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udonoGood Morning08:42
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FWiesinggood morning!10:39
cedkHey guys, it seems that tiny has now also take the states functionality10:51
cedkthey call it attrs10:51
cedkat the point 710:52
cedkit is here:
cedkbut it seems to be only for the webclient10:55
bechamelcedk: what is "complex widget" and "simple widget" ?10:58
bechamelcedk: and i don't understand why they use list like "[('state','=','draft')]" to define the condtition for an attribute, those list are useful for the db not in the client11:00
cedkbechamel: because it is for the javascript11:01
bechamelmaybe is to convert them into javascript11:01
cedkbechamel: they can do eval11:01
cedkof course it is really less powerfull than ower implementation11:01
cedkand once again, it is only for the webclient and not for the gtk11:02
cedkso it is impossible to have concistance between both11:02
cedkbechamel: and I think complex widget are one2many and many2many11:06
cedkbechamel: but I don't see what is complex there :-)11:07
bechamelcedk: :)11:07
cedkI begin to understand why etiny is so slow, they make the validation of field on the server side before :-)11:10
bechamelcedk: what do you call validation of field11:13
cedkbechamel: to see if a field is required, they call the server when you try to save it11:13
cedkbechamel: but I suppose that there is many stuff like this11:14
bechamelcedk: ok11:14
cedkbechamel: otherwise, the logo looks good11:15
cedkbechamel: I like the big one with the curve11:15
cedkbechamel: and the circle with the footprint in green11:15
bechamelcedk: i don't like the footprint in green :), i dont know why, i prefer non-color logo11:16
cedkbechamel: for icon in top left border, I find this is good to have some color11:18
bechamelcedk: the one i like is lost among o lot of circlr logo :)11:19
bechamelif someone is following the conversation it's easier whit this: :)11:20
bechamelcedk: for the green footprint: it's whit the black background ?11:21
cedkI just fix the server to send the right mimetype for svg11:22
bechamelcedk: good idea11:22
cedkbechamel: with big black circle with small white circle11:24
FWiesingcedk: I have a problem with my trytond - I send you an e-mail with the error-message11:24
FWiesingcedk: I execute the sql-script - you sent me the link - yesterday and then all is working fine11:25
cedkFWiesing: or you can post it on roundup like that if others have the same issue they will have the solution11:25
CIA-54tryton: FWiesing roundup * #228/trytond didn't start after update: [new] After update this morning I can't start the trytond. I excute the sql-script yesterday - and then all is working fine.11:26
CIA-54tryton: ced roundup * #228/trytond didn't start after update: [resolved] Ok I see there was a wrong commit that breaks the database creation. Now it is fixed, but all databases that was created after, can no ...11:29
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udonocedk: in tryton/gui/window/ there is the tooltip for administrator password: This is the password of the user that have the rights to administer databases. This is not a Tryton user, just a super administrator. If you did not changed it, the password is 'admin' after installation.14:31
udono'This is not a Tryton user' seems silently wrong?!14:31
udonoor is it the password for the postgresuser?14:32
udonono, it cant...14:32
cedkudono: it is the password that is stored in trytond.conf14:33
udonocedk: for which user?14:33
cedkudono: there is no real user14:33
cedkit is in etc/trytond.conf14:34
udonocedk: its the admin_passwd14:35
cedkudono: yes14:35
udonocedk: but this is not the same like for the tryton user admin?!14:35
cedkudono: no, it is different14:35
udonocedk: ok14:36
udonocedk: This is a security issue, I think14:47
udonocedk: someone is able to copy the databases...14:48
cedkudono: it is just the paswword that is stored in the file14:48
cedkudono: we must crypt it14:48
udonocedk: we can autogenerate a password for each installation, like plone does14:49
cedkudono: why you just have to change it14:49
udonocedk: yes, but if someone forget... i would prefer a save solution with different passwords for each installation. If a user hasn't the right to read the tryton.conf, than he cant guess the password in any case...14:51
udonocedk: It mustn't be done for the first release, but imho we should hold an eye on it...14:52
udonocedk: I change the text of the tooltip: This is the Tryton password for database administration. It doesn't belong to a Tryton user. The password is defined in etc/trytond.conf under admin_passwd.14:53
udonocedk: How do you find. Its just security by obscurity, but maybe better then nothing...14:53
cedkudono: I will not put the admin_passwd stuff because it can perhaps change14:54
udonocedk: everything changes... like yesterday when I recognized, we are working on my first merge ;-)14:55
cedkudono: I don't like put stuff about the server in the client14:56
udonocedk: which Tooltipsentence you prefer?14:56
cedkudono: the same but without "The password is defined ..."14:57
udonocedk: "This is the Tryton password for database administration. It doesn't belong to a Tryton user." But with this there is no way to find out which password to use...14:58
cedkudono: ok, you can put a generic line with the password is configured on the server15:03
udonocedk: "This is the Tryton password for database administration. It doesn't belong to a Tryton user. You may find it in the trytond configuration file"15:03
cedkudono: without file, because we must find a better solution and I don't know if it will stay in the configuration file15:04
udonocedk: ok15:04
udonocedk: sorry, but some other questions... we have thee passwords for creating a database... why and what are the second ones?15:19
udonocedk: and why a confirmation password?15:20
udonocedk: is the admin password a new password? I thought it is already defined...15:21
Timitosudono: there is a new wizard for creating a database15:21
Timitosbefore this change the standard password of the user admin was 'admin'15:21
Timitosnow you can provide a password for user admin yourself when creating a new database15:22
cedkudono: the first is from the config file and the two second will be the admin password of the db15:22
udonocedk: a postgres password for a database role?!15:23
