IRC logs of #tryton for Wednesday, 2008-12-10 #tryton log beginning Wed Dec 10 00:00:01 CET 2008
2008-12-10 00:00 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: but as it will be generally binary document that will be attached like .doc, .jpgeg or .odt
2008-12-10 00:00 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: mercurial will also store copies instead of diff
2008-12-10 00:00 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: by the way webdav has many extentions: versioning, calendaring, groupware, ...
2008-12-10 00:03 <X0d_of_N0d> cedk: The guy I work with worked on setting up calendaring. The extension to the protocal is there, but when we looked at it it wasn't really implimented very well in anything
2008-12-10 00:06 <bechamel> X0d_of_N0d: another solution is just to generate a ics file that calendar app can load (like google calendar does)
2008-12-10 00:06 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: you try with wich library?
2008-12-10 00:07 <X0d_of_N0d> bechamel: yeah, but that isn't really a good solution for shared calendars that need multiple users
2008-12-10 00:08 <X0d_of_N0d> Aaron used a hacked up version of darwin cal server
2008-12-10 00:08 <X0d_of_N0d> apple guys write some strange python
2008-12-10 00:08 <X0d_of_N0d> it's all xml based... kind of does some strange stuff
2008-12-10 00:08 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: what was not working?
2008-12-10 00:09 <X0d_of_N0d> But then again, doing shared calendars is actually kind of a hard thing to do, especially with the way people (mis)use them.
2008-12-10 00:10 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: we will make a backend with Tryton models, so the WEBDAV will be just a protocol to access it
2008-12-10 00:10 <cedk> it seems that CALDAV is the standard for calendar
2008-12-10 00:11 <cedk> iCal, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Evolution support it
2008-12-10 00:11 <cedk> and also google calendar
2008-12-10 00:11 <X0d_of_N0d> yeah, caldav..........
2008-12-10 00:12 <cedk> and it seems that outlook can be configured to support it
2008-12-10 00:13 <X0d_of_N0d> yeah, caldav is what darwin calendar server uses....
2008-12-10 00:13 <X0d_of_N0d> so every time you change your month it queries the calendar server
2008-12-10 00:13 <X0d_of_N0d> with darwin cal server it spikes your cpu up to about 100% for a second or so
2008-12-10 00:13 <X0d_of_N0d> times 50 users looking at their stupid calendars...
2008-12-10 00:13 <X0d_of_N0d> caldav (at least mac's version) pounds the crap out of a server
2008-12-10 00:13 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1103:7ff1d44306cf tryton/tryton/common/ Fix override of variable args
2008-12-10 00:14 <X0d_of_N0d> it's probably just a poor implimentation
2008-12-10 00:14 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: is it the server or the client that uses the cpu ?
2008-12-10 00:15 <X0d_of_N0d> but I'm not entirely sure the protocal isn't partially to blame....
2008-12-10 00:15 <X0d_of_N0d> oh, and there are some problems with clients too
2008-12-10 00:15 <X0d_of_N0d> ligthning and sunbird, for example, don't load the calendar until half an hour after you open it (by default)
2008-12-10 00:15 <X0d_of_N0d> so someone sets up a calendar, then closes the app, then opens the calendar again and complains about how the cal is missing...
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2008-12-10 00:15 <X0d_of_N0d> server
2008-12-10 00:16 <X0d_of_N0d> darwin cal server uses a bunch of flat xml files, so there's probably a ton of disk use too
2008-12-10 00:16 <X0d_of_N0d> lemme look at our munin of our cal server really quick
2008-12-10 00:17 <X0d_of_N0d> damn... we don't have munin set up on that system
2008-12-10 00:17 <X0d_of_N0d> well it's a vserver anyway....
2008-12-10 00:17 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: what will you suggest as protocol ?
2008-12-10 00:19 <X0d_of_N0d> well.....caldav is the best supported
2008-12-10 00:19 <X0d_of_N0d> lol
2008-12-10 00:19 <X0d_of_N0d> the other ones really just don't work
2008-12-10 00:19 <X0d_of_N0d> we were going to use this implimenatation of caldav instead of apple's
2008-12-10 00:19 <X0d_of_N0d> but... it was broken when we went to look at it
2008-12-10 00:20 <X0d_of_N0d> if you're going to impliment caldav from the ground up in tryton, you might be able to fix a lot of the problems... I really haven't looked deep into the protocal
2008-12-10 00:22 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: first it will be a big job, and I think if we start it we will look at
2008-12-10 00:22 <X0d_of_N0d> ACTION shrugs
2008-12-10 00:23 <X0d_of_N0d> yeah... definitely a big job
2008-12-10 00:24 <X0d_of_N0d> but really, as far as I can tell, there isn't anything good in the shared calendar world
2008-12-10 00:25 <X0d_of_N0d> and honestly, the way most people seem to use a calendar here, they SHOULD be using a local one instead of asking us to have set up a server based one
2008-12-10 00:25 <X0d_of_N0d> and it kind of depends on what you want to use it for too....
2008-12-10 00:25 <X0d_of_N0d> most people just dump in dentist's appointments and crap
2008-12-10 00:26 <X0d_of_N0d> then some people drop in their own stupid stuff on the global calendar...
2008-12-10 00:26 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: on an ERP view, the main goal for me is to be able to see the calendar of other employee to see if there are available at one date
2008-12-10 00:26 <X0d_of_N0d> but when we were asked to impliment it no one told us what they wanted so....
2008-12-10 00:27 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: or create meeting for groups, etc...
2008-12-10 00:27 <X0d_of_N0d> cedk: that seems like a good goal. What users tend to want is to see the work shedule (days off and such).
2008-12-10 00:28 <X0d_of_N0d> cedk: one of our guys wants to be able to organize meetings...
2008-12-10 00:28 <X0d_of_N0d> yeah
2008-12-10 00:28 <cedk> by the way, I just try the webdav with 10000 records and it works well, despite what Fabien says on his post
2008-12-10 00:28 <X0d_of_N0d> the meeting stuff would work really well if it was handled WITHIN the client, instead of the way it's handled here...which is to say it's not
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2008-12-10 00:28 <bechamel> cedk: maybe it's possible to re-read an ics file edited over webdav and resync it with the db (at least if the webdav client create unique id for new events)
2008-12-10 00:29 <cedk> bechamel: ics globaly is what the caldav protocol send to the client
2008-12-10 00:29 <X0d_of_N0d> I'd almost suggest that the calendar be read-only
2008-12-10 00:29 <rvalyi> mortel, les devs de tryton utilisent irc! Salut les gens, un OpenERPien de passage...
2008-12-10 00:29 <cedk> bechamel: but there is some optimisation to send only what the client needs
2008-12-10 00:30 <bechamel> X0d_of_N0d: read-write in the gtk client + readonly ics is not bad imho
2008-12-10 00:30 <cedk> bechamel: for a first step yes
2008-12-10 00:30 <X0d_of_N0d> all scheduling should be done from inside the server, and all messaging can be done using the internal messaging protocal
2008-12-10 00:30 <bechamel> cedk: maybe caldav is smart enough to send only new events not all
2008-12-10 00:31 <cedk> rvalyi: it is community :-)
2008-12-10 00:31 <cedk> bechamel: I read faster the ISO, and there is many possibility to the client to query the server
2008-12-10 00:31 <cedk> like event from this date to this date
2008-12-10 00:32 <X0d_of_N0d> bechamel: the main confusion that people have is that they'll set up a meeting on their group's calendar, but no one will be informed of the meeting
2008-12-10 00:33 <X0d_of_N0d> bechamel: or they'll set up the meeting, then invite everyone, and then everyone has too meetings because they were invited and added it to their own calendar
2008-12-10 00:33 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: that is not the protocol fault, but the backend
2008-12-10 00:34 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: google calendar works well with that I find, but only if everybody has a google calendar
2008-12-10 00:34 <bechamel> X0d_of_N0d: yes calendaring should always come with mail notifications
2008-12-10 00:34 <cedk> bechamel: or request :-)
2008-12-10 00:34 <X0d_of_N0d> cedk: well, or the wetware
2008-12-10 00:34 <X0d_of_N0d> cedk: pbcac
2008-12-10 00:34 <rvalyi> guys: if I can have my words on Tryton; I think most of the reasons why you forked were corrects (like too many features in TinyERP but not enough solid ones), too many regressions... Feedback too low.. But now I think half the th reasons might be gone away. I any case, I think you will make less working on your side than collaborating. my 0.2$
2008-12-10 00:34 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: pbcac ???
