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CIA-58tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 270:c97fdf3a5de6 account/fr_FR.csv: Removed extra capitals and typo11:04
CIA-58tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1208:ff459430a014 trytond/TODO: Add TODO11:24
CIA-58tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1209:193ab1868b13 trytond/trytond/ (4 files in 3 dirs):11:24
CIA-58tryton: Remove uninstallable state on module11:24
CIA-58tryton: Improve update_list and _update_dependencies on ir.module.module11:24
CIA-58tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1210:00c7433cc5b4 trytond/trytond/res/ir.xml: Remove old access to ir.module.category11:28
CIA-58tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1211:ca017af8d910 trytond/trytond/web_service/ Update module list after set the language to have the modules translated11:34
CIA-58tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 66:7ec064fecc14 gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/account_statement/ (Manifest account_statement-9999.ebuild): Add account_statement ebuild11:50
CIA-58tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 67:4a2c3226d88f gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/ (34 files in 17 dirs): Add dodoc11:50
CIA-58tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 68:efbcabbd31a2 gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/timesheet/ (Manifest timesheet-9999.ebuild): Add timesheet ebuild11:59
yangooncedk: bechamel: there is a number of untranslated items from predefined records as e.g. group names in user administration, name of cron jobs13:00
yangoonI think it would be nice to have those items translated too13:00
yangoonwhat do you thnk about it?13:01
cedkyangoon: I already think about it, but as we are supposed to no more change the translation, I postpone it14:06
cedkyangoon: but if you agree, I can make it14:06
yangooncedk: great, should I create item in bugtracker to collect those items or are you aware nevertheless?14:09
cedkyangoon: it is ok, it is just the user name, group name and cron name14:10
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yangoonhi nicoe14:16
yangoonjust have a question to relatorio14:17
nicoeyes I am listening14:17
yangoonwhen starting theserver you always get /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/relatorio-0.2.0-py2.5.egg/relatorio/ UserWarning: We were not able to load relatorio.templates.pdf. You will not be able to use its functonlities14:18
yangoon  entrypoint.module_name)14:18
yangooncould you change it in info message?14:18
nicoeWhy do you mean by that ?14:19
yangoonit makes impression, that relatorio perhaps won't work for tryton, but it is of no matter14:20
yangoonIf it wouldn't be UserWarning, but just an informational message, it would be clearer14:21
nicoeI could reword the message to make it clear that it is just the pdf functionalities that will be disabled14:21
yangoonthat would be great14:21
nicoewarnings are what they are warnings ...14:21
yangoonits functionalities: user doesn't know which functionalities exactly14:22
yangoonso would be ice just to avoid misunderstandings14:22
nicoetrytond could just use the warnings module to ensure that the warnings are correctly handled14:22
nicoeSo indeed I think a rewording is needed but I don't think I'll stop using the warnings module14:23
yangoonI think rewording will just do the trick14:24
nicoecedk, I think I'll make a new release, in order to support the new release of pycha and to remove the entrypoint stuff14:26
yangoongreat, thx!14:26
cedknicoe: ok14:26
nicoeI suggest you test it before you make the release to avoid some bugreport :)14:27
nicoeI'll warn you by email when I think the package is in a releasable state.14:27
yangooncedk: are there any plans to have a freeze model before releases, for example like a devel branch always continuing and a freeze branch only for bugfixing before release?14:30
cedkyangoon: yes we will create a branch for release 1.014:31
yangooncedk: when is it planned? just at release time or already before?14:33
cedkyangoon: just at release time14:33
yangooncedk: so freezing will just be by the discipline of the maintainers?14:35
cedkyangoon: yes, we just make fixes for now14:36
cedkand as we try to keep the repository always stable14:36
cedkyangoon: translate=True is done14:40
cedkand it must have some new translations in purchase module14:40
yangoonObama has killed our CIA15:16
yangooncedk: there are new items in purchase and ir, but no user names etc. after database update15:28
cedkyangoon: it will work only on new database15:31
