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CIA-52tryton: matb roundup * #328/Name of company not unique: [new] Currently it is possible to have multiple companies with the same name. You also can assign them as parent/child. Clearly it is the mistake ...14:41
CIA-52tryton: matb roundup * #329/Error in doubleclick on attachment: [new] Note: The attachment was an empty file and there was nothing saved for it in /var/lib/trytond ERROR:common.message:Traceback (most recent c ...14:55
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CIA-52tryton: matb roundup * #330/Cannot create new doc/attach doc in request: [new] The buttons for creating/selecting records for docs just do nothing15:03
CIA-52tryton: matb roundup * #331/Form Requests not translated: [new] Form Requests does not show translation despite it is entirely translated15:21
CIA-52tryton: udono roundup * #322/Uninstall Modules: 1. But the information on constraints is inside the module. If the module introduce a new constraints, then they need to be removed when the modul ...17:19
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CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 748:870649ea6912 tryton/tryton/gui/ Add rpc context in sig_request_xxx for issue33118:19
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #331/Form Requests not translated: [resolved] Fix with changeset 870649ea691218:20
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #330/Cannot create new doc/attach doc in request: [resolved] You must create "Request Links" for model that you want to use in request.18:21
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 749:ffe1e97b9d58 tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Fix empty attachment datas for issue32918:23
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #329/Error in doubleclick on attachment: [resolved] Fix with changeset ffe1e97b9d5818:23
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #328/Name of company not unique: [resolved] It was ask before to remove the unique constrain on party name. As company extends the party, we can not add the constraint.18:25
CIA-52tryton: matb roundup * #332/Requests: Ctrl + N or Form/New doesn't create new record: [new] When form Requests is opened, Ctrl + N or Form/New doesn't open for correct new record. With Send Reuqest from menu works without problem.19:07
CIA-52tryton: matb roundup * #333/Enhancement: input of field calendar: [new] Handle better wrong input, i.e. entering manually the year of the date in two digits: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/tryton/gu ...19:28
CIA-52tryton: matb roundup * #334/Requests: trigger date: [new] Trigger date supposes to be the date, when a request will be sent. Currently it is sent at once. If it should mean: Valid from, it should be ...19:32
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