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ctp__hi folks. anyone has a hint, whats going wrong here? trytond is running but when i try to create the initial database using the client i always get the postgresql error: "Indent authentication failed for user root". Why user root? I am documenting the stuff under
ctp__anyone here can take a look at the last 2 screenshots?10:40
cedkctp__: I suppose you start trytond with the root user10:43
cedkctp__: and it can not connect to postgresql10:44
ctp__cedk: argh, thats right ;-) mni thx10:44
ctp__btw, anyone here interested in writing a wikipedia article for the german and english wikipedia? i wanna start it next days.10:49
ctp__tryton needs some pr ;-)10:49
bechamelctp__: all the wikipedia link are nofollow iirc10:50
ctp__bechamel: that's right. but in my experience the articles on help to grow the popularity of a project. for seo purposes you're right ;-)10:53
cedkctp__: and we could be in
cedkctp__: but I think as writers, it is not allowed to edit his own page10:54
cedkctp__: but you can:-)10:54
ctp__cedk: what do you mean with "it is not allowed to edit his own page"? own wiki articles?10:55
cedkctp__: yes, an article about yourself10:56
cedkctp__: as the goal of wikipedia is to be objective10:56
ctp__ah, ok. i understand.10:56
cedkctp__: so we are not objective people as we are the main devs10:57
ctp__i'll begin one next week, so you can take a look at ;-)10:57
cedkctp__: yes great11:02
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ctp__hm, is there any usable tryton documentation for newbies? starting with the demo is ok but where to begin on an own installation ;-) ?11:35
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bechamelctp__: except the wiki i don't know any11:38
ctp__bechamel, hmhm11:39
bechamelctp__: maybe on tryton.origo.ethz.ch11:39
cedkctp__: you mean for installation or for use11:44
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ctp__cedk: i mean for use11:49
ctp__cedk: hmhm, maybe installation too ;-)11:50
cedkctp__: this is quite complicated because the system is very customisable so there is too much possibility of use11:50
cedkctp__: for installation, there is several pages on the wiki11:51
yangoonctp__: hi11:51
yangoonctp__: there is one use case on origo11:51
ctp__yangoon: i'm reading it ;-)11:51
yangoonctp__: but we are waiting for a great documenter like you;)11:52
yangoonctp__: can I put a link on origo to your installation hints on asconix?11:53
ctp__yangoon: i'm creating a simple howto in my wiki and wanna cover the standard processes. but have some trouble to get started on ;-)11:53
ctp__yangoon: sure, the docs are for public ;-)11:54
yangoonctp__: very well done, great11:54
yangoonctp__: just what is needed for beginners11:54
ctp__yangoon: thx ;-)11:55
CIA-81tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1687:210883ca9b1b trytond/trytond/model/ Enforce uniq name of table alias in join for order statements11:55
CIA-81tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1688:800d07c239ba trytond/: merge11:55
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CIA-81tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1689:681bf363f0a6 trytond/trytond/model/ Add missing quote in order_calc12:18
CIA-81tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1690:89e70a3f9436 trytond/trytond/model/ Fix the table name of the second join with inherit fields in order_calc12:18
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cristi_ani created a new location, a purchase on that location...but i can;t find the packings it disaperead14:24
cristi_anmaybe i do something wrong ?14:24
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cedkcristi_an: the purchase don't create packings/shipments because you don't know how the supplier will send you14:25
cedkcristi_an: so you must create a Supplier packing/shipment and add lines from your purchase14:26
cristi_ancedk: you are right :)14:26
cristi_anmy fault14:26
cristi_ani am learing the systemmm14:26
cristi_anwhen i selected ...supplier and location i was able to create...14:27
cristi_anbut there is a constraint error i get14:27
cristi_ansince i placed the same location for all 3 ..input zone stock outputzone.14:28
cedkcristi_an: you must not create but search14:28
cedkcristi_an: with the add button14:28
cristi_ani searched...14:28
cristi_anand a just...added what i found...14:28
