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cedkfor those who wonder what was the "new" report engine of OpenERP:
cedkit is just an extention of the sxw/rml parser to odt file11:05
cedkso it looks like they take the same direction then Tryton11:19
cedkbut relatorio syntax is still more powerful11:20
carlosso they keep using rml?11:40
carlosbtw, hi, I'm back to work :-D11:41
cedkcarlos: no, they use the same parser11:42
carloscedk: rml syntax inside odt?11:42
cedkcarlos: no, OpenERP syntax inside odt11:42
cedkcarlos: there is two parser in rml2pdf, one for OpenERP syntax and one for rml11:43
carlosI see11:43
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paepkeisn't rml enough powerful?12:08
bechamelpaepke: rml is powerful but hard to write (at least for end-users)12:11
paepkethats a good point12:11
cedkpaepke: and there is missing feature in the rml2pdf from OpenERP12:19
paepketryton is using plain rml?12:19
cedkpaepke: Tryton is not using any rml12:20
cedkpaepke: we use relatorio12:21
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CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 25:e8fe4e9d3642 account_be/account_be.xml:14:46
CIA-48Fix display balance for passif14:46
CIA-48Remove wrong payable and receivable kind14:46
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 26:c84c152d42b8 account_be/ ( tax_be.xml):14:46
CIA-48Add general taxes for VAT14:46
CIA-48Add tax code for VAT14:46
CIA-48Add rules for sale14:46
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 347:09ea42845094 account_invoice/ Allow to modify lines from canceled invoice14:48
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 348:54dc0128f585 account_invoice/ Fix error "modify" messages14:48
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 466:a0ee4c7046a2 account/TODO: Add todo for code rules on taxes14:55
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 467:600b97534f74 account/TODO: Add todo for sequence on tax code15:02
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dbrenckcedk: just a quick guess - model inheritance is for extending inheritance only. fields cannot be replaced - right?17:10
cedkdbrenck: what do you call inheritance?17:10
dbrenckmodel inheritance in this case: _name        = ""17:11
dbrenckin some class that is not Party17:11
cedkdbrenck: ok, nothing prevent you from replacing existing fields by it is not a good practice17:12
cedkdbrenck: if you have a specific case ?17:13
dbrenckwell ... its because you dont use real class inheritance ... so i thought i migth be able to overwrite some methods of party by redefingin the field17:13
dbrenckits not sepcific - just a thought17:14
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dbrencke.g. fax = fields.Function('get_mechanism' ... )17:14
cedkdbrenck: in fact, it is a real Python inherance but it is the framework that does it for you17:15
dbrenckoh, cool - so overwriting  get_mechanism would work?17:15
cedkdbrenck: you don't need to redefine the