just the content of the image13:49
nicoecedk: That's the problem, ImageHref is expecting a tuple : (file, mimetype) as expr13:50
cedknicoe: I change into: "image: (decodestring(article.barcode), 'image/png')"13:51
cedknicoe: I change into: "image: (StringIO(decodestring(article.barcode)), 'image/png')"13:52
nicoecedk: That's right13:52
cedknicoe: but it doesn't work13:52
nicoecedk: What is the exception ?13:52
cedkI have this error message: TemplateSyntaxError: invalid syntax in expression "make_href((StringIO(decodestring(article.barcode)), 'image/png'), '(StringIO(decodestring(article.barcode)), 'image/png')')"13:52
nicoecedk: ok I get it13:53
nicoecedk: That's a bug13:54
cedknicoe: traceback
cedknicoe: I think it miss some value in the local context when it evals13:55
cedknicoe: would you prefer that I use the trac bugtracker?13:56
nicoecedk: No it is because in I tough that putting the expression betwen simple quote would be enough13:57
nicoecedk: in the trac it's fine for me13:57
nicoecedk: Ok fixed14:19
cedknicoe: I tested and it works now, thanks14:27
CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #198/client does not start any more: [chatting] hurray, tryton is working again!14:31
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CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 43:d62a1a988c49 purchase/ Fix purchase for line without product15:32
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 737:714b3920fed7 trytond/trytond/report/ Add StringIO in localcontext of report16:10
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 738:31ec6a6084a7 trytond/trytond/osv/
CIA-53tryton: Allow to use list of ids for xxx2many for issue20016:10
CIA-53tryton: Use string for many2one set operator16:10
CIA-53tryton: Fix some security SQL injections16:10
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 739:262e2ef8e905 trytond/trytond/osv/ Fix remove on xxx2many for empty list16:10
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 44:afbec71e84af purchase/purchase.xml: Allow to unlink purchase line16:10
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #200/Create, unlink, .. for creating/writing on o2m fields should work with lists: [resolved] Fix with changeset 31ec6a6084a716:10
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #202/Exception on workflow freeze the client: [resolved] I try it and I have a message error in the client. Re-try with an updated client.16:16
bechamelcedk: to clean _field_create on the orm object, i propose to move some of the functionality provided by the function to the fields.* objects. All the work done by _field_create is to create/remove/update fields. One can define a defalut behaviour on the fields.Column object and specific stuff on the other objects. Like that when one define a new field no need to mess with _field_create, everything stay on the same object.16:56
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cedkbechamel: I'm not sure because it is linked to postgresql so I would prefere to move it into sql_db.py16:59
cedkbechamel: there is already some definition that comes from fields.* like the db type17:01
bechamelcedk: so ? you want to say that these definition must be removed from the fields.* ?17:03
cedkbechamel: no because I think there are SQL standard17:08
bechamelcedk: and if the rest of the sql stuff is also standart ? and what about a dbms which is not standart (even regarding to the definitions in ) ?17:15
cedkbechamel: the rest is not, because there is query into table pg_xxx to find the definition of field17:23
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 535:06058f9f4c2c tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/model/ Improve remove/unlink on one2many to use list of ids17:24
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 536:8b3af2536381 tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Don't reload ids if no action have being runned17:24
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 537:5c44ec307ef8 tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Enable "new" button on tree view for issue19917:24
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #199/Enable "new" button on tree view: [resolved] Fix with changeset 5c44ec307ef817:24
bechamelcedk: anyway there is also the problem of migrating column, i think what we can provide it's all the non-destructive migrations: increase size limit, date to datetime, int to float what else ?17:25
cedkbechamel: all that already exists17:26
cedkbechamel: new constraints, indexes17:27
cedkbechamel: what it is already done is quite good17:27
cedkbechamel: it just needs some refactoring17:27
bechamelcedk: not date to datetime nor int to float17:28
bechamelcedk: and maybe there is other non-destructive migration, i don't know17:29
cedkbechamel: date to datetime is not so easy17:31
cedkbechamel: int to float can be done17:31
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 538:b4fa6fac80d4 tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Stop signal for key Left and Right when expand/collapse is called18:26
CIA-53tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 539:5324c11ddd60 tryton/share/locale/tryton.pot: Updated client translation template18:26
CIA-53tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 540:4c71f4110aa5 tryton/tryton/common/ Cleanup descriptions and code for request_server and bugtracker.18:26
CIA-53tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 541:8684d951c48d tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Added tooltips, and Buttonnamings for translation.18:26