cristi_ani am able to adjust if what i received is nto as on invoice...14:28
cristi_anbut for that we need a later report for differences no ?14:29
cristi_anhowever....whay do i have to defin necesarily 3 zones ?14:29
cristi_anmayeb my firm want to have only stock...and that;s all14:29
cedkcristi_an: it depends of the invoice method you choice on purchase14:30
cristi_anwell this kind of details i need to find write the manual...14:31
cedkcristi_an: and if you enter that you receive less product than a new line for the missing product is created14:31
cristi_anreally ?14:31
cristi_anand whare i can see that line or check14:31
cristi_antryton seems...small but it has a lot of login behind....14:32
cedkcristi_an: login ???14:32
bechamellogic maybe14:32
cristi_anbechamel: you read between the lines14:33
carloscedk: with small login timeouts, you also has a lot of logins to do ;-)14:33
cedkcarlos: if you don't work :-)14:34
carloscedk: yeah, it's a way to prevent people to stop working :-P14:34
cristi_ancarlos: indeed :)14:34
bechamelcristi_an: with you I train my decyphering skills14:34
carlosthat + complicated passwords14:35
cedkcarlos: you can increase it in trytond.conf: session_timeout14:35
carloscedk: I was not complaining, it was just a joke. I already changed it to three hours14:36
cristi_andecraese...he want more logins :)14:36
cedkcarlos: yes I understood but it is in case you don't know it14:36
carlosand I like that feature, Tryton data is too important to leave it open ;-)14:36
cristi_anwe need that...soon CIA wil use it14:37
carlosACTION wonders whether setting 1 second timeout  would allow you to do any work :-P14:37
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cristi_anif you are fast en14:37
cristi_ancough :)14:37
carlosindeed :-P14:38
carlosanyway, time to have lunch, see you later14:38
cristi_anwhere can i change purchase type14:38
cristi_anis this comapny based or location based14:38
bechamelcarlos: if the connection is really slow 1sec is not enough even to send the password itself14:38
cedkcarlos: and one more important thing is that the cleard password is never stored14:38
cristi_ani'd rather ...say it is location based...14:38
cedkcarlos: and we clear it as soon as possible from the memory of the client14:39
carloscedk: indeed14:39
carloscedk: that 'feature' is the one that allowed me to know about Tryton ;-)14:39
carlosI was looking for a way to fix that in OpenERP once I was told about it, and someone pointed to Tryton14:39
cedkcarlos: I worked for security company, so I'm aware of this kind of things :-)14:40
cristi_ani was left outside :(14:41
cedkcristi_an: for?14:41
cedkcristi_an: ha the three locations?14:41
carlosbechamel: so you are asked for your password again while you are sending it ? :-P14:41
cristi_ani was asking...where i can specify purhcase type14:42
carlosACTION -> lunch14:42
bechamelcarlos: don't know, never tried14:42
carlosbechamel: I'm not so bored, I will leave such test for later :-P14:42
bechamelcarlos: me too14:42
cedkcarlos: it is "Invoice Method" on the "Other Info" tabs14:42
cedkcristi_an: it is "Invoice Method" on the "Other Info" tabs14:42
cristi_ancedk: company or where ?14:44
cedkbechamel, carlos: I just try it, you must login on each action and you can not open the menu14:44
cedkcristi_an: on purchase14:44
cedkcristi_an: but you can define a other default value with the right click on the field14:45
cristi_anvery nice14:45
cristi_anall this ahs to be written somewhere :)14:46
cristi_ando you haev a special format desired ?14:46
cedkcristi_an: ReST14:46
cristi_ani would like while i learn to wirite this...not as a novell but more like what every option means...14:46
cristi_anwhere can i find more about that..?14:47
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cedkcristi_an: I think you should make one documentation per module14:49
cedkcristi_an: and only talk about the module in it14:50
cristi_anthat is what i intend14:50
cristi_anand i start with base..14:50
cedkand things like default value with right click must be in client doc14:50
cristi_anthen maybe party ,company...14:50
cedkand I think it is already14:50
cristi_anwhere ?14:50
cedkcristi_an: yes, show us early like that we can discuss about it14:51
cedkcristi_an: in tryton/doc/*14:51
cristi_anyou mean client docs14:51
cristi_ani was talking about modules...14:51
cristi_anpictures would like to have in the...manual ?14:51
