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CIA-34tryton: udono roundup * #588/de_DE: Journaltyp 'Cash' and 'Bank': [new] Dieser Journaltyp sollte mit "Zahlungen" oder "Zahlungsverkeher" nicht mit Barvermögen übersetzt werden, da er auch bei Bankjournalen ausz ...14:15
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CIA-34tryton: ced roundup * #585/item already translated reappearing as untranslated: [testing] I could not reproduce this behavior on a new database.14:35
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udonocedk: Hi, question: Is the Account Statement module combined with payments?15:33
cedkudono: not yet15:33
udonocedk: ok. Timitos and me would propose to exclude the account_statement module from released modules...15:34
cedkudono: yes it is what is planned15:35
udonocedk: Because it generates double moves in combination with payments. You have to generate a payment move and additional you need to generate statement moves to close Invoice and staement...15:36
CIA-34tryton: udono roundup * #589/Release Blocker: account_statement module: [new] Todo before release of account statement module: Account_statement and payment needs to be combined, because it generates double moves in co ...15:40
cedkudono: no it doesn't generate double move15:41
udonocedk: ok, its unclear...15:42
CIA-34tryton: udono roundup * #589/Release Blocker: account_statement module: [chatting] sorry unclear term: The account_statement module works, but it missed the functionality to work in combination with the payment functio ...15:45
udonocedk: Is the "credit note" on Invoice combined with stock moves for products? Or are they completely separated processes?15:49
cedkudono: it is separated15:53
udonocedk: good, thanks15:53
cedkudono: there is no link between invoice and packing15:53
udonocedk: good.15:53
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udonocedk: how do I withdrawal products came back from a customer? Customer packing with negative quantity doesn't work...15:57
cedkbechamel: ping15:58
cedkudono: I think we don't handle it16:02
bechamelcedk: udono : yes and there is the same problem with suppliers16:05
udonocedk: Iam able to create a move from customer to internal stock, but on this move I can't set the status. Status is frozen to draft...16:06
udonobechamel: Hi16:06
bechameludono: hi, yes the states are handled by the packing object16:07
udonobechamel: I c16:07
cedkbechamel: we must create and packing.out.withdraw16:10
udonobechamel: so we need to handle this at first with a workaround over Inventorie moves... like creating a loction for withdrawal type lost and found and book with this the coming back goods.16:10
bechameludono: the solution is to handle this with a packing, one should add a state on the customer and suppliers packings to tell if the packing is a withdrawal16:10
bechameludono: yes a additinal "withdrawal" location should do the trick16:11
cedkbechamel: no, because we must take care of the cost price16:12
bechamelcedk: yes16:13
udonobechamel: cedk: Just to mention ... it is already a good decision not to combine Invoice and packing directly. An invoice credit note is not everytime combined with product withdrawal...16:13
cedkfor me every exception in the normal workflow must be handle manually on every models16:14
udonobechamel: your solution with the state=withdrawal sounds good. It could just reverse the direction of the move, since it is not possible to use negative quantities.16:16
udonocedk: absolutely16:16
cedkI don't think it is a good solution because you can wantto withdraw only some product and not all the products in the packing16:17
udonocedk: right16:18
bechameludono: yes, but  a customer withdrawal is like a customer packing: moves for the reception of products followed by moves to place products in the right storage location16:18
bechameludono: and a "supplier withdrawal" is like a customer packing: pick the product across the storage location and after a move outside16:18
udonobechamel: do you mean: a customer withdrawal is like a _supplier_ packing?16:20
bechameludono: yes but i'm not sure it's the best way to handle stuffs16:21
cedkno, it is not the same, because for supplier packing withdraw, you must make assignation etc...16:21
cedkbechamel: ha perhaps, you mean that a supplier withdraw packing is like a customer packing16:22
bechamelcedk: there is assignation for _customer_ packing16:22
CIA-34tryton: udo.spallek * r341 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.16:22
CIA-34tryton: udo.spallek * r342 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.16:22
cedkand a customer withdraw packing is like a supplier packing16:22
