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X0d_of_N0danyone here?01:23
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udonoX0d_of_N0d: hi10:02
CIA-57tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 242:66b28d344ea2 account/ (fiscalyear.xml period.xml tax.xml): Add missing ir.model.access11:01
cedkhi, I would like to know what do you think about this commit:
cedkI find strange to compute the currency rate based on an average of the previous account move line11:03
cedkAnd don't speak about the modularity break and the fact that if it is there is no lines, the rate is strange11:04
cedkin openerp, the commit is use by this one
cedkudono: timitos is not near you?11:06
CIA-57tryton: * r245 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.11:26
udonocedk: timitos is in Holyday, back at 9. November11:27
udonocedk: I dont understand what they do exactly. May you explain in more detail?11:32
udonocedk: is currecy_rate the name for exchange rate?11:36
cedkudono: they use an average rate computed on all the account move line of an account11:36
cedkudono: yes11:37
cedkudono: so they don't use the rate of the currency at the date of the move but computed it11:37
cedkI find this strange but perhaps there is some case where it is usefull11:38
cedkbut any way as I said the way they do it breaks the modularity11:38
udonocedk: It seems they like to catch or decrease exchangerate loss?11:38
cedkudono: they don't use the date to compute11:39
cedkwhat I know for accounting, is that the rate must not be exactly the rate at the date11:40
cedkbut extrapolating a rate seems very strange11:40
udonothey talked about something like this in the forum, pedro mentioned about this in combination with invoice payment and reconciliation, maybe.11:41
cedkudono: have you a link ?11:41
udonocedk: I send It to this IRC in our discussion about reconciliation11:42
udonocedk: do you remember the date?11:42
udonoDiscussion on #tryton at 2008-09-2611:45
udonocedk: maybe it depends. Who knows?11:46
cedkudono: I'm not sure, it is different things11:51
udonocedk: me not sure, too11:55
udonocedk: but what they do exactly with their implementation? if an account had past rates maybe 1, 0,5, and 3. Then they make a new rate by (1+0,5+3)/3 = 1,5. Then taken this 1,5 as rate vor the new move lines?11:59
cedkudono: yes11:59
udonocedk: its bad design, AFAIS12:00
udonocedk: better design for me is when using currency there must be an actual rate for the date, or you can not post the move.12:01
cedkudono: no, you take the last rate you have for this date12:02
cedkudono: company will not put a rate for each day12:03
udonocedk: there is no need to put a date for each day, only when you use multy-currency. For me this is the most clean way, and addon modules can solve the problem *to must have* a currency for multy-currency invoice...12:07
cedkudono: you must have at least one rate but no need to have a rate at the move date12:08
cedkudono: company can work by puting one rate par week or par month12:08
udonocedk: ok12:08
udonocedk: Yours is the more generic solution, I think, because If somone needs daily rates, he can implement as addon...12:11
cedkudono: yes there is this module from c2c that can be a based for update rate:
CIA-57tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 259:e86878e32764 stock/ Fix typo13:57
CIA-57tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 260:aad333ae16f6 stock/ Fix default_company13:57
CIA-57tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 261:20775965e6b5 stock/ ( inventory.xml):13:57
CIA-57tryton: Add unit_digits on inventory line to display quantity with the right number of13:57
CIA-57tryton: digits13:57
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yangoonafter updatin forest extension to tip I get for all repos: skipped: No module named store20:54
yangoonanyone else?20:54
cedkyangoon: forest didn't change since 8 months ?20:56
yangooncedk: i don't  remember well, I updated localbranch as well as forest20:56
cedkyangoon: I don't use localbranch20:57
yangooncedk: but forest:py is from august20:57
yangooncedk: localbranch didn't work for me, I only installed it, because you claimed it as only possible variant for branches in HowToContribute20:59
cedkyangoon: on the wiki we don't speak about the extention21:01
cedkyangoon: but this is confusing, I will remove it21:01
yangooncedk: ah ok, that was really confusing. what did you mean by local branches?21:02
cedkyangoon: just clone of the repository21:03
yangooncedk: ok, but that's indeed not a branch21:03
cedkyangoon: each clone of a repository is a branch21:04
yangooncedk: I don't think in the sense of classical branching, also in mercurial21:05
yangooncedk: ok, they name it named branches21:06
cedkyangoon: no I speak about the point 1 not the point221:07
cedkyangoon: we don't want point 221:07
yangooncedk: yes I know21:07
yangooncedk:  I am nevertheless curious about my corrupt forest21:08
yangooncedk: why do I have from 21.08.08, when last update was on january?21:09
cedkyangoon: it is the date when you checkout it, I suppose21:10
yangoonI checked out before 5 min21:10
yangooncedk: no, I updated before 5 min, for checkout you are correct21:11
cedkyangoon: I suppose the error is in localbranch, and as you don't use it, remove it21:12
yangooncedk: will do21:12
yangooncedk: ok, works again, thx!21:13
CIA-57tryton: * r249 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.21:22
CIA-57tryton: matb roundup * #448/field attribute group_name is not translated: [new] For example: Accounting Properties and Stock Properties on tab Properties on Party or Product (located in in modules account, acccount_invoi ...21:38
yangoon[Fri Oct 24 21:40:53 2008] INFO:init:module:workflow:creating or updating database tables21:44
yangoon[Fri Oct 24 21:40:53 2008] WARNING:init:Unable to migrate column action on table wkf_activity from varchar to text.21:44
yangoon[Fri Oct 24 21:40:54 2008] INFO:init:module:workflow:creating or updating wizards21:44
yangoon[Fri Oct 24 21:40:54 2008] INFO:init:module:workflow:loading workflow.xml21:44
yangooncedk: see above on a new database21:45
yangoonI don't think that should happen on a fresh install?21:45
CIA-57tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1123:ef0c8bf78399 trytond/trytond/init.sql: Change action on wkf_activity into text21:48
cedkyangoon: this is fixed21:49
yangooncedk: great21:49
yangooncedk: BTW: Why couldn't the type be changed? text is bigger than var char, so it should be possible anyway?21:53
cedkyangoon: because the code is not written :-)21:53
yangooncedk: :D21:53
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