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Timitosgadaga: hi08:51
gadagaTimitos: hi08:51
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CIA-54tryton: udono roundup * #252/field with translate=True: on translation error:: [chatting] Is there a way to translate this kind of XML records? Or is there another way to provide data which will be transletable?09:40
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CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 831:d66687cd9a50 trytond/trytond/
CIA-54tryton: Improve import modules10:36
CIA-54tryton: - Add traceback in the log message10:36
CIA-54tryton: - Don't try to instanciate module that are not imported10:36
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 647:1d5ba0fb6b4d tryton/tryton/common/ Don't call error on socket exception11:23
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 648:b09a203efce1 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/model/ Preserve record id to have False value11:23
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 649:17f49d676fea tryton/tryton/ Don't remove socket after network error on login11:23
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 650:1dc722565411 tryton/tryton/ (common/ gui/window/ Stop the login loop after network error and add error message11:23
CIA-54tryton: ced roundup * #249/Network is unreachable: [resolved] Must be fixed with changesets: 1d5ba0fb6b4d b09a203efce1 17f49d676fea 1dc72256541111:24
CIA-54tryton: ced roundup * #229/NameError: name 'currency_digits' is not defined: [resolved] I close the issue, reopen it if it doesn't work11:25
CIA-54tryton: gadaga roundup * #253/patch for currency in ISO4217: [new] this is a patch for having all currencies in ISO421711:45
cedkopenerp takes the Modified Preorder Tree Traversal11:53
cedkbut with a bad implementation :-)11:54
gadagacedk: yes I've see it ;)11:54
cedkhe can only have one tree on a object11:57
cedkwhat do you think about this funtcionnality:12:02
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gadagacedk: it's a good idea to add spell check12:04
CIA-54tryton: gadaga roundup * #254/KeyError: 'name': [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/tryton/gui/", line 610, in _sig_child_call res = wid.handlers[button_name]() File " ...12:10
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 651:94f726866c9f tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Improve exception handling13:35
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 652:5e6e9ae60d3b tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/form_gtk/ Add log error for unknown field name13:35
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 832:725f3ee91806 trytond/trytond/ Improve socket behavior13:35
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 653:93e31960aae3 tryton/tryton/ (
CIA-54tryton: Improve socket behavior13:35
CIA-54tryton: IPv4 socket can not reconnect with the same socket13:35
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 654:bf8b3cd545db tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/screen/
CIA-54tryton: Don't delete fields to prevent error message just set it invisible, readonly,13:51
CIA-54tryton: etc..13:51
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 655:2d297dfad296 tryton/tryton/ Fix typo in NotLogged exception14:17
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 656:140fec5bd4d8 tryton/tryton/ Call connect in reconnect function14:17
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 657:1442061116ae tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/form_gtk/ Add spell check in textbox (from openerp rev558)14:17
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 833:c67cc5386d02 trytond/trytond/ Use connect in reconnect function14:18
gadagacedk: nice for Spell check ;)14:25
cedkgadaga: it is in a try except because gtkspell is not available on win3214:26
cedkgadaga: and it needs gnome stuff14:26
gadagacedk: and mac osx?14:27
cedkgadaga: I don't know if there is gtkspell on mac14:27
gadagacedk: leyoda will test it ;)14:27
cedkgadaga: for the currency patch, do you have all the currencies ?14:36
gadagacedk: yes all in iso 4217 standard14:36
gadagacedk: you should use Aspell for win32 for replacing gtkspell?14:39
gadagacedk: pidgin use Aspell in win32 for Spell check14:40
cedkpidgin is not write in python14:45
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CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 658:f8892a390426 tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Remove unused view_name for issue25415:34
CIA-54tryton: ced roundup * #254/KeyError: 'name': [resolved] Fix with changeset f8892a39042615:34
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CIA-54tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 176:e9d735b124cf stock/ ( Fix: use max date instead of current date for infinite forecast16:25
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CIA-54tryton: bch roundup * #255/Border around O2M: [new] I find that if there was a border around o2m and m2m (especially when the form view is used, ie addresses on party), the form would be more ...16:36
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CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 659:1ed058d555a8 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/form_gtk/ ( Use SHADOW_ETCHED_IN for view in form for issue25517:12
