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Timitosgadaga: hi10:52
gadagaTimitos : hi10:54
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cedkudono: hi11:06
cedkudono: for the test of  gtk.gdk.CONTROL_MASK11:06
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udonocedk: hi11:06
cedkudono: it is just event.state & gtk.gdk.CONTROL_MASK11:06
udonocedk: ok11:07
cedkudono: you don't need to compare it to the MASK11:07
cedkudono: of course it works but it is an operation in more11:07
cedkudono: and try to not commit commented code11:08
cedkudono: it doesn't help11:08
udonocedk: ok, I forget the cleanup...11:08
cedkudono: and for the color stuff, I aggree with you but I don't think it is a high priority11:09
cedkudono: can you tell me why it is not a good idea the test in event_show_button_create11:10
udonocedk: but when I start the it could be helpfull11:10
udonocedk: because the user dont know which field is silently wrong, if he doesnt put the same passwords into the field. There we need a dialog box, I think.11:11
cedkudono: yes, you are right11:12
cedkudono: send the last bundle and I will merge it today11:12
udonocedk: I'll do11:12
udonocedk: done11:16
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CIA-9tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 802:2ffd2ec99415 trytond/trytond/ (ir/ ir/ui/ osv/ webdav/ Add translation of _constraints11:40
CIA-9tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 169:1237fdf597e5 account/ ( Add translation of _constraints11:40
CIA-9tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 90:826ea3e580a6 account_invoice/ Add translation of _constraints11:40
CIA-9tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 16:fa0e2de342e4 analytic_account/ ( Add translation of _constraints11:40
CIA-9tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 43:fb4ee09d84a8 company/ Add translation of _constraints11:40
CIA-9tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 3:49a35e60f890 project_revenue/ ( Add translation of _constraints11:40
CIA-9tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 117:45c1395af528 relationship/ ( Add translation of _constraints11:40
CIA-9tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 175:30153781bbd1 stock/ Add translation of _constraints11:40
CIA-9tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 37:e1f6c6e29309 timesheet/ Add translation of _constraints11:40
CIA-9tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 590:05ca4cdf5d12 tryton/tryton/gui/window/ (log message trimmed)11:45
CIA-9tryton: Rewrite the dbcreate from glade to pygtk with additional functions.11:45
CIA-9tryton: - Better tooltips for all widgets11:45
CIA-9tryton: - While input validation for databasename11:45
CIA-9tryton: - Restrict databasenames according to he following rules:11:45
CIA-9tryton:  - Allowed characters are alpha-nummeric [A-Za-z0-9] and underscore (_)11:45
CIA-9tryton:  - First character must be a letter11:45
CIA-9tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 591:c85e08e5e8a9 tryton/tryton/common/
CIA-9tryton: Set the default port to 8070.11:45
CIA-9tryton: Change the regular expression for url-names of server connection to catch11:45
CIA-9tryton: just the beginning of a string. So we can have errormessages directly after11:45
CIA-9tryton: the erroneous connection url (see changeset 578:05ca4cdf5d12).11:45
CIA-9tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 592:f6fbadc768aa tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Code cleanup, __doc__, moving functions to methods.11:45
CIA-9tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 593:116d084a1c90 tryton/tryton/gui/window/
CIA-9tryton: More Cleanup, even better variable naming, better default action for create11:45
CIA-9tryton: button.11:45
CIA-9tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 594:b4b2758b80f6 tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Some more minor corrections.11:45
CIA-9tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 595:d731df56d1e1 tryton/tryton/gui/window/
CIA-9tryton: Final0.1. Removed redundant gtk default values. Adjust size of dialog, added11:45
CIA-9tryton: more tooltips for server connection.11:45
CIA-9tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 596:aba08d2ebc39 tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Added some spaces to concatenated text.11:45
CIA-9tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 597:2ff18250edf6 tryton/share/locale/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Edit the german translation.11:45
CIA-9tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 598:2736cd8b1387 tryton/: merge11:45
CIA-9tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 599:344c4f9ad3b1 tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Better layout of labels when the window is resized.11:45
CIA-9tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 600:f725401a5f4f tryton/share/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/ ( tryton.po): Adjust german translation for
