IRC logs of #tryton for Tuesday, 2009-03-24 #tryton log beginning Tue Mar 24 00:00:02 CET 2009
vengfulsquirrelOkay yeah I think there might be a bug, sorry for the inconvenience.00:03
juanferDont worry, I could help to you to find it.00:04
vengfulsquirrelUsually I only use the trytond script to setup the database.00:05
juanferthe problem appear to be in line 35800:06
juanferrpcprogress = common.RPCProgress('db_exec', ...00:07
juanferI could use python to replicate the connetion?00:08
vengfulsquirrelThat is on the client side though, the error is happening on the server I think00:10
juanferIn the server side appear to be connected to the database: INFO:database:connect to "trytondb", but there are not such database.00:11
juanferwith is the file that show such INFO?00:12
bchjuanfer: it trytondb does not exist the folow line should tell you something like ERROR:server:could not connect to database trytondb00:13
vengfulsquirrelbch: If I use createdb and then call trytond --init=all -d DBNAME that should replicate what happens in the client correct?00:14
bchvengfulsquirrel: yes00:14
juanferThis line (ERROR:server:could not connect to database trytondb) doesn't appear.00:15
juanferThe error appear in the client, not in the server.00:15
juanferI think that the error is in the client, not in the server, because the line that I told you are trying to pass null values, not the values that I write.00:17
juanferNo sorry forget that I just say00:18
bchjuanfer: which client are you using ?00:18
juanferthe one in the repository.00:18
vengfulsquirrelbch: I think this is a bug:
bchvengfulsquirrel: are you up to date ? the same is working here00:20
vengfulsquirrelbch: Apparently it works fine if I install beautifulsoup.00:25
bchvengfulsquirrel: ok i will try to have a look on this tomorrow00:28
vengfulsquirrelWhew okay now everything works as expected.00:30
juanferI will try00:31
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juanfervengfulsquirrel: I have a mistake, I was not running the server as the user tryton, but now that I do, it work, sorry.00:37
vengfulsquirreljuanfer: Yeah that's fine, I forgot about that.  Ha there are so many users!  It looks like the bug I was complaining about is already in the bug tracker it just got stalled because there wasn't enough info.00:39
vengfulsquirrelI guess you didn't have that problem though, which is weird.  So you got the db created and can login now ?00:39
juanferYes, I'm working, I'm so sorry by make you lost time.00:40
juanferActually, I found that to connect as tryton user, I must use "su - tryton -m", because the HOME variable is not defined to it.00:41
juanferAnd, I was to connect as "su - tryton", and never take in account that I was not the user tryton.00:42
vengfulsquirrelNo problem, I'm glad its working now.00:44
CIA-10tryton: vengfulsquirrel roundup * #882/Can not create datebase (workflow.transition): I had the same error from trunk and installed beautiful soup and it went away. I don't understand the relationship. But I think either the googl ...00:45
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1669:f63edb5a9e02 trytond/trytond/modules/ Let's ImportError exception raise to top for issue88200:52
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #882/Can not create datebase (workflow.transition): [resolved] Fix with changeset f63edb5a9e0200:53
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #893/Wizards not displayed: [deferred] It can be linked to a bad gtk theme00:53
vengfulsquirrelcedk: When the script doesn't work why does it still start the server?00:54
cedkvengfulsquirrel: I remove this00:56
vengfulsquirrelErr.. sorry I mean something different than 882.  If I call trytond --init=all -dDBNAME and the databse doesn't exist than the server still starts.00:56
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #895/UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xfe in position 0: ordinal not in range(128): [need-eg] Could you give what you are translating?00:57
cedkvengfulsquirrel: there is an error message00:58
cedkvengfulsquirrel: it is a border effect00:58
cedkvengfulsquirrel: do you think we must fail00:59
vengfulsquirrelYes I think failing would be more logical.01:01
cedkvengfulsquirrel: ok, I will change01:02
vengfulsquirrelEspecially since if init works it doesn't start the server01:02
vengfulsquirrelIts not symmetric and you think maybe its working.01:02
vengfulsquirrelMaybe in future future versions it should be a completely different script.01:02
vengfulsquirrelOf course not now though because that's a big change.01:03
cedkvengfulsquirrel: no  need to be a different script, it is only 200lines01:05
vengfulsquirrelYeah maybe its the help file or how the arguments are considered that's confusing.01:05
vengfulsquirrelPassing --init=all WITHOUT -d just starts the server.01:06
vengfulsquirrel--help doesn't explain that --init does nothing with -d.01:06
