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ikkscedk a friend of mine made account_co for OpenErp00:22
ikksI want to make a module for Tryton Colombia00:22
ikksHow should the copyright notice read?00:23
ikksThe author is him, because the changes are minor.00:23
cedkikks: I don't understand your question?00:23
ikksI friend made a module for openerp00:23
ikksis a localisation for Colombia00:24
ikksI want to use that for the tryton module00:24
cedkikks: great00:24
ikksFor the copyright note I have to include him as the original author?00:25
ikksOr how is the path to follow?00:25
cedkikks: i suppose that your question is about hosting the module on the Tryton website ?00:25
cedkikks: of course you must respect his copyright00:25
ikksIt's more about to leting know the original author on the files.00:25
ikksAnd I would be just a contributor00:26
cedkikks: we use one copyright file per modules00:26
cedkikks: so you just have to write a COPYRIGHT file with his name and your name00:27
ikksah, ok, perfect.00:27
cedkikks: like we do for many modules00:27
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 836:6d94c71ee0f9 tryton/tryton/gui/ Improve close button on tabs, use real button00:27
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CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 838:ca3dbe037188 tryton/share/pixmaps/tryton-close-hi.svg: Remove unused pixmaps00:27
ikksI want to include the states of my country00:27
ikkswhat would be the best place to put them?00:28
ikksIn that module or somewhere else?00:28
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cedkikks: in pycountry, it is named as Department00:35
cedkikks: if Department can be used as State, we can modify the script to take it00:36
ikksjust perfect cedk00:37
cedkikks: so it is like State ?00:37
ikksactually it's called department here :)00:38
ikksIt's even better to contribute to pydepartment00:38
cedkikks: but do you put it on the mail by example ?00:39
ikksYes, we use the department00:39
CIA-52tryton: Igor T?mara <> default * 1095:69793340bc55 trytond/trytond/ir/es_ES.csv: ir module translation issue42700:40
CIA-52tryton: Igor T?mara <> default * 1096:e4698c0dc631 trytond/trytond/res/es_ES.csv: res module translation issue42700:40
CIA-52tryton: Igor T?mara <> default * 1097:0f17e5e467bb trytond/trytond/workflow/es_ES.csv: workflow module translation issue42700:40
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1098:847742c02b17 trytond/ Add language in setup.py00:40
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 839:6e9a8ba680c0 tryton/ Add language in setup.py00:40
cedkikks: and is it look like the State in the US, like having different law ?00:40
ikksNo, we have a central government.00:41
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #427/es_ES translation of modules: [in-progress] Applied But the webdav patch was the same than the workflow.00:42
cedkikks: I think we must find a better solution than using the state model00:42
cedkikks: because here in Belgium, we have "Province"00:43
cedkikks: and it will be also good to have it, but using the State relation is confusing00:44
cedkACTION need to thought about State, Department, Province00:44
ikksACTION thinks that those are more or less the same but with just with different names00:45
cedkikks: not sure because they can be used later, like for taxation rules or delivery price etc...00:47
ikksHere we have a special case where the capital city Bogotá00:47
ikkshas more taxes than other cities00:47
ikksIn fact, the "big" cities tend to have more taxes than the towns00:47
cedkI need to go to sleep00:49
cedkikks: we can talk about this tomorrow00:49
ikksGood nite ced.00:49
cedkikks: thx00:49
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CIA-14tryton: Timitos roundup * #431/error when creating an invoice with line with negative quantity: [chatting] error message: new line for relation account_move_line violates check-constraint account_move_line_debit_credt this error occurs if i ...09:57
CIA-14tryton: ced roundup * #431/error when creating an invoice with line with negative quantity: [resolved] Drop the constraint and update account module.10:10
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CIA-14tryton: Add new args reset_view to set_cursor to allow to not reset the view at his11:26
CIA-14tryton: original state. (like set all the notebook to the first page)11:26
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cedkI talk with the guy from intuxication, and he can create a subdirectory for all the tryton projects13:07
