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Timitoscedk: how many periods of type adjustment can i create per fiscal year. i there a limit?10:37
cedkTimitos: no10:37
Timitoscedk: thx10:37
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yangoon proposal for update script and other tools: why not put the srcipt and other tools into a repos? You can directly link to it from any website... Such link could also be placed on downlowad section of
yangoonI mean separate repos tools11:54
yangoonso no need to checkout with hg, you can download the script directly11:55
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CIA-34tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1260:3cedb105359e trytond/trytond/ (ir/module/ modules/ Don't return '.zip' in get_module_list13:28
CIA-34tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1261:eb0e0b298767 trytond/trytond/
CIA-34tryton: Return integer as faultCode in xmlrpc13:28
CIA-34tryton:  to be compliant with the XML-RPC Specification13:28
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CIA-34tryton: Timitos roundup * #598/error when creation new db - dev version: [new] [Fri Nov 21 14:47:06 2008] ERROR:web-service:CREATE DB: at1 failed [Fri Nov 21 14:47:06 2008] ERROR:web-service:Exception in call: Tracebac ...14:48
bechamelhi all, i was wondering if "Open Chart of Account" in "Fincancial management" is correct, "Open Chart of AccountS" isn't better ?14:48
Timitosbechamel: +114:49
schurigmay I ask why tryton was forked from tinyerp/openerp?    One thing that I realized is that almost all modules in OpenERP are 550 days old, so has development there stagnated?14:50
Timitosschurig: did you read the faqs?
schurigTimitos: yes, but this doens't really explain the fork. Coukldn'd you have contributed all those additions into OpenERP instead?14:52
cedkschurig: we are old employee from Tiny company that develop OpenERP14:53
cedkschurig: so we leave it because we had a different vision for the software14:53
cedkbut we make a fork because there was some good stuffs in the kernel14:53
schurighehe, from just extracting the current OpenERP 4.x and the current Tryton, I found that a) Tryton looks uglier (no icon graphics under linux when started without installing via bin), b) lacks almost all modules, c) lacks a module downloader, d) seems to have more active maintained modules, e.g. some german localization14:57
schurighowever, I haven't yet installed any of those modules, because I didn't figured out how to do that during the 2 hours that I played with both apps14:58
cedkschurig: for the icon, this is strange14:59
cedkschurig: can you report an issue in roundup?15:00
schurigalso I have the impression that the hg repository isn't maintained that well, "hg status" gives me lots of junk (e.g. all *.pyc) that it shouldnt. I'm a git user and usually maintain my .gitignore files correctly15:00
cedkthe fact that all modules are not there, is normal from our point of view. Because we think Tryton as a platform15:00
schurigand lastly, in the quick test I didn't find out where to get a debian etch package for relatorio, so I just uncommented a line in trytond/report/ to get the server running at all15:01
cedkschurig: we don't put .hgignore in the repo15:01
schurigcedk: non-maintaining of .hgignore: is that your different vision of how to develop software (grin) ?!?!15:02
sharkczschurig: in my opinion the platform (client and server) can be easily made part of various Linux distros - and will I do that for Fedora/RHEL&co15:03
cedkI don't like because developers will put many stuff specific to her own environment15:03
schurigcedk: Tryton as a platform: okay, I can understand this, that's ok. So tryton is simply nothing for end-users for the time being. Seeing the complexity of the matter, this idea is probably ok.15:03
cedkby the way .deb and .rpm are in progress15:04
CIA-34tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 372:dd99dd249a7d stock/doc/index_en.rst: Correction in doc15:04
CIA-34tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 373:1fc5b93a365c stock/ Guidelines15:04
CIA-34tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 374:830cbb55f34a stock/ (CHANGELOG Added stock_destinations keyword on products_by_location15:04
schurigcedk: hehe, that's no problem in git: your normal .gitignorre would be common to the project, but if a developer wants local stuff excluded too, he would just put that in git/gitignore. It won't show up in "git status" and won't be pushed/pulled.15:04
sharkczschurig: you are looking for a hg2git gateway :-)15:05
cedkschurig: need to look for that is mercurial15:05
schurigsharkcz: no, not really, I found it just strange for a project that is older than 20 days to not ignore uninteresting files from "hg st", so I couldn't resist to rant. Sorry, I don't want to evangelize for git ...15:06
schurigalso, ignore *.pyc would be something that ever developer wants, so I'm not completely buying the "stuff specific to developers" reason. But now I'm almost looking like somebody that complains and don't contribute. Sorry guys/lads, I don't want to diminish your work.15:08
