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cedkcarlos: open_date is only defined in account_invoice_history00:23
carlosoh, I didn't know it, then your patch makes sense00:24
carloscedk: thanks for the clarification00:24
carlosgood night !!!00:28
CIA-81tryton: ced roundup * #908/DETAIL: Key (invoice_address)=(10) is not present in table "party_address".: This issue is linked to issue858 and issue848. I'm thinking about a better approach for handling SQL integrity errors with lost of performance. He ...00:31
CIA-81tryton: ced roundup * #858/CONTEXT: SQL statement "UPDATE ONLY "public"."company_employee" SET "company" = NULL WHERE $1 OPERATOR(pg_catalog.=) "company"": [closed] See issue90800:31
CIA-81tryton: ced roundup * #848/IntegrityError: Deleting an invoice line: [closed] See issue90800:32
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CIA-81tryton: default * 1243:786cf9d6802e tryton/share/locale/es_ES/LC_MESSAGES/ Compiled version of spanish adds05:38
CIA-81tryton: default * 1244:0a379f12bcee tryton/share/locale/es_ES/LC_MESSAGES/tryton.po: Adds to spanish translation05:38
CIA-81tryton: Igor T?mara <> default * 1245:d52e3a904fbf tryton/share/locale/es_ES/LC_MESSAGES/ ( tryton.po): Review of client translation to spanish05:38
ikksjuanfer, you should better use the [ui] option so you name appears on commits06:02
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CIA-81tryton: htgoebel roundup * #882/Can not create datebase (workflow.transition): The typical Python pattern for this is: try: from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup except ImportError: BeautifulSoup = None ... if Beau ...10:21
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CIA-81tryton: * r481 /wiki/ Added myself to the test team12:13
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cristi_anTimitos: i did not see you from long time13:25
Timitoscristi_an: hi. i have been on vacation last week13:28
cristi_annice...i need one too :)13:28
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carloscedk: hi, around?14:44
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CIA-81tryton: matb roundup * #848/IntegrityError: Deleting an invoice line: I don't think, that this is the same problem as issue908. Invoice lines generated by sales/purchases shouldn't be possible to edit. This is curre ...14:56
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cristi_ancedk: i rather as here then in google group...:15:01
cristi_anit is about client controls..15:01
cristi_ani will need in the near future, some custom behaviourt for tables15:02
cristi_anfor entering data in tables...15:02
cristi_anis possible to do such a thing ?15:02
cristi_an(i am not asking you to do it ,just ask if possible)15:03
cristi_ansince here account moves  are introduces like this:15:03
cristi_anaccount  %15:03
cristi_an              account15:03
CIA-81tryton: ced roundup * #848/IntegrityError: Deleting an invoice line: No, the invoice line must not be deletable but can be edited.15:10
cedkcristi_an: I don't understand15:12
cristi_ancedk: acounnt moves...i have to make a faster way to introduce them, now for me is confusing and i just can;t do it usign only keyboard15:14
cristi_ando you know this sing used by accountants %15:14
cedkcristi_an: no15:15
Timitoscristi_an: i also noticed that there is missing a fast way for encoding account moves. there is only account_statement. this is good for account_moves having to do with payments. but there are some other moves that need to be entered. we need another solution for this. it should be a module that has only account as dependency15:16
cristi_anTimitos: somethign like you say....15:17
cedkcristi_an: still don't understand15:17
cristi_anin my samlpe you enter once the number of the documet data and then after you enter % (which means with following) you enter just account and sums15:18
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Timitoscristi_an: in germany we have a different way of entering account_moves. its a bit like account_statement15:19
cedkcristi_an: I don't see any gain in this method15:20
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cristi_anthat is a sample off acoutn moves15:21
cristi_anas you see there you enter first line  33 101 % 1000015:22
cristi_anthen after that lines you see you enter just credit account and sum...15:23
cristi_anand on the last position you can even have the sume of debit and credit equalized automatically15:23
cristi_ani am not saying you to do that...i ask how difficult is this to be done15:25
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Timitoscristi_an: i think you need to create a module like account_statement. what you show in the picture is just a way to enter account moves. from this lines the real account moves and account move lines must be created. so this is the way the user will enter the moves. but tryton would need to store them in another way.15:36
cristi_anof just a way to enter accoun tmoves15:37
