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udonoGood Morning FWiesing07:32
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Timitosgadaga: hi09:09
gadagaTimitos: hi09:09
gadagaTimitos: did you know if we have bak statement in tryton?09:10
Timitosjust a moment i am on the phone09:10
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gadagabechamel: hi09:19
Timitosgadaga: yes there is a module account_statement09:19
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gadagaTimitos: thx09:20
gadagabechamel, cedk: why account_invoice don't depend on account_statement?09:24
cedkgadaga: because it doesn't need09:25
bechamelgadaga, cedk :  but account_statement will depend on invoice i think09:26
gadagabechamel: no09:26
gadagabechamel: account, company,currency, relationship ....09:27
cedkgadaga: "will"09:29
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udonoHello all10:01
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CIA-54tryton: Timitos roundup * #245/cannot create new db: [new] if i try to create a new database i get this error 2008-08-12 11:14:44,759 ERROR CREATE DB: account_SKR07 failed 2008-08-12 11:14:44,760 ERR ...11:17
CIA-54tryton: ced roundup * #245/cannot create new db: [chatting] Put the all message11:18
CIA-54tryton: Timitos roundup * #245/cannot create new db: see attachment11:20
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 826:1875767f0dac trytond/trytond/osv/ Fix typo for issue24511:33
CIA-54tryton: ced roundup * #245/cannot create new db: [resolved] Fix with changeset 1875767f0dac11:34
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CIA-54tryton: uspallek roundup * #246/TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting: [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/", line 335, in run res = method(*msg[2:]) File "trytond/web_service/wiza ...13:37
CIA-54tryton: uspallek roundup * #246/TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting: [chatting] Trying to upgrade the IR module... this error happens.13:37
CIA-54tryton: uspallek roundup * #246/TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting: [resolved] ups, forget an u=all. Sorry...13:43
udonoA strange thing happens, my menu is broken... there are just some folder entrys inside without action. I cant get the ir > ui > menus form to adjust. Is there a way to reset the menu?13:52
cedkudono: just update14:04
udonocedk: I try, but the problem resist...14:05
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Timitosansx: hi14:51
ansxis this ok if I ask some openerp-related questions in here?14:57
Timitosansx: why do you want to do this?15:06
ansxbecause this looks like the only one irc channel with people having some openerp knowledge :p15:08
CIA-54tryton: udono roundup * #247/TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting: [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/", line 335, in run res = method(*msg[2:]) File "/trytond/web_service/obj ...15:09
Timitoshaven´t seen you on #tinyerp or #openerp before. did you try those channels?15:10
ansxnope, I did not even know that those channels existed15:11
Timitosansx: they exist. did you already test tryton?15:11
ansxnope :(15:12
ansxjust found out the website15:12
Timitosperhaps you find some time to test it.15:14
ansxI just started openerp integration, I'd like some more experience before giving a try to tryton15:14
Timitosansx: you are always welcome15:15
CIA-54tryton: udono roundup * #247/TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting: [chatting] I try to add a partner address and save, then it breaks. There has been an error before, I patched (see attachment): ERROR:common.messa ...15:16
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udonocedk: I try to solve the above problem, but if I change something in the osv/orm, than the changes seems not recognized by tryton16:22
udonocedk: is there a cashing in the serverside for pyc? or something like this?16:22
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cedkudono: no, there is nothing16:45
udonoCan anyone save the address of a partner?16:47
udono(with recent hg update of trytond...)16:48
Timitosudono: seems to be working16:49
udonoyou have updated everything?16:50
Timitosudono: yes i am up to date as there was no commit today16:51
Timitosudono: which modules do you have installed?16:54
cedkTimitos: there was some commits today but CIA seems to be down16:55
udonojust the standard and relationship16:55
Timitoscedk: thx i will update new16:55
Timitosudono: i will update and verify. just a moment16:56
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Timitosudono: i created a new db and added a new party. everythings is working17:01
udonocan you save a new party address in the party form?17:01
Timitosudono: yes17:02
Timitoscedk: when i was working on accountchart i noticed that there is a problem with account types17:07
Timitoscedk: income statement is a part of balance17:07
Timitoscedk: but i cannot connect income-account type to an account type from balance sheet.17:08
cedkTimitos: I don't understand, you want to put income statement in the balance sheet ?17:09
Timitosthe sum of all income accounts must be added to the account type equity because this is the only way that balance will be 0. the sum of the balance must always be 017:11
Timitoscedk: the income raises the equity of the company.17:12
cedkTimitos: this must be done with a account move17:15
Timitoscedk: so my balance sheet all the year will be not 017:16
cedkTimitos: you want to put Income in Equity ?17:21
Timitoscedk: yes17:22
cedkTimitos: it will not be right because Income statement is before taxes17:24
Timitoscedk: sure, it is before taxes if taxes are not posted. but this is ok.17:27
Timitoscedk: you can test this. make some posts and you will see that your saldo of balance sheet will always be the same like your saldo of your income sheet.17:28
gadagacedk: can we bypass check_modify in account.move.line for replace backup move lines without comment condition lines?17:29
CIA-54tryton: uspallek@Lisa.dsl default * 827:939950bfa71e trytond/trytond/osv/ solved: concatenation of str and list object.17:29
CIA-54tryton: ced roundup * #247/TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting: [resolved] Applied17:29
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 828:14f2c03919ce trytond/trytond/osv/ Put quote around table name17:29
cedkTimitos: yes, but it is not the real result as it is missing the taxes and so17:30