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yangooncedk: any chance to get items declared later as translatable with translate=True via update into the database?16:56
cedkyangoon: no it will cost to much for the update process16:57
cedkand it is usefull only for translator, not for end user16:57
yangooncedk: but it is really important if you take into account, that as a translator you will have to create each time new database that has to be configured from scratch, losing all items such as parties, products, taxes etc. etc.16:59
yangooncedk: so it is very much work to run those testing databases17:00
cedkyangoon: you don't need to configure the database to translate items17:01
yangooncedk: but if you are testing, you are looking for (as a translator) the translatiosn as well when working with the testing database17:02
yangooncedk: so if you do in different databases you will very probably lose track of translatiosn you know you did already and those you have to do17:03
yangooncedk: and you don't see in your working database how translations behaves, where you have to do finetuning etc.17:04
yangooncedk: but have to leave now, can discuss later17:04
cedkyangoon: ok, this changeset must fix this issue: e8d9660f283217:18
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CIA-58tryton: ced roundup * #447/numword: doesn't install: [resolved] You must run the from the package directory.18:06
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cedkjkoerner: hi19:07
jkoernermoin(German for "hi")19:08
cedkjkoerner: did you try Tryton?19:11
jkoernerno, I use tudo erp. I know yangoon and udono from apps I was interested beforo19:11
cedkjkoerner: which functionality are you looking for?19:15
jkoernerI do some programming myself. So I'm quite independent19:17
jkoernerI try to look above the border and see what's happening elsewhere19:18
cedkjkoerner: we have some nice functionnality for developpement19:19
cedkespecialy for customization19:19
cedkwith some lines of code, you can change any standard functionnality of the system19:19
jkoernerMy programm version is quite complete, I'm satisfied with it. Not to mention that I don't like python… ;)19:20
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CIA-59tryton: * r298 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.19:22
CIA-59tryton: * r299 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.19:22
CIA-59tryton: * r300 /wiki/ minor fixes19:22
CIA-59tryton: * r301 /wiki/ Added tagging19:22
udonoHas anyone a good general definition for "Workflow" and "Wizard"?19:53
udonocedk, thanks. I see, both are not topic of the client documentation...20:37
udonocedk, are the terms 'record' and 'resource' similar used in our communications?20:39
cedkudono: normally, we try to use only record20:42
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udonocedk, good decision. I try to avoid 'resource', too20:57
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udonocedk, how we call a 'form' inside a tab, in-depend of its presentation as a form, tree, graph? I would call it 'model', but this seems to generic... suggestions?21:42
udonobechamel, yangoon ?21:43
cedkudono: it is a view21:44
cedkwhich can be of type form or tree21:44
cedkor board21:44
udonocedk, we have boards?21:45
cedkand if type form there is subtype tree, form, graph21:45
cedkudono: yes but we don't yet use it in module21:45
cedkit is a view that handle other views21:45
cedkand there is a possibility to communicate between each views21:46
cedkit must be use for reporting21:46
udonocedk: but we having a double meaning for 'form': A view can be type form, which is subtyped in tree form graph...21:53
cedkudono: yes21:57
udonocedk, ok, I try to explain in glossary...21:58
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udonocedk, bechamel didnt we have the Form type 'List'?23:45
bechameludono: no what we call list is actually a tree in the code23:48
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bechameludono: it come from the gtk: list is just a specila case of tree (where the is no hierarchy)23:49
udonobechamel, you are right I cant find the word "list" as keyword...23:50
udonobechamel, thx23:50
bechameludono: but iirc we talked with cedk to use a less confusing wording, and decided to keep it like that for this release23:50
udonobechamel, yes, you are right. I am just sitting at a glossary of words used in our jargon... it will explain the detail you like to have, and its easy extendable23:52
udono... I learned this from a technical writer I met in the past...23:54
bechameludono: a glossary jedi ?23:55
bechameludono: "more training to master the glossary force, you need." (

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