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ikkscedk, I've just tested on linux d.t.o and the response is about the same.00:05
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cedkikks: so it must be your connection00:23
ikksBut as I really love linux, maybe I fell tryton runs faster here.00:28
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cedkall: I think I have fixed the network issue with Vista17:43
cedkyou can download a new exe test at
cedkikks: ping17:43
cedkby the way, I also improve the connection network for linux :-)17:44
cedkas it is an change in the kernel, it will be great if everybody can test it on windows and linux for the release 1.0.117:45
cedkudono: as you said to me that you will test this W-E, try  to update17:45
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udonocedk: yes, I try now18:00
udonocedk: is it more quick?18:02
cedkudono: yes normally18:03
udonoIt just feels more quick18:03
udonocedk: connection works good18:03
udonocedk: specially from login to menu is now just a second.18:05
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udonocedk: printing general ledger works,too. But feels not more quick...18:06
udono... but its 220 pages, an most time needs openoffice for rendering18:08
udonocedk: all on gentoo linux18:12
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Cristi_just found out about tryton18:51
Cristi_hi to all18:51
yangoonCristi_: hi again18:51
Cristi_first of all where are you from ?18:52
Cristi_we talkon public or oprivate ?18:52
cedkCristi_: hi18:52
Cristi_how do you want ?18:52
Cristi_ok public18:52
yangoonCristi_: IRC is always public18:52
Cristi_well from java env i came ...18:53
Cristi_there si not such things18:53
Cristi_i did not used irc for 10 years :)18:53
cedkCristi_: this chan is log on
Cristi_very good18:54
Cristi_i have nothing to hid e:)18:54
Cristi_so let it be logged ,maybe otheres will find answers as well into my questions18:54
cedkit is useful whe we talk about stuff to do on Tryton18:54
cedkif we want to remember what was decided :-)18:55
yangoonit is good for reading past messages, yes18:55
Cristi_ok my story...iin a long sentennce18:55
Cristi_i came from java env,have my own erp (as hobby distrubuted to some smal firms) , work as a contractor ,but i am veryu interested in ERP soilutions18:56
Cristi_so i found Adempiere18:57
Cristi_there on some discussions on forum about development and stuff i found about open erp18:57
yangoonCristi_: which country do you live in?18:57
Cristi_on oipen erp channel found out about trython18:57
Cristi_you guys ?18:58
yangoonok, you are the first from Romania;)18:58
Cristi_nice !!!18:58
Cristi_you where are from ?18:59
yangoonbelgium, france, germany, switzerland, usa...18:59
Cristi_cool !18:59
Cristi_now what is the pb with this erp world18:59
Cristi_everybody splits18:59
Cristi_Compiere / Admpiere18:59
Cristi_Tiny : Open and Tryton ?18:59
cedkCristi_: here is the FAQ for Tryton:
yangoonCristi_: if you want primary information, just read channel header; Bug Tracker || Wiki || Google Groups || IRC Log
Cristi_oki thx...19:01
Cristi_is trython based on openobjects ?19:01
Cristi_ok i read first what you wrote...19:01
cedkCristi_: openobjects is just a rename of OpenERP without the modules19:02
Cristi_really ?19:02
Cristi_had no clue thx19:02
Cristi_plz have patince with me19:02
cedkon the download page of OpenObject point to the same repository than OpenERP19:04
Cristi_before i read all the link you provide19:08
Cristi_may you anser to me on some questions  ?19:08
yangoonjust go on19:08
Cristi_is possible to do development in windows ?19:09
Cristi_i am old in java ,python 019:09
Cristi_but i really want ot learn python...and Tryton or OpenErp19:09
cedkCristi_: yes, you just need Python and library, and a good text editor19:10
Cristi_in a few month i will be productive since i already have erp expericne19:10