CIA-54tryton: ced roundup * #255/Border around O2M: [resolved] Fix with changeset 1ed058d555a817:12
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CIA-54tryton: Gael LE GUEDARD <> default * 12:0ba466231103 currency/currency.xml: Add currencies in ISO 421717:19
CIA-54tryton: ced roundup * #253/patch for currency in ISO4217: [resolved] Applied17:19
udonocedk: You ask me before some weeks about the german translations, I ask FWiesing he told me that the translations are in a state we can publish17:38
cedkudono: ok, all is in the issue ?17:39
udonocedk: yes17:39
cedkudono: strange I don't see any ir csv17:40
udonocedk: I will see17:40
cedkudono: and all files are in june17:41
udonoyes, FWiesing told me they have been ready... now they are aged...17:42
cedkudono: so what?17:45
udonocedk: dont know... FWiesing is away untill oktober... maybe we may include them and overwork17:47
udonocedk: what do you advice?17:50
cedkudono: I think that if I put in the repo the translation even if there are not correct17:51
cedkudono: we will have some translation error report with patches17:51
cedkudono: and so it will progress17:51
udonocedk: yes, this is a good way17:52
cedkudono: otherwise, if we wait, there will be only one person to make the job17:52
udonocedk: absolutely right17:52
udonocedk: and refining translation is a by-the-way job17:53
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 660:c77e24f2895c tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Add viewport with SHADOW_ETCHED_IN on tree view17:54
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 661:655335b21611 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/ Add SHADOW_ETCHED_IN on viewport for list view17:54
cedkudono: so I take it and we will see17:55
udonocedk: yes. I will contribute translations as I can...17:55
gadagaACTION mode [holidays]: on :D17:59
gadagasee you in september ;)17:59
Timitosgadaga: have a nice holiday17:59
gadagaTimitos: Thanks :)18:00
udonogadaga: great holiday! And good recreation!18:00
gadagaudono: yess thanks18:01
udono\me is a little bit jealousy of gadaga18:01
udonoACTION is a little bit jealousy of gadaga18:01
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 834:3222dbef9e87 trytond/trytond/res/user.xml: Remove old roles_id18:30
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 835:e8b7d333968c trytond/trytond/res/ ( de_DE.csv): Add de_DE translation18:30
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 45:62c54f2ba60e company/ ( de_DE.csv): Add de_DE translation18:30
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 13:874086424056 currency/ ( de_DE.csv): Add de_DE translation18:30
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 68:81798d50a638 product/ ( de_DE.csv): Add de_DE translation18:30
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 10:f4b2fb76382b project/ ( de_DE.csv): Add de_DE translation18:30
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 120:f3bc0018980e relationship/ ( de_DE.csv): Add de_DE translation18:30
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 38:bd2aa67a13f9 timesheet/ ( de_DE.csv): Add de_DE translation18:30
CIA-54tryton: ced roundup * #107/Anmerkungen zu German Translations (Deutsche √úbersetzungen): [resolved] All added to the repository. I close the issue but re-open it for new translation or fix.18:31
CIA-54tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 836:21595f71fdec trytond/trytond/ Add values when adding boolean, integer and float columns.18:39
CIA-54tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 837:c3b5782c3b99 trytond/: merge18:39
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 662:6d66e28d9e2c tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Don't display negative id and fix guidelines18:39
udonocedk: Translations works fine, many thanks18:53
udonocedk: I try the spellchecker, but I cant see any spelling mistake marking...18:54
cedkudono: you must have python-gnome-extra package installed18:55
udonocedk: is installed18:55
cedkudono: and you must have the right dictionnary18:55
udonoI will see18:56
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 838:dcae0db75e7b trytond/trytond/ (osv/ Use symbol_set from fields for default value19:00
udonocedk: everything seems installed, but no visual error or something19:01
cedkudono: what are you typing and in which language ?19:02
udonocedk: on python console ican import gtkspell19:03
udonocedk: iam typing jhgfhgf hhjhjlghl hhh in client language setting german19:03
Timitosudono: in which field do you try that?19:03
udonoTimitos: textfield of product19:04
udonoTimitos: did it work for you?19:04
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Timitosudono: yes. in note field of account.19:04
Timitosudono: it is working with text field of product, too. so it must depend on your installation19:05
udonoTimitos: both not working for me.19:06
udonoTimitos:cedk  take a look how to test19:07
udonocedk: Timitos: its working now, just an uncaught crosses branches... just a merge, just a commit, everything work fine19:37
Timitosudono: fine :-)19:45
udonoAnyone knows news about relatorio and the new api. What will it provide? Because we like to create our invoicing in Tryton... is the hyperlink solution like mentioned last week now fixed part of relatorio?20:38
udonoGedd: ?20:48
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