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Timitosgadaga: hi09:03
gadagaTimitos: hi09:03
gadagaTimitos: did you test create a dashboard?09:05
Timitosgadaga: sorry. no09:05
gadagaTimitos: ok ;)09:05
Timitosgadaga: i am still working on accounting09:06
gadagaTimitos: cedk told me that09:07
gadagaTimitos: accounting sound to be good for german accouting?09:07
Timitosgadaga: yes i think it will be good. there is still some work to do. how is it for french accounting?09:08
gadagaTimitos: work in progress09:09
Timitosgadaga: if you are interested in working together more intensive you are welcome09:10
gadagaTimitos: i'm working on accounting migration09:12
Timitosgadaga: what do you mean exactly? importing entries oder exporting entries oder something else?09:13
Timitosgadaga: exporting entries will be needed in germany soon09:13
gadagaTimitos: what type of account is exporting entrties?09:24
Timitosgadaga: many small businesses let make their accounting by a tax advisor in germany. they export all entries made bei creating invoices and the tax advisor does the rest. or some companies export their complete accounting for software of tax advisors to let them make end of year moves and tax declaration09:26
gadagaTimitos: oh ok, you try to made the export or is it a wish?09:28
Timitosgadaga: i will do it in the future. not enough time in the moment for that. perhaps in the beginning of the next year i think.09:29
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gadagaTimitos: export for sage or another standard semmes to be good09:30
Timitosgadaga: yes. my aim is to create a base module where you can put different export modes behind. modularity is important there09:32
gadagaTimitos: good idea, a connector for sage or something like that for write line directly in, will be an additional solution09:36
Timitosgadaga: yes09:36
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gadagacedk: if i drop a database (with a special header for invoice) and i create another with the same name, my special header is enable in invoice but i don't install the module... I have to remove a cache in the system?10:07
cedkgadaga: what do you call "special header"?10:08
gadagacedk: a header with a logo that i create in a module for our company10:09
gadagacedk: i didn't install this module in the new database10:10
cedkgadaga: and howto you use it?10:10
gadagacedk: in a module i create xml for replace company/header_A4.odt define in reports10:11
udonogadaga: is the invoice in state == open or closed ?10:12
gadagacedk: it's the same with state open or closed10:13
udonogadaga: If the invoice is in state open or closed, tryton freeze the complete invoice inclusive layout. Because its forbidden to change something on an open or closed invoice.10:14
udonoso try again with state== draft10:14
gadagaudono: same with state = draft10:14
udonogadaga: hmm10:15
cedkgadaga: can you read the values of the ir.action.report10:15
udonogadaga. could you paste me the xml for redefining the header?
gadagacedk: yes, it's the default value10:17
udonogadaga: mine looks the same...10:19
cedkjust a remark, when you override a record, you don't need to put all the value, just put the difference10:20
cedkgadaga: and if you close your client ?10:21
gadagaudono: did you try to remove a database where you have install this module and create a database with the same name?10:21
udonogadaga: in the past serveral times10:22
gadagacedk: nothing change :(10:22
gadagacedk: i restart server, nothing10:23
cedkgadaga: what nothing ?10:25
gadagacedk: i've got the same problem10:25
cedkgadaga: are you sure that the record in ir_action_report doesn't have your header?10:26
cedkgadaga: because if you have restart the client/server there is no more cache possible10:30
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gael__10 min without ping grrrrr10:38
gael__[10:29] <gadaga> cedk: yes i'm sure10:41
cedkgadaga: because if you have restart the client/server there is no more cache possible10:43
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gael__cedk: ok, i'll try to drop database and create database10:45
gadagacedk, udono : problem resolved with drop-create, i don't understand, i've do the same. Maybe a cache problem?10:55
udonogadaga: no idea, but thank for the information10:56
gadagablog iphone11:05
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CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 197:ceb6835b7ea9 account/ Fix typo in period search13:25
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CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 779:f328978e2ac7 tryton/tryton/gui/window/ (4 files in 4 dirs):14:48
CIA-52tryton: Add missing second in DateTime field14:48
CIA-52tryton: Cast second into integer to prevent warning14:48
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CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 198:5b98cd2ebaab account/ Set the date for the move created from a line15:00
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 199:d1e8a7c9e9f9 account/ Add domain on period in OpenJournalAsk to allow only open periods15:00
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 200:ef44f05ab4df account/move.xml: Add missing view for OpenJournalAsk15:00
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 201:dab5bed2fe07 account/ Add a check on the period dates to be in the fiscal year dates15:00
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 202:767a66d433f3 account/ Fix domain for period find to return only open period15:00
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 203:3d54824a0c4b account/move.xml: Add missing view for OpenReconcileLines15:00
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 204:c7da745a25fc account/ (8 files): (log message trimmed)15:00