CIA-9tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 601:ab127ff56f38 tryton/: merge11:46
CIA-9tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 602:d9b7fb2eff4d tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Use COLORS from common.py11:46
CIA-9tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 603:7e8a2d0dcced tryton/tryton/gui/window/
CIA-9tryton: Cedk: You can set the size of the dialog to something like (500, 300), but11:46
CIA-9tryton: to have the table with the right size, you must call11:46
CIA-9tryton: "dialog_vbox.pack_start(table)"11:46
CIA-9tryton: after filling all the table. (here it is just before11:46
CIA-9tryton: self.dialog.vbox.pack_start(dialog_vbox)11:46
CIA-9tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 604:405c83ccf607 tryton/tryton/gui/window/
CIA-9tryton: - Don't set set_width_chars on entry that must not have limitation11:46
CIA-9tryton: - Don't set set_max_length on entry like password, because there is no11:46
CIA-9tryton:  limitation.11:46
CIA-9tryton: uspallek@bart.dsl default * 605:f274e05646b1 tryton/tryton/gui/window/ (log message trimmed)11:46
CIA-9(11 lines omitted)11:46
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CIA-9tryton: gadaga roundup * #233/KeyError: '': [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/", line 335, in run res = method(*msg[2:]) File "/trytond/web_service/rep ...11:53
CIA-9tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 611:3dbc10df4ad4 tryton/share/tryton/ Remove win_createdb from glade11:54
CIA-9tryton: ced roundup * #233/KeyError: '': [testing] You must install relatorio I don't think it works from local directory.11:58
cedknicoe: hi11:58
nicoecedk: hi11:59
cedknicoe: is it normal that relatorio doesn't work from local dir11:59
cedknicoe: as in
cedknicoe: I think it is the pkg_resources12:00
nicoecedk: I just saw the bug and registered in roundup12:00
cedkthat doesn't work without install12:00
nicoecedk: but indeed this is an easy_install problem12:00
nicoecedk: people should install it in their directory or globally12:00
cedknicoe: ok that what I thought12:01
gadagacedk: I have already install relatorio in my site-packages directory12:01
nicoecedk: but "their directory" I mean their lib/python directory12:01
cedknicoe: how do you work when developping ?12:01
nicoecedk: I have a pythonpath like this : PYTHONPATH="$HOME/python" and create link in this dir to the dev version12:02
nicoegadaga: salut :), how di you install it ?12:02
nicoegadaga: s/di/did12:02
gadaganicoe: hg12:02
nicoegadaga: did you used the ?12:03
gadaganicoe: heu no12:03
nicoegadaga: that's it .. in order to discover the plugin we use the entrypoints features of the eggs12:05
cedknicoe: I think you can keep the entrypoints from here
cedknicoe: keep a local copy and let install one12:06
nicoecedk: that's right12:07
nicoeit's job to do this stuff12:07
cedkit depends if you want to be able to run relatorio without setup it or not12:07
nicoecedk: If you want to use relatorio you have to use the to install the python package properly12:08
nicoecedk: That way relatorio can discover plugins, loads them (and eventually warn about a plugin deprecation)12:10
nicoecedk: plugins can also be provided by other sources than openhex without having to include it in the relatorio directory12:10
gadaganicoe: trytond crash after used relatorio setup.py12:12
nicoegadaga: how did it crash ?12:13
gadaganicoe: on genshi.output.code12:13
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gadaganicoe: arf I havn't install it...12:14
nicoegadaga: you don't have genshi. A good rule of thumb to install python package is to use easy_install12:14
nicoegadaga: it resolves the dependencies12:14
nicoegadaga: but I find that it steps on the foot of distribution packagers ...12:15
cedknicoe: the best will be to be packages by the big distribution12:16
cedkor use the tryton-overlay for gentoo :-)12:16
gadagacedk: ;)12:16
nicoecedk: indeed ... I intend to create a package for debian and submit it to the python-packaging team (and maybe be part of it)12:17
cedknicoe: I think there is something wrong with the last rev of relatorio12:17
cedknicoe: I have no genshi.output in the genshi module12:18
nicoecedk: But all this, will take place only when I have finished this #!# javascript site12:18
nicoecedk: no output ?12:18
gadaganicoe: thanks it works12:18
cedknicoe: what version of genshi to you use ?12:18
nicoecedk: which version of genshi do you use ?12:18
nicoecedk: 0.5.012:19
cedknicoe: I have 0.5.112:19
nicoecedk: strange12:19
cedknicoe: in fact output is not imported in of genshi12:20
cedknicoe: I need to import it with import genshi.output12:20
nicoecedk: right.12:21
nicoecedk: It's strange because my test script work wether or not I import it.12:23
nicoecedk: Ok I get it, the openoffice plugin loads it before the pdf one so it is in the namespace.12:24
cedknicoe: good12:24
nicoecedk: but people using only relatorio.templates.pdf will have problem, a simple import will fix it12:25