bechamelcedk: yes with respect to the  flow of product at least16:22
udonobechamel: I would handle it like credit notes on invoice. You have a packing and this needed to be 'done'. A done packing can have a function for 'withdrawal packing'. On using this, a _new_ packing is created for the withdrawal...16:23
bechamelcedk: but this means that the constraints on location types must depend on the type regular/withdrawing16:23
cedkbechamel: yes16:24
cedkudono: I agree, it is what I have in mind16:25
cedkI put a testing client install exe on
cedkcan you test it?16:28
cedkI have some text to translate16:28
cedkudono: can you translate it16:29
udonocedk: into German?16:31
cedkudono: yes16:31
udonocedk: wininstall works16:35
udonocedk: on XP16:35
udonocedk: but file actions can't modified.16:36
cedkudono: on a host without python and gtk installed16:36
udonocedk: yes16:36
cedkudono: this is normal16:36
cedkudono: we use the option from window16:36
udonocedk: my girls computer doesn't know python16:36
cedkudono: good16:36
cedkudono: have you access to an vista?16:36
udonocedk: printing a report creates an error16:36
cedkbechamel: do still have vista ?16:37
udonocedk: no16:37
CIA-34tryton: udono roundup * #590/WindowsError: [Error 1155] Der angegebenen Datei ist keine Anwendung zugeordnet: u'c:\\dokume~1\\anne\\lokale~1\\temp\\tryton_7m...: [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "tryton\gui\window\view_form\view\form.pyc", line 149, in _action File "tryton\action\main.pyc", ...16:37
cedkudono: what does the last sentence mean ?16:38
bechamelcedk: yes but the last time i tried it it was very very slow16:39
CIA-34tryton: udono roundup * #590/WindowsError: [Error 1155] Der angegebenen Datei ist keine Anwendung zugeordnet: u'c:\\dokume~1\\anne\\lokale~1\\temp\\tryton_7m...: [chatting] WIN XP without Open Office installed. This exception needed to be catched by a more user friendly...16:39
cedkbechamel: can you test the setup16:39
bechamelcedk: i try16:40
CIA-34tryton: udono roundup * #590/WindowsError: [Error 1155] Der angegebenen Datei ist keine Anwendung zugeordnet: u'c:\\dokume~1\\anne\\lokale~1\\temp\\tryton_7m...: WindowsError: [Error 1155] Der angegebenen Datei ist keine Anwendung zugeordnet: u'c:\\dokume~1\\anne\\lokale~1\\temp\\tryton_7mjnro.odt' Windows ...16:41
CIA-34tryton: ced roundup * #590/WindowsError: [Error 1155] Der angegebenen Datei ist keine Anwendung zugeordnet: u'c:\\dokume~1\\anne\\lokale~1\\temp\\tryton_7m...: Strange when I test it on windows without openoffice, I get a windows that ask me to download OpenOffice. What is the default browser?16:44
udonocedk: on windows client: it would be nice to have a desktop icon, menuentry...16:45
cedkudono: don't understand16:46
udonoWhen I install, I needed to create a desktop icon by myself16:47
cedkudono: do you select menu entry ?16:49
CIA-34tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1002:2231022ba746 tryton/tryton/common/ Catch exception on os.startfile and ask to save the file for issue59016:50
CIA-34tryton: ced roundup * #590/WindowsError: [Error 1155] Der angegebenen Datei ist keine Anwendung zugeordnet: u'c:\\dokume~1\\anne\\lokale~1\\temp\\tryton_7m...: [resolved] Fix with changeset 2231022ba74616:50
udonocedk: hmm, haven't seen... I needed to start the installer in admin mode (Run as...) maybe it created a desktop icon for the admin, but not for the actual user...16:50
cedkudono: yes surely16:51
cedkthere is no clear way to handle this with nsis16:52
cedkor I don't find it16:52
udonocedk: I've seen installation dialogs, which request: Create Desktop icon for current user or all users... but don't know if handled with nsis...16:53
CIA-34tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 367:df200463fae1 stock/TODO: Add TODO16:54
udonosorry afk, see you later16:54
cedkudono: ok, I fix it17:03
cedkudono: now the setup create shortcut for all user17:03
cedkI upload a new setup with the fix17:05
cedkoups not yet17:06
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CIA-34tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1003:91d61b6f6b3a tryton/ Add icon_resources for py2exe18:54
CIA-34tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1004:201beaea588b tryton/ (7 files in 2 dirs): Add nsi script18:54
cedkudono: Can you check the german.nsh in tryton?18:54
cedkgremly: hi18:54
gremlyhi cedk18:55
cedkgremly: can I ask you to check the spanish.nsh as ikks is not arround?18:55
cedkI used google to translate but I'm not sure about18:56
udonocedk: uninstall of tryton on windows doesn't work in first version...18:58
cedkudono: what happens?18:58
udonocedk: There is no entry in System Settings > Software for tryton. But in the Tryton folder is an Uninstall.exe, starting this, doesn't remove anything, just say 'done'19:01