CIA-52tryton: New fiscal year closing method:15:00
CIA-52tryton: - don't create move to deferral amount15:00
CIA-52tryton: - add a new object AccountDeferral to handle the debit/credit by fiscal year15:00
CIA-52tryton:  to deferral15:00
CIA-52tryton: - add button to close/reopen fiscal year15:00
CIA-52tryton: - modify the debit/credit/balance on account to take the amount from the15:00
cedkTimitos: I just push the change in accounting15:03
cedkTimitos: you can test it15:03
Timitoscedk: great thx.15:04
cedkTimitos: I add a deferral object to handle the debit/credit of the account for a fiscal year closed15:05
cedkTimitos: and remove the close_method, and add deferral boolean15:06
Timitoscedk: sounds good. i will take a look. but now i need to prepare for my meeting in an hour. sorry15:07
cedkTimitos: no problems, you will have all the W-E to test  :-)15:08
Timitoscedk :-D15:08
gadaga cedk : i'm testing new module account15:08
cedkgadaga: ok15:10
cedkgadaga: I have modify the fiscal year close method15:10
cedkgadaga: now, we don't create move when closing fiscal year15:11
gadagacedk: i see... my script don't work anymore ;)15:11
cedkgadaga: on the database, there is just the field close_method that becomes deferral15:13
cedkgadaga: except if you migration script handle fiscal year history ?15:14
gadagacedk: ok thx i'll change it15:14
cedkgadaga: and globaly all accounts must have deferral to true except for income accounts15:15
gadagacedk: ok15:16
gadagacedk: i can do this rule for change my records? deferrall -> True if account type not in 'income', 'view'15:20
cedkgadaga: I would use, deferral = True except for close_method = none15:20
gadagacedk: that's simply :)15:21
gadagai like that :p15:21
gadagacedk: new account works fine with the script.15:48
CIA-52tryton: Timitos roundup * #385/IndexError: string index out of range: [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/tryton/common/", line 108, in _on_delete_text while (start>0) and (self.initia ...17:00
CIA-52tryton: rli roundup * #386/server secure: [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.5/", line 222, in handle_request self.process_request(request, clie ...17:09
cedkhi all, udono suggest to create a new project to handle the vat check17:14
cedkinstead of keeping it in the relationship module17:14
cedklike that it will be possible to use for other project17:15
cedkwe find that it is a good idea17:15
cedkso now we must find a name for this new project17:15
cedkanybody have suggestion ?17:15
gadagacedk: vat_managment, expert_VAT?17:17
udonowhy not vat_id?17:19
bechamelcedk: pyvat like "pyvat des cahaïbe" it's a pirat who lost his teeth :D17:19
cedkI don't like project name with _17:19
cedkbechamel: good17:19
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 113:e631e0fbc2ca account_invoice/ Add check for empty ids in delete17:20
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #383/res = self.cursor.execute(sql, params): [resolved] Must be fixed with changeset e631e0fbc2ca17:20
cedkany objection to "pyvat" ?17:21
udonocedk: It is not a VAT Module, its a VAT-ID checker17:22
udonoiate says VAT identification number or VAT No.17:26
udonomaybe pyvatnumber17:26
udonoor just vatnumber17:27
udonocedk: bechamel gadaga17:27
cedk+1 for vatnumber17:28
bechamelcedk: the code was inspired by a php lib, isn't it ?17:29
CIA-52tryton: gadaga roundup * #383/res = self.cursor.execute(sql, params): [chatting] no change for me with the changset e631e0fbc2ca I try to delete a canceled invoice in the treeview17:29
cedkbechamel: no it is written complety by me17:29
cedkbechamel: following the rules17:30
bechamelcedk: it would give as a name17:30
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #384/Error: strptime() parsing error: [need-eg] I don't see where in the report "General Journal", it is possible to have a wrong date. - You don't enter date from/to in the wizard (no ...17:31
cedkfor now vatnumber have 2 points others only 1 :-)17:32
gadaga+1 for vatnumber :)17:34
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CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #383/res = self.cursor.execute(sql, params): Is it an invoice that comes from a purchase?17:34
CIA-52tryton: gadaga roundup * #383/res = self.cursor.execute(sql, params): no comes from a purchase. I duplicate an existing invoice and I cancel it before delete17:37
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CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 780:74fe0db7f4c2 tryton/tryton/common/ Improve test on start/end in _on_delete_text for issue38517:50
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #385/IndexError: string index out of range: [resolved] Must be fixed with changeset 74fe0db7f4c217:50
cedkso it will be vatnumber17:50
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 88:500cc7f9ecaf purchase/ Add check for delete invoice that comes from a purchase18:06
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #383/res = self.cursor.execute(sql, params): [resolved] And with the changeset 500cc7f9ecaf18:07
CIA-52tryton: gadaga roundup * #383/res = self.cursor.execute(sql, params): [chatting] no change with changset 500cc7f9ecaf. Exact Error : une valeur Null dans la colonne "line" viole la contrainte NOT NULL context : instr ...18:10
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 988:7837450fca72 trytond/trytond/ (osv/ osv/
CIA-52tryton: Add ondelete_{target,origin} on Many2Many19:37
CIA-52tryton: Rename id{1,2} into target, origin19:37
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #383/res = self.cursor.execute(sql, params): [resolved] Fix with changeset 7837450fca7219:37
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