vengfulsquirrel*without -d01:06
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1670:5b9645cdb081 trytond/trytond/ Don't start the server if bad database given01:08
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1671:78b04b6ba6f2 trytond/trytond/ Fix typo and guidelines01:08
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1672:14823d4b1b09 trytond/trytond/ ( Don't start the server if init or update without database option01:14
cedkvengfulsquirrel: done01:15
vengfulsquirrelThanks that's much better.01:15
vengfulsquirrelWay more intuitive.01:15
cedkvengfulsquirrel: it was some inherited stuff from OpenERP01:15
vengfulsquirrelYeah I know, it took me forever to get that to work when I first tried to install openerp a while ago.01:16
juanfervengfulsquirrel: who could I install a module by example the module stock?01:58
juanferI go to the directory trytond/modules/stock and run python install like say in the INSTALL file, but  appear an error: error: Installed distribution trytond 1.0.3 conflicts with requirement trytond>=1.102:00
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vengfulsquirrelIf they are in the directory modules you can usually install them via the client.02:01
vengfulsquirrelit sounds like you have a version conflict brewing though02:02
juanferyes I think so.02:02
vengfulsquirrelYou installed via debian and via ?02:02
juanferI just follow the instruction in the
juanferactually I'm using the version in the repository.02:04
vengfulsquirrelWell somewhere you have version 1.0.302:05
juanferhow could I see the trytond version?02:06
juanfertrytond is the 1.1 version02:07
vengfulsquirrelcheck in your global site-packages for a trytond egg02:08
vengfulsquirrelbut also you don't need to do install if you are using tryton-dev.sh02:08
vengfulsquirreljuanfer: Does that make sense?02:12
juanferI don't understand you, I don't use tryton-dev.sh02:12
juanferthis is the error installing sale
juanferIn Administration->Modules  just appear the modules: ir, res, webdav and workflow02:15
vengfulsquirrelOkay yeah sorry, so you are following InstallationOnDebian, under the section "Get the sources" how did you proceed in that section ?02:18
juanferI restard the server, and appear.02:20
juanferOh, but the State is Not Installed.02:20
juanferActually, I follow the instructions and install the version from the repository ton /usr/local/tryton/trytond02:22
juanferand /usr/local/tryton/tryton02:22
juanferAnd for the modules /usr/local/tryton/trytond/modules02:22
vengfulsquirrelokay yeah that sounds good02:23
juanferNow I have the sotck in the list of modules throw the client, but marked as Not Installed, I try to Mark for Installation, and appear me the following message: "Missing dependencies ['party', 'product', 'company', 'currency'] for module "stock"02:25
juanferIt could be the version?02:25
vengfulsquirrelYou have to also mark those for install before you can install stock.02:25
juanferIt could be usefull to have a tree of modules.02:26
juanferThere are one?02:26
vengfulsquirrelWell you can view dependencies in the client.02:28
juanferYes :-)02:28
vengfulsquirrelIts not a tree though02:28
vengfulsquirreljust a list02:28
juanferK, I will do my own.02:29
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CIA-10tryton: cristi roundup * #895/UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xfe in position 0: ordinal not in range(128): I just selected all fields from translation module and tried to trnaslate into romanian. But i will do it in small chunks and porbably will discov ...08:58
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CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #896/Payment wizard: Complete Write-Off: [new] If you want to do a complete Write-Off (I don't know, if this will happen in real life;), the you would put in payment amount 0. in this cas ...12:32
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 298:d6d27d9cb130 account_invoice/ Add "Write-Off" prefix for account and journal12:36
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 299:26a2f60d1fcd account_invoice/ merge12:36
CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #591/account_invoice: Credit Note: [chatting] Refering to msg2207: > the other function is missing. this function is called 'cancellation'. > 'cancellation' means that the invoice h ...12:37
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #591/account_invoice: Credit Note: [resolved] It is a credit note to cancel the invoice. For me it is clear that it creates a new document.12:39
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #591/account_invoice: Credit Note: [chatting] I should perhaps rename the check box into refund?12:46
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 300:fd5696786799 account_invoice/ ( invoice.xml): Rename cancellation into refund for issue59113:28