gremlycedk: I'm too new in tryton, so I don't know where I can check the translation file :(19:05
gremlymay you tell me, what can i do?19:05
CIA-34tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1005:f921eb818106 tryton/setup.nsi: Fix uninstall key for Windows19:11
udonocedk: german.nsh is in which encoding?19:17
cedkudono: I upload an new one fixed19:17
udonocedk ok19:18
cedkudono: it must be in ISO-8859-119:18
udonocedk: we should rename the 'next' Button into 'Accept License'...19:21
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udonocedk: are you sure about the encoding... because its garbage in utf-8 and ISO-8859-1 ... shoud I repair to ISO-8859-1 and send patch?19:30
cedkudono: yes19:30
cedkudono: I use iconv but it seems that doesn't work19:31
udonocedk: what about the next button as 'accept license'19:34
cedkudono: I look other setup and they use "next"19:34
cedkudono: i think I fix the encoding19:35
CIA-34tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1006:8f7fc6b7a1d3 tryton/ (german.nsh spanish.nsh): Fix coding of german and spanish nsh19:35
gremlycedk, that translation has no mistakes ;)19:36
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cedkgremly: thanks19:37
udonocedk: Anne is overworking the client reference, is it enough time for you, when I have it ready tomorrow morning?19:40
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cedkudono: ok19:41
cedkI upload a new one setup.exe here:
cedkikks: hi, if you have a windows host, can you test it?19:42
cedknormally you must have the interface in spanish19:42
ikkscedk, just a virtual machine. Is it ok?19:43
cedkikks: yes, the more we test the setup, the best it will be19:43
cedkikks: by the way how is the spanish translation of Tryton?19:43
udonohi essich19:45
essichjust lurking around :-)19:48
ikkscedk, The last time I tested(11/11), was just perfect.19:48
ikksACTION pulling19:48
ikksACTION downloading windows binary19:49
ikksI'll be able to test on XP and (Un)Professional Vista :P19:49
cedkikks: good19:50
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udonoessich: tomorrow is release...20:09
essichudono: wow!20:15
essichudono: how is the german integration going on?20:15
udonoessich: good in progress. SKR03 is nearly ready20:22
udonoessich: all translated in german20:22
udonoessich: I think its possible to use tryton.20:23
udonoessich: tested everything last week in detail and think its working very well.20:24
ikkscedk, I'm starting to test on XP spanish, the installer showed me all the info in spanish20:24
ikksBut it says that it's not able to connect to the server20:25
udonoikks: Firewall?20:25
udonoikks: on XP20:25
essichudono: sounds good20:25
ikksI'm a total newbie to that OS20:26
ikksI guess I don't have a firewall.20:26
yangoonhi all20:26
cedkikks: do you run a server?20:27
udonoyangoon: hi20:27
yangoonshould I test on XP in virtual machine20:27
ikksI have a server on the linux host20:27
ikksI thought it was a "all in one"20:27
cedkikks: and is it accessible from the windows machine20:27
ikksI'll try20:28
ikksYes it is :)20:28
cedkikks: no we think it is not usefull to create a "all in one"20:28
ikksACTION testing the dbs he had on linux20:28
cedkwho will run such server on windows :-)20:28
yangoonin which encoding are now nsh files? Seems that they are in iso, not utf8. Why?20:29
cedkyangoon: because it is used by windows20:29
ikkswindows still on the past century regarding to encoding...20:30
ikksamong other things ;)20:30
ikksSo far to tell you that it's working perfect at least on XP spanish20:30
cedkikks: I suppose it is for backward compatibility20:30
yangoonhmm, to be honest, IIRC utf8 support was earlier on windows than on linux20:30
ikksACTION a total ignorant about windows after suffering and abandoning it20:31
ikksI will install the server on my desktop and try from my laptop prof Vista...20:32
cedkbut here, nsi script needs to have such file in ISO-885920:32
ikksOn spanish the accents looked perfect.20:33
ikksACTION first reviewing spanish translation to make sure there are no missing translated strings20:34
ikksI saw that on Help there is an entry for tips20:35
ikksbut there is no tips yet.20:35
ikks /is/are20:36
cedkikks: click on next20:36
cedkikks: there is 3 tips20:36
ikksudono, btw a really nice manual you are building.20:37
ikkshow did you take the ascii screenshot?20:38
ikkscedk, thanks I have just saw what you said.20:39
udonoikks: by hand work :-)20:39
ikksudono, really cool screenshots ;)20:39
udonoikks: yeah, thanks. Its a practical matter for later translation... so translator can just edit the screenshot. I tried with svg, but there are to less browser able to render correctly...20:42