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cedkcristi_an: I don't think it is good to have pictures in doc like screenshot and so on, because it difficult to keep it updated14:53
cedkcristi_an: it is better to have general information and perhaps graphs14:53
cristi_angraphs ...yes14:53
cristi_ani need to know more about them...14:54
cristi_anis tehre some special editor...for rest thing...?14:55
cedkcristi_an: by graph I mean schema14:55
cristi_ansince bechamel that link is tons of docs and links..14:55
cristi_anif i read that all first we will have manul next year :)14:56
cristi_ancedk: schema ? you do not mean ...from Draft to Wait ,assigned etc stuff ?14:56
cedkcristi_an: I don't know where it can be useful, but I mean instead of screenshot, schema is better14:57
cedkcristi_an: and the best is no graphical stuff14:57
bechamelcristi_an: the doc under  "User Documentation" are a good start14:57
cedkcristi_an: like this:
cristi_ancedk: do you want to suggest me with what modules i shoud start.15:00
cristi_anor the order of the modules15:00
cedkcristi_an: I think you can start with party15:02
cristi_anoki...i switch to linux to ....see what is the rest thing...15:03
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cedkcristi_an: for Rest edition, you can use any text editor15:08
cristi_ani see15:08
cristi_ani need one with spell checking15:09
cristi_an:) :)15:10
cedkcristi_an: perhaps gEdit ?15:10
cristi_anyou want me to broke my fingers ?15:10
cristi_anis ok.15:11
cristi_ani am in tryton doc15:15
cristi_anthere are ...some rst docs15:15
cristi_anbechamel: is this for ubuntu ?15:24
cristi_ansince soem steps i can do since path is missing15:24
cristi_anlike Place rst.lang in ~/.gnome2/gtksourceview-1.0/language-specs/15:24
bechamelcristi_an: just create them15:24
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cristi_ani see that there i have a sample of stock module15:44
cristi_anbased on this rst file...then is possbile to generate some kind of site doc..with search ?15:45
cedkcristi_an: yes15:46
bechamelcristi_an: the search box comes with sphinx:
cristi_anthis was one thing i noticed open erp took from tryton ...15:47
cristi_anthis doc like ... generation ...but i may be wrong..15:48
cristi_anor is very common is python communities..15:53
cristi_ani installed plugins for gedit16:00
cristi_annow i saw some docs on server side.16:00
cristi_anhow can i generatea and test how it looks what i will write...?16:00
cristi_ando i need a web server to deploy ...locally the site and so16:00
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cedkcristi_an: sphinx-build doc/ doc/16:02
cedkACTION lunch16:03
cristi_anbon apetite16:04
cristi_anbechamel: there is no apt-get sphinx16:16
cristi_anonly zip package ?16:16
bechamelcristi_an: all python packages are prefixed with python-*16:17
cristi_anhad no clue...16:17
bechamelso it's python-sphinx16:17
cristi_aneach hour i learn something new16:17
bechamelbtw apt-cache search is your friend16:18
cristi_anno python-sphinx so i install with easy install16:20
bechamelcristi_an: on which distribution ?16:20
cristi_anubuntu 8.0416:22
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bechamelcristi_an: already outdated :)16:23
cristi_anwhat do you mean ?16:24
cristi_anshould i change it ?:)16:24
bechamelcristi_an: yes or try to update your distro16:25
bechamelcristi_an: but will be quickly bored16:25
bechamelcristi_an: no-versionned distro are better imo16:26
cristi_anexample of ?16:26
cristi_ani have a laptop that i can use for that scope...16:26
bechamelcristi_an: i have a debian testing but gentoo is also non-versionned16:29
cristi_ani'll stuck for a while with 8.04...16:30
cristi_aninstalling again all step behind...16:30
cristi_anis this a show stopper when it comes run.devlop tryton ?16:31
cristi_anif i can do that in less the 3h it would be gr816:31
cristi_anbu ti doubt that :)16:32
bechamelcristi_an: if you are ok with easy_install it's ok16:32
bechamelcristi_an: it's just something to think about he next times you install a distribution16:32
cristi_anbechamel: i have no clue what you talk about :) what is the diff between a version based and the other ?16:33
cristi_ani install
cristi_anthis ...if you really say is is better...for me16:33
cristi_ani trust you ...:)16:33
cristi_anbtw....debian is 5.0 :)16:34
bechamelcristi_an: it's just that the packages are updated continuously16:34