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #591/account_invoice: Credit Note: [resolved] Done with changeset fd569678679913:29
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #896/Payment wizard: Complete Write-Off: [resolved] The behavior is correct. You have 0 for the write-off amount because the amount to pay to day is 0. You must select the lines you want ...13:35
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 301:f248b7777951 account_invoice/ Set default value to write-off when making payment with 013:43
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 302:a19cfa998dce account_invoice/ Don't call reconcile if there is no lines13:43
CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #896/Payment wizard: Complete Write-Off: [chatting] If I fill in 0,01 in the Payment wizard (for a total of 10), then I get in case of Write-Off the amount for the Write-Off correctly pre ...13:43
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 250:b47a2634b2c7 party/ Fix typo in search_rec_name that created infinite loop13:44
CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #893/Wizards not displayed: So I finally found the problem: It was caused by setting Options/Form/Toolbar to disabled. This also makes disappear the (tool)bar for the wizard ...14:02
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CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1231:dc4c287ddb33 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Set default digits to (16, 2)15:56
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1232:34b5393ee0ab tryton/tryton/ (2 files in 2 dirs):15:56
CIA-10tryton: Fix digits tests for float entries15:56
CIA-10tryton: It now uses string value instead of float to avoid float imprecision15:56
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 303:bf5190c91323 account_invoice/ Add lines to pay as default lines if the payment amount is zero for issue89616:00
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #896/Payment wizard: Complete Write-Off: [resolved] Fix with changeset bf5190c9132316:00
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CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 412:cffef73702c3 account/ Security fix for SQL injection16:26
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 304:ac4d9b48bfbd account_invoice/ Security fix for SQL injection16:30
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CIA-10tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 1673:c27b8afff49c trytond/trytond/ (ir/de_DE.csv res/de_DE.csv webdav/de_DE.csv): Update translation for de_DE16:45
CIA-10tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 139:9eea18bf6d18 company/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE16:46
CIA-10tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 251:5233632eb5f5 party/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE16:46
CIA-10tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 1233:2ff6e43fec17 tryton/share/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/ ( tryton.po): Update translation for de_DE16:47
CIA-10tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 1234:c4e2bad99ffb tryton/: merge16:47
CIA-10tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 305:786d0d1be2f1 account_invoice/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE16:48
CIA-10tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 306:1c809da85407 account_invoice/: merge16:48
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1235:6f5e6ffc89b3 tryton/tryton/gui/ Handle value of 'form.toolbar' at startup for issue89316:57
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1236:119c8a2564f8 tryton/: merge16:57
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #893/Wizards not displayed: [resolved] Fix with changeset 6f5e6ffc89b3. And by the way, do you know you can access to the wizards and reports with shortcuts of: Form>Actions ...16:59
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CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1674:ab8ca5fb0860 trytond/trytond/wizard/ Fix when deleting wizard datas if it doesn't exist17:32
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1675:283792e674d8 trytond/: merge17:32
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carlosHi, Isn't there any way to specify discounts in Tryton's invoices?17:41
carlosno, there is not such feature in the standard Tryton module set17:48
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CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #463/Translation: client doesn't adapt to current users preferences: [resolved] Fix with changeset 4823b257d69717:53
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #526/document shortcuts not displayed and not working on toolbar: [resolved] You can use the shortcuts: Form>Actions... Form>Print... This allow to have access to toolbar functions from the keyboard.17:55