cedkdo you want to have your tryton repositories in it ?13:07
cedkping Timitos, udono13:11
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cedkping yangoon13:11
cedkso the repositories will be available at this url:
Timitoscedk: yes. great13:16
cedkyangoon: do you aggree also for your repositories ?13:16
udonocedk: Great!13:17
cedkTimitos: is it from you the network modules?13:19
Timitoscedk: yes. but they are perhaps outdated. it was a test for learning development for tryton.13:19
Timitoscedk: i need to review them by time13:20
cedkTimitos: no problems, I will add it anyway even it will not work for now13:20
Timitoscedk: ok13:20
cedkit will be great if you can add a short description for each repositories13:21
Timitoscedk: you mean in i can do that13:21
cedkTimitos: I mean in the .hg/hgrc13:22
Timitoscedk: i just need to check how to do this.13:23
cedkTimitos: I see that udono has done for relationship_party_role13:23
udonocedk: I didn't put the description into hgrc, I did id in the webclient of intuxication13:26
cedkudono: ok, I think that the hgrc is not pushed13:26
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Timitoscedk: i will try to add the description in the intuxication administration panel13:28
udonocedk: If we find a way to include this informations instde the hgrc, then it is easier to maintain.13:31
cedkudono: but I think that it is not allow for security reason13:32
udonocedk: ok13:32
cedkudono: of course the best will be to use the description :-)13:32
udonocedk: yes, of course, but for the website display its useless. So we need to include this information twice.13:33
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ikkscedk I've just finished reviewing spanish translation. And there are about 300 strings to be added accross modules14:04
ikksIt would be better to delete the files added on issue427 and resend them?14:04
ikkswith the updated ones14:04
cedkikks: just send a patch as explain in
cedkikks: or better make like yagoon, create a repository for es translation14:06
cedkikks: see there:
cedkikks: there is a repository for each module with an _de at this end14:06
cedkikks: it is repository just for translation14:07
ikksACTION reading about intuxication and hg14:09
CIA-14tryton: * r225 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.14:23
CIA-14tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 1099:6e3fbb25ffb3 trytond/trytond/ Do not try to insert default values on empty table16:38
CIA-14tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1100:bd2f419f5041 trytond/trytond/ Add quote arround table name16:50
cedkfor the state issue with countries, I propose to change into
cedkas the ISO 3166-2 names it17:06
cedkand add a type on with a selection field17:07
cedkwith the values: State, Province, County, District, ...17:07
cedkand modify the script to add all the subdivision17:08
ikkscedk, we have here departments and they are subdivided17:09
ikkscalled municipios17:09
ikksWe won't have a hierarchical distinction?17:09
cedkikks: but there are not part of the ISO 3166-217:09
ikksI see.17:10
ikksFor example here we have our own codifications17:10
ikksmaybe an optional field of country codification?17:11
ikksI guess every country has it's own codification17:11
ikksbefore sending it to ISO.17:11
cedkikks: but do you use the municipios ?17:12
ikksFor Postal17:12
cedkikks: so you put the country - the department - the municipios - the town17:14
ikkswell, not always the towns.17:14
ikkssorry, the municipios.17:14
ikksbut usually for internal department, town.17:14
cedkikks: so it is not strictly mandatory17:15
ikksNot mandatory.17:15
cedkso my proposition can work for Columbia17:15
ikksin subdivision maybe another field? with inside?17:15
cedkand it is always possible to create a module to handle municipios17:16
ikksfor example telling MedellĂ­n is inside Antioquia17:16
cedkikks: yes but I think this must be done with an extra module17:17
cedkno more remarks about the change ?17:18
cedkbechamel: ping17:18
cedkudono: ping17:18
bechamelcedk: one can imagine a complete tree with a model like : <type, name, parent>17:19
cedkbechamel: don't understand17:20
bechamelcedk: and values like <country, france, None> and <city, paris, france_id>17:20
cedkbechamel: still don't understand17:20
bechamelcedk: but the ui will be difficult to use17:20
bechamelcedk: country, states and cities are implicit trees17:21
bechamelcedk: like belgique > wallonie > province de liege > ville de liege17:22
cedkbechamel: of course as I said we can extend the basic module17:22
udonocedk: building the datamodel on  ISO 3166-2 is the most save way I think17:22