cristi_anis that not versioned ?16:34
bechamelcristi_an: yes debian stable is versioned16:35
cristi_anso ?16:36
bechamelcristi_an: it's a matter of repository actualy16:36
bechamelcristi_an: in /etc/apt/source.list16:36
bechamelcristi_an: if the repository is linked to a version the package will not be updated (except security fix)16:36
cristi_anso 8.04 has a repository that is not updated anymore ?16:37
bechamelcristi_an: ... except for security16:39
cristi_anso to understand ...8.04 has it;s own repository.... and debian no matter version has a common repository16:41
bechamelcristi_an: no there are distinct repo in debian16:42
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bechamelcristi_an: but the testing and sid repo are always evolving16:42
cristi_ansid repo ?16:43
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bechamelcristi_an: sid is the development version16:45
cristi_anbechamel: 8.04 has support unitl 201116:48
cristi_ani just spoke on romanian ubuntu channel16:48
bechamelcristi_an: ... for security fixes16:48
cristi_anfully...not only security updates...16:48
bechamelcristi_an: so ask them why sphinx is missing16:48
cristi_ani do now16:49
cristi_anbut bechamel  you will end up with you debian someday as well ....changing ....16:50
cristi_ansince you said that is as welll "n: no there are distinct repo in debian"16:50
cristi_anso if version 5 has it;s own repo...16:51
bechamelcristi_an: yes there a several stable repo, one testing and one sid16:51
cristi_anthen ==> version 6....with it's own repo....and repo nr 5 will not be maitained...16:51
cristi_anso i do not see a diff betweeen a ubuntu and a debian this case... (only that maybe 8.04 is old) ?16:55
cristi_anlike debian 4 ? :)16:56
bechamelcristi_an: testing and sid always evolve, and from time to time a new stable is created16:56
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cedkbechamel: I think this is not really that, it is more after sometimes the testing is become stable16:57
cedkbechamel: you can not compare this to the Gentoo way16:58
bechamelcedk: yes but if i use "testing" in my source.list i will always have evolving packages16:58
cristi_anfrom my point of view thre is no diff between ubuntu and debian...16:58
bechamelcedk: yes it's not like gentoo, i was only talking about the fact that it's not needed to re-install16:59
CIA-81tryton: matb roundup * #903/trytond: check for permissions of conf file: [new] If trytond cannot read trytond.conf given as command line parameter --config (i.e. due to lacking permission settings), it silently starts j ...17:00
cristi_ansudo apt-get dist-upgrade :)17:02
bechamelcristi_an: did you had an answer about sphinx ?17:02
cristi_anhe told me that new pakceges indeed are not17:03
cristi_anthey are added only on latest version od distr17:03
CIA-81tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 527:30680c9bd38c stock/delivery_note.odt: Use Liberation fonts17:12
CIA-81tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 528:1c645f17a984 stock/ ( picking_list.odt): Improve move sorting on Picking List report17:12
CIA-81tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 529:f2580d99a12f stock/picking_list.odt: Added missing pagebreak17:12
CIA-81tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 530:94b557cd6cbc stock/ (4 files): Added restocking reports17:12
CIA-81tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1691:a981490f35e2 trytond/trytond/ (
CIA-81tryton: Be more restrictive with error in configuration file for issue90317:16
CIA-81tryton: Add logging message when there is no configuration file17:16
CIA-81tryton: ced roundup * #903/trytond: check for permissions of conf file: [resolved] Fix with changeset a981490f35e217:16
cristi_anbechamel: it is about this... stable, testing and unstable that debian has....17:16
cristi_ansomebody explained to me a little17:17
cristi_anbut ubuntu has as well "_ansudo apt-get dist-upgrade"17:17
cristi_anfinnaly i understood....17:21
cristi_anbut using testing ...from a new version to an old not ...imporpely...17:21
cristi_anlet's say you use testing from 5 on a 4 stable version...17:22
bechamelcristi_an: I don't understand you17:26
cristi_anfor each version there are 3 stable testing and unstable....? or stable is versioned only ?17:27
cristi_anand you use testing ?17:27
bechamelcristi_an: stable is versioned17:28
bechameland i use testing17:28