CIA-53tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 542:f79ac8e69cf0 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/ Changed Errormessage for atype=action|print18:26
CIA-53tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 543:e622b8282048 tryton/share/locale/tryton.pot: Updated translation template18:26
CIA-53tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 544:425131b78001 tryton/share/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/ ( tryton.po): German translation for the client18:26
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 545:3728169dcea8 tryton/tryton/common/ merge18:26
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 546:79db867470a1 tryton/tryton/common/ Don't translate gtk stock18:27
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 547:7edae1207d48 tryton/tryton/gui/ ( window/ window/ Fix test on return value of request_server18:27
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 548:8cc45c5ab099 tryton/tryton/gui/window/
CIA-53tryton: Remove reconnection because there is no reconnection18:27
CIA-53tryton: Fix guidelines18:27
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 549:f0b8ccf3fa02 tryton/tryton/common/ Don't translate gtk-close18:33
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 550:800ea2303fdf tryton/tryton/common/ Let one space after ":"18:33
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 7:48309dd1d1dc account_be/account_be.xml: Fix template definition for new kind, parent fields18:44
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FWiesingcedk: I just update my application and I got an error in purchase management19:41
FWiesingIf I want to confirm a purchase in quotation I get a messagebox with the error19:42
cedkFWiesing: which error?19:49
FWiesingI just sent it by email to you19:49
FWiesingsee the attached text-file19:49
cedkFWiesing: I think it misses some lines in the error message19:51
FWiesingcedk: should I create the file new?19:51
cedkFWiesing: I don't understand19:52
cedkFWiesing: can you use the client to report the bug in roundup19:53
FWiesingcedk: ok - I create a new issue19:53
CIA-53tryton: FWiesing roundup * #205/res = self.cursor.execute(sql, params): [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/", line 335, in run res = method(*msg[2:]) File "/trytond/web_service/obj ...19:54
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #205/res = self.cursor.execute(sql, params): [chatting] I need more information.19:59
FWiesingcedk: what information - should I start the client with option -v?20:01
cedkFWiesing: I don't know for me there is any error message20:01
cedkFWiesing: so I can not understand what is wrong20:01
cedkFWiesing: perhaps if you can print out the SQL query20:02
FWiesingcedk: I get this message if I want to confirm a purchase in quotation20:03
cedkFWiesing: can you add a print statement just before the error line20:04
cedkFWiesing: do you know how to do?20:08
FWiesingcedk: yes - but you have to tell me how - you know - I'm admin - not a programmer :-)20:09
cedkFWiesing: add just this : print sql, params20:10
cedkFWiesing: in the file at the line 6520:10
FWiesingcedk: what is with the the line below - now =
FWiesingcedk: what is with the the line below - now =
cedkFWiesing: put the line just after20:14
CIA-53tryton: FWiesing roundup * #206/res = self.cursor.execute(sql, params): [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/", line 335, in run res = method(*msg[2:]) File "/trytond/web_service/obj ...20:17
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FWiesingcedk: where do I find the output?20:18
cedkFWiesing: on roundup20:18
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #206/res = self.cursor.execute(sql, params): [resolved] duplicate issue20520:21
FWiesingcedk: I added the lines in the - but the output in the messagebox isn't different - server is startet new20:26
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 45:e3acbbe538ba purchase/ Add test on supplier location when creating move for issue20520:32
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #205/res = self.cursor.execute(sql, params): [resolved] Fix with the changeset e3acbbe538ba20:32
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 169:bc045c95a31b stock/ Improve location on warehouse20:33
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 170:21e2b7183295 stock/ Allow to modify xml location20:37
cedkFWiesing: must be fixed20:38
cedkFWiesing: this is because you don't have a supplier location for the supplier20:38
bechamelcedk: when the db is updated there is not check to see if a column in the db is still mapped to a field in the corresponding class, it should be goog to print a warning/info msg20:54
bechamelgoog > good20:54
udonohello ced21:24
cedkbechamel: it is not possible21:24
bechamelcedk: why ?21:24
udonohow can we translate ok and cancel in gtk?21:24
cedkbechamel: because you don't know if a module will not add it21:25
bechamelcedk: right21:25
cedkudono: it is done be gtk21:25
udonocedk: magic translations, he?21:26
cedkudono: gtk have translation for standard button21:26
udonocedk: ok, where I can adjust or set it? or did you already?21:27
cedkudono: you can not21:28
udonocedk: I translated the buttons, because they are not translated automatically by gtk...21:29
cedkudono: you can not translate gtk-ok21:30
cedkudono: but maybe you don't have a localized gtk21:30
udonocedk: I did and in my version it works with translated gtk-ok,cancel...21:30
cedkudono: you translate with what ?21:31
udonocedk: with german "Ok" (Ok) and "Abbrechen" (cancel) in the po file21:31
