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CIA-54tryton: uspallek roundup * #235/Using pycountry for Languages, Countries, Subdivisions of countries (States), Currencies: [new]
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gadaganicoe: hi09:36
nicoeudono: I commited to mercurial the stuff we talked about yesterday09:37
nicoeudono: I'm quite happy with it09:37
udononicoe: great09:37
udononicoe: now we have a general input method for odt and dos via hyperlinks?09:38
nicoeyes :)09:38
udononicoe: I will take a look. Is there an egg available?09:38
nicoenot yet09:39
nicoeI suppose we can use those link the same way to generate openoffice presentation09:41
nicoeI fail to see a usage, but if it works ...09:41
udononicoe: wow, we can autogenerate Business presentations with actual data for the directors' meeting...09:44
udononicoe: did you test it?09:44
nicoeNot yet ...09:44
udonook, I will do. Frist I need to put the code inside my python installation...09:45
udononicoe: may I just overwrite the old egg contents?09:46
nicoejust overwrite the 'relatorio' directory in the egg directory will be enough09:47
nicoethat's how I work09:47
udononicoe: ok, I do09:50
udononicoe: looks much more clean than before, and much more easy!09:55
udononicoe: great work done!09:55
nicoeOnce you gave me the idea it was a piece of cake :)09:56
udononicoe: Great collaboration!09:56
nicoeI'll credit you in the AUTHORS file. Can I include your name / email ?09:57
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udononicoe: yes, Iam Udo Spallek <>10:03
nicoeudono: thanks10:03
udononicoe: email is working tommorow...10:04
udononicoe: thank you for the great implementation!10:04
nicoeDid you test it with OO presentation ?10:05
udononicoe: Iam on ... just wait a few minute10:15
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udononicoe: nope, doesnt work10:43
udononicoe: I can bundle you my files and mail10:44
udononicoe: there seems a handler missing for odf10:44
udononicoe: and if I include a table into odp then we have two content.xml objects, because the table is embedded ods in odp10:45
udonobechamel: nicoe changed the report engine, now we are able to handle ods and odt10:46
udonobechamel: hi10:46
udonobechamel: the genshiconstructs are now inserted via Hyperlinks10:46
bechameludono: great10:48
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bechameludono: i will take a look10:51
udonobechamel: its just implemented in the relatorio svn/mercurial but you can try the examples10:52
nicoebechamel: there's also an egg10:53
nicoeGedd told me that he sees problem coming with this approach10:53
bechamelnicoe: what kind of problem ?10:54
nicoeeg: after a change in your code you forget to change the links in the document10:54
nicoe1st a little example: <text:a href="relatorio://brol">My text</a>10:55
CIA-54tryton: rli roundup * #236/KeyError: u'perm_unlink': [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/", line 335, in run res = method(*msg[2:]) File "/trytond/web_service/wiz ...10:55
nicoeis parsed as a call to replace the link by the content of the variable 'brol'10:55
nicoeBut in your document you do not see that. At first I found it great but what happens when you change your code and rename brol to foo10:56
nicoeYou do not see it anymore in the document and thus you must search for this code.10:57
Geddnicoe: bah, if you add a check in the code so that the "text" of the link is either the same as the href, without relatorio:// or it is empty, that should prevent such mistake and "hide and seek with the bugs" game10:57
nicoeGedd: I was just writing that :)10:58
bechamelnicoe: Gedd : you're not in the same place today ? :)10:58
nicoeno :)10:58
nicoeI was lazy and did not take the train :)10:58
nicoebechamel: replacing the code in the report should be a matter of a vim subs (I did it yesterday it works very well)11:00
nicoebechamel: But I know you're an emacser :)11:01
bechamelnicoe: alt-x query-replace11:02
nicoebechamel, And you can do pattern matching with replacement of subpatterns ?11:02
bechamelnicoe: alt-x query-replace-regexp :)11:04
bechamelnicoe: it's me or the syntax also changed ? i dont see < and > anymore in the odt files11:05
nicoebechamel: two commands for the same thing with a lot to type: EMACS11:05
nicoebechamel: indeed11:05
nicoewe switched from text:placeholder to text:a11:06
nicoe+: the style is more visible, works in ods (and probably others udono is testing), separation of view/data11:07
udononicoe: odf is not working...11:08
nicoe-: separation of view/data means harder to debug11:08
nicoeudono what is the backtrace ?11:09
nicoeudono: can you send me the document you used ?11:09
nicoeudono: nicoe@openhex.org11:09
udononicoe: about the hyperlink URL and name gedd mentioned ... maybe its more easy to encode if we just use relatorio:// as URL and the name for the genshi things. So we can simply manipulate the name and the URL is everytime relatorio://11:10
Geddthat's an option which seem viable to me11:12