cristi_anthat make sense...17:28
cristi_anbu that is ok for development17:28
cristi_anbut not for ...a prod env..17:28
cristi_anbechamel: you said "yes but if i use "testing" in my source.list i will always have evolving packages"17:30
cristi_anyou actually use...testing...17:30
cristi_annon only in your souce.list17:31
bechamelcristi_an: where else ?17:32
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cristi_an"testing" i understood is a distribution....17:33
cristi_anit soudned like in stables souces.list you can put testings source.list17:33
cedkI have this for the tax.rule code:17:34
cedkcomment are welcome17:34
cedkI tried to make it as generic as possible17:34
cedkand there is here only to interesting part of code17:36
bechamelcedk: you may swith if's on lines 37 and 39, the latter is quicker, isn't it ?17:39
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cristi_anbechamel: you made me crazy  :)17:44
cristi_anshould i install debian...testing then ?17:45
cristi_ani will nto have problems with ...repository or upgrades ?17:45
bechamelcristi_an: did you tried to easy_install sphinx ?17:45
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cristi_anyes...that was the easy part :)17:49
cristi_ani will do an upgrade to ubuntu 8.1017:50
cedkbechamel: no, because we need to test if it matches before return value17:50
cedkbechamel: test on line 39 is for the case if the rule line has not tax17:50
bechamelcedk: ok17:51
cristi_anwhat the ....f....17:52
cristi_an8.10 enhancements and is maintained until 201017:52
bechamelcristi_an: maybe you should wait for 9.0417:53
cristi_anbut ubuntu users on each two years...17:53
cristi_anhave to upgrade they version ?17:54
cristi_anto have up to date repositories17:54
cristi_aneven windows...does this better17:54
bechamelcristi_an: i don't know a lot of people that need cutting edge softwares17:57
bechameland btw with windows there are no centralized update17:58
cristi_aneach version has...on windows it won update center17:58
CIA-81tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 531:55eaac7f9031 stock/ (internal_packing.odt packing.xml): Added internal packing Report18:07
cristi_anupgrate to 8.10 :) ...mayeb i ruinmay system18:08
cristi_anruin my18:08
vengfulsquirrelWhat are you running now ?18:09
cristi_anvengfulsquirrel: there is update tool18:09
cristi_anbut i just canceled...18:09
cristi_ani w8 for 9 version18:10
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carloscristi_an: I'm using 9.04 right now18:47
carloswell, the rc18:47
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cristi_anand is ok ?19:39
cristi_ancedk: for the look and feel of tryton site19:49
cristi_anwhat did you do...when generating docs19:50
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cristi_anbechamel: do you know ? for the tryton look and feel colors etc20:10
cristi_anwhat is done suplementary ?20:10
vengfulsquirrelAre you creating docs?20:10
cristi_ani try to write docs  ,i start with party module20:11
cristi_anin this way i learn better what features tryton has..and others will leran as well after...20:12
vengfulsquirrelTranslate or write ?  Are you creating them with sphinx ?20:15
cristi_anwell translation has to be ready until....13 April..20:15
cristi_ani am not able to do that so fast20:16
cristi_anso i'd better create docs for modules....20:16
cristi_an(yes with sphinx)20:16
cristi_anvengfulsquirrel: do you know where the sources for the site is ?20:31
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vengfulsquirrelcristi_an: Maybe here:
cristi_anvengfulsquirrel: i guess yes...20:34
cristi_anhow did you know ..where...20:34
cristi_anwith cvs...or svn20:34
cristi_ani manage to browse repositiories since i had ...visula tools20:34
cristi_anbut with hg iam totally disaster20:34
vengfulsquirrelits at the bottom20:34
cristi_angot it...20:35
cristi_anhg generates this site ?20:35 ?20:35
vengfulsquirrelI'm not sure but yeah probably something from hg let's you serve repositories from a directory.20:36
cristi_ani like this kin dof stuff cedk organized...with following bugs,repositories,following changes...20:37
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cristi_ancedk: bechamel  those t2t files what extensions are ?21:05
cristi_ani got iy text2tags21:08
cristi_anwonder where you discouver all these open source projects :)21:09
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carlosikks: hi, are you around?21:30