ikksyep udono that manual deserves to be translated, I think gremly will help us with a hand there.20:44
yangoonjust confirming, that the client installs and works well on XP here.20:46
gremlyof course, I can help with that translation20:46
udonogremly: ikks: great, but I think we should wait some time until we have a good framework for translating the documentation... and of course the user reference needed to be overworked...20:48
yangoonclient works on XP without problems (a little bit slow) as user (great!), menu entries are built for all users now20:49
CIA-34tryton: matb roundup * #585/item already translated reappearing as untranslated: will test again after release and give feedback20:50
udonoyangoon: great, can you take a look over the german.nsh in tryton client folder...20:51
ikksI've just made a fresh db install and all strings look translated :).  Great20:52
ikkspanthera I'm on a 64 bits machine, do you have a deb package for it?  No hurry, just to test if needed20:53
CIA-34tryton: matb roundup * #588/de_DE: Journaltyp 'Cash' and 'Bank': [resolved] Da es sich um einen Typ handelt und alle anderen Typen im Singular übersetzt sind, bin ich bis auf weiteres hier dabei geblieben, also ...20:57
pantheraikks: not yet; i was first fixing up tinyerp (and can no re-use everything for tryton).20:57
pantherafor tryton, probably end of week; need first to finish the depends.20:57
panthera(and it's arch all anyway)20:57
pantheracedk: highlight for you.. since you asked about .deb status and where not there when i wanted to answer last time :)20:58
cedkpanthera: ok thanks20:58
cedkpanthera: you have no issue with the
pantheracedk: in general (since i have not yet looked at it), or anything particular that i should have experienced?21:03
cedkpanthera: any kind21:04
pantherawell, using as usual is from the debian pov is convenient,21:04
pantheraassuming yours is not different from others that much :)21:05
cedkpanthera: they are standard21:05
pantherawell, we have a couple of people doing their own things and calling their scripts '' too.21:06
cedkwell, it is a setuptools script21:08
udonocedk: Invoice credit notes, did they take care of Taxes?21:09
cedkudono: about what?21:10
udonocedk: tax...21:10
cedkudono: I don't understand21:11
udonocedk: I write an invoice, there are taxes included (VAT)... open invoice, customer paid invoice. After this I make a credit note out of the invoice, are the taxes of the invoice corrected on credit note?21:13
cedkudono: corrected for what?21:13
udonocedk: corrected to the smaller income you receive in total. Customer pay. Payment is divided in income and tax. On making a credit note, you give money back to the customer, so you have to correct the tax (because it is to much...).21:16
udonocedk: but Iam not sure if Iam right21:17
cedkudono: normally, you don't credit invoice if the customer paid it21:17
cedkudono: here, the wizard just create the exact opposite invoice21:18
udonocedk: including reversed taxes?21:18
udonocedk: and payments21:18
yangooncedk: @all: just rereading *.nsh: I think there should be a sentence like: You agree with this license by clicking on next or better: rename hte button to Accept21:19
cedkudono: no without payments, it is impossible to do so, because you don't know how to dispatch the amount paid on each lines21:21
yangoonudono: I would indeed change some things in german.nsh. do you like to proof read my version?21:21
udonocedk: Ok21:21
udonoyangoon: yes21:21
udonocedk: I think without payment is ok. What about taxes?21:22
yangoonudono: just waiting for the answer of cedk, then I will send21:22
cedkyangoon: i check some setup script and they use Next for the button21:23
yangooncedk: you don't force the user to accept the license, he only has to read...21:23
udonoyangoon: It is possibly only german law, I think we can handle it in the translation21:23
udonoyangoon: as we think...21:24
cedkyangoon: I don't think a click can be a proof21:24
cedkyangoon: and when you install from source, you don't need to make something to accept the license21:24
yangoonyou always accept licences for programs by a click21:24
cedkand the license is about the source and what you can do or not21:26
udonocedk: AFAIRC in some microsoft OEM lawsuit in germany the justice decided, that you need to accept an licence on clicking on a explicite button...21:26
cedkudono: any way, here it is the copyright of the code that is important21:26
cedkwe don't reduce the use of the software like Microsoft21:27
yangooncedk: yes, and you want to enforce the copyright on all users, if on binaries or on sources. It is not to hinder a user, but he has to know about the specifics of GPL21:28
