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cedkwhat about do fp talk, is just the Modified Preorder Tree Traversal09:58
cedkthat we make one month ago09:58
cedkbut of course our implementation is more powerfull :-)09:59
cedkhe needs to put ondelete cascade on account10:00
cedkwhich is for me, a little bit insecure10:00
bechamelcedk: why did he need the cascade stuff ?10:01
cedkbechamel: because he don't update the child when the parent is deleted10:02
bechamelcedk: laziness or bad implmentation ?10:03
cedkI don't know10:03
cedkAnd what do you think about his modification to have the debit/credit fields computed with all the debit/credit from all the childs of the account ?10:12
cedkudono: ping10:12
cedkTimitos: ping10:12
Timitoscedk: I don´t see the need of this modification10:17
Timitoscedk: udono worked all night. i think he will be available in the afternoon. ;-)10:18
cedkTimitos: for me I think it is not usefull for accouting10:18
Timitoscedk: +110:18
cedkTimitos: udono ping was a mistake, I know it is you that have the accounting knowledge :-)10:18
cedkTimitos: I think also, that it breaks all the reports :-)10:19
Timitoscedk: what do you think about creating a root account type for balance account types? i think it would be good to have only one line for account types of minimal acount chart. so if you install another account chart later it would be easier to find them in the tree.10:21
cedkTimitos: I don't understand10:23
Timitoscedk: if you open account types tree you have account types "asset" "liability" "equity". Why not make a parent "Balance" for them? Only "Off-Balance" needs to have no parent.10:25
cedkTimitos: because, when you will open "Balance Sheet" you will see only one entry10:27
cedkTimitos: I think it is not very userfriendly10:28
Timitoscedk: for the small number of account types this might be. but if you have some more account types you can loose overview faster this way.10:29
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cedkTimitos: I think that other account types will go under one existant and not on the top10:31
Timitoscedk: would you propose to delete minimal chart and minimal account types when installing another one?10:32
Timitoscedk: if i would use your way i would have 15 account types on top level. without the ones of basic installation10:33
cedkTimitos: for minimal accoutn chart, I propose to inactivate it10:33
cedkTimitos: and for account types, just extend it10:34
cedkTimitos: can you give me the names of those account types ?10:34
cedkTimitos: I don't see what you can have in more than Asset-Liability-Equity10:39
Timitoscedk: i will send you a prototype of account_de. i integrated account types there.10:39
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cedkTimitos: I don't understand why you balance sheet doesn't look like this
cedkTimitos: we can create a account type "Liabilities and Equity" to have the active/passive view11:37
Timitoscedk: its quite near to this link. there is no big difference.11:38
cedkTimitos: under Activa there is a lot more types11:39
Timitoscedk: yes there are some special types.11:41
Timitoscedk: as i am parsing from some documents it would be some more difficult to wipe out those special types.11:41
cedkTimitos: perhaps, it will be better to start with a simple type chart11:57
Timitoscedk: i don´t understand12:00
cedkTimitos: you say that there is some special types12:01
Timitoscedk: but this is one of the account charts most wanted in germany. but i will try to make some clean up. you have a prototype anyway. don´t forget.12:04
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udonoHi all13:34
udonocedk: Thanks for helping out yesterday. You have been right, its easy to extend reports with new templates.13:36
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udonohello, there are some minor problems in adding another report to the account_invoice...15:45
cedkudono: and ?15:49
cedkTimitos: Do you think that account type must be linked to the account chart ?15:50
udonoIn draft mode I am able to generate invoicereports with my own templates. The structure is exemplified there:
cedkTimitos: like that we can have different account type structur per account chart (country)15:51
cedkudono: ok, I understand15:51
Timitoscedk: i just talked about that with udono. this is what i wanted to propose to you.15:51
udonoBut when I try to set the Invoice state to 'open' Then I get the error:
udonoIn is defined: action_report_obj = self.pool.get('')        action_report_ids =, user, [            ('report_name', '=', self._name)            ], context=context)15:53
udonowhich refers to report_name=self._name15:53
udonobut self._name is the name of the calling class in this case account_invoice... but I need it to have account_invoice_custom. How?15:54
cedkudono: did you remove the of the normal invoice?15:55
udonocedk: not mentioned, but happened...15:55
udonocedk: just with this module15:56
cedkudono: ok, in there is the function print_invoice15:56
cedkudono: that is called when you open an invoice15:56
cedkudono: it generate the normal invoice and save it in the database15:56
Timitoscedk: i think that account types should be installed only if the refering account chart is installed. i think this is what you mean.15:57
cedkudono: so I think you must keep it working and add the save of your report15:57
cedkTimitos: yes, I would like to have a account type template like for tax and account15:57
Timitosgreat idea15:58
udonocedk: I tried it, but it wont work. See same error as before
udonocedk: I tried it with just overwriting the states datastructure, but this will not work, too16:22
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udonocedk: oh, there is a big bug... i have a module as zip inside my modules directory, and none of my changes work, because the zip module is evaluated first... what a pitty. Sorry, I try out further...16:55
udonocedk: BTW I find this is bad behavoir to evaluate zip modules first... I will open an issue16:55
cedkudono: not me because a zip file is like on override of a module17:09
udonocedk: yes, but Endusers will get zip modules anyway. So they install everytime Zip modules, but when working on the module, than the folder module should overwrite a zip, because the foldered module is everytime more new than a zip...17:13
cedkudono: I not agreed that end user will use only zip module17:13
udonocedk: but its much more clean to provide a zip for a special version of tryton. maybe with a md5 hash to make shure everything is as released...17:15
cedkudono: I think we will publish module version on pypi and maybe some distribution will include it17:17
udonocedk: we are gonna tryton and modules easy_instal'able?17:21
cedkudono: yes of course17:21
udonocedk: 1+ best way! I remembered another opinion in a discussion with htgoebel...17:22
udonocedk: but everything changes everytime ;-)17:22
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udonowhat is the difference between on_change and on_change_with?20:23
udonook, I got it, thx20:27

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