nicoeudono you mean using 'relatorio://' as an url and the expression inside the tag.11:12
nicoenicoe seems good to me11:12
udononicoe: yes11:13
Geddyou seem good to urself? :)11:13
nicoeACTION is narcissic ?11:14
Geddthat's a bit unnatural, but using links for that is already unatural...11:14
GeddI'd like to have cedk's opinion on this11:14
udonoGedd: hi, nicoe recognice himself, and this is good for himself. Hope he will not fall infinite regression ;-)11:14
nicoeI'm a schemer I do only tail-recursion stuffs ;)11:15
Geddbechamel: have you followed the discussion? if so, what do you think?11:15
bechamelGedd: unfortunately for ced his web connection his down since yesterday morning11:15
Geddah! ok11:15
bechamelGedd: and what's hapening when the there is an empty content for the url ? does ooo show the actuel url or just nothing ?11:16
nicoebechamel: If he wants he can come to my flat and share my wifi.11:16
bechamelnicoe: how can is say "harceler la hot-line" in english ? :)11:17
Geddbechamel: if there is no text in the link, OO shows the link target (href), which is good, but not very nice as it includes the "relatorio://", which clutters things11:18
bechamelGedd: and also the link is showned on mouse-over11:18
udononicoe: you got post11:19
nicoeudono: I got post ?11:20
udononicoe: email11:20
nicoeok :)11:20
udonobechamel: ced can come to Aken, too if he like :-)11:21
nicoeudono: So you're not too far from us :)11:21
udononicoe: where are you?11:22
nicoeudono: Li├Ęge too11:22
udononicoe: Euregio connection11:22
nicoeEuregio gang in da houz !! :)11:23
udononicoe: :-)11:23
Geddnicoe: Aken is not Achen AFAIK
udonoGedd: But iam aachen11:24
Geddoh, ok :)11:24
udonoGedd: Aix-la-chappele11:25
udonoGedd: or in Flandern - Aken11:25
udonoGedd: but if the relatorio:// is shown in a document, we know there is a genshi directive missing...11:28
udonoGedd: and we can edit this directive without open a dialog...11:28
Geddi always thought aachen was in holland, not in Germany... Me and geography...11:29
Geddudono: yep, that's a good thing11:29
udonoGedd: we are 500m away from Netherlands, maybe therefore... but we are even 500m away from east-Belgium...11:30
udonobechamel: is there a way to get the translations of fieldnames in reports? like amount, description, VAT, an so on...11:32
nicoeudono: There is an example of translation using the genshi filter in the file11:36
udononicoe: did it work with the tryton translations?11:40
udononicoe: its not gettext based afaik11:40
nicoeI don't know ... cedk tested it11:40
udononicoe: ok, I will see11:40
udononicoe: ok, this is for translating the contents. this is already working, but I like the translation of the labels: amount, description, VAT, an so on... with this we can parametrize the complete report for many languages...11:45
nicoeyes. I haven't yet think about that.11:47
bechameludono: what i know is that there is a setLang call available in the reports but i thing it is not used for the labels11:48
bechamelthing > think11:50
CIA-54tryton: bch roundup * #236/KeyError: u'perm_unlink': [chatting] perm_unlink what removed and replaced by perm_delete in the kernel. You probably need to update the modules.11:57
gadagabechamel : where is cdk?11:58
bechamelgadaga: at his home, but his connection is broken11:58
gadagabechamel: lol11:59
gadagabechamel: in party if you don't put vat_country, we couldn't be eable to create a party?12:03
bechamelgadaga: why, the field is not required12:05
gadagabechamel: i have an exception that say : 'bool' object has no attribue 'lower'12:06
gadagabechamel: it's in the function check_vat12:07
bechamelgadaga: anyway i just discovered a bug ...12:07
CIA-54tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 119:a9e615e45c15 relationship/ Fix: don't try to test the vat number if there is no vat country12:13
gadagabechamel: i'll try12:13
bechamelgadaga: ok12:13
gadagabechamel: ok works fine :)12:14
udonobechamel: how can we handle invoices and other reports for different languages/nations?12:43
bechameludono: i don't know, i think the way to work will be to provide one odt file per lang12:52
udonobechamel: ok, this could work on filesystem level, like invoice_de_DE.odt12:53
udonobechamel: thanks12:54
nicoeudono: In fact the presentation almost work. But the tables are not included like in odt they use an inner document.12:57
udononicoe: ok, great.12:59
udononicoe: so we need a loop arount the different content.xml in future to get this work?12:59
nicoeudono I'm trying to understand how the inclusion works13:21
nicoeudono: But it seems to be the case.13:22
udononicoe: but there is the binary in object replacement, I dont know what it is for, but inside are the genshi strings, too13:36
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nicoefile on this binary does not says anything13:37
nicoebut I suppose this is an image (it's in a draw:image tag)13:38
gadagabechamel: fields in each module don't change in the future?14:08
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gadagabechamel: ?14:57