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cristi_ancedk: when module aprty is described ...22:00
cristi_ani should mention it's dependencies ?22:00
ikkscarlos yes, I'm here22:00
udonocristi_an: hi22:23
udonocristi_an: do you know
cristi_anudono: no i did not knwo abot this...22:27
cristi_anthx for pointing this...22:27
cristi_anwondered why cedk did not mentioned this to me22:27
carlosikks: hi22:41
carlosikks: I started with the translation revision22:41
carlosikks: how do you want to handle it?22:41
carlosjust publish it as mercurial branches so you can take a look and approve/merge my changes?22:42
ikksI was just wondering how would be the best way, juanfer just made a bundle for the client.22:43
carlosgiven that you are the one with access to commit those changes, is your call :-P22:47
ikkscarlos I gues the bundle would be just perfect22:47
ikksI'll write down this on the wiki22:47
ikksAnd we have to make a sync page for all the translators22:48
ikkswith the chosen translations22:48
carlosyeah, we talked about it, but didn't have time...22:48
carlosin fact, I don't have time, but there are many terms that are not correct in Spain (not sure in your country)22:49
ikksI didn't take the time to do it either :(22:49
carlosand we are moving to use Tryton already, so I also need to fix the translations22:49
carlosikks: for instance, do you know what's an 'Abono'?22:49
ikksAbono is the first part of a payment.22:50
ikkswhen you buy something payment in advance22:51
carloshmm, right, but that's not the context  I'm talking about (my fault)22:51
carlosin Spain, Credit Note is an abono22:51
ikksWe call it here Nota Crédito22:52
carlos'Nota de crédito' means nothing here22:52
carlosok, so this is going to be difficult....22:52
carlosbecause we need to have different terminology...22:52
carlosin fact, in Spain is 'Factura de abono'22:53
carlosbut I guess it still means nothing to you ...22:54
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cristi_anudono: get_full_address and full_address = fields.Function('get_full_address', type='text') are used somewhere ?23:00
cristi_anfrom what i see they are not used ...but i ask to see if i have searched correctly23:00
cristi_anor cedk or bechamel23:00
bechamelcristi_an: maybe in reports23:01
ikksyes carlos, it sounds nothing :(23:02
carlosikks: anyway, I guess we could still do that wiki page and identify the differences. For next development version, I will see how could we fix the fact that the standard Spanish translation is 'es_ES' instead of 'es' so we could use our specific terms but still share other general ones23:02
ikksWell, we have to use l10n, not just i18n for those issues.23:02
cristi_anbechamel:  my eclipse (you grep) search did not find in reports neither23:02
ikksACTION agrees with carlos23:02
bechamelcristi_an: eclipse is able to search in odt files ?23:04
bechamelcristi_an: i checked, full_adress is used in label.odt23:06
cristi_anthen it seems it does not know :)23:06
cristi_anhow did you searched23:08
cristi_an(don;t tell me emacs : ) )23:08
bechamelcristi_an: :D23:08
bechamelcristi_an: i opened the file with emacs yes23:09
bechamelcristi_an: but it was a wild guess not a search23:09
cristi_ansince even if i search in files with nautilus...23:09
cristi_ani did not discovered23:09
bechamelcristi_an: odf are just zipped xml files actually23:11
bechamelcristi_an: 9.04 is approaching:
cristi_an26 days :)23:13
cristi_anthere are mean comments there related to ubuntu...23:14
cristi_anpeople are bad :)23:14
carloscristi_an: I think beagle or tracker would allow you to find it23:23
carlosthey index file contents23:23
cristi_ancarlos: thx23:24
cristi_an;) helpufull23:31
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cristi_ancedk: bechamel: (if you do not sleep)23:57
cristi_an def search_rec_name(self, cursor, user, name, args, context=None):23:57
cristi_ani understood is used for example on create packings..23:57
cristi_anand when i enter first letter from an address to retrive the ids  def search_rec_name(self, cursor, user, name, args, context=None):23:57
cristi_anbut in that code...i also notice23:58
cristi_an  args2.append(('party', args[i][1], args[i][2]))23:58
cristi_anif there are no ids...found...23:59
cristi_anwhy ?23:59
cristi_ani have expected to retunr nothing23:59

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