cedkyangoon: and it is specify on the install21:29
udonoyangoon, cedk: I think it is not to solve by us, we all are no lawyer. We should write a letter to Linux-Magazin and request the standard process and differences in other countries or ask bkuhn about this...21:31
yangoonudono: agreed21:31
cedkyangoon, udono: did you agreed for all the software that are installed on your machine ?21:33
cedkwhen you run apt-install or emerge21:34
yangooncedk: of course, in debian you have the legal text on every login and you are mot entitled to remove it21:34
yangoonif you run apt-get, you have opened a terminal21:34
cedkyangoon: but you don't have only software that are in GPL-221:34
cedkyangoon: and did you click on something to agree21:35
yangooncedk: i will have to run an installer;)21:35
cedkyangoon: that says "I agree all the different license for every software on the machine"21:36
cedkikks: it is now:
cedkikks: gremly already check it21:50
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udonocedk: Iam unshure about the credit notes...21:52
udonocedk: Why we need creditnotes for unpaied invoices... aren't they the same like refunds?21:53
udonocedk: and why I can pay a credit note?21:54
cedkudono: normal case is you create a invoice with a number but the customer don't want to paid it for some reason21:54
ikksje gremly is really nice.21:54
cedkudono: so you must create a credit note that cancel the first invoice21:54
cedkudono: for the payment, we need surelly to add some checks21:56
udonocedk: ok, I understand. yangoon than we have another translation issue for 'Gutschrift' it need to be named 'storno'21:56
cedkudono: and perhaps add a check for credit note21:56
cedkudono: to only allow credit invoice with number but without payment21:57
udonocedk: ok. I think credit note is not the right term for this... better is cancellation or reversing entry, I think...21:58
udonocedk: credit note is for me a refund when someone already paied...21:59
cedkudono: I think it is the accounting term22:00
udonocedk: I think it is not the right term...22:00
yangoona propos license: Reading the web I think it wouldn't be necessary to enforce the acceptance of the license just for the use of the program. There is only point contained in GPL, that makes me think it could be an advantage to have the license really accepted (= have the user confirm that he has read it): This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,     but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of     MERC22:04
cedkudono: that is the object22:07
cedkudono: and refund is not the correct term22:08
essichudono, yangoon: Clicking an "accept" button for licence is nor enough to make it a valid contract22:09
essichyangoon: blödsinn!22:10
cedkudono: I think we must enforce the use of the wizard "Credit Note"22:10
essichyangoon: see the dicussion about Firefox requesting the user to accept a licence. It is not necessary22:10
essichyangoon: Oh, tipped to fast :-) This is what you wrote.22:11
essichcedk: Why? (wizard credi notes?) This is not GPL22:12
essichcedk: Why? (wizard credi notes?) This is not required by GPL.22:12
udonocedk: I never said, that refund is a better term. I said, that the term "credit note" is mere like a "refund" but what we have is more like "cancellation" in german called 'Storno'22:12
udonoessich: cedk and me are talking about a completely different topic22:13
yangoonessich: please read carefully different subjects22:13
cedkessich: I speak about something else.22:13
cedkessich: and for license I agree with you22:14
cedkwhat is pretecting our code is the fact that we publish it22:16
essich@all: You are currently takig about a) showing the use a licence he has to accept and b) Strono vs. Gutschrift. Right?22:16
cedkudono: I propose to leave it like that for the release22:18
cedkand we discuss about it with Timitos22:19
cedkI think about using a button instead of a wizard22:19
cedklike that we can display it depending of the state of the invoice22:19
cedkand we will remove the ambiguity22:20
essichIC, cedks "Credit note" wizard is not bout giving credits ;-) Nicely mixed subjects22:22
Timitosudono: cedk: very much to read. i am just to the end. i did not understand everything about the credit note topic, but the function is not cancelation as cancelation of an invoice must be done on the invoice. there must not be created a new document when an invoice is canceled.22:30
Timitosudono: cedk: but this and some other issues must be discussed very precise after the release. there is still some work to do for a very good accounting.22:32
udonosee you tomorrow 6:30 in the morning, bye22:57

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