2008-12-10 00:35 <X0d_of_N0d> cedk: problem between char and computer
2008-12-10 00:35 <bechamel> rvalyi: i dont undertans, your advice is that we should collaborate ? you know fabien will never accept that
2008-12-10 00:36 <X0d_of_N0d> bechamel: but sometimes a boss will just want to nudge users and point out there is a meeting, but not say "you need to attend" like sending an invite does
2008-12-10 00:36 <rvalyi> bechame: well for sure now it looks like your relations passed the return point... Why not take an other pseudo then ;-)
2008-12-10 00:36 <X0d_of_N0d> ACTION looks at rvalyi
2008-12-10 00:36 <X0d_of_N0d> 20 cents... damn inflation
2008-12-10 00:37 <rvalyi> ;-)
2008-12-10 00:37 <X0d_of_N0d> rvalyi: there are several basic design choices that differ between openerp and tryton
2008-12-10 00:37 <bechamel> rvalyi: the return point was anterior to the fork and was one of the reason behind it.
2008-12-10 00:38 <X0d_of_N0d> rvalyi: these two projects are going in different directions... this may not be obvious from the outside, but it's very obvious by looking at the code
2008-12-10 00:39 <bechamel> rvalyi: and to be honest i don't think that half the reasons are aways
2008-12-10 00:39 <rvalyi> Well in any case that's sad, because for sure you got a few points with Tryton. That's said between the two options, it's unlikely I bet on you. Of course not everybody can compare communites, but it will be very hard.
2008-12-10 00:40 <cedk> rvalyi: I think there is enough places for many OpenSource ERP
2008-12-10 00:40 <rvalyi> Technology for sure matters, but if Compiere, ERP5, Ofbiz and now Openbravo are tow fingers to collapse, that's because oss ERP's is a damn hard topic. Being on you own sounds pretty rsiky to me
2008-12-10 00:41 <bechamel> rvalyi: we don't want to fight, we don't want to win anything, we just want to do something else. my best wishes is that openerp and tryton are gonna be/stay two successfull soft. Choice matters
2008-12-10 00:41 <rvalyi> cedk: yeah, you are probably right. I'm pretty confident you'll end up with something; I never said you woul'd reach something. Still what I believe is that you might miss the major success while not consolidating OpenERP that would for sure benefit from your improvements
2008-12-10 00:43 <rvalyi> how, and if you gus have one minute: what's the point about the webservice change: login once and then going on with a token, why does it matter? (sorry if that's a dumb question). The openERP choice sounds unusual but seems to work, what is the flaw?
2008-12-10 00:44 <X0d_of_N0d> the things that make Compiere, ERP5, and Openbravo seem to be the very same things that restrict openerp... that being primarily their dificulty to code
2008-12-10 00:44 <cedk> rvalyi: the password is sended in clear on every request
2008-12-10 00:44 <cedk> rvalyi: and what Fabien says about the client that crashs when the server is restarted is False
2008-12-10 00:44 <bechamel> rvalyi: the first reason was to speed the request, the second is to send the password less often
2008-12-10 00:44 <cedk> rvalyi: the client just reconnect
2008-12-10 00:45 <rvalyi> cedk: sure, but as you would end up on HTTPS, why bother?
2008-12-10 00:45 <X0d_of_N0d> openerp is head and shoulders above the others, but tryton is equally more clean and clear
2008-12-10 00:45 <cedk> rvalyi: second point about security is that it is not good to keep password in memory
2008-12-10 00:46 <rvalyi> speed the request: because you don't have to crawl the DB to see if the user is authenticated at each request? But how much does it matter compared to network latency, I don't get it....
2008-12-10 00:46 <cedk> rvalyi: no the speed doesn't change here
2008-12-10 00:46 <bechamel> rvalyi: you win also a dns request
2008-12-10 00:46 <rvalyi> ?
2008-12-10 00:47 <rvalyi> why? a dns request?
2008-12-10 00:47 <cedk> rvalyi: next point is that with a session, we have timeout so if you let you computer idle the Tryton client will be disconnected after some time
2008-12-10 00:47 <cedk> bechamel: no
2008-12-10 00:47 <bechamel> cedk: ok sorry, i learn something else today
2008-12-10 00:47 <cedk> bechamel: I set up a DNS cache on TinyERP netrpc
2008-12-10 00:48 <cedk> rvalyi: if you look arround, session model is pretty common
2008-12-10 00:48 <bechamel> rvalyi: but after all you see a problem to keep the socket ?
2008-12-10 00:48 <rvalyi> cedk: "next point is that with a session, we have timeout so if you let you computer idle the Tryton client will be disconnected after some time" But an OpenERP doens't leak any server side load between two requests as it's considered disconnected, so again what's the bennefit here?
2008-12-10 00:48 <cedk> rvalyi: clear text authentification is not the best
2008-12-10 00:49 <cedk> rvalyi: security
2008-12-10 00:49 <rvalyi> cedk: OK, I know that the session model is the way. But if it's on HTTPS, what's the difference?
2008-12-10 00:49 <cedk> rvalyi: any software with sensitive data has session timeout when idle
2008-12-10 00:49 <rvalyi> OK, I got it
2008-12-10 00:50 <cedk> rvalyi: by the way Tryton is not on HTTPS but SSL
2008-12-10 00:50 <rvalyi> it's because the client keep the password in memory, ok
2008-12-10 00:50 <cedk> rvalyi: yes
2008-12-10 00:50 <rvalyi> wel, whatever SSL, doens't matter to me
2008-12-10 00:50 <rvalyi> dumb question then
2008-12-10 00:50 <X0d_of_N0d> rvalyi: do you trust everyone on your network? more over, if you use this outside your company do you trust everyone on the internet?
2008-12-10 00:50 <cedk> rvalyi: with OpenERP, if you leave the client and come one day later, you can still use it without entering the password
2008-12-10 00:51 <rvalyi> X0d_of_N0d: If I'm on HTTPS / SSL, why would I need to trust everyone? It's tough to hack an HTTPS...
2008-12-10 00:52 <cedk> rvalyi: I know a little about security as I work in a company that makes security network appliance
2008-12-10 00:53 <cedk> s/work/worked/
2008-12-10 00:53 <X0d_of_N0d> rvalyi: you don't have to as long as the cert is valid and not self-signed
2008-12-10 00:53 <rvalyi> But still , an OpenERP client could logg off after some inactivity delay. To me only the password in the GTK client memory is a real issue
2008-12-10 00:53 <yangoon1> rvalyi: if someone hacks your workstation and gets the credentials, SSL doesn't matter
2008-12-10 00:53 <X0d_of_N0d> rvalyi: or you, or your people, actually pay any attention to certs
2008-12-10 00:54 <cedk> rvalyi: it can but it is strange to put this on the client side
2008-12-10 00:54 <rvalyi> sure, it's not the common way of doing, I was just wondering how much it was a flaw
2008-12-10 00:55 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: in Tryto, you have SSL info when you put the mouse over the lock
2008-12-10 00:55 <cedk> rvalyi: the main issue is really the password keept in memory
2008-12-10 00:56 <rvalyi> guys, actually to me, the largest problem of OpenERP is not the technology. There are flaws for sure, but OpenERP is already hundred times better than Compiere, SAP, Openbravo, Navision and co
2008-12-10 00:56 <bechamel> rvalyi: so waht is the problem ?
2008-12-10 00:57 <X0d_of_N0d> rvalyi: what, to you, makes OpenERP better?
2008-12-10 00:57 <cedk> and in Tryton, I think we can improve it because we let to the garbage collector the cleansing of the memory
2008-12-10 00:57 <rvalyi> the biggest problem is actually the lack of polish in the feature that make you, as a consultant work a lot to fulfill a customer requirement or sell it with a determinist price. I'm cursious, do you share that analysis? If yes in which ways do you address it?
2008-12-10 00:57 <X0d_of_N0d> I agree, but I'm curious what you see
2008-12-10 00:59 <cedk> rvalyi: there is some guidelines that we try to follow like:
2008-12-10 00:59 <rvalyi> cedk: Anyway, if Jython on day get something as good as JRuby, Then I would like to see OpenERP or Tryton run on Jython, then you'll have a TRUE garabage collector, a TRUE multithreading, a TRUE SGBD connector...