Timitoscedk: but if you add income to equity the balance will be more correct than now17:30
Timitoscedk: every accountant knows about this taxes issue17:31
cedkgadaga: no, you can not modify a posted move or a reconlied line or a move in closed period17:31
cedkTimitos: so is it good for to just put Equity as parent of Income in the account type?17:32
Timitoscedk: yes i think so17:32
b52laptopguys any tool that could enable me to get a Uml model of tryton ?17:33
b52laptopTimitos, :d17:33
Timitosb52laptop: :-D, another try?17:34
b52laptopTimitos, yeah :d17:35
Timitosb52laptop: there is some dia stuff for something like this i think. but i haven´t tried yet.17:42
b52laptopTimitos,  well i just read about it once , never tested it actually , will try to luck further , thks for remembering about it17:43
Timitosb52laptop: today i understood what you are looking for ;-)17:44
b52laptopTimitos, lol :D yu tried to modify a module ?17:46
Timitosb52laptop: i think i was too tired last time. too much work17:48
Timitosb52laptop: yes i did some modules already17:48
b52laptopTimitos, hm ok17:48
bechamelb52laptop: there must exist tools to create graphics from postgreslq databases, but i i'm not able to name one.17:57
cedkb52laptop: the dia module from tiny, is just a oneshot modeling17:57
cedkb52laptop: is there a standard file format for UML description?17:58
b52laptopbechamel, i';m refering more to python code not the maping to database17:58
cedkotherwise I find this
b52laptopcedk, hm no idea17:58
cedkto create graph17:58
Timitoscedk: b52laptop: i do not mean the dia module from tiny17:58
b52laptopcedk, yeah i mean an uml module of all tiny module , i  mean the core software17:59
cedkI think it will not be too difficult to create a reports that generate the UML for the object of the current database17:59
b52laptopnop i don't mean the db ,  just uml model of the module generations the views , and the xml parser ... the foundations module of tinyu18:00
cedkb52laptop: those things are not really object oriented18:02
b52laptopcedk, ah ok18:02
cedkso I don't know if it is possible to have a UML18:02
Timitosi found this
cedkI don't know if it will give you a good result18:07
ansxhow are we suppose to replace one2one fields ?18:07
cedkb52laptop: by the way, the core of the framework is only 10000sloc18:08
b52laptopcedk, 10.000sloc ; ligne of code ; nice expression "only" :) , for a senior developer it seems easy . fora noob it look like a mountain :)18:09
cedkwith only 3000sloc for the osv stuff where I think there is the main part of what you are looking for18:09
b52laptophm , interesting !18:09
b52laptopand i'm looking for networking too18:09
ansx+ python is quite easy to read with a decent syntax hilighting18:10
cedkb52laptop: but if your interest is to write modules, you don't need to know those part18:10
b52laptopcedk, nop , my interest  is to see how it works18:10
ansxthe networking part is quite trivial, basicaly a bind between the orm part and SimpleXMLRPCServer18:10
b52laptophm ok18:10
cedkb52laptop: I think you must focus on one things first18:11
cedkb52laptop: which part are you interesting?18:11
b52laptopcedk, how the UI is drawned i think it's ir right, and osv of course18:12
ansxalmost all networking code is in service/web_services.py18:12
cedkfor the UI, it is in the client that you must look18:12
ansx15kB of code :p18:12
b52laptophm ok18:12
cedkb52laptop: I thinkn it is the form parser you are looking for18:13
b52laptopcedk, thks checking18:14
cedkand for the ORM stuff it is:18:14
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CIA-54tryton: Timitos roundup * #227/translation of client does not work under windows: [chatting] translation still does not work. but there is no warning or error any more. see attachment18:24
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 173:5af6b6fbb151 account/account.xml: Set Income type in Equity18:24
cedkTimitos: can you check with this commit if balance sheet is ok for you?18:27
udonoIam struggeling with one2Many... Did I need any action for them or special _get/_set methods?18:33
udonothey are displayed fine, but on saving the record, ther come a bunch of errors, after this I get an infinite loop of errors which I must break...18:34
udonobechamel: cedk any idea? or some generals on one2many?18:38
cedkudono: can you paste the code18:42
cedkudono: where is the one2many?18:45 1:many party_role:py 1:many role.py18:46
udonoproblem is to save a role in party object, This is module party_role.py18:47
udonoThere are 3 one to manys... party, party_role, role18:48
cedkudono: first remarks, we don't handle _inherit18:48
udonocedk: hmm18:49
udonocedk: How to inherit?18:49
cedkudono: just with the _name18:50
cedkudono: but it is not the problem18:50
udonocedk: btw the module can break your windowsystem...18:51
udonocedk: If you start and try to save a role on partner use ctrl -alt-esc to kill the client...18:52
udonocedk: it depends on the widget="selection" in party_role.xml19:13
udonocedk: it seems not to work on trees?!19:14
cedkudono: yes I'm looking19:14
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Timitoscedk: i have a meeting. i can check later or tomorrow19:23
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 639:cb7b79d9afcc tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/model/ Improve many2one field if the internal value is not a tuple19:33
cedkudono: with the changeset it must work19:33
cedkudono: but the main problem comes from the fact that you set the widget selection on role in the form view but not in the list view19:34
cedkudono: this make the internal value in the client must change from one kind to an other19:34
cedkudono: it is better to have the same widget/type for all the views19:35
udonocedk: ok, I don't kow this before, many thanks!19:35
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udonocedk: you are right, if I set both to same widget it works without your patch. Is the patch for secure the unaware ? (like me)19:39
cedkudono: yes it adds some test and prevent to go in infinte loop19:40
udonocedk: great!19:41
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CIA-54tryton: udono roundup * #249/Network is unreachable: [new] Network is unreachable21:25
CIA-54tryton: udono roundup * #249/Network is unreachable: [chatting] 1. I stop the server and click on an menu entry in the client, then this error appears. I would suggest to catch this error, because it ...21:32
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