cedknicoe: yes, because I can not install the latest relatorio version12:26
nicoecedk: I think the order the plugin are loaded is non-deterministic. So you have the problem but I don't12:27
nicoecedk: Change is pushed12:27
cedknicoe: yes, it must depend on the version of easy_install12:28
cedknicoe: ok it works12:28
nicoecedk: I think easy_install creates dictionnary with the plugins and thus loads them non-deterministicly (pfff)12:29
cedknicoe: so it will depend of the python version :-)12:30
nicoecedk: yep :) I never looked at how python do this kind of stuff12:30
cedknicoe: it is surrely a hash table12:31
gadagacedk: how can I enable xmlrpc for using a script? I put 8069 in my tryton.conf but I have 'connection refused'12:55
gadagacedk: ok i find it in tryton.con -> xmlrpc = True13:00
CIA-9tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 803:7b2d7b29ee4f trytond/trytond/ Remove unused import13:10
CIA-9tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 804:a08698a7255c trytond/trytond/ Add log info about the configuration file used13:10
CIA-9tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 805:7e8ebfd2101b trytond/trytond/ir/ Add value for fuzzy field13:14
cedkgadaga: otherwise, you can use pysocket if you can use any protocol13:15
cedkgadaga: it will be more efficient13:15
gadagacedk: yess i just find an example in your directory tests ;)13:16
cedkgadaga: and if it runs on the same host, you can also use directly the tryton objects13:26
cedkgadaga: but you must care of calling Cache.clean() before each actions13:27
Timitoscedk: what plans do you have for printing income statement and balance sheet? i think that in the moment only views are implemented for this?13:57
cedkTimitos: yes, I don't know13:59
cedkTimitos: I think we can perhaps have something like the functionality "print screen" in openerp14:00
cedkTimitos: but with a better layout, as we can use Ooo for that14:00
Timitosi am working on german account chart and so i saw this. perhaps working with line-numbers could be a solution too?14:01
cedkI think we can have something that looks like the client view14:02
cedkWe just need to indent correctly each lines14:02
cedkTimitos: and if we don't have a good solution for general printing14:02
cedkwe can make one report for each one14:03
Timitoscedk: i think that this can be a solution for now, but i think it is not a solution for future. balance sheet and icome statement are important reports that need some good layout e.g. for a bank or a investor14:03
CIA-9tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 806:49c57ff9799c trytond/trytond/ir/ Fix update report tranlsation for relatorio14:04
Timitoscedk: but this would be a big report, isn´t it?14:04
cedkTimitos: so if you think it is an important report that needs tuning, we must create it as normal reports14:05
cedkTimitos: I don't think so14:05
CIA-9tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 612:c6581b8ff286 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/ Add test for model != None and fix sel_ids_get to get only real ids14:05
CIA-9tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 613:461173335581 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/screen/ Fix remove for list to not write deleted models14:05
Timitoscedk: how will you reach the right sorting in such a report?14:09
cedkTimitos: it is a tree, so it is already sorted14:10
Timitoscedk: i didn´t try to create a report from a tree. do we have such a report in an existing module? if not i have to test myself14:11
Timitoscedk: and we have to change direction of the sorting as in the report the first element of the tree will be the last and so on.14:12
cedkTimitos: yes but I don't think it will be difficult14:15
cedkTimitos: the only difficult I see, is to have the right indentation14:15
CIA-9tryton: Timitos roundup * #227/translation of client does not work under windows: no there isn´t any error message or log entry. i remember a warning when starting the client : could not set locale 1252_DE_de... or something s ...14:18
Timitoscedk: ok. so I know enough for the moment to work on account chart. lets talk about that some time later again. thx14:18
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udononicoe: Hello16:12
nicoeudono: hi16:13
udononicoe: I like to ask if you have some ideas about parsing ODS files?16:13
nicoeudono: I tried it.16:14
nicoeudono: If you use it only to output values it will work16:14
udononicoe: ok, you got result?16:14
udononicoe: what doesn't work?16:15
nicoeudono: But using formulas, format, and stuff like that does not work16:15
nicoeBecause the information is store in the attributes of the tags.16:15
nicoeI intend to work on this16:15
nicoeBut I don't have the time right now.16:16
nicoeudono: What would you like to see ?16:16
udononicoe: I like to use it as comfortable than odt parsing :-), It will be great to usit for special calculations and pivot-tables and so on... I wrote a dummy macro, that it is possible to fill in a tryton or better genshi thing as a formula...16:18