cristi_anTimitos: but i do not know how this is possible to be done15:38
cristi_ansince client acts like a browser15:38
cristi_anand there i do not know how to enter new behaviour or new controls15:38
cristi_ancause i thibk this is practically another way of entring data...15:40
Timitoscristi_an: look at account_statement. there you enter data and in the end, when you post the statement the real account moves are created. so there is a function that creates the real account moves from the data entered by the user. it is quite similar to your solution.15:41
cristi_anis this on wind demo version ?15:42
cristi_ansince ...i do not have  linux ..until i will reisntall it :(15:42
Timitoscristi_an: i am not sure15:43
carloscedk: I'm tryting to adapt the Spanish chart of accounts to the new tax system and I'm having some troubles to get a chart of accounts modification applied. The first step I did is to stop using tax groups in my tax definition, but when I try a module upgrade, the new .xml is not being imported, any hint?15:44
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ctphi folks. anyone here can take a look at this error message (importing modules):
ctpany hints?15:50
Timitosctp: account_be is a not up to date module. you should not use it15:53
Timitosctp: i heard that cedk will update it soon. but i donĀ“t know when15:54
ctpTimitos: ah, ok. hm, do you know how to install all modules except accounting_be? used trytond -i all -d dbname for all15:57
Timitosctp: delete the module from your modules directory :-)15:58
cristi_anctp: but how did you end up using that module ?15:58
cristi_anctp: you installed alll15:58
carloscedk: found the answer, the update doesn't take care of attribute removals, only about additions or modifications15:59
ctpTimitos: good idea ;-)16:00
ctpcristi_an: did you begin with ror ? ;-)16:01
cristi_anwell yes.....:)  but i want to do so many things...and i have so little time16:01
ctpcristi_an: same here ;-)16:02
ctp/dev/day: no space left on device ;-)16:03
cristi_ani widh i do tryton,ror, but i still have a regular job....16:03
cristi_anstarted reading ruby beofre sleep :)16:03
cristi_anctp:forget to i have as well :)16:03
cristi_anctp: there is a guy called raphael valyi....big fan of ruby...16:07
cristi_anyou should exchange ideas with him ;)16:07
cristi_anhe said it is a pitty open erp and tryton are not wirtten in ruby...(for more info or why ask him :) )16:08
ctp ?16:09
cristi_an:) so you know him16:09
cristi_anbut he has some interesting thing on google groups..ii just can;t find thta :(16:10
ctpcristi_an: as i mentioned, i know topix well and like their component strategy and their cti implementation. cti is great ;-)16:10
cristi_anctp: so you know topix ?16:11
cristi_ani thought you just...know that it exists...and you like16:12
ctpcristi_an: i worked with topix last year exensively. so i know it from users view16:12
cristi_anthey haev a custom framework i guess.16:14
cristi_anbaes on what lang ?16:14
ctpcristi_an: c16:14
ctpcristi_an: it's about 25 years developing work in their product ;-)16:15
cedkcristi_an: did you try to enter move from "Financial Management>Entries>Open Journal" ?16:23
cristi_ancedk:  not ...but i do right now...16:24
cedkcristi_an: so I think I understand better your words16:25
cedkTimitos: you must also try it if not16:26
CIA-81tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1246:0d198ea5ce00 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/ Scroll to cell after setting cursor on list16:26
CIA-81tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1247:53f6fb491f9c tryton/: merge16:26
Timitoscedk: i will do16:27
cristi_ancedk: where should i try it ?16:27
cristi_anin wind demo16:27
cedkcristi_an: where you want16:27
cristi_anyou last commit is not related to this ?16:28
cedkcristi_an: it is just a little improvment, not absolutly necessary16:29
cedkpanthera: could we add you on for Debian?16:32
cristi_ancedk: mayeb i do not know how to use it :( since the focus jumps,and new line is added when i selcted has a strange behaviuor...(i use demo win version)16:32
cristi_anit may be beacuse i use windows or because i do not know how to enter data manually16:33
cristi_anfro keyboard16:33
cedkcristi_an: I don't understand16:35
pantheracedk: sure :)16:41
cedkpanthera: did you have access to the wiki?16:42
pantheracedk: no16:45
cedkpanthera: do you have a google account? Like that you can add your-self on the wiki page :-)16:48
CIA-81tryton: Timitos roundup * #909/problem when updating existing databases with changeset 413:9fbc513a9e60: [new] when in the databases account_invoice_line records exist the deletion of the account_tax_group "VAT" is not possible. the update breaks. th ...17:03
CIA-81tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 415:12e9e8af484c account/ Fix test on journal and period in context for new depends behavior17:10
CIA-81tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1248:729eb9cac3a7 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/list_gtk/ Add test before using current_model17:12