Cristi_and programming as well for 10 years19:10
yangoonCristi_: you only run windows as OS?19:10
Cristi_yep bu this will change :)19:10
cedkCristi_: for python:
Cristi_since ...i am ashemed that on linux i have no it is time to learn :)19:11
Cristi_i asked this because i read that most of open erp devs (assume you as wellas tryton) preffer linux19:11
Cristi_and on windows the environment is not stable at all for this project19:12
Cristi_is that true ?19:12
cedkCristi_: what do you mean by stable?19:12
Cristi_well is not my word...i read that on forum19:13
yangoonI don't think that anybody here develops on windows, so difficult to talk about experience with windows19:13
Cristi_maybe there are bugs19:13
Cristi_ok but your use linux as OS ?19:13
cedkI work sometimes on windows for Tryton, to provide an exe19:13
yangoonbug? in python for windows?19:14
cedkso it is possible to develope on windows for Tryton19:14
Cristi_ok...anyway i will do it in linux19:14
udonohi Cristi_19:14
Cristi_i really really enjoy startups19:14
yangooncedk: you compile the client on xp?19:15
cedkyangoon: yes19:15
cedkyangoon: I try with wine but it doesn't work19:15
yangooncedk: but you could also do with mingw?19:15
cedkyangoon: pygtk on wine doesn't work19:15
yangooncedk: ok19:16
udonocedk: do you see any problems to run tryton server on windows?19:16
cedkyangoon: I compile nothing, I just embed python code into one exe19:16
cedkudono: normally, there is no problems19:16
cedkudono: Timitos already did it19:16
Cristi_possible on windows as well ?19:16
yangoonudono: there is one problem, windows:D19:17
Cristi_since from my exp on java is the same19:17
Cristi_why on pythons should not be the same19:17
Cristi_what do you mean ?19:17
cedkCristi_: python is like java an interpreted language so it is for the most part cross-platform19:17
Cristi_agree then why "n> udono: there is one problem, windows:D"19:18
cedkyou just need to search a little bit for the win32 package of pygtk, gtk, psycopg19:18
yangooncedk: when embedding into exe, you can just take the precompiled libs for python etc. ...?19:18
cedkbut it is not impossible19:18
cedkyangoon: yes19:18
cedkyangoon: I use py2exe and NSIS19:18
yangooncedk: sometimes it is simpler than expected, good to here that19:19
Cristi_you install the programs on your client in linux19:19
Cristi_do they have linux as OS19:19
Cristi_small firms love Windows19:19
cedkyangoon: yes I don't think that GTK can be compile with mingw, it is surely compile with VS19:20
yangoonCristi_: the client for windows works well19:20
Cristi_then what is the problem you tal about ?19:20
cedkCristi_: for real installation, we recommend to use Linux for the server19:20
cedkCristi_: otherwise the windows client works well19:20
Cristi_i seeeeee19:20
yangoonCristi_: I think generally you prefer some ...x to run servers..19:21
cedkCristi_: you can test it online if you want19:21
Cristi_ok that is acceptable :)19:21
Cristi_whwre ?19:21
yangooncedk: btw: couldn't connect to from behind squid19:21
cedkCristi_: download
cedkCristi_: and connect to port 807019:22 many are you on tryton ?19:22
yangooncedk: and socksifying doesn't work (any more?)19:22
cedkyangoon: it is normal as it is not http connection19:22
yangooncedk: AFAIK squid should be able to nadle it19:23
yangooncedk: handle19:23
cedkyangoon: I don't think so, as it is not a standard protocol19:23
yangooncedk: but anyway I would like to connect via socks, but it hangs19:23
yangooncedk: if you tell squid to connect directly it works perhaps19:24
udonoCristi_: we are 5-6 Persons fulltime on Tryton and some more. But fast-finger-cedk counts as 10 Persons so we are 15 ;-)19:24
yangooncedk: other software with xml-rpc could yet19:24
Cristi_ok count on + 119:24
udonoCristi_: welcome19:25
cedkCristi_: the demo server is new so there is no yet documentation to connect on19:25
Cristi_but i need help just until i start my engines19:25