2008-12-10 00:59 <cedk> - allowing as much as possible, the override of functions
2008-12-10 00:59 <bechamel> rvalyi: yes of course we share it, and that why we rework all the modules, and that why fp can tell happily to everobody that tryton is miles away in terms of business coverage
2008-12-10 00:59 <rvalyi> and BTW by migrating to Jython, you good benefit the MOP and code your modules in JRuby, wouldn't that be a must?
2008-12-10 01:00 <mmarshall> rvalyi, what's lacking with python's garbage collector?
2008-12-10 01:00 <cedk> - put docstring on function
2008-12-10 01:00 <cedk> - make things as simple as possible
2008-12-10 01:00 <rvalyi> Is that some generationnal GC like the JVM has? Not too sure. About the threading, I'm quite sure...
2008-12-10 01:00 <cedk> - put only necessary information on core module and extend it with other modules
2008-12-10 01:01 <rvalyi> "put docstring on function" -> for sure that's one thing I can't understand in OpenERP
2008-12-10 01:01 <bechamel> rvalyi: i saw your idea on the forum, for me it's a nice technical challenge but from a pratical point of view, i thing cpython is good enough (even if i agree with you threads are better in java, i don(t know for the gc)
2008-12-10 01:01 <X0d_of_N0d> rvalyi: I'm not a consultant, so the benefit I see is that it's easier for me to import data into openerp than any of the others. also it's easier to write modules, which is similar to what you said.
2008-12-10 01:01 <rvalyi> that's the same as fp commits labeled 'improvement' and 'bugfix' without any hell crossref
2008-12-10 01:02 <cedk> bechamel: not cpython but psyco and Tryton support it :-)
2008-12-10 01:02 <rvalyi> yeah cpython is good enough, sure
2008-12-10 01:02 <bechamel> cedk: python threads are not gonna be better with psyco
2008-12-10 01:03 <rvalyi> an other point is that Openbravo just raised 12M$ by making investors dream about SUN buying them cause they run on Java
2008-12-10 01:03 <cedk> bechamel: not for thread but for code execution
2008-12-10 01:03 <cedk> the main issue with python is that it is mono-core I think
2008-12-10 01:03 <mmarshall> rvalyi, There's information on cpython's gc here:
2008-12-10 01:03 <rvalyi> Sun will never buy them cause it's only Oracle pl/SQL, but if you want to pay for a java based ERP, OpenERP/Tryton on Jtython is by far the easiest way
2008-12-10 01:03 <bechamel> rvalyi: i was told that most of code in openbravo was plsql not java, can you confirm ?
2008-12-10 01:04 <cedk> but with handle the issue by allowing to setup many instance of the server on the same host
2008-12-10 01:04 <X0d_of_N0d> cedk: it's single threaded unless you fork it, yeah
2008-12-10 01:04 <X0d_of_N0d> it would be possible to fork on connection though
2008-12-10 01:04 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: but we use thread and not fork
2008-12-10 01:04 <X0d_of_N0d> ACTION thinks....
2008-12-10 01:04 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: fork cost too much
2008-12-10 01:05 <rvalyi> bechamel: sure, just look at the CDATA inside the XML files. 6 months ago that PL had a Compiere license header with old dead code from Compiere, back to 2001 when it was for Goodyear Germany. And look at their wiki howto, ther aren't in Java...
2008-12-10 01:05 <X0d_of_N0d> cedk: ok
2008-12-10 01:05 <X0d_of_N0d> cedk: ahh, ok
2008-12-10 01:05 <X0d_of_N0d> ACTION hasn't really played around with threading in python
2008-12-10 01:05 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: i think the best is if you have 8 cores, you run 8 instance of Tryton
2008-12-10 01:05 <mmarshall> Python has logical threads, but each logical thread shares a single 'real' thread.
2008-12-10 01:06 <mmarshall> So you can only do multi-core threading in c extensions.
2008-12-10 01:06 <mmarshall> (Or use multiple processes.)
2008-12-10 01:06 <X0d_of_N0d> cedk: because of the way it works there's no reason you couldn't do loadbalancing with tryton on multiple systems, right?
2008-12-10 01:07 <rvalyi> confirm, that's a Giant Lock, like MRI Ruby and unlike JRuby
2008-12-10 01:07 <bechamel> mmarshall: do you know if tasklets or processing are a good solution ?
2008-12-10 01:07 <rvalyi> well, doesn't matter too much. Having JRuby modules, a Java server, statically typed low level (not business) would just be too great...
2008-12-10 01:07 <cedk> mmarshall: are you sure ? I try it and I see 2 thread with ps for the Tryton server
2008-12-10 01:08 <mmarshall> bechamel, I haven't needed to use either in production yet, but they look good for some uses.
2008-12-10 01:08 <cedk> rvalyi: by the way, one more things about session, is that we keep a thread running for each client so on each request the server doesn't need to create a new socket and a new thread
2008-12-10 01:08 <mmarshall> cedk, It might actually be separate threads, but only one thread can run python code at a time.
2008-12-10 01:09 <mmarshall> So it might as well be a single thread.
2008-12-10 01:09 <rvalyi> cedk: I think the point is that Python has parralelism, not concurrency
2008-12-10 01:09 <rvalyi> thats partially were the JVM and thing like JRuby and Jython later on will enter into play
2008-12-10 01:09 <cedk> so ok, any way, you can run many instance as we keep cache syncronized
2008-12-10 01:10 <mmarshall> So unless if you have some processing in a c extension that releases the Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) you don't get much from threading.
2008-12-10 01:10 <cedk> mmarshall: except parallelism on IO access
2008-12-10 01:11 <rvalyi> of course, this doens't matter for the average small company needing an ERP. But for large hosting like Google, this might be a differentiator
2008-12-10 01:11 <cedk> mmarshall: like connection to the DB which is still the bottleneck of the server
2008-12-10 01:11 <bechamel> rvalyi: i think that if the kernel is statically typed it will impact modules a lot (maybe completely)
2008-12-10 01:11 <rvalyi> I mean for an efficient Saas
2008-12-10 01:12 <bechamel> i was wondering today if its possible to use GAE with postregsql ?
2008-12-10 01:12 <rvalyi> bechamel: you certainly could have the ORM, OSV and XML stuff statically typed like a Java+JRuby combo, I doubt that would hurt
2008-12-10 01:12 <cedk> rvalyi: I don't think that if you want to run a SAAS, you will use one server for all your clients
2008-12-10 01:12 <cedk> s/clients/customers/
2008-12-10 01:12 <mmarshall> cedk, Ok, in a case where it's waiting for a response from the db, yes, another thread would take over. (So long as the db connector is releasing the GIL like it should.)
2008-12-10 01:12 <rvalyi> cedk: sure, but then computing powers starts to matters anyway
2008-12-10 01:13 <bechamel> rvalyi: all business classes inherit from orm
2008-12-10 01:13 <X0d_of_N0d> cedk: you can run multiple instances of tryton across multiple server though, right?
2008-12-10 01:13 <cedk> mmarshall: how can I check this ?
2008-12-10 01:13 <rvalyi> bechamel: what's the trouble JRuby can inherit extends Java base classes at will, just as Jython can I think
2008-12-10 01:14 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: yes, on the same host or on different hosts
2008-12-10 01:14 <X0d_of_N0d> cedk: and it's possible to cluster postgres, so.....
2008-12-10 01:14 <cedk> rvalyi: but what has Jython that Python doesn't ?
2008-12-10 01:14 <rvalyi> I think that's the future. But in any case I think OpenERP / Tryton architecture are pretty OK and way better than competitors, so as I said, the main problem for broader adoptions aren't here
2008-12-10 01:14 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d: I'm not sure for writing
2008-12-10 01:14 <bechamel> rvalyi: maybe you are right i never used jython
2008-12-10 01:15 <mmarshall> cedk, searching for "psycopg2 GIL" seems to imply that psycopg2 is GIL aware, so I guess you're good.
2008-12-10 01:15 <cedk> mmarshall: great and psycopg1 ?
2008-12-10 01:15 <mmarshall> (So long as you're using psycopg2 version 2.0.7 or later.)
2008-12-10 01:15 <X0d_of_N0d> ACTION goes to look into it
2008-12-10 01:15 <mmarshall> See here:
2008-12-10 01:16 <mmarshall> "Fixes for a few memory leaks and GIL misuses."
2008-12-10 01:16 <rvalyi> cedk: today nothing. In one year it could be faster, have tru multithreading, offer Java strong libs for XML,SOAP,JMS have an easier way to optimize using Java then C, better remote monitoring, fine grained choice between static Java and Dynamic Python...
