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CIA-55tryton: matb roundup * #257/-u all not triggered by client login: [new] "840:a73c180785f9 trytond/trytond/ Fix behavior of -i all to install all the modules" works again, but behaviour of -u all is stil ...14:31
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Timito1yangoon: are you there?14:51
yangoonTimito1: yes14:51
Timito1yangoon: hi. saw your bug entry for -u14:52
Timito1yangoon: -u behavior changed a little bit.14:52
Timito1you need to update your databases with -d <name of database> -u all14:52
Timito1the server is stopped then14:52
Timito1you need to start your server again then14:53
yangoonTimito1: just backreading the developments of last 3 weeks, so of course I can have missed some intended changes14:53
yangoonI did exactly as you describe, but I liked the former behaviour, too14:54
Timito1-u all won´t work because it was a behavior which was not precise because nobody knows which database will be accessed first14:54
Timito1yangoon: i wrote a small bash script for updating my dev-databases. so i can update them all by one script14:55
yangoonTimito1: I think, that command line arguments will always be used by the server admin, so he at least should know, which database will be accessed first...14:55
Timito1yangonn: yes, but there is also a risk if somebody tries to login from a remote location14:56
yangoonTimito1: but it is not a great matter, it was just more easy to update in one step14:56
yangoonTimito1: yes, I see14:56
Timito1yangoon: i agree. but the new behavior is more secure.14:57
yangoonTimito1: you are right, in production environments it is more secure, I will close the bug14:58
Timito1yangoon: you can still do your updates in one step if you use a bash script14:58
CIA-55tryton: matb roundup * #257/-u all not triggered by client login: [resolved] I see, that new behaviour is more secure.15:00
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CIA-55tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 841:9d6dfc82c15a trytond/trytond/ Pass the right column type to migrate_column17:18
CIA-55tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 14:42599561ebb6 currency/currency.xml: Fix guidelines (remove tabs and ending space)17:19
CIA-55tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 121:7e4909629ec5 relationship/ ( country.xml scripts/ Use pycountry to generate xml data for issue23517:19
CIA-55tryton: ced roundup * #235/Using pycountry for Languages, Countries, Subdivisions of countries (States), Currencies: [resolved] Fix with changeset 7e4909629ec5 We can not use it for currency as it miss digits, rounding and we can not have the withdraw date. We ca ...17:21
udonocedk: Do you know which syntax relatorio will provide in future? link or placeholder?17:47
udonocedk: or both?17:48
cedkudono: I think it is both18:08
cedkudono: I'm not personnaly fan of the link tag18:08
cedkudono: nor to put evaluation of field directly in the text18:09
udonocedk: Ok. Where should the evaluation go?18:09
cedkudono: in attributes like placeholder18:10
udonocedk: ok18:10
udonocedk: I think soon I open a request on openOffice to bring the placeholder to all document formats...18:11
cedkudono: and for us (Tryton), we should keep the placeholder because we have already some reports18:12
cedkudono: for me it is not a problem to have different tag for different format18:12
cedkudono: I think that relatorio will need to have different parser for each Ooo format18:13
cedkudono: because for me, ods will need some functionnality that are only for ods and so on18:13
udonocedk: yes, I see so, too, I talk this a lot with nicoe. The placeholder is in any case the cleaner way to produce reports.18:14
cedkudono: yes, and i find it render well with <...> in Ooo because it looks like tag18:21
CIA-55tryton: Timitos roundup * #258/cannot change currency digits: [new] if i try to change currency digits i get a message box with: write_xml_record xml_record_desc18:36
CIA-55tryton: Timitos roundup * #259/on_change_with seems to have problems with parent.*: [new] i tried to add the field parent.description into definition of amount of purchase.line amount = fields.Function('get_amount', type='numeric ...18:44
CIA-55tryton: ced roundup * #258/cannot change currency digits: [in-progress] This is normal. But which currency do you want to change?18:54
CIA-55tryton: Timitos roundup * #260/strange behavior with boolean field: [new] i tried to add a boolean field to relationship module. this is my test class: class Party(OSV): "Party" _description = __doc__ ...18:57
CIA-55tryton: ced roundup * #259/on_change_with seems to have problems with parent.*: [resolved] This is normal, on_change_with doesn't take parent field. I don't see why you must add parent field on a field function.18:57
CIA-55tryton: Timitos roundup * #258/cannot change currency digits: i noticed it when i tried around with on_change_with_amount function of purchase. if this is normal the error message should be updated.18:58
CIA-55tryton: ced roundup * #260/strange behavior with boolean field: [resolved] Put a default value on the field.18:58
CIA-55tryton: Timitos roundup * #259/on_change_with seems to have problems with parent.*: [chatting] so why is there the field parent.currency in this function? this is in normal repository. this should be removed then.19:00
CIA-55tryton: ced roundup * #258/cannot change currency digits: [resolved] I think this is because you have the language de_DE and this error message have not yet been translated in Deutsch.19:04
CIA-55tryton: ced roundup * #259/on_change_with seems to have problems with parent.*: [resolved] Sorry, I'm not enough clear. The parent field will not call the on_change_with function if it changes but the value of this field will ...19:08
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udonocedk: I have another question: I like to implement subtotals on each page of a report, there for I need to provide a variable subtotal which sums up all subtotals before plus the actual amount. If I would realize this in standard python I would provide a class attribute for class invoice.line and in the __init__ method I would include a self.__class__.subtotal += amount . But Iam in doubt that it will work in tryton? Have you experien19:53
cedkudono: it will not work because we don't work with object but with browserecord20:19
cedkudono: maybe, a solution will be to let Ooo compute the subtotal20:34
cedkudono: I don't know if it is possible but perhaps it can compute total of a column20:34
cedkudono: otherwise you must add a function on the report that will compute the subtotal20:35
cedkudono: I just have an idea, perhaps you can modify invoice to put a subtotal invoice line every x lines (where x is the number of line per page)21:36
udonocedk: I have some bad experience with static solutions via calculating or adjusting how many lines are on one page... I found a solution where it is possible to get everytime the correct subtotal independent of any page layout.21:43
udonocedk: but thanks21:43
udonocedk: maybe it works just by modifiing the report. Your idea to try just in openoffice could work...21:44
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