CIA-81tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1249:5ae3b60273e2 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/list_gtk/ Call set_cursor after excape in editabletree if there is still records17:12
CIA-81tryton: ced roundup * #909/problem when updating existing databases with changeset 413:9fbc513a9e60: [resolved] We don't want to keep this tax group as it is to simplistic.17:14
CIA-81tryton: Timitos roundup * #909/problem when updating existing databases with changeset 413:9fbc513a9e60: [chatting] this is great and i understand that. but we need to keep this tax group as existing databases cannot be updated correctly without this ...17:16
pantheracedk: apparently, even with logged in google account, i cannot edit the page.17:18
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CIA-81tryton: * r482 /wiki/ Add Daniel Baumann for Debian17:19
pantherathat wiki is strange to me, somehow17:19
CIA-81tryton: ced roundup * #909/problem when updating existing databases with changeset 413:9fbc513a9e60: The database is updated correctly and there is just a message that says it can not delete this record because it is used. So the user must correct ...17:21
cedkpanthera: you must give me your google account, I will give you write access17:22
CIA-81tryton: Timitos roundup * #909/problem when updating existing databases with changeset 413:9fbc513a9e60: ok. then this is a different bug related with this situation: [Sun Mar 29 17:28:19 2009] INFO:convert:Deleting [Sun Mar 29 17 ...17:29
CIA-81tryton: carlos roundup * #909/problem when updating existing databases with changeset 413:9fbc513a9e60: I had exactly the same problem, and had to fix it manually, moving all taxes to the None group and then, remove the tax one and another one I crea ...17:34
carloscedk: Could we move the Tryton's wiki to a real wiki? now that you talk about it, I remember to talk with you about it17:35
carloscedk: I could host it if you don't want to care about it17:36
cedkcarlos: it is a wiki17:36
carloscedk: well, the one from google is quite... special17:37
CIA-81tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1692:0f0dd843beb4 trytond/trytond/tools/ Remove str on exception and use traceback.format_exception for issue90917:39
CIA-81tryton: ced roundup * #909/problem when updating existing databases with changeset 413:9fbc513a9e60: [resolved] Fix with changeset 0f0dd843beb417:39
cedkcarlos: I don't find. And I find it has good stuff like subversion as backend17:41
carlosI think it's useful for a small set of pages17:41
carlosbut if it starts growing, I don't think it will be so useful, with a regular wiki you can control the structure of the wiki17:42
carlosmaybe is just that I'm not used to the google one, but I don't see it handling something big like or wiki.openbravo.com17:43
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cedkcarlos: but we don't want to have a big wiki, it is only for devs18:32
carlosso howtos and faqs will be using the standard documentation system in Tryton?18:34
udonocedk: carlos, panthera: for me the wiki is ok for dev and admin centric stuff we collect there. More I would like to see a good trac instance for this, because of hyperref to issues, changesets etc. for better planning. But status quo is quite ok for the target audience.18:38
udonoBut for user-audience I think we need something completely different. More sophisticated, nice and user-centric with How-tos and Tutorials, I think. This point is very missing and we should improove this I find. For this we need a collaboration engine which can handle different languages and a good and common WIKI Engine, too.18:39
juanferhello all, I want to print (see) the sale's workflow, but after go Administration->Workflow->Workflows->Sale workflow them select in the menu plugin->Execute plugins... Print workflow there appear me a dialog with "!  No workflow defined!", it is an error, or how I define a workflow?18:44
rmujuanfer: try opening a sale order, and then execute the plugin18:47
juanferrmu k19:12
CIA-81tryton: * r483 /wiki/ latest vatnumber requires python-soappy for VIES support19:20
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CIA-81tryton: matb roundup * #890/Translation: module test: [chatting] -i all still installs module tests, at least translation strings appear in a new database.21:05
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yangoonpopularity of tryton rapidly growing;)
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cristi_ancedk: related to enter account moves in OpenJournal....21:26
cristi_ancristi_an: i just can't figure how that works :( :(21:26
cedkcristi_an: I don't know what to say, you just have to enter the moves21:45
cristi_anyes but i have to use mouse a lot that how it works..21:46
cristi_anotherwise focus jumps.21:47
cristi_anfrom table21:47
cedkcristi_an: I can enter lines without using mouse21:47
cristi_ani wish i coud see that...:) since probably i do something wrong...or is windows gtk focus mechanism21:48