2008-12-10 01:17 <cedk> rvalyi: for threading, I read that Python3 has a some good stuff for that
2008-12-10 01:17 <rvalyi> cedk: so it has for optionnal static typing I think
2008-12-10 01:18 <cedk> mmarshall: it seems that psycopg < 2 unlock the GIL
2008-12-10 01:18 <rvalyi> but just like MRI 1.87 Ruby and 1.9 Ruby are loosing against JRuby (even with way more resources), I think an amateur interpreter has no chance against the JVM if Sun wants to push Jython as far as JRuby which looks what they are now trying
2008-12-10 01:19 <rvalyi> guys, I'm curious about an other thing: what is your business model? On what money are you running for now?
2008-12-10 01:20 <cedk> rvalyi: don't forget Parrot :-)
2008-12-10 01:20 <mmarshall> rvalyi, Static typing was something that was talked about several years ago, but didn't make the cut.
2008-12-10 01:20 <bechamel> rvalyi: "amateur interpreter", hum
2008-12-10 01:20 <mmarshall> rvalyi, although you could use the new function annotations for specifying types.
2008-12-10 01:20 <cedk> Python is used at Google :-)
2008-12-10 01:21 <cedk> and NASA use Python
2008-12-10 01:21 <mmarshall> And *I* use python! Don't forget that! ;)
2008-12-10 01:21 <rvalyi> (oh one last thing about Jython: JRuby got there because some smary guys like Tim Bray at Sun decided that Rails would be the killer app the JVM would need. If those guys see OpenERP / Tryton IS the killer Jython app they need, that could push Jython ahdead. For now they are slowly porting Django. Of course they don't have Nutter in the team, but they aren't to slow either)
2008-12-10 01:22 <cedk>
2008-12-10 01:22 <bechamel> rvalyi: for the business model, it's roughly the same than tiny, execpt then we don't want to charge partners if they want to remove the logo :),
2008-12-10 01:23 <rvalyi> bechamel: but Tiny is making a some money out of their partners, so how could you afford not doing so?
2008-12-10 01:23 <cedk> rvalyi: not completly the same, we provide devs and support
2008-12-10 01:23 <rvalyi> ok, how many customers for now?
2008-12-10 01:23 <rvalyi> how many employees? Is taht a company?
2008-12-10 01:23 <bechamel> rvalyi: you need support ?
2008-12-10 01:23 <rvalyi> I'm selling support ;-)
2008-12-10 01:24 <rvalyi> at
2008-12-10 01:24 <cedk> rvalyi: Tryton is not only B2CK, there is other people and companies
2008-12-10 01:24 <rvalyi> ok
2008-12-10 01:25 <cedk>
2008-12-10 01:25 <cedk> for companies
2008-12-10 01:25 <cedk> people can be found in the contributor list or on the chan :-)
2008-12-10 01:25 <rvalyi> I find it Ok OpenERP charging partners, except that it's too expensive for developping countries, they should have a way to address this
2008-12-10 01:26 <mmarshall> Is there anyone using Tryton in the US?
2008-12-10 01:26 <cedk> mmarshall: X0d_of_N0d is from the US
2008-12-10 01:26 <rvalyi> shame on you
2008-12-10 01:26 <rvalyi> sorry, was to easy ;-)
2008-12-10 01:26 <mmarshall> lol
2008-12-10 01:27 <rvalyi> and now that US voted right, there is no more reasons...
2008-12-10 01:28 <cedk> rvalyi: Please don't speak politics on this chan
2008-12-10 01:30 <rvalyi> yeah linuxfr is meant for it ;-) ( to deal with oss ERP's polictics)
2008-12-10 01:30 <mmarshall> So, is there a module available to rearrange the address forms?
2008-12-10 01:31 <cedk> mmarshall: not yet, but the address form can be customized easily
2008-12-10 01:31 <cedk> mmarshall: what do you need?
2008-12-10 01:31 <mmarshall> ZIP after city, mostly.
2008-12-10 01:32 <mmarshall> And use TX instead of Texas.
2008-12-10 01:32 <cedk> mmarshall: look at modules/party/ line 42
2008-12-10 01:32 <mmarshall> ok
2008-12-10 01:32 <cedk> mmarshall: there is a function that is used in each report to display the address
2008-12-10 01:33 <cedk> mmarshall: so you can create a module that override this function and change the order
2008-12-10 01:33 <rvalyi> an issue we ran into today with internationalization is that OpenERP doesn't seem to translate report headers (probably because the setlang is not reached yet), how stand Tryton here?
2008-12-10 01:34 <cedk> rvalyi: the header is translated
2008-12-10 01:34 <cedk> rvalyi: but you have it on the report in one language
2008-12-10 01:34 <rvalyi> on other issue is that for a country selling to France and US for instance, they can't afford just translating dates because thir salesman will make error when reading 09/12/2008 vs 12-09-2008, so we should find a way to print the month explicitely
2008-12-10 01:35 <rvalyi> ok
2008-12-10 01:36 <cedk> rvalyi: in Tryton, you can override the format_lang function and display the date with the format that you want
2008-12-10 01:36 <rvalyi> cedk: I'm curious: what abou the rest of the OpenERP belgium team (not fp), did they come after or before you, how good are they (honnestly?)
2008-12-10 01:37 <cedk> rvalyi: don't think that I will answer this question :-)
2008-12-10 01:37 <rvalyi> cedk: Python has no open class like Ruby, right? So I can't subclass the Hash base class to send a nice message for instance is a key isn't found, correct?
2008-12-10 01:37 <bechamel> rvalyi: ask fp :)
2008-12-10 01:37 <rvalyi> wow...
2008-12-10 01:38 <cedk> rvalyi: but somes was there when we leave and others not
2008-12-10 01:39 <cedk> rvalyi: don't know about "open class"
2008-12-10 01:39 <cedk> rvalyi: but you can replace any class of any module
2008-12-10 01:39 <cedk> rvalyi: if it is in python
2008-12-10 01:39 <cedk> I think
2008-12-10 01:39 <rvalyi> I think it's hard to find people able to developp on OpenERP / Tryton, I mean to be autonomous. We certainly have difficulties around this at Smile to reach our full spedd
2008-12-10 01:40 <bechamel> rvalyi: in python you can do "instance.old_method = lambda *a: return None", but i don't know if it answer your question
2008-12-10 01:40 <rvalyi> cedk: even base classes backed by C?
2008-12-10 01:40 <cedk> rvalyi: I don't know
2008-12-10 01:40 <cedk> never try
2008-12-10 01:40 <rvalyi> wil try
2008-12-10 01:41 <mmarshall> rvalyi, this is called "monkey patching" and is generally frowned upon in python.
2008-12-10 01:41 <rvalyi> rails does that a lot and smartly I think
2008-12-10 01:41 <rvalyi> (sometimes a bit too much of course)
2008-12-10 01:42 <mmarshall> It's mostly a matter of taste, but all the monkey patching is something I really don't like about rails.
2008-12-10 01:42 <rvalyi> I python had no len(my_fucking_table_wich_is_an_object) I would almost love it
2008-12-10 01:42 <bechamel> rvalyi: there are a lot of openerp dev at Smile ?
2008-12-10 01:43 <rvalyi> bechamel: do you mean enabled devs?
2008-12-10 01:43 <cedk> so it is late here, good night!
2008-12-10 01:43 <rvalyi> joker, just like for you about Tiny
2008-12-10 01:43 <bechamel> rvalyi: both
2008-12-10 01:43 <mmarshall> cedk, thanks for pointing me to the address stuff.
2008-12-10 01:43 <bechamel> rvalyi: ;)
2008-12-10 01:43 <rvalyi> buy, cice talk
2008-12-10 01:44 <rvalyi> err, bye
2008-12-10 01:45 <rvalyi> OK, then Tryton is not don by true hardcore devs coding overnight, that's known already
2008-12-10 01:45 <bechamel> rvalyi: otoh it's 2 in the morning ..
2008-12-10 01:46 <rvalyi> and I've that fucking sale direct delivery module to developp...
2008-12-10 01:46 <bechamel> rvalyi: validate packing when the sale is done ?
2008-12-10 01:47 <rvalyi> a bit more: looking at virtual stocks and product supplier to choose a direct delivery,
2008-12-10 01:48 <bechamel> rvalyi: direct means: from the supplier direct to the customer ?