cedkudono: ok, but you will not have the icon21:32
cedkudono: the gtk translation is there: /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/gtk20.mo21:37
yangoonhi udono21:44
yangoonudono: of which items are you speaking21:44
yangoonsome are translated, some are not21:44
yangoonudono: i.e. the quit box (Strg+Q) is already translated21:45
udonocedk: I cant find in my /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/21:49
yangoonudono: I have it, you are running Debian/Ubuntu?21:51
udonoyangoon: yes21:51
udonoyangoon: maybe a missing package?!21:51
yangoonudono: maybe, moment...21:51
yangoonudono: hmm, it is in libgtk2.0-common21:52
udonoyangoon: nope, thats installed21:54
yangoonudono: should be there. error in path?21:55
udonoyangoon: ok, I check the config, thx21:55
udonoyangoon: sorry, I have to leave, but I will check. See you tomorrow. Good night altogether21:56
yangoonudono: bye21:57
yangoonhola cedk22:06
yangooncedk: could you please give me a hint, where I can find a path like   "build/bdist.linux-x86_64/egg/DAV/" ?22:07
yangooncedk: I can't find it on my system, but backtracs are referring to it22:07
cedkyangoon: you have installed pywebdav with egg?22:39
yangooncedk: with easy_install22:40
cedkyangoon: I'm not very involved with egg22:40
cedkyangoon: but I think you must have some thing in /usr/lib/python-x.y/site-packages/pywebdav.egg22:41
cedkyangoon: or in /usr/lib/python-xy/site-packages/DAV/WebDAVServer.py22:44
yangooncedk: you are right, it is in the egg22:45
yangoonit is in  /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/ PyWebDAV-0.8-py2.5.egg22:46
yangooncedk: but how does python know about the path?22:49
yangooncedk: if build/bdist.linux-x86_64 == /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/, does it then parse all egg files while it runs?22:50
yangooncedk: so it is probably worth reporting, but not, since the last is a bug in package pywebdav?22:57
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 740:4edf8f0487ae trytond/trytond/osv/ Fix typo23:14
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 741:6dd5ed63f883 trytond/trytond/osv/ Remove TODO validate23:14
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 742:673932e0fab9 trytond/trytond/ Add verbose = False for pywebdav 0.823:14
cedkyangoon: the second must be fixed with the changeset 673932e0fab923:15
cedkyangoon: the first, can you tell me wich collection do you try to access?23:15
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 743:145d1bbed450 trytond/trytond/webdav/ Improve webdav for wrong uri23:18
cedkyangoon: and this one 145d1bbed450, must fix the first error23:19
yangooncedk: it was the collection Docs with model Purchase23:19
cedkyangoon: just dir of this collection ?23:19
yangooncedk: for the moment I cannot reproduce the error23:20
yangooncedk: but I think yes23:20
cedkyangoon: but I improve a little bit this part of the code23:21
cedkyangoon: it prevent to have a exception to be raised23:21
yangooncedk:  found it23:22
yangooncedk: it happens when i OPen the document23:22
cedkyangoon: which document?23:22
yangooncedk: I have to reenter credentials and the the exception occurs23:22
yangooncedk: display in webdav is such23:23
yangoonI open the collection and I see the items (purchases) as dirs23:23
yangoonwhen I open the dir it shows Purchase-355.odt23:24
yangooncedk: and thats the doc I am opening23:25
cedkyangoon: can you try to run the report for the purchase 355 in the gtk client23:26
yangooncedk: BTW there is still  ERROR Report purchase.purchase: unable to set locale "en_US.UTF8", which here also better should be INFO23:27
yangooncedk: moment, running in client23:27
yangooncedk: running in client only shows several  ERROR Report purchase.purchase: unable to set locale "en_US.UTF8" on server side, the rest is ok23:29
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 744:42a944bb3717 trytond/trytond/webdav/ Add mime type for pdf and odt23:32
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 745:6ca4bbdb5d3c trytond/trytond/report/ Convert "unable to set locale" into warning23:32
cedkyangoon: can you try with the changeset 42a944bb371723:32
yangooncedk: yes, mom23:33
yangooncedk: much better now, no errors, mime type is good, WARNING IMHO could be INFO, since not fatal, but anyway: great23:43
yangooncedk: resp. file system structure in webdav23:44
yangooncedk: is it absolutely necessary to put the docs in dirs?23:44
yangooncedk: would be much better to have the docs directly named to their real content23:46
yangooncedk: and not these subdirs at all23:46
cedkyangoon: I think it is warning because you don't have number right formating23:46
cedkyangoon: you can have more than just the report for purchase23:46
cedkyangoon: if there is a second report define on purchase, you will have it also23:47
cedkyangoon: and if there is any attachment on the purchase, it will be also displayed23:47
yangoondo I have to start the server with also with  LANG=de_DE.UTF-8 LC_ALL=de_DE.UTF-8 to eliminate the Warning23:47
yangoonah ok, I understand23:47
cedkyangoon: no you must just have your user language set to de_DE23:48
cedkyangoon: later we will made ical reports also23:48
yangooncedk:  LANG=de_DE.UTF-8 LC_ALL=de_DE.UTF-8 is set on the client, and has to be set (at least LANG IIRC) to have correct date and number format23:49
yangooncedk: only de_DE was not enough23:50
cedkyangoon: I mean the tryton user23:51
yangooncedk: started both, server and client, with  LANG=de_DE.UTF-8, but WARNING persists23:59
yangooncedk: format of numbers and date ok23:59

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