Cristi_ok i start the cleint...19:25
Cristi_the procedure is like i saw on open erp...19:25
cedkyangoon: I don't enable xml-rpc on demo server19:25
Cristi_the kit i downloaded19:26
Cristi_had postres in it ?19:26
Cristi_it was to small for having that19:26
Cristi_or ?19:26
cedkCristi_: no it is just the client19:26
udonoCristi_: client doesn't need postgres19:26
cedkCristi_: we put a server online for demo19:26
Cristi_then good that i have alread postgres intalled from open erp :)19:26
Cristi_i seee19:26
Cristi_i thought ....19:26
Cristi_it will be local...19:27
cedkCristi_: we don't provide the all-in-one package like OpenERP19:27
Cristi_but wondered since it was too small.19:27
Cristi_maybe later ...?19:27
Cristi_itis a good thing to have all in one19:27
Cristi_or you do not consider the same ?19:27
cedkCristi_: I don't think, I think users must install Postgresql with the setup from postgresql19:27
yangoonCristi_: perhaps for testing, not for production19:27
cedkCristi_: and for testing we setup an online server :-)19:28
udonocedk: we like to avoid the maintenance hell of open-erp, so we like to stay as simple as possible...19:28
Cristi_it seems correct...19:28
Cristi_what did you mean by " I think users must install Postgresql with the setup from postgresql" ?19:29
cedkby the way the all-in-one from OpenERP, create a user for postgres where the user don't know19:29
cedkCristi_: download postgresql from the website and follow the setup of postgresql19:29
Cristi_i worked with mysql a lot ,mssql,oracle ...but no postgres...:(19:30
Cristi_so i belive you...19:30
Cristi_i will work from now on19:30
Cristi_ok how do i log on the demo?19:31
cedkCristi_: demo/demo for english19:31
cedkCristi_: demo_fr/demo for french19:31
cedkdemo_de/demo for german19:31
cedkdemo_es/demo for spanish19:32
cedkand admin/admin for administration19:32
Cristi_but i but for server connection19:32
cedkCristi_: click on change and enter for server19:33
udonoCristi_: If you know oracle, then postgres is not this different, but more simple...19:33
Cristi_noticed that adempiere use both19:33
Cristi_wondered why did not had...two db implementations in the code19:34
Cristi_since i assume pretty much is the same19:34
cedkCristi_: we did not have yet the work to implement other database19:35
Cristi_very very nice the UI19:35
Cristi_toido that in java i have to work a LOT19:35
Cristi_i wanted to build a framwork to create UI from POJO19:35
udonoCristi_: Tryton is very optimized for postgres. With the database dependency you gain more easy module implementations.19:36
Cristi_but i found this...19:36
Cristi_i understand19:36
cedkudono: no, we use standard SQL19:36
udonocedk: so why not independen?19:36
cedkas PostgreSQL try to fit the best to SQL9919:36
cedkudono: it is just the time and the money that is missing :-)19:37
udonocedk: so just a missing absatraction layer for multi database?19:37
Cristi_do you have a web interfcae as well ?19:37
cedkand as postgresql is opensource, it is not a problem to be linked for now with it19:37
Cristi_postgress is very OK i say.19:38
udonocedk: yes, I prefer OS, too.19:38
cedkand there is not so much database that have what we need19:38
Cristi_mysql i had big pb with data corruptions19:38
Cristi_in hte past and crossed my mid to swithc to postgress19:38
Cristi_do you have a web interfcae as well ?19:38
cedkCristi_: and I don't know if mysql has serialized transaction19:38
udonoCristi_: no web interface19:39
cedkCristi_: no not yet19:39
cedkbut the GTK is enough fast to be used across the web19:39
Cristi_guys you are part of a company i mean is a OS suported by a company ?19:39
cedkand the size is only 8.5M19:40
udonoCristi_: all of us are part of different companys19:40
Cristi_GTK...has an equivalent like java has with webstart ?19:40
udonoCristi_: like you...19:40
udonoCristi_: only companys are interested in this topic... all is b2b19:40