cedkbechamel: but I think it is not good by default to try to handle every town17:22
cedkbechamel: it can be done with extra modules17:23
bechamelcedk: yes17:23
cedkbechamel: and I think that we must not create a one2many relation for the towns17:24
cedkbechamel: but more an implicite17:24
cedkbechamel: with on_change17:25
bechamelcedk: yes, so it's ok for me17:26
cedkok let's go17:27
cedkikks: for your HowToContributeUsingIntuxication wiki page, I think it is no need to put "We assume you have also a structure of your modules like :"17:37
cedkikks: it is more general to speak about just repository17:38
ikksThat's true, it's not mandatory to have the structure17:42
udonocedk: we often use a combobox for selecting existing tryton databases. Do we have a general widget for this? I cant find one ...18:19
cedkudono: no18:20
udonocedk: then I try to start one and put it in common.py18:20
udonocedk: ok?18:23
CIA-14tryton: igor.tamara * r226 /wiki/
CIA-14tryton: igor.tamara * r227 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.18:24
cedkudono: if you want18:25
CIA-14tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 130:3d2a08a4dcaa account_invoice/invoice.odt: Fix report for new subdivision field19:07
CIA-14tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 68:de1233f1f2ff company/letter.odt: Fix report for new subdivision field19:07
CIA-14tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 110:0ec825f876bd purchase/purchase.odt: Fir report for new subdivision field19:07
CIA-14tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 141:ad404643b9cb relationship/ (6 files in 2 dirs):19:07
CIA-14tryton: Rename state into subdivision19:07
CIA-14tryton: Add type on subdivision19:07
CIA-14tryton: Add all subdivision from pycountry19:07
CIA-14tryton: Fix label for new subdivision field19:07
CIA-14tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 21:c50bd6de5b78 sale/sale.odt: Fix report for new subdivision field19:08
CIA-14tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 238:45d6f370bb04 stock/packing_out.odt: Fix report for new subdivision field19:08
cedkwith the change from state to subdivision, update of existing databse will break19:08
cedkI suggest to everybody to run:19:09
cedkDROP TABLE relationship_country_state CASCADE;19:09
cedkDELETE FROM ir_model_data WHERE module = 'relationship' AND model = '';19:09
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CIA-14tryton: * r228 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.20:14
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yangooncedk: now back at pc: agreed for repositories, great!22:03
cedkyangoon: it is done:
cedkyangoon: as I say to the others, it will be great if you can put a description on your repositories22:05
udonoDid anyone try the databasebackup in the client. It seems it doesn't work...22:58
cedkudono: I try it just now and I have no problem23:00
udonocedk: ok, than my config seems incomplete23:01
cedkudono: the server must have pg_dump in his PATH23:02
bechamelno problem too, except a warning about access right23:02
udonook, thanks, seems my fault23:03
udonocedk: do you mean pg_path?23:03
cedkudono: no, pg_dump must be somewhere in the $PATH23:04
udonoit is in /usr/bin/ and /usr/bin is in $PATH23:05
udonoMy error is: Couldn't dump database with password23:06
yangoonudono: tested some time ago, had exactly the same error23:06
yangoonIIRC was kind of user problem, resp. auth problem23:07
yangoonauthentication of postgres23:07
cedkok, I see. If you use a password for the connection to the DB, pg_dump will not work23:08
udonocedk: ok23:09
udonoI remember there is a problem with pg_dump and password...23:09
yangooncedk recommended to change authentication to sameuser or something similar23:09
udonoyangoon: ok, but isnt this insecure?23:10
yangoonudono: I said the same, but he objected23:10
yangoonI didn't change, because I only want md5 auth on my database23:11
udonook, I think about23:12
udonoanyway, thanks23:12
cedkudono: anyway, dump and restore from the client are just a binding to pg_dump and pg_restore23:15
cedkso it is only for non experimented user23:15
CIA-14tryton: matb roundup * #433/Translation: please rename src wrong_debit_credit: [new] After recent update there is a new source wrong_debit_credit with fieldname account.move.line in module account. Please rename to a more mea ...23:40
yangooncedk: from where did you pull the,type? If I find a german equivalent translation will be much easier.23:49
cedkyangoon: from pycountry23:50

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