cedkI can add a .hgignore with the script15:08
schurigokay, one thing: I didn't find the modules and thought tryton to be empty because "hg clone" is mentioned here:
schurigbut that page only describes to clone the pure server15:10
schurigJust now I found
schurigwhich mentions how to get the modules15:10
schurigso maybe the non-wiki-page should get amended15:10
schurig(actually, it's not right that the orig page doesn't mention the modules, but I oversaw them. Pity on me)15:11
cedkschurig: there is an explaination for module in
schurigcedk: I just figured. Shame on me.15:11
cedkbut I think we will put the script on this page also15:11
sharkczschurig: one nice thing on git is that it can cooperate with cvs and svn out of the box, hg is missing, but doable with tailor15:13
schurighmm, I think it is trying to load some system Icons. But I'm a KDE user, not a Gnome-User, so the system icons it expects aren't there15:19
schurigstrace -oa -efile -ff bin/tryton shows for example that it tries to access to load from /home/schurig/.icons/default/cursors/xterm15:20
schurig /home/schurig/.icons/default/index.theme15:20
schurig /usr/share/icons/default/cursors/xterm15:20
schurig /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme15:20
sharkczschurig: get - it should work in KDE15:20
schurig /usr/share/pixmaps/default/cursors/xterm15:21
schurig /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/icons/default/cursors/xterm15:21
schurigbut all of this gives an -ENOENT15:21
schurigsharkcz: no need for this desktop file. I'd need this only if I plan to use tryton really, and have it in the KDE menu or on the desktop. I'm just playing with it and load it from bash directly15:23
cedkschurig: did you have librsvg installed ?15:24
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schurigcedk: I'll look.  The graphics on top of the login dialog get's display, btw15:29
schurigcedk: yes, "librsvg2-2        2.14.4-3" is installed15:29
cedkschurig: can you put a screenshot somewhere?15:30
schurigcedk: hmm, I once knew the URL for a pastebin for binaries, but forgot it....  do you know it by chance?15:30
schurigcedk: here you are:
schurigcedk: apropos, after you  asked for librsvg, I looked for loading of svg files in my strace output. And yes, it loads them fine:15:35
schurigopen("/usr/src/terp/hc/share/pixmaps/tryton-calculator.svg", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE) = 315:35
cedkschurig: I think it is a missing plugin for gtk to be able to load svg15:37
cedkschurig: because png image are well loaded15:37
schurigcedk: ahem. From time to time I use a gtk program that deals with SVG: Inkscape. Maybe it has it's own library, but that one works as expected ...15:39
cedkschurig: and you have no error message in the console15:41
schurigcedk: no, not even with -v15:41
schurigcedk: you can see part of my console in the lower-right corner of the screenshot15:41
cedkschurig: do you know a little bit python?15:41
schurigcedk: yes, sure enought :-)15:42
cedkcan I ask you to put a print statement in the code15:42
schurigcedk: so far I found that the names for the icons are sent from the server, I haven't yet found where the client "executed" this15:42
cedkin the file tryton/ line 73, there is a try/except can you put a print of the exception15:42
cedkschurig: sorry but I need to go, I will be back in less than 1 hour15:43
schurig    pixbuf = gtk.gdk.pixbuf_new_from_file(os.path.join(PIXMAPS_DIR, fname))15:43
schuriggobject.GError: Couldn't recognize the image file format for file '/usr/src/terp/hc/share/pixmaps/tryton-calculator.svg'15:43
schurigcedk: but the gtk-pixbuf engine is in the Debian package librsvg2-common, which I have installed15:45
schurigcedk: ok, see you15:45
schurigah, I see a version mismatch: "librsvg2-2        2.14.4-3", but "librsvg2-common   2.9.5-4". Wonder how I managed this ...15:47
schurigcedk: my problem is now solved15:48
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udonocedk: bechamel, hi, can we put a link to the german project page on, until we have internationalized or The link is
bechameludono: for me it's ok to put this on the community page17:51
cedkudono: ok, send a patch :-)17:53
udonocedk: :-) ok, coming all saturday evening...17:54
udonoinfected by Tryton ;-)
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cedkudono: is it true ?20:27
cedkudono: I scanned the installer with clamwin20:27
cedkudono: I try with Kaspersky and it finds nothing20:37
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udonocedk: yes, its true, possible that it is the first setup version. I check it Saturday with the newest release of the windows installer of tryton.21:13
udonoACTION thinks the 'saturday' will be longer and longer...21:14
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CIA-34tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 50:386c8eb1ebe4 analytic_account/account.xml: Typo23:14
CIA-34tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 303:0354e91d2c53 account/ (account.xml tax.xml): Typo23:15
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