Timitosthe password from the configfile is to prevent that everybody can create a database15:23
cedkudono: no for the user admin15:23
udonoIts not a benefit for understanding to name everything 'admin'  :-S15:25
cedkudono: I think about super admin for db creation15:25
cedkor server password15:25
udonoACTION feels like in the film 'Beeing John Malchowich'15:25
cedkudono: Malchowich Malchowich Malchowich Malchowich or Malchowich Malchowich15:26
cedkor admin admin admin admin !15:26
Timitosudono: i think you should try to change these passwords in your installation. so you will see, which password is used in what context15:27
cedkI think "Server Password" is a good name15:28
udonoTimitos: Its not a Problem of understanding which password to use when... Its just to create a dialog an unaware user can understand...15:28
udonoThe Super admin password changes to Server Password? This sounds better...15:29
Timitoswhat about db maintainance password? is a litte bit long but i think this password is only used in this context15:30
udonoTimitos: db maintanance went into the direction "Its a password for the Database", but in fact it is a Password for the Tryton server, so I find Server Password a bit better.15:32
udonosomeone knows how long a postgres databasename can be? (how many chars are allowed?)16:35
udonoits ok, I c its already implemented16:43
udonooh, not ok... I try to find out myself16:46
udonoits 64 chars...16:58
udonocedk: is it save not to restrict the size of admin password in tryton? I think of Overflow Attacs...16:59
cedkudono: in the client interface no17:00
udonocedk: so should the admin password be restricted in the client?17:01
cedkudono: it is not a problem of password size but more in the server thread when it reads messages17:03
udonocedk: ok, I set no restriction for the password size17:05
cedkudono: but I don't know what is the best solution to limit message on the server side17:07
udonocedk: the gtk.Entry has a limit of 6553617:08
cedkudono: yes I know, but crackers will not use the gtk client :-)17:08
udonocedk: :-)17:09
cedkudono: for now the message length with pysocket is limited to 9999999918:20
udonook, than its above the maximum of gtk.entry18:20
cedkudono: yes but I don't know if it is good18:21
cedkudono: if you want to upload big files18:21
udonocedk: yes, you are right, this could be a future problem...18:22
udonocedk: btw, I found a way to restrict the input for the databasename to alphanum and _18:22
cedkbut to prevent DOS we need to put a limit18:22
cedkudono: good, you add function on keypress event18:23
udonocedk: yeah18:23
cedkudono: it is always better to prevent error than put an error message18:24
udonocedk: This is my aim18:24
udonocedk: less text18:24
udonocedk: why not a limit of 999.999.99918:25
udonocedk: so we have 1Gbyte18:25
udonocedk: better, make it a configuration Variable, so everyone can decide on their Hardware18:26
cedkudono: but you must have the same value on each side client and server18:27
cedkudono: but I think about a solution to avoid this18:27
udonocedk: you can set the clients serverside...18:27
cedkudono: this is because the first 8 char in the protocol is the message length18:28
cedkudono: but we can say that the first char until the first space will be the message lenght18:29
udonocedk: so the XMLRPC Protocoll is limited?18:29
cedkudono: and on the server side read the first chars for the len until first space or LIMIT18:29
cedkudono: it is not xmlrpc, it is our own protocol18:30
udonocedk: sounds good, with the webdav we need a bigger load18:30
cedkudono: webdav use the http server from python18:31
cedkudono: I think I will put the limit to 999.999.99918:34
udonocedk: why not as a config entry?18:35
cedkudono: ok I will try to have this18:36
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cedkudono: I can not make it configurable18:45
cedkudono: because the client receive also message and it needs also a limit18:46
cedkudono: I made the limit in a single variable on top of pysocket18:46
cedkudono: so it is easy to change it18:46
udonocedk: ok, it seems the best way18:46
cedkudono: and I reduce a little bit the size of the message send18:47
udonocedk: so we can move big files with webdav and limited ones with tryton client. For me this sounds a good solution.18:48
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 797:0bb2ff11cf7e trytond/trytond/ Use MAX_LENGHT in pysocket and don't use fixed size for length of message18:49
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 578:6183a3f97928 tryton/tryton/ Use MAX_LENGHT in pysocket and don't use fixed size for length of message18:49
cedkudono: yes but put in an ERP file  bigger than 1Go doesn't seem to me usefull18:49
cedkto test you need to update both client and server18:50
udonocedk: tryton is no ERP its more ;-)18:50
cedkudono: yes but it is not for DVD-rip collection :-)18:51
cedkI fix also one possible bugs in the pysocket implementation18:52
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udonocedk: did Postgres make a difference between lowercase and uppercase?19:03
udonocedk: in Databasenames?19:04
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cedkudono: I think19:57
cedkI create test and Test database19:57
udonocedk: a testdatabase out of single tests?19:58
udonocedk: with the framework?19:58
cedkudono: don't understand19:58
udonocedk: you can create a testdatabase with a bulk of python tests with your testframework...19:59
udonocedk: so it is reproducable...19:59
cedkudono: I don'T where you want to go20:01
udonocedk: than explain me what you like to do :-)20:01
cedkudono: you ask if postgres is case sensitive with database name20:02
cedkudono: so I answer that I can create test and Test database20:03
cedkudono: so postgres is case sensitive20:03
udonocedk: sorry, Ive been completely out of topic... Thanks for research. Momentary my client cant create new databases, because there are problems with the common.refresh_dblist and pygtk...20:04
cedkudono: I just use createdb :-)20:07
udonocedk: Ok, I will try it later with the client... Suddenly I solved the problem with common.refresh_dblist  :-)20:09
udonocedk: With the client postgres is case_in_sensitive. I cant create the two databases test and Test20:29
udonocedk: Database already exists...20:30
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