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vengfulsquirrelcedk: Okay thanks, I don't know how it happened but now its magically working fine.00:36
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carlosTimitos: hi, around?08:55
Timitoscarlos: hi08:56
carlosTimitos: I only have one hour, so do you want that we start our first meeting now?08:56
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CIA-81tryton: ced roundup * #914/i propose to remove easy_install recommendation from download site: For the node/121, is it possible to have the all logs of easy_install?10:21
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carloscedk: ping11:46
cedkcarlos: pong11:46
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udonohi all, I have some strange behavoir with a tryton client over the internet. If the client is in background for a while and I maximize the window, then there are no contents, button, menus, frames at all. Just some grey shaddows where the client menu was. It takes a minute or so, then everything is ok. Did someone recognize this behavoir with a connection over the internet?15:18
yangoonudono: perhaps due to a broken https connection, while resuming, and client just hangs until resumed?15:21
udonoyangoon: hmm, not possible, because tryton doesn't use https afaik15:45
carlosudono: I use tryton with https15:46
carlosI mean, over SSL ;-)15:46
carlosok, I guess you mean that your installation does not use it :-P15:46
bechameludono: when you say "for a while" it means that you have to re-enter your password ?15:47
udonobechamel: no, just waiting15:50
bechameludono: you can try to launch your clinet with -v to see if there is a network request involved15:51
udonobechamel: yes, this I will try, and try to catch a screenshot and put in in the bug tracker.15:51
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udonocedk: fogt my last email, it doesn't work. P-O-Box needed included into the Address...19:18
cedkudono: ok19:20
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CIA-81tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 1702:40a637e70a1e trytond/trytond/ir/module/module.xml: Allow to search modules on Short Description19:53
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