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cristi_anhi there09:28
cristi_anin your countries do you have a "reverse vat charge"  ?09:28
cristi_anor reverse taxation ?09:30
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Timitoscristi_an: could you explain this?10:07
Timitoscristi_an: you can create a tax with a negative value in tryton but you need to control the account moves if they meet your requirements10:07
cristi_anit is hard for me to explain now.10:15
cristi_ani am just looking for a accounting romanian english dictionary10:15
cristi_andespite i speak English i have never had the chance(except now) to use accounting terms.10:16
cristi_anignore not perfect :)10:17
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Timitoscristi_an: no prob. i think we can handle this. ;-)10:29
cristi_ando you have a German_English accounting dictionary ?10:31
Timitoscristi_an: sorry. no. i try to work with
Timitoscristi_an: this works for me in most cases10:43
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gianvitoWhere can I find documentation to create a module?13:52
cedkgianvito: the best will be to read
cedkgianvito: it is not yet a complete documentation, but if you have question ask on the chan13:55
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cristi_anto all16:24
cristi_anis there a site where to paste images16:25
cristi_ani have a bug to show in GUI16:25
cristi_anminor one ... but i guess is a bug16:25
Timitoscristi_an: you can also make a screenshot and post in bug tracker16:26
cristi_anwell i am not sure if it is a bug16:26
cristi_anif you see on cantact mecahnisms16:27
cristi_anbuttons are not shown completly ,only like 3/4 from their height16:27
Timitoscristi_an: i can confirm this. but perhaps this is a gtk-problem. but i think you should file an issue anyway.16:28
cristi_an:) where i came from as i told you java world the UI is done in Swing :Swing as well is buggy ,but there are workarounds16:29
cristi_anand are considered application bug :(16:29
CIA-54tryton: matb roundup * #647/Items reappearing untranslated in new database: [new] The following items are reappearing constantly as untranslated in new database: "Mark for Uninstallation (beta)" "" "False" "ir.module.modu ...16:29
Timitoscristi_an: so file a bug issue16:31
cristi_ani would like but i can; t register16:34
cristi_anto file bugs16:34
yangooncristi_an: accept the cert16:34
cristi_ani would like to accept but i was not asked :)16:35
yangooncristi_an: you are on firefox, I suppose?16:36
cristi_ani try again16:36
yangoonyou have to press: download the cert, then you can add an exception16:36
cristi_anadd exception ?16:36
yangoonfor tjis cert to be accepted16:36
yangoonbecause it is not signed by a CA16:37
cristi_anwell i can add an exception16:37
cristi_anbut i have no clue where to download the certificate16:38
cristi_anso first add exception ?16:38
cristi_ancause you worte like " download the cert, then you can add an exception"16:38
yangooncristi_an: if the dialog pops up, you have a button to look at or downoad the cert16:38
cristi_anno dialog.16:38
cristi_anjust the error i showed and the possibiliti to add exception16:39
cristi_anok i resolved this16:39
cristi_anis first add exception and then get certificate :)16:39
CIA-54tryton: cristian roundup * #648/UI alignament BUG: [new] If you look on contact mechanisms you may see that there the icons are visible only 3/4 of their height. Maybe is a gtk bug but i am sure t ...16:52
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CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1329:13cb93402468 trytond/TODO: Add todo for action and menu23:04
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1330:6350f7f9d980 trytond/trytond/modules/ Fix guidelines23:04
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1331:2a36e96d93a9 trytond/trytond/ir/ (de_DE.csv es_ES.csv fr_FR.csv): Remove translation in wrong module for issue64723:04
CIA-54tryton: ced roundup * #647/Items reappearing untranslated in new database: [resolved] Fix with changeset 2a36e96d93a923:04
CIA-54tryton: ced roundup * #585/item already translated reappearing as untranslated: [resolved] must be fixed with issue64723:06
CIA-54tryton: ced roundup * #648/UI alignament BUG: [chatting] What is your theme?23:08
CIA-54tryton: ced roundup * #648/UI alignament BUG: [deferred] I could reproduce the issue with the theme "Aurora-looks", but I think it is a bug of the theme. And so we can not fix it.23:22
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