gadagawho know how to create a record with a m2m with pysocket?15:21
nicoeudono: I finally understood what is going on with the inclusion of oo files. And I am happy to say that now the inclusion works too.15:32
udononicoe: you get the calc table inside odt to work?15:33
udononicoe: great!15:34
nicoeyes the calc table inside the odP is working15:34
nicoeyou putted also a table into the odt (never opened them) ?15:34
udononicoe: no, I didnt, but relatorio is going to be a general solution for parsing odf files15:37
nicoeThe code is not document-type depend so it should work15:37
udononicoe: I will test it in the evening or tomorrow, writing you feedback and some examples15:38
nicoeIn the meantime, I'll clean up my code and push it. I also have to get back to the site I have to do for a customer so don't expect to see me tomorrow :(15:39
bechamelgadaga: sorry i was on phone16:12
gadagabechamel: ;)16:12
bechamelgadaga: for the fields, i think they are not gonna change a lot16:13
bechamelgadaga: you think about a field in particular or it's a general question ?16:14
gadagabechamel : general16:14
CIA-54tryton: rli roundup * #237/Exception: ('Error', 'Programming error: child_of on field "category" is not allowed!'): [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/", line 335, in run res = method(*msg[2:]) File "/trytond/web_service/obj ...16:20
CIA-54tryton: rli roundup * #236/KeyError: u'perm_unlink': I have installed the lastest version, and now it works. Thanks.16:32
gadagabechamel: in ir_lang, why code For English is en_US and not en_EN?16:33
bechamelgadaga: good question, i don't know16:35
gadagait can become a pb for me :p16:36
bechamelgadaga: why ?16:36
gadagabecause is not the standard16:37
bechamelgadaga: for me the problem is that when i read "English" i tkink about uk, and that en_US should appear with "English (US)"16:39
gadagabechamel: for me US is united States16:39
bechamelgadaga: yes16:40
bechamelgadaga: and whe need to make the distinction between us and uk16:40
gadagabechamel: i agree16:41
bechamelnicoe: for the odt files the templates are looking better when using text:placeholder17:28
bechamelnicoe: and what about constructions like: invoice.number or "Unknow" ?17:29
nicoebechamel: you can always use them17:30
bechamelnicoe: it's possible to choose between text:placeholder and text:a ?17:30
nicoebechamel: for the look this is just a matter of taste.17:30
nicoeright now no17:31
nicoebut it could be possible17:31
bechamelnicoe: this should be great17:31
bechamelnicoe: and for or "Unknow" stuff ?17:32
nicoeit works without problem in the example I have a relatorio://(brol + truc)17:33
nicoeyou could use relatorio://(invoice.number or 'Unknown'17:33
bechamelnicoe: ok17:34
nicoeBut I fail to see how using placeholders is better looking than text:a, because I see it as a big plus of the text:a that they can look exactly as the outputted text17:36
bechamelnicoe: not always, has Gedd said it's difficult to track errors17:37
nicoeeven if you use the code as the displayed text ?17:38
gadagabechamel: I couldn't create a new database, i'm full update :
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gadaga<gadaga> bechamel: I couldn't create a new database, i'm full update :
bechamel`big storm here ..17:44
bechamel`gadaga: strange, did you do something unusual ?17:46
gadagabechamel: no :(17:48
gadagabechamel: can you email me a dump of a new database?17:49
bechamel`gadaga: and you are able to reproduce it ?17:49
gadagabechamel: yes everytime :p17:50
gadagabechamel: I've done relationship and product and i couldn't test it without a new database :(17:51
bechamel`gadaga: actually init_db in is reponsible for creating all basic table which are not  created by the orm they are the first tables to be created, so it's suprising to see a "ir_model alreay exist" at this step17:54
gadagabechamel: me to :(17:55
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udononicoe: do you find time today for pulling your changes? so I can test tomorrow...19:53
nicoeI'll do it tonight.19:54
nicoeI will send you an email once it's ready.19:55
udononicoe: no hurry... i just try tomorrow if I can pull the code, after this I create some more examples and send them back...19:56
nicoeok np19:57
udonobechamel`: are you there20:22
udonobechamel`: where is the inheritance of the companys employees to the relationship partys? and I cant find where the notebook string "Services" on new employee is defined...20:23
udonobechamel`: my questions just depends on the views20:25
udonobechamel`: Aiii, I found it, so forget my last questions..20:36
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Timitosb52laptop: hi21:18
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bechamel`udono: i'm back if you have other questions21:59
udonohi b52laptop22:10
udonohi bechamel`22:10
udonoby all ;-) going sleep22:10
b52laptopudono, good night22:11
b52laptophi :d22:11
bechamel`udono: ok, bye22:14

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