Cristi_and does sombody finance you ? for this project ? or you fincaec yourself from impl you do ?19:41
Cristi_ok but who coordonite what is done ,how etc ?19:41
Cristi_is there a commitee ?19:41
udonofor me: just investing.19:42
Cristi_well be sure you will get your monay if somehting good is done19:42
Cristi_monay - money19:42
udonoCristi_: no, investing time. But it will change soon I hope, because I see Tryton is very sophisticated in quality and functionality....19:43
Cristi_do you have a little bit patince with me...19:43
udonoCristi_: we all stay in freedom together. We do not have a manifesto or evangelism at all.19:44
Cristi_i have so many things i would like to know19:44
Cristi_so many things...19:44
udonoCristi_: just ask what you like.19:44
Cristi_you seem like adempiere...19:45
Cristi_they talk about freedom...19:45
Cristi_i mean in spirit...19:45
Cristi_so here no company that provide training ?19:45
Cristi_a company arounfd the product ?19:45
cedkCristi_: we (B2CK) can19:46
Cristi_so b2Ck is the mother company19:47
cedkCristi_: yes, we start the fork19:47
Cristi_start to understan things...19:47
Cristi_and there you are how many ?19:47
cedkCristi_: at B2CK ?19:48
cedkCristi_: two19:48
Cristi_assume b2ck finance itsefl by doing implemtatations19:48
Cristi_+ other people that joind your ideeas and effort19:48
cedkCristi_: yes and developpement for other IT company19:48
Cristi_so who decide what is commited and what not19:49
Cristi_or what featurea are added or not19:49
cedkCristi_: for now B2CK19:50
Cristi_:) i really like that things become clear and clear19:50
cedkbut we discuss about important stuff on irc and mailling list19:50
Cristi_i read your manifesto19:50
Cristi_"The idea is to favor a solid and consistent solution over more cutting edge features"19:51
Cristi_what do you mean simple example...19:51
Cristi_just to understand better19:51
Cristi_is not an not a questioning do not understand me wrong :)19:51
Cristi_just eager to find out more things19:52
Cristi_for example ... "Allow to work with very large lists of more than 20000 records instead of 8019:53
cedkCristi_: yes it is an example19:53
Cristi_well i had a problem in java19:54
udonoCristi_: we all are sucked from the bad quality of os erp  around. We like to have a small set of features which works very good instead of thousands of things which do not work correctly. Its even to avoid the maintenance hell I talked about ...19:54
Cristi_autocomplet combo working with 2000019:54
cedkCristi_: you will see that you run wizard on list of records, but limited to 80 is not very efficient19:54
Cristi_where can i see that ?19:54
Cristi_in the demo you sent19:55
cedkCristi_: log with admin/admin19:55
cedkCristi_: go in "Administration>Localization>Translations"19:55
cedkCristi_: you will have 12052 records loaded19:56
cedkudono: did you see the change for date widget?19:57
cedkudono: in the 1.1, you have the __/__/____ only displaied when the widget has focus19:57
udonocedk: I recognized it19:58
udonocedk: on fiscal years19:59
cedkCristi_: do you find?19:59
Cristi_now is tarted19:59
udonoCristi_: Which languages are spoken in Romania? Do you have an official chart of accounts?20:00
Cristi_i will start doing localization for ROmania20:00
cedkCristi_: tarted ?20:00
Cristi_we ahve20:00
udonoCristi_: Standard balance and income statement?20:01
udonoCristi_: What about taxes on sales and purchases?20:01
Cristi_what about them20:01
Cristi_we have accounting something copied from freanch system20:02
Cristi_the list...has 1000020:02
Cristi_it loaded all20:02
Cristi_or load parts in real time ?20:02
udonoCristi_: that's good, so implementation will be easy and straight forward20:02
Cristi_i hope so...20:02
cedkCristi_: it loads parts on demand, but the client know all the ids20:03
udonoCristi_: we all like to see a good romanian implementation for tryton.20:03