cedkudono: don't forget that you can export into cvs any things16:18
cedkudono: and that there is the copy/paste on list view16:18
nicoecedk, udono : That seems like a pretty good work-around for now.16:18
udonocedk: I know, but it will be great to have a OpenOffice table integration (no OS ERP has this)...16:19
udononicoe: It will create cell elements like this:
cedkudono: perhaps what you look for is more a kind on odbc to trytond objects16:20
udonocedk: This will be a good thing, too.16:22
nicoeudono: I need to find a way to define attributes on tags (and unfortunately it is not the enclosing tag).16:23
nicoeudono: And we also need to do the formula interpolation oo is doing when itering over rows16:23
udononicoe: I see... I searched a lot for manipulating the <text:p> tag, but I didn't find a solution...16:25
nicoeudono: This is way more complicated than odt16:25
udononicoe: Yes I recognized this in the past.16:25
nicoeudono: I think you can safely remove the text:p tag OO will the fill the cell with the computation16:26
udononicoe: ok, but then we have the special attribute made by my macro: table:formula="oooc:=TRYTON(&quot;udo&quot;)"16:27
nicoeudono: What is complicated is finding a good syntax for this without requiring the people to know much about the ods document structure16:27
udononicoe: ah, I understand... but cant we use the same things then in odt?16:28
nicoeudono: You could, it would be displayed. But it would just be a static table16:28
nicoemaybe I could add a directive like we did for the images16:29
nicoesomething like "formula('a2*b2')"16:30
udononicoe: yes, but its the nature of the table to be statical after beeing parsed...16:30
udononicoe: a2 * b2 is a calculation which can be handled by oo self. the parser needs to fill a2 and b2... od did you mean others?16:31
nicoeudono: The plugins need to copy the formula to every cell16:32
nicoeBut right now it just copy "a2*b2"16:32
nicoeSo every cell in the formula column has the same value ...16:33
nicoeDoing what oo does on this formula is simple but in a complicated case ... it will be a nightmare16:33
udonomy dummy macro works in a cell like: =TRYTON("<for each=\"line in invoice.lines\">")16:33
nicoeudono: What does your macro do ?16:34
nicoeudono: Could you send me its code ?16:34
udononothing then create the structure
udononicoe: its a dummy macro: it just put an identifier into the XML which we can parse. After parsing the makroidentifier could be dropped...16:36
nicoeI must say I'm a total newbie with OOCalc macro16:37
udononicoe: I try to find a way to come into the <text:p> tag, the enclosing tag of the cell content, but I didn't find a way...16:38
nicoeWhy do you want to put your code in the content of the text:p ?16:39
udononicoe: the macro doesnt do anything, give just a new function to oo you can use... it copy its content into the cell and tag the attribute of the cell with: table:formula="oooc:=TRYTON(&quot;udo&quot;)16:39
udononicoe: Just finding similar structures than odt, nothing else...16:40
udononicoe: BTW I am a totaly newbie with OOCalc Macro and parsing, too. And even for the ODT things ...16:41
nicoeIf I understand well what oo does with the text:p in table:cells it will display the text if it is present otherwise the content of table:cell string-value argument16:41
nicoeDoes anybody knows where I could browse openoffice code ? I don't want to checkout this huge amount of code.16:43
nicoeI remember having search for something like a trac/subversion/mercurial browsable repository but thier site is a mess16:44
cedknicoe: I think they use cvs16:45
udononicoe: I just talking in structures... text:p is the enclosing tag for cell content. We need to distinguish normal cells from "cells to be parsed". So I thought its possible to modify text:p... but I didn't find a way how to do this. Next step was to look one level above, there is the <table:table-cell> tag. This tag can be manipulated via formulas. I try out some standard formulas in calc, but all give me an output: ######. I ask aro16:46
udononew formula, which copy the formulacontent into the cell and which tag the cell with table:formula="oooc:=TRYTON(<formula you like>). thats the long story...16:46
nicoeudono: ok I see now16:47
udononicoe: this all was before relatorio and genshi things... It could be that the parser model changed completely and my aim now is senseless...16:49
nicoeudono: I don't think it has changed16:49
udononicoe: if you have some special expert questions, I am known member of the openoffice devel german group. There I may ask for you...16:50
nicoeright now, this plugin has been a low priority for me but I'll return to it as soon as I can.16:52
udononicoe: ok17:02
CIA-9tryton: ced roundup * #227/translation of client does not work under windows: Can you try to start the client with the option "--verbose"?17:23
CIA-9tryton: ced roundup * #227/translation of client does not work under windows: Can you try to start the client with the option "--verbose"?17:23
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