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CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1676:ede67bbcf1d3 trytond/trytond/ (model/ modules/ Add update history table at the end of modules loading for issue88819:14
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #888/__history tables need an update when new modules are activated: [resolved] Fix with changeset ede67bbcf1d319:15
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cristi_ancedk: i started translation and  soon i will be ready....20:31
cristi_anthx to google module20:31
cristi_anBUT it does not matter if this is done on a dev branch version ?20:31
cristi_anso i will be able to export those as files and later commit ?20:31
yangooncristi_an: it *should* be done on dev branch20:32
cristi_anyangoon: ok...but i assume guys add stuffs there20:32
cristi_anso i should synch somehpw20:33
cristi_anmaybe i 2 weeks ...3 there will be more changes20:33
yangooncristi_an: the usual mercurial stuff20:34
yangooncristi_an: try to make a rather complete translation of single repos20:34
cristi_anwhat do you mean ...20:35
yangooncristi_an: and remember that translation in stable will last for half a year20:35
cristi_an"try to make a rather complete translation of single repos" ?20:35
cristi_ani did not understood that20:36
yangoonfirst translate client and server20:36
yangoonthen modules20:36
cristi_anthx for tip20:36
cristi_anhow long did it took for you  ?20:36
cristi_andid you used this google translate thing cedk done ?20:37
yangooncristi_an: it is an everlasting process, but first time I think 1-2 weeks (fewer modules)20:37
yangooncristi_an: no, I don't use it20:38
cristi_anit is very veryy usefull :)20:38
cristi_andid you tried that ?20:38
yangoonbut if you have a good basic translation of some modules the new imporvement will help you a lot20:38
yangoonfrist it doesn't work behind proxy, and  I am20:39
cristi_anregarding accounts....20:39
cristi_anwho did chart of account for germany ?20:39
cristi_anthat is not made public ?20:39
yangoonsecond it will never find correct translations for special items20:40
cristi_anyangoon: that is why i check every term20:40
cristi_anbut a lot of them are ok.20:40
cristi_anand already filled in20:40
yangooncristi_an: i hope so;)20:40
yangoonif they are already filled in, it is not google translate (I think)20:41
yangoonyou have to control, correct and uncheck fuzzy for new items20:42
cristi_anfuzzy means that is not checked as being correct no ?20:42
cristi_anyangoon: google trnaslate fill in the language you choose ....20:43
cristi_anit has the base in english and fill in the desired language the translation as fuzzy20:43
cristi_anso i have to just uncheck fuzzy or correct ...20:44
cristi_anudono: cedk  what char of accounts are ready and working ?20:46
CIA-10tryton: htgoebel roundup * #897/Exception: ('AccessError', 'You try to bypass an access rule (Document type: Unit of measure).'): [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/protocols/", line 48, in run res = dispatch(host, port, 'NetRPC', *msg) F ...21:04
CIA-10tryton: htgoebel roundup * #897/Exception: ('AccessError', 'You try to bypass an access rule (Document type: Unit of measure).'): [chatting] * Add a new unit of measure with a new category. * Save, but keep the window open. * Open new window for the categories and delete the ...21:08
juanfervengfulsquirrel, cedr: I want to create a new page in the wiki, to put the modules tree: ,, but I found that I need to be accepted in the group, there are a posibility?21:08
juanferThis tree could be usefull to make an recursive instalation of the modules.21:17
vengfulsquirreljuanfer: Ha oh wow I didn't realize you meant you were going to make one.  Yeah maybe it should go within another page, I'm not sure which one though.21:17
vengfulsquirrelWhat do you mean recursive install ?21:17
juanferIf you install a module like the sale module, so it must look for just only those modules in the next level, and make the same instalation, and so on.21:18
cristi_anbut that is how it is done no ?21:22
cristi_anthis is how module instalation works21:22
juanferWell not in my instalation.21:24
cristi_anwhat do you mean ?21:24
juanferIt just tell me the dependencies, but doesn't install its, at least it is how work in my instalation.21:25
juanferAnd many of the Dependencies are redundants.21:26
cristi_anwhat os  you have...?21:26
vengfulsquirrelWeird yeah, I don't use the client but I just tried it and it does install the dependencies.  Where did you see that ?21:26
cristi_ani never faced this well...21:26
cristi_anhave you tried to install tryton with .... ?21:27
vengfulsquirrelHa we all love the tryton-dev script apparently.21:27
vengfulsquirrelhe's using debian I think21:27
cristi_anthen is perfect21:28
cristi_anit should work...but he has to install dependecies21:28
vengfulsquirrelHe has it installed, I think he was just prompted to install the modules individually21:29