cristi_anthe problem21:48
CIA-81tryton: ced roundup * #890/Translation: module test: [resolved] I just try to install a database with -i all, and after I search for translation on module test and nothing.21:48
CIA-81tryton: matb roundup * #910/Payment terms: only folder: [new] In new and updated databases the Payment Terms disappeared (Financial Management/Preferences/Payment Terms), only the folder is available.21:48
cedkcristi_an: I don't know if you don't give very precise explaination21:50
cristi_ancedk: ok i try21:50
cristi_ani go to : Fin. Man /Open Journal/ and i select cash period 03.200921:51
cristi_ancedk: then i press new21:52
cristi_anthen in my case a new line is added and name becone editable automatically21:53
cristi_ani set account21:54
CIA-81tryton: matb roundup * #890/Translation: module test: [chatting] screenshot attached. Database created: [Sun Mar 29 20:43:01 2009] INFO:server:Update/Init succeed! with: ~/bin/tryton/trytond/trytond ...21:54
cristi_ani set account but after that...focus is lost21:54
CIA-81tryton: ced roundup * #910/Payment terms: only folder: [need-eg] I could not reproduce it and the right path is "Financial Managenemt>Configuration>Payment Terms"21:55
cedkcristi_an: how do you set account?21:55
cristi_anwell i write cas21:55
cristi_anand hit enter21:55
cristi_anthen accounts window appear21:56
cristi_ani selct Main Cash and hit enter again21:56
CIA-81tryton: ced roundup * #890/Translation: module test: I don't understand there is only Deutch terms.21:57
cedkcristi_an: you must use TAB and not Enter21:58
CIA-81tryton: cristi roundup * #911/UnboundLocalError: local variable 'res' referenced before assignment: [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/", line 282, in run res = method(*msg[2:]) File "/trytond/web_service/obj ...21:59
CIA-81tryton: matb roundup * #890/Translation: module test: The fuzzy terms are proposed by "Actualize translation".22:01
cristi_ancedk: same with tab22:02
cristi_ansince this happes right after i choose the accounts from accounts dialog22:02
cristi_ancedk: and then when i choose the account i press enter for selecting the account....22:03
cristi_anfrom the list22:03
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CIA-81tryton: matb roundup * #910/Payment terms: only folder: screenshot attached. Database just freshly created and -i all with just B2CK modules.22:03
CIA-81tryton: ced roundup * #911/UnboundLocalError: local variable 'res' referenced before assignment: [in-progress] Fix with this patch. It will be pushed in a week.22:04
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cedkcristi_an: I don't know perhaps a win32 bug22:06
cristi_anthat is what i guess as well...22:06
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CIA-81tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 1693:50abe9a99702 trytond/trytond/res/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE22:35
CIA-81tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 416:2cd0ce7aa81c account/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE22:35
CIA-81tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 311:6b9b051eb2c6 account_invoice/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE22:35
CIA-81tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 121:61fee22536aa account_statement/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE22:35
CIA-81tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 255:b9d148abe2c8 party/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE22:35
CIA-81tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 276:c99a4b594660 purchase/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE22:36
CIA-81tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 532:f9c3de0cdaa5 stock/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE22:36
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CIA-81tryton: matb roundup * #912/KeyError: u'': [new] Fresh installed new database via -i all, only B2CK modules, wizard quitted, opening view party: Traceback (most recent call last): File " ...23:31
CIA-81tryton: matb roundup * #910/Payment terms: only folder: Confirmed with some other new databases: 1) created database fom client 2) installed modules only from B2CK with -i all -> no payment terms23:32
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cristi_ancedk: hit there23:41
CIA-81tryton: ced roundup * #890/Translation: module test: [need-eg] Give all the commands you run because I can not reproduce the issue.23:41
cristi_ani tested on linux and it is much much better23:41
cristi_anit is a gtk+ problem...:(23:41
cristi_anand belive me on window i can be used that module...23:42
CIA-81tryton: ced roundup * #912/KeyError: u'': [testing] Check that there is no error message in the server.23:42
cristi_anon linux works very nice..23:42
CIA-81tryton: ced roundup * #910/Payment terms: only folder: [testing] Check that you don't have modify the of account_invoice23:48

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