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CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 22:e9a3eeeaf8bf country/ Add check on code value before calling upper14:19
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cristi_ancedk: did you update some docs according to new changes ?16:17
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CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #781/Translation: General Ledger: [new] Name and State in accounts in report General Ledger are not translated to the users language.16:38
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CIA-10tryton: htgoebel roundup * #779/SKR03: NULL-Wert in Spalte Ā»report_codeĀ« verletzt Not-Null-Constraint: [chatting] Removing account_invoice_line_tax solved this issue. Thanks.19:55
CIA-10tryton: htgoebel roundup * #782/DateWidget Problem: [new] Select Menu -> Accounting -> Setup -> Fiscal Years -> Fiscal Years -> Change View. Empty Form is displayed. Enter "2009", TAB, TAB, "1.1.200 ...20:06
CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #780/BadZipfile: File is not a zip file: [chatting] patch attached21:47
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