juanferYes is what I mean, I must to install first the dependencies, but if I like to install by example the module analityc_account, the dependencies marked in the list of Depencencies are not all installed, and doesn't install.21:30
vengfulsquirrelWeird, so if you clicked on mark for installation for the analityc account module and then perform pending installation ... what happened?21:31
cristi_anjuanfer: in the ui modules you have dependecies21:32
cristi_ando you see them ...?21:33
cristi_anfor that module...21:33
cristi_anthen mark for instalation21:33
cristi_anthen perform pending istaltions21:33
cristi_anthen ... refresh21:33
juanferYes it work for analytic_account, hold on, I will try with other one, because yesterday doesn't work well, may be by my fault :-)21:34
cristi_anthis is working ok.....unistall modules is not ...21:35
juanfersorry again my fault, :-)21:36
juanferIt's work, but, the other point is true, there are dependencies en modules that are redundants.21:36
cristi_anwhat do you mean ?21:37
cristi_angive me an example21:37
vengfulsquirrelI don't think it installs them twice though, it might just make sure they are updated.21:39
juanferstock_supply have of dependencies (ir, res, product, stock, purchase, party), and it must look if purchase is instaled, because purchase have the others.21:39
cristi_anno you don't have to look21:39
cristi_anit doesn ot istall a module if is already installed21:39
cristi_anit know how to handle very nicely this problem...21:40
juanferSo I suppouse, that the tree is not so important.21:43
cristi_anwell it is if there is indeed a problem...but i do not see it :)21:44
cristi_anask cedk he masters the project21:44
juanferWell, I think that could be usefull for those that want to understand the modules dependencies, and I pretend to use it to make a mental map in the exploration of the modules.21:46
juanferWell, if I lost time making it, well don't matter to me. :_)21:47
bechameljuanfer: the modules dependencies define more than a tree, it's a directed acyclic graph: ;)21:48
juanferbechamel: well, I understand it, but it is easy to make a series of trees in ascii than a DAG21:50
juanferAt least, I don't know how to make a DAG in ascii21:51
cristi_anbechamel: i got you :)21:51
cristi_anbechamel: what complete chart of accounts there are ?21:51
bechameljuanfer: yes trees are easier21:52
bechamelcristi_an: I don't know, i can tell you the belgian one is not complete and that we would like to complete it before the next release21:53
juanferMay be in graphviz could be easy, in our wiki we have it instaled and work very cool, I will do that there.21:53
cristi_anbechamel: ok. but do you have tryton in live production yet ?21:54
bechamelcristi_an: there is also this one for germany:
cristi_anbechamel: thx21:55
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juanferbechamel: like that
cedkjuanfer: dependencies are not reduntants because in your example you can not always trust that purchase will depend in the futur of those modules22:34
cedkjuanfer: if in a module, you use function or models or any thing else that comes from one module, you must put it as dependency22:35
juanferI suppose that.22:35
cedkjuanfer: for the graph, you can write a report with graphiz like for the workflow22:36
bechameljuanfer: nice22:36
bechamelcedk: or like the models22:37
juanferThere are a way to use graphviz with the workflow?22:37
juanferOr you thing for future develope?22:37
cedkjuanfer: or
cedkjuanfer: one more thing that can be improved is the installation of module from command line as it doesn't resolve dependencies22:39
cedkbut at least it tell you which modules must be installed22:40
juanferYes, I see, It is possible for future dev. make the same with pydot for the modules, as the workflow.22:41
cedkjuanfer: it could be a good starting point to learn Tryton :-)22:42
juanfer:-) Yes is what I'm doing.22:42
cedkcristi_an: if you want your translation in the release 1.2, you must do it before 13 april22:46
cedkcristi_an: and make like yangoon said, first translate tryton and trytond and after start with the main modules like party, country, product, company, ...22:47
cristi_ani will do it22:51
cristi_anthx to...22:51
cristi_angoogle trnasltor22:51
cristi_ancedk: one more thing22:51
cristi_ani have char of account from my old erp22:51
cristi_anand i can export that as csv22:52
cristi_anis there a way if i adapt22:53
cristi_anthe csv file to create a script that will import automatically in tryton22:53
cristi_anthe chart of accounts ?22:53
cedkcristi_an: you must create an xml file23:02
cristi_ancarlos started on wiki some guide23:03
cristi_anbut is not helpfull at this stage for me yet23:03
cristi_anas it is now23:03
cristi_ani will ask you more when i will start doing it23:09
cristi_anfirs i want to resolve the translation23:10
cristi_anafter 1.2 i will so the chart of accounts as well23:10

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