Cristi_it a little bit slower20:03
Cristi_when i browse20:03
Cristi_with scorll bar20:04
cedkCristi_: it is the time to load data20:04
cedkbut it is an extrem example20:04
Cristi_account si ro20:06
udonoCristi_: looks good20:07
Cristi_but before it was only 80 items in a list20:08
Cristi_but ther was some pagination i guess...20:08
udonoCristi_: yes, you had to adjust offset and limit. If the limit was to hight, than I tooks long time to load the table20:09
Cristi_i meant the 80 limit open erp has.20:12
Cristi_i did not understand that...but does not matter...20:12
Cristi_oki....i am so exited that i found you chance i say !20:12
udonoCristi_: It just showed you 80 of 10000 results20:12
Cristi_and what about the rest ?20:13
udonoCristi_: you had to set the offset to 80, then you see the 81-160 record...20:14
Cristi_manually ?20:14
Cristi_like next 1020:14
Cristi_like on a web page20:14
udonoCristi_: yes, this awful20:15
Cristi_like on a goole search i assume...20:15
Cristi_also googel experince something like you did on google rss reader20:15
Cristi_that is behaving like your list20:15
Cristi_loading in real time20:15
Cristi_what should i do in order to start ? ...i will read these day all wiki.20:16
Cristi_i will try to create a linux environment ...for my development20:16
udonoCristi_: To come into, it is a good way to just test it and ask your questions.20:18
Cristi_ok...does stock cost support FIFO LIFO20:18
udonoCristi_: If you know the features you can start to integrate your language or the chart of accounts.20:19
Cristi_average cost is another methos called in romania20:19
udonoCristi_: not yet implemented ;-)20:19
Cristi_none of these ?20:19
Cristi_costs ?20:19
udonoCristi_: but the modules are very generic in the mean, that they try to provide the basic functionality the promise in their description - not more. So it's easy to implement additional features20:20
Cristi_i really want to be par of the development as well....i ama developer first..then implementor :)20:20
Cristi_btw open erp has fifo lifo ?20:21
Cristi_what linux distribution do you recommend ?20:21
udonoCristi_: Open ERP has everything. They have 233 Modules. So why here? ;-)20:23
udonoCristi_: First linux experience?20:24
Cristi_answer no 1 :20:24
udonoCristi_: just a bad joke20:25
udonoCristi_: sorry20:25
Cristi_no i am telling you :)20:25
cedkCristi_: about FIFO LIFO, no openerp doesn't have it in my knowledge20:26
cedkCristi_: I'm writing a module for FIFO for a client20:26
Cristi_i like startups...,being among first here maybe is an advantaghe to participate on creating something new20:26
cedkCristi_: it will be surely available in 1-2 month20:26
Cristi_i do not want to use as a dummy ,things that other done...20:26
Cristi_i did fifo in java20:26
Cristi_for my erp.20:27
cedkCristi_: and LIFO must be not to complicate by extending FIFO20:27
Cristi_LIFO is the opposite big deal20:27
Cristi_Indeed open erp do not have LIFO anf FIFO20:27
Cristi_i searched on forums...20:27
Cristi_another reason is that you seem more active even if you are a few20:28
Cristi_i asked question on open erp # irc20:28
Cristi_and i got answer from one of you :)20:29
udonoCristi_: That's all right and it is exactly my reason to be here, too.20:29
Cristi_so ... what linux do you recommend20:29
udonoCristi_: First linux experience?20:30
Cristi_you have no ideea how long i struggle by myself doing the jav erp that i have20:30
Cristi_well yes...20:30
Cristi_finfdign you a bless :)20:30
Cristi_but an erp canot be made by only one person20:31
udonoCristi_: I can imagine...20:31
Cristi_so i searched for months...20:31
Cristi_adempiere are very friendly but tooooo complex for a small erp20:32
Cristi_i intend to implment to mid ,small firms20:32
Cristi_to replace my java system20:32
Cristi_right now is like a hobby..since i work as a contractor ....but all me free time (thx to my wife understanding) is given to this hobby :)20:33
