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Timitosgadaga: hi10:17
gadagaTimitos: hi10:17
cedkudono: ping11:49
Timitoscedk: udono is out today12:02
cedkTimitos: ha ok, do you know if he check the pynum2word for DE?12:05
Timitoscedk: i know that he was working on it. But i donĀ“t know if the work is already complete12:06
cedkTimitos: ok, because I create a repo for a new version12:07
cedkand a project:
Timitoscedk: ah ok. i think he will read this. but i will let him know, too.12:09
Timitoscedk: is the old project no more maintained?12:09
cedkTimitos: I try to contact the person but did not reply12:09
cedkTimitos: I post on the tracker and no reply12:09
cedkso I think that it is dead12:10
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gadagacedk, bechamel, Timitos , udono : you write "proforma" in one or two words?17:17
bechamelgadaga: but maybe that the word proforma is used in other contexts17:19
gadagabechamel: can we change in workflow.instance the name to 'Proforma' in account.invoice workflow?17:20
gadagasorry : workflow.activity17:21
bechamelgadaga: otoh, when i search for definition, pro forma give me more results17:25
gadagabechamel: erf17:27
bechamelgadaga: on it's pro forma17:29
bechamelgadaga: maybe in proforma is the french17:30
bechamelgadaga: wikipedia fr pro forma is also favoured17:31
gadagabechamel: ok and in english?17:31
bechamelgadaga: it the same17:33
gadagabechamel: ok17:33
gadagacedk: thx17:54
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CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 194:5a507f676bf1 account/ ( period.xml):19:58
CIA-52tryton: Add type on period19:58
CIA-52tryton: It allows to create adjustment period that can ovrelaps other periods19:58
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 109:264ae48fbc8e account_invoice/ Improve sequence on period for the new field type19:58
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yangooncedk: ping, could you please take a look at issue 368, seems to be related to last push21:22
cedk_yangoon: fixed21:38
yangooncedk_: great!21:38
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yangooncedk: roundup is very slow those days: is there some heavyload on it?23:56

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