2008-12-10 01:48 <rvalyi> then changing the sale into make to order, cross linking the so_line and the po_line over the MRP, pasting the shipping address into the po, changing the destination of the picking...
2008-12-10 01:48 <rvalyi> yes it means
2008-12-10 01:49 <rvalyi> sale_supplier_direct_delivery in trunk extra_addons
2008-12-10 01:49 <rvalyi> more soon
2008-12-10 01:49 <bechamel> rvalyi: not an easy dev i agree
2008-12-10 01:50 <rvalyi> well, I was still learing the framework, now I think I master it at some point
2008-12-10 01:51 -!- vengfulsquirrel( has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 01:51 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 1341:fd9a4bf8bab4 trytond/trytond/ir/ Fix cron messages: fallback to default langage if missing on the user
2008-12-10 01:52 <rvalyi> an other thing: you server side ordering + boolean conditions between srearch fields is definitely a good thing too I would like to see in OpenERP
2008-12-10 01:54 <bechamel> rvalyi: doesn't fp tell in the forum that it will be added for the 5.0 ?
2008-12-10 01:55 <vengfulsquirrel> What is tryton's relationship with openerp ?
2008-12-10 01:56 <bechamel> vengfulsquirrel:
2008-12-10 01:57 <vengfulsquirrel> Yeah I read that already.
2008-12-10 01:57 <yangoon1> bye all
2008-12-10 01:58 <vengfulsquirrel> I guess I haven't gotten openerp to really install correctly yet, so I don't understand the "less cutting edge features" part.
2008-12-10 01:58 <vengfulsquirrel> I'm pretty amazing people exist here though.
2008-12-10 01:58 <vengfulsquirrel> *amazed
2008-12-10 01:58 <vengfulsquirrel> Will improvement be shared between the two code bases? I guess that was my original question's intent.
2008-12-10 01:59 <vengfulsquirrel> *improvements
2008-12-10 01:59 <bechamel> vengfulsquirrel: maybe if you manage to install tryton it will means that "solid solution" is better on this point
2008-12-10 02:00 <bechamel> vengfulsquirrel: there is already code moving in both directions
2008-12-10 02:00 <mmarshall> In the screenshot of the menu there is a "Timesheet Management" item. Which module includes that?
2008-12-10 02:01 <vengfulsquirrel> the is cleaned up that is _NICE_
2008-12-10 02:02 <rvalyi> ok, buy guys, late here
2008-12-10 02:02 <bechamel> mmarshall: the screenshot comes from the timesheet module, it's availble with hg. the module is not complete so we choose to not package it with the 1.O
2008-12-10 02:02 <rvalyi> err, bye
2008-12-10 02:02 <bechamel> rvalyi: yes, very late, bye
2008-12-10 02:02 <mmarshall> bechamel, ok, thanks.
2008-12-10 02:02 <bechamel> rvalyi: btw interesting conversation
2008-12-10 02:02 <rvalyi> I think I heard that one about not completely complete modules...
2008-12-10 02:03 -!- rvalyi(i=5645c57e@gateway/web/ajax/ has left #tryton
2008-12-10 02:04 <bechamel> vengfulsquirrel: I'm gonna sleep too, if you have questions there is also the mailing list
2008-12-10 02:04 <vengfulsquirrel> Thanks, you guys are mostly in Europe?
2008-12-10 02:04 <vengfulsquirrel> ha that's my last question
2008-12-10 02:04 <bechamel> vengfulsquirrel: yes i think so
2008-12-10 02:05 <bechamel> maybe mmarshall ?
2008-12-10 02:05 <vengfulsquirrel> and then I'm going to rebuild my slice on slicehost for the 10th time, but try trytond
2008-12-10 02:07 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 145:674901b91943 stock_supply/ Isolate request creation to ease inheritance
2008-12-10 03:41 -!- ikks(n=igor@ has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 04:08 -!- mmarshall_( has joined #tryton
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2008-12-10 05:18 -!- yangoon( has joined #tryton
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2008-12-10 09:54 -!- marmu( has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 10:07 <CIA-54> tryton: leyoda roundup * #655/Tryton Client Installation under OSX 10.5.X: [new] After the installation, the Tryton Client can't start with this error : File "/Library/Python/2.5/site-packages/tryton-1.1.0-py2. ...
2008-12-10 10:09 -!- cedk(n=ced@gentoo/developer/cedk) has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 10:28 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1104:a0e0a8c03e1d tryton/ Fix path in for tryton-icon.png for issue655
2008-12-10 10:28 <CIA-54> tryton: ced roundup * #655/Tryton Client Installation under OSX 10.5.X: [resolved] Fix with changeset a0e0a8c03e1d
2008-12-10 11:17 -!- LordVan(n=lordvan@gentoo/developer/LordVan) has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 12:11 -!- ikks(n=igor@ has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 12:21 -!- bechamel( has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 12:25 -!- ecir3( has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 12:40 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1342:740c6541c943 trytond/TODO: Add todo for pre-fetch in webdav
2008-12-10 13:04 <vengfulsquirrel> I tried adding the gentoo overlay but when I try to emerge it says "masked by: missing keyword".
2008-12-10 13:05 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: every ebuild in overlay are ~arch
2008-12-10 13:06 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: so you must enter a keyword for the packages you want to install in /etc/portage/package.keywords
2008-12-10 13:07 <vengfulsquirrel> hmm
2008-12-10 13:07 <vengfulsquirrel> As in ~amd64 correct?
2008-12-10 13:09 <vengfulsquirrel> Sorry if I sound stupid but I've never used overlays I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious.
2008-12-10 13:10 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: I just put ~x86 in the ebuild but if you can confirm me that it works on amd64, I will put it
2008-12-10 13:11 <vengfulsquirrel> Yeah putting ~amd64 does not work in the package.keywords but you mean more like does "trytond" work in amd64 right ?
2008-12-10 13:12 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: I think you must also add it in package.unmask
2008-12-10 13:13 <vengfulsquirrel> Putting x86 works.
2008-12-10 13:14 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: tell me if all works wel on amd64
2008-12-10 13:15 <vengfulsquirrel> If what works?
2008-12-10 13:16 <vengfulsquirrel> I've installed the server via mercurial and
2008-12-10 13:16 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: all the Tryton package
2008-12-10 13:16 <vengfulsquirrel> I have not installed the client.
2008-12-10 13:16 <vengfulsquirrel> I also don't think the modules are installed.
2008-12-10 13:16 <vengfulsquirrel> I haven't really figured out how to get them to install.
2008-12-10 13:16 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: if you succed to run Tryton on amd64, I will add amd64 to the arch of ebuilds in the overlay
2008-12-10 13:17 <vengfulsquirrel> *Installed the server but connected to it remotely from an x86 client machine.
2008-12-10 13:17 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: so for now, you can confirm that the server run on amd64
2008-12-10 13:17 <vengfulsquirrel> So the server(trytond) runs on amd64 without the modules installed.
2008-12-10 13:17 <vengfulsquirrel> How do I install the modules?
2008-12-10 13:18 <vengfulsquirrel> These modules trytond/tryond/modules.
2008-12-10 13:19 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: from mecurial?
2008-12-10 13:20 <bechamel> cedk: i think that it would be usefull to talk about the script on the dowload page, because its a problem for a lot of people
2008-12-10 13:21 <bechamel> vengfulsquirrel: this script allow to do fetch client server and modules at once
2008-12-10 13:22 <vengfulsquirrel> Well I was going from this:
2008-12-10 13:22 <bechamel> vengfulsquirrel:
2008-12-10 13:22 <vengfulsquirrel> Oh yeah so I've gotten the modules already into their directory.
2008-12-10 13:23 <cedk> bechamel: can you add it to the wiki page
2008-12-10 13:23 <bechamel> vengfulsquirrel: this should also work, for modules you can copy-paste the list of "hg clone http://..." on your terminal and will fetch all of thiese
2008-12-10 13:23 <vengfulsquirrel> But only AFTER I ran python install
2008-12-10 13:23 <vengfulsquirrel> How can I tell they are installing when I run python install ?
2008-12-10 13:24 <bechamel> cedk: where is the "edit" link on the wiki ?
2008-12-10 13:25 <yangoon> bechamel are you logged in?
2008-12-10 13:25 <bechamel> yangoon: yes but maybe with the wrong user
2008-12-10 13:26 -!- LordVan(n=lordvan@gentoo/developer/LordVan) has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 13:26 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: you don't need to install package
2008-12-10 13:26 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: if you want just test it, Tryton works with the sources without install
2008-12-10 13:27 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: but you can also install it if you want, but you need to do it with root
2008-12-10 13:27 <vengfulsquirrel> Yeah I'm in a virtual server
2008-12-10 13:27 <vengfulsquirrel> So I'm root already
2008-12-10 13:27 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: as it will put modules in /usr/lib/pythonx.x/site-packages
2008-12-10 13:27 <vengfulsquirrel> and I've already installed the server ... the modules just don't seem to be going with it
2008-12-10 13:27 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: each module has his own
2008-12-10 13:28 <vengfulsquirrel> ha oh jesus
2008-12-10 13:28 <vengfulsquirrel> that's the problem
2008-12-10 13:30 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: but there is the script that extract all in one directory and you don't need to run the
2008-12-10 13:31 <vengfulsquirrel> yeah but maybe mention that in the INSTALL of the trytond
2008-12-10 13:31 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: or you can use easy_install from pypi
2008-12-10 13:31 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: or the gentoo-overlay
2008-12-10 13:47 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1105:a30eee88ce85 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/form_gtk/
2008-12-10 13:47 <CIA-54> tryton: Fix color on form widget
2008-12-10 13:47 <CIA-54> tryton: Now the color from default style is stored on first use
2008-12-10 13:47 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1106:85a79a5d457b tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/form_gtk/ Don't set model modified when adding record to dialog screen
2008-12-10 13:52 <vengfulsquirrel> I can't use the overlay until amd64 is set though and with easy_install I still have to do it on a module by module basis.
2008-12-10 13:53 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: no dependencies are resolved with easy_install
2008-12-10 13:53 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: so if you install trytond_account_invoice, it will install also trytond_account, ...
2008-12-10 13:54 <vengfulsquirrel> ohh
2008-12-10 13:55 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: and I think it must be possible to force install with overlay
2008-12-10 13:56 <vengfulsquirrel> Yeah unmask didn't seem to work
2008-12-10 13:56 <vengfulsquirrel> but the server runs on amd64
2008-12-10 13:56 <vengfulsquirrel> I just haven't checked the modules
2008-12-10 13:56 <vengfulsquirrel> and I haven't checked the server in complete thoroughness besides connecting to it with the client.
2008-12-10 13:57 <vengfulsquirrel> Is there a init script anywhere for trytond or will it be trivial to create?
2008-12-10 13:57 <vengfulsquirrel> *an
2008-12-10 13:58 <cedk> LordVan: ping
2008-12-10 13:59 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: init script depend of each distribution, so the ebuild provide an init script for Gentoo
2008-12-10 13:59 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: there is packages in progress for Debian and RedHat
2008-12-10 14:01 <vengfulsquirrel> Okay well thanks for all the help, its pretty late here like 5 AM, so I'll try to force install it tomorrow using the overlay and tell you how it goes. The code base looks a lot cleaner though, I'm excited.
2008-12-10 14:02 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: yes can try with: ACCEPT_KEYWORDS=~x86 emerge trytond
2008-12-10 14:02 <vengfulsquirrel> Yeah it works with x86 it just won't emerge with amd64.
2008-12-10 14:02 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: but becarefull, it can break the install
2008-12-10 14:03 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: I mean, you will be able to install it if you set ACCEPT_KEYWORDS to ~x86
2008-12-10 14:03 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: on amd64
2008-12-10 14:03 <LordVan> cedk, yes?
2008-12-10 14:03 <cedk> vengfulsquirrel: but it is not a recommanded way
2008-12-10 14:03 <cedk> LordVan: it was for the missing keywords
2008-12-10 14:04 <cedk> LordVan: but I think I find a solution
2008-12-10 14:04 <cedk> LordVan: vengfulsquirrel can not install tryton with the overlay because it miss ~amd64
2008-12-10 14:05 <LordVan> i know that
2008-12-10 14:05 <LordVan> i put the packages in /etc/portage/packages.keywords/tryton.keywords :D
2008-12-10 14:05 <LordVan> ^_^
2008-12-10 14:06 <vengfulsquirrel> Is there a known problem with amd64?
2008-12-10 14:06 <LordVan> works4me (tm)
2008-12-10 14:06 <LordVan> :d
2008-12-10 14:06 <LordVan> it is python so there shouldn't be any issues
2008-12-10 14:06 <LordVan> i think he means if u emerge any C dependencies
2008-12-10 14:06 <cedk> LordVan: ha ok, I will add amd64 keywords so
2008-12-10 14:07 <LordVan> cedk, mind u i didnt' try all modules, cuz i don't know how to use them :D but the app and server run fine and i added some addresses,.. ;)
2008-12-10 14:07 <LordVan> i'm quite ok to be your amd64 tester for now if u want me to .. gotta mail me when u update though ;)
2008-12-10 14:08 <cedk> LordVan: module are just in python
2008-12-10 14:08 <LordVan> exactly
2008-12-10 14:08 <LordVan> :)
2008-12-10 14:09 <vengfulsquirrel> Okay well I'll try the overlay tomorrow, thanks for the help. Good night
2008-12-10 14:09 <LordVan> i do have some general size related issues, but i gotta try it on another machine as my laptop got (a) a funny resolution, (b) weirdish dpi i think cuz i got a small screen
2008-12-10 14:10 <cedk> LordVan: you mean that it is too small?
2008-12-10 14:15 <LordVan> 12" :D
2008-12-10 14:15 <LordVan> the dialogue box isn't big enough for all the elements to fit .. they overlap
2008-12-10 14:15 <LordVan> want a screenshot?
2008-12-10 14:16 <cedk> LordVan: why not?
2008-12-10 14:16 <cedk> LordVan: but 12" is small
2008-12-10 14:16 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 138:218620e17a53 gentoo-overlay/app-office/tryton/ (Manifest tryton-1.0.0.ebuild tryton-1.0.1.ebuild): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:16 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 139:708b6357fdb9 gentoo-overlay/app-office/trytond/ (Manifest trytond-1.0.0.ebuild trytond-1.0.1-r1.ebuild): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:16 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 140:a360c09d4ff2 gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/account/ (Manifest account-1.0.0.ebuild account-1.0.1.ebuild): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:16 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 141:940453fe00c5 gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/account_invoice/ (3 files): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:16 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 142:e0ce426e16f3 gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/account_product/ (3 files): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:16 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 143:6d58815c9494 gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/analytic_account/ (3 files): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:16 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 144:a97a2cc0f316 gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/analytic_invoice/ (3 files): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:16 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 145:0bae4e575a03 gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/analytic_purchase/ (3 files): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:16 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 146:5216fa784865 gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/analytic_sale/ (3 files): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:16 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 147:632e4c31ae09 gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/company/ (Manifest company-1.0.0.ebuild company-1.0.1.ebuild): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:16 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 148:7690f8f45322 gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/country/ (Manifest country-1.0.0.ebuild country-1.0.1.ebuild): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:16 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 149:973cfcea9e23 gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/currency/ (Manifest currency-1.0.0.ebuild currency-1.0.1.ebuild): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:17 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 150:b10a18ee3523 gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/google_maps/ (Manifest google_maps-1.0.0.ebuild google_maps-1.0.1.ebuild): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:17 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 151:be1747ad076d gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/party/ (Manifest party-1.0.0.ebuild party-1.0.1.ebuild): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:17 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 152:94a6078fc175 gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/product/ (Manifest product-1.0.0.ebuild product-1.0.1.ebuild): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:17 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 153:b40f099c8743 gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/purchase/ (Manifest purchase-1.0.0.ebuild purchase-1.0.1.ebuild): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:17 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 154:5baee9415c4d gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/sale/ (Manifest sale-1.0.0.ebuild sale-1.0.1.ebuild): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:17 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 155:50e79fa6e782 gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/stock/ (Manifest stock-1.0.0.ebuild stock-1.0.1.ebuild): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:17 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 156:472e4fb7f508 gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/stock_supply/ (Manifest stock_supply-1.0.0.ebuild stock_supply-1.0.1.ebuild): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:17 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 157:eae852579d77 gentoo-overlay/dev-python/relatorio/ (4 files): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:17 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 158:19b37aeae97f gentoo-overlay/dev-python/vatnumber/ (Manifest vatnumber-0.1.ebuild vatnumber-0.2.ebuild): Add amd64 keyword
2008-12-10 14:31 <LordVan> cedk,
2008-12-10 14:38 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1107:379402a32fdd tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Remove set_size_request on dbcreate dialog
2008-12-10 14:38 <cedk> LordVan: this changeset must fix
2008-12-10 14:45 <LordVan> cedk, i'll check it out at some point .. since it's nothing critical ;) if i forget feel free to remind me (i got the release installed atm ;))
2008-12-10 14:47 <cedk> LordVan: I will wait a little before putting this changeset in the 1.0 branch
2008-12-10 14:58 <LordVan> sure :)
2008-12-10 15:39 -!- ikks(n=igor@ has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 15:45 -!- rvalyi(i=58aaece0@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 16:19 <LordVan> cyas
2008-12-10 16:56 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 397:7e0e4fd7d180 stock/ Fix location domain for internal packing
2008-12-10 17:25 <CIA-54> tryton: * r372 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.
2008-12-10 17:25 <CIA-54> tryton: * r373 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.
2008-12-10 17:25 <CIA-54> tryton: * r374 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.
2008-12-10 17:43 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 330:c8b3b2de43af account/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 17:43 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 20:337004630a2b account_be/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 17:43 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 219:cc8d0708ac99 account_invoice/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 17:43 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 22:0cb2b4eb1b72 account_product/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 17:43 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 80:696210263179 account_statement/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 17:43 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 54:5d64fa4b5247 analytic_account/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 17:43 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 34:2e9a16dfae02 analytic_invoice/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 17:43 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 35:afd3e8822d85 analytic_purchase/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 17:43 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 23:6d1697edb370 analytic_sale/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 17:43 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 111:98ffdbc73219 company/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 17:43 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 19:3d7a899df989 country/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 17:43 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 49:9c0af67b8f76 currency/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 17:43 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 30:5941de80edd8 google_maps/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 17:43 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 213:96167211e3dd party/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 17:43 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 118:8aa4835665ad product/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 17:43 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 38:d910cc2a9c69 project/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 17:43 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 21:80b5b6d07b33 project_revenue/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 17:43 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 177:8630b21fbae6 purchase/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 17:43 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 80:36264695727b sale/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 18:20 <cedk> bechamel: OpenERP uses now psycopg2 :-)
2008-12-10 18:20 <cedk> bechamel: but they make the switch during stabilisation of the code
2008-12-10 18:21 <cedk> I really don't understand how they stabilize the code, they make more developpement between the rc than before
2008-12-10 18:22 <bechamel> cedk: it's not the usual way for RC ?
2008-12-10 18:22 <cedk> bechamel: now you fix the bug only not new developpement
2008-12-10 18:22 <bechamel> ACTION was kidding
2008-12-10 18:24 <cedk> do you remember that Fabien arguments on the forum that they don't want to implement the locale customization
2008-12-10 18:24 <cedk> and
2008-12-10 18:24 <cedk> they do it :-)
2008-12-10 18:25 <bechamel> cedk: maybe he didn't understood the issue when he post on the forum
2008-12-10 18:25 <cedk> the forum post:
2008-12-10 18:26 <cedk> this is the real commit:
2008-12-10 18:28 <cedk> bechamel: but he says "I think it's better to keep using standards"
2008-12-10 18:28 <cedk> but they don't use it to format the date in the client interface
2008-12-10 18:29 <cedk> so you can have customization on reports but not in client interface :-)
2008-12-10 18:39 -!- Timitos(n=Timitos@ has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 19:03 <CIA-54> tryton: * r375 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.
2008-12-10 19:03 <CIA-54> tryton: * r376 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.
2008-12-10 19:06 <CIA-54> tryton: matb roundup * #650/Items reappearing untranslated in new database: [resolved] Seems to be solved.
2008-12-10 19:12 <CIA-54> tryton: matb roundup * #656/Translation of title in packing_out.odt: [new] For the title 'Packing List' I get two separate items to translate "List" "Liste" "False" "stock.packing.out" "Deutsch" "ODT" "0" "stock" ...
2008-12-10 19:46 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 146:f167fce3f4b9 stock_supply/INSTALL: Typo
2008-12-10 19:49 -!- udono( has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 19:55 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 178:bb3011580be9 purchase/purchase.xml: Added menuitem
2008-12-10 19:55 <CIA-54> tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 81:c2d695f12c33 sale/sale.xml: Added menuitem
2008-12-10 20:05 -!- X0d_of_N0d_(i=C-C_C-X@gateway/tor/x-0cd4048ff35690b8) has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 20:10 -!- mmarshall( has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 20:26 -!- leyoda( has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 20:31 <CIA-54> tryton: matb roundup * #657/Additional fields of inherited report also created for parent module: [new] Not absolutely sure, if this is a bug, but after several days of try and error I think it is one: The attached invoice.xml belongs to a cus ...
2008-12-10 20:35 <X0d_of_N0d_> under tinyerp would be under tryton?
2008-12-10 20:35 <X0d_of_N0d_> damn, posted it to the wrong channel a min a go
2008-12-10 20:35 <X0d_of_N0d_> lol
2008-12-10 20:53 <CIA-54> tryton: matb roundup * #658/Make translation of title of invoice report independent from invoice.type: [new] see
2008-12-10 21:22 <Timitos> X0d_of_N0d_: yes is like under tinyerp. but i havenĀ“t looked at the differences in detail yet.
2008-12-10 21:23 <X0d_of_N0d_> I was going to try to port the ldap_users module over
2008-12-10 21:23 <X0d_of_N0d_> it looks like some things have changed in the authentication system too
2008-12-10 21:24 <Timitos> X0d_of_N0d_: i think you should talk with udono. he is sitting on this too
2008-12-10 21:24 <Timitos> X0d_of_N0d_: yes i think there were bigger changes in this area
2008-12-10 21:24 <X0d_of_N0d_> ok
2008-12-10 21:25 <X0d_of_N0d_> when does udono usually show up?
2008-12-10 21:27 <Timitos> this is different. but most time he is online from about 8-18 GMT+1. sometimes later too. but today he seems to be away
2008-12-10 21:28 <Timitos> X0d_of_N0d_: i will inform him about your work. he is my partner
2008-12-10 21:28 -!- vengfulsquirrel( has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 21:28 <X0d_of_N0d_> cool, yeah, I modded the terp one a bit to make it work with our server, I'd love to see what he's doing with his code
2008-12-10 21:29 <X0d_of_N0d_> Timitos: thanks
2008-12-10 21:29 <Timitos> X0d_of_N0d_: you are welcome
2008-12-10 21:30 <Timitos> X0d_of_N0d_: he is just in the beginning so you should expect too much for now
2008-12-10 21:31 <X0d_of_N0d_> Timitos: If he knows tryton the ldap stuff is easy, I'd be glad to help
2008-12-10 21:31 <Timitos> X0d_of_N0d_: this would be great! thx
2008-12-10 21:32 <X0d_of_N0d_> Timitos: np
2008-12-10 21:35 <X0d_of_N0d_> so.... are the passwords for tinyerp's users stored in clear text in the db? It looks like tryton stores a sha hash
2008-12-10 21:35 <X0d_of_N0d_> huh... they are
2008-12-10 21:36 <X0d_of_N0d_> huh
2008-12-10 21:37 <Timitos> :-) a nice detail
2008-12-10 21:41 <CIA-54> tryton: Timitos roundup * #604/NoneType-Exception if pressing Ctrl-C in console: @htgoebel could you please test again? i think the issue is solved.
2008-12-10 21:44 -!- Gedd( has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 21:46 -!- nside( has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 21:46 <X0d_of_N0d_> How does Tryton protect against sql injection? I'm digging through the tinyerp code right now trying to figure that crap out
2008-12-10 21:47 <X0d_of_N0d_> it seems like you should be able to inject sql... or is that cleaned up by psycopg?
2008-12-10 21:47 <ikks> psycopg does not clean sql injection afaik
2008-12-10 21:49 <X0d_of_N0d_> huh....
2008-12-10 21:54 <X0d_of_N0d_> ACTION heads off to get some lunch
2008-12-10 21:55 <bechamel> ikks: psycopg escape automaticaly each params for somethink like "cursor.execute('select %s from %s where %s = 1', params)"
2008-12-10 21:56 <bechamel> ikks: X0d_of_N0d_ : the problem is when the params are used to construct the string containing the query
2008-12-10 21:59 <bechamel> example, line 1340 in of openerp-server: cr.execute('delete from wkf_instance where res_type=%s and res_id in ('+','.join(map(str, ids))+')', (self._name, ))
2008-12-10 22:01 <bechamel> self._name will be escaped (but it's not a problem because self._name comes from the code, but ids might containt user data, hence the risk of injection
2008-12-10 22:09 -!- mmarshall(n=mmarshal@ has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 22:10 -!- Gedd(n=ged@ has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 22:25 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1343:b524c5b3d4c5 trytond/trytond/osv/ Fix guidelines
2008-12-10 22:25 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1344:488247aad1d0 trytond/ (5 files in 3 dirs): Allow to inherit views from an other model
2008-12-10 22:25 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1345:fea842a62cd0 trytond/trytond/ir/sequence.xml: Use inherit view from sequence for sequence strict
2008-12-10 22:25 <CIA-54> tryton: ced roundup * #649/Unable to create new employee: [resolved] Fix with changeset 5f7988bc8333
2008-12-10 22:26 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 112:5f7988bc8333 company/company.xml: Use inherit view of party for company and employee for issue649
2008-12-10 22:26 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 113:e1b4895c6c78 company/company.xml: Add select for company on employee
2008-12-10 22:26 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 114:807867c27f2f company/: merge
2008-12-10 22:36 <X0d_of_N0d_> bechamel: ok, that's kind of what I was thinking
2008-12-10 22:36 <CIA-54> tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 398:3a064677a655 stock/packing_out.odt: Fix "Packing List" split in translation for issue656
2008-12-10 22:37 <CIA-54> tryton: ced roundup * #656/Translation of title in packing_out.odt: [resolved] Fix with changeset 3a064677a655
2008-12-10 22:37 <X0d_of_N0d_> bechamel: it still seems like the auth stuff should query for the user, get the password (or in tryton's case the hash), and then compare the password against the pw/hash
2008-12-10 22:37 <X0d_of_N0d_> but if psycopg is taking care of everything then it's probably fine
2008-12-10 22:38 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d_: this is made in trytond/
2008-12-10 22:38 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d_: login or check are call on each request of the user
2008-12-10 22:40 <X0d_of_N0d_> cedk: right, but it's done in one query...
2008-12-10 22:40 <X0d_of_N0d_> SELECT id FROM res_user WHERE login = %s and password = %s and active
2008-12-10 22:40 <X0d_of_N0d_> instead of SELECT id FROM res_user ' <newline/> | 'WHERE login = %s and password = %s and active
2008-12-10 22:40 <X0d_of_N0d_> err
2008-12-10 22:41 <X0d_of_N0d_> SELECT id,passwd FROM res_user WHERE login = %s and active
2008-12-10 22:41 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d_: what is the difference ?
2008-12-10 22:41 <X0d_of_N0d_> then passwd==passwd_sha
2008-12-10 22:43 <X0d_of_N0d_> if psycopg somehow failed to correctly clean the sql the first one would still let you in
2008-12-10 22:43 <X0d_of_N0d_> however even if psycopg failed, the second one would not let you in
2008-12-10 22:43 <X0d_of_N0d_> unless you had the right password anyway
2008-12-10 22:44 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d_: even with the second as you use %s for the user name
2008-12-10 22:44 <cedk> s/user name/login/
2008-12-10 22:45 <X0d_of_N0d_> cedk: right, but that means that the query would respond with hte pw and id of all the users
2008-12-10 22:46 <X0d_of_N0d_> then the sql.fetchone would give the first id and pw
2008-12-10 22:46 <X0d_of_N0d_> then you'd compare that pw to the pw returned by the query
2008-12-10 22:46 <X0d_of_N0d_> and you'd dump the user unless the password matched
2008-12-10 22:47 <X0d_of_N0d_> whereas with the other way you could just inject login=admin and passord=1 or login=admin and get the admin user, then it'd drop you in
2008-12-10 22:47 <X0d_of_N0d_> of course this is all in the hypothetical instance that psycopg somehow failed... but...
2008-12-10 22:50 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d_: any way, it will be difficult to provide a string that once "sha"ed will produce a sql clause that will failed the query
2008-12-10 22:50 <X0d_of_N0d_> I'm just saying the current way relies on psycopg to work, where returning the password and manually checking it would not ever be exploitable...
2008-12-10 22:51 <X0d_of_N0d_> cedk: right, but it would be easy to provide a login that would allow injection....
2008-12-10 22:52 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d_: if you can make sql injection, it is possible to inject " login = 'admin' and (update res_user set password = 'foo')"
2008-12-10 22:52 <X0d_of_N0d_> hum...
2008-12-10 22:52 <X0d_of_N0d_> yeah, maybe not
2008-12-10 22:53 <X0d_of_N0d_> cedk: yeah, fair enough
2008-12-10 22:53 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d_: this will work " login = 'admin'; update res_user set password = 'foo'"
2008-12-10 22:53 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d_: with two tries
2008-12-10 22:54 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d_: once you have SQL injection, you can make anythings
2008-12-10 22:54 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d_: and I would prefer to let psycopg handle this as there is more user that will check psycopg than our code
2008-12-10 22:56 <X0d_of_N0d_> cedk: yeah, that makes sense
2008-12-10 22:57 <X0d_of_N0d_> cedk: but I will say that using hashes is definitely an improvment over the way tinyerp works, I definitely have to give you props man
2008-12-10 23:03 <cedk> X0d_of_N0d_: and session :-)
2008-12-10 23:06 <X0d_of_N0d_> cedk: oh yeah, and the session time out... and the fact that there isn't a ton of duplicate code in login and check
2008-12-10 23:06 <X0d_of_N0d_> etc...
2008-12-10 23:08 -!- juanfer(n=juanfer@ has joined #tryton
2008-12-10 23:15 <X0d_of_N0d_> does tryton have any of it's own documentation on creating modules, or should one refer to the tinyerp docs?
2008-12-10 23:21 <bechamel> X0d_of_N0d_: there is no tutorials yet, but you will find some background here
2008-12-10 23:26 <X0d_of_N0d_> bechamel: thanks
2008-12-10 23:42 <CIA-54> tryton: X0d_of_N0d roundup * #659/AttributeError: 'bool' object has no attribute 'split': [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/", line 282, in run res = method(*msg[2:]) File "/trytond/web_service/obj ...
2008-12-10 23:42 <X0d_of_N0d_> is it possible to create new forms in tryton?
2008-12-10 23:43 <bechamel> X0d_of_N0d_: yes it is, forms are defined in the xml files
2008-12-10 23:44 <X0d_of_N0d_> I mean through the gui, like in tinyerp
2008-12-10 23:47 <CIA-54> tryton: X0d_of_N0d roundup * #659/AttributeError: 'bool' object has no attribute 'split': [chatting] I tried to create a new form through the gui Form->New, it looks like complete name isn't editable, or is it filled in with the value f ...
2008-12-10 23:49 <bechamel> X0d_of_N0d_: i've never tried to create them from the gui
2008-12-10 23:50 <X0d_of_N0d_> bechamel: I'm reading through the tinyerp book and it mentioned that it could be done
2008-12-10 23:50 <X0d_of_N0d_> bechamel: so I tried it on tinyerp then tried it on tryton
2008-12-10 23:53 <bechamel> X0d_of_N0d_: i just tried to create a new view and it seems t owork
2008-12-10 23:53 <X0d_of_N0d_> lemme try it with the latest svn
2008-12-10 23:53 <X0d_of_N0d_> errr hg
2008-12-10 23:55 <bechamel> X0d_of_N0d_: but i don't see how to change which view is linked to which action
2008-12-10 23:56 <X0d_of_N0d_> wait, what did you do to make it work?
2008-12-10 23:56 <X0d_of_N0d_> Form-> new
2008-12-10 23:57 <X0d_of_N0d_> type in Menu: asdfwhatever
2008-12-10 23:57 <X0d_of_N0d_> save
2008-12-10 23:57 <X0d_of_N0d_> backtrace
2008-12-10 23:57 <bechamel> X0d_of_N0d_: I took a view, I duplicated it and modified the dupicate and give it a bigger priority
2008-12-10 23:58 <bechamel> X0d_of_N0d_: now when i open a party list (not from the menu but when i open a field pointing to a party from another form) i can see the new view
2008-12-10 23:59 <bechamel> X0d_of_N0d_: menuitem are linked to action and action are linked to views so creating a new one doesnt change anything when opening forms from the menu

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