Cristi_so what LINUX ?20:34
Cristi_yes ...first timer...20:34
udonoCristi_: I hate to say, but try ubuntu...20:34
Cristi_not a windos fan but ...never had the change20:34
Cristi_why do you hate ?20:34
Cristi_i installed that already for fun20:34
udonoCristi_: Because if you are unaware (like me) than you run into trouble. But ubuntu has a strong community which try an easy linux distribution for the desktop.20:35
Cristi_where are you from ?20:36
Cristi_u are a newbie in linux ?20:36
udonoCristi_: no, using linux since 2002, Iam from Germany20:38
Cristi_then you are not unawere ?:)20:39
Cristi_you do not use open suse ?20:39
yangooncedk: i have this when importing empty de_DE.csv (only headers contained, exported with tryton client) :
yangooncedk: bug of tryton or of the module?20:40
cedkyangoon: don't know if it is a bug, because there is no sence to import empty file20:41
udonoCristi_: I had used suse before some years. But I dislike their way with a big registry which overwrites preferences changed by hand.20:41
Cristi_what should i use for IDE ?20:42
udonoCristi_: Ubuntu is like suse, but more Linux (or debian) like...20:42
udonoCristi_: I use editors vim and joe20:43
Cristi_are those enough for python ?20:43
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1310:f5ab49850c91 trytond/trytond/ir/ Fix translation_import for empty translation_ids20:43
cedkyangoon: this must fix20:43
Cristi_i heard there are some fancy stuff like komodo20:44
udonoCristi_: You can use what is comfortable for you. My business partner uses Eclipse...20:45
udonoCristi_: we do not have plugins for something if you mean this?!20:46
udonos/plugins/plugins for editors/20:46
Cristi_i see20:47
Cristi_you are part of b2...?20:47
udonoCristi_: no, Iam part of
Cristi_i seee20:50
Cristi_well i do not have a site yet :)20:50
Cristi_but it is on20:50 :)20:50
udonoCristi_: My partner is timitos, you'll meet him for shure next week20:50
udonoCristi_: cool, nice colors :-)20:50
Cristi_hehehe :)20:51
Cristi_it will be soon20:51
Cristi_and i hope to put trython there :)20:51
Cristi_btw does that costed you ?20:51
Cristi_since on open erp that is quite expensive20:51
Cristi_to be their partener20:51
Cristi_at least for a ro firm :) made out of 1 person20:52
Cristi_let's say 320:52
udonoCristi_: no, you just need to contribute. We have no paied partnership.20:52
Cristi_i will !!!20:52
Cristi_i wiil start with tranlations20:52
Cristi_and acocunts...20:52
Cristi_so ubuntu,vim20:53
Cristi_is there a cvs ?20:53
udonoCristi_: actually we have no written rules to be a partner of tryton...just ask cedk20:54
udonoCristi_: and about Ubuntu, its just my opinion...20:55
Cristi_is out there a cvs or svn ?20:56
Cristi_cedk: for me in order to becaome a partner20:56
Cristi_what are the requirements ?20:57
udonoCristi_: we use mercurial. All you need for developing you find here:
udonoand here
Cristi_ok start reading those ...21:03
udonoCristi_: user and developer doc is/should be in the doc/ folder of each package.21:03
Cristi_guys thx !21:04
udonoCristi_: welcome21:04
yangooncedk: I have the __tryton.py__ in for custom module, but items in translation table are shown belonging to module account.invoice21:04
Cristi_i will need soon the stepts i should do for translations21:04
yangooncedk: how can I change it?21:04
Cristi_and acoounts21:04
udonoCristi_: step by step ;-)21:06
Cristi_i want to do all things ...:) now ...21:06
Cristi_that is guidance is so welcome21:07
-!- bechamel( has joined #tryton21:27
Cristi_there is still someone here ?21:58
-!- juanfer(n=juanfer@ has joined #tryton22:08
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CIA-54tryton: ced roundup * #627/Database creation and module installation blocks server: [resolved] Fix with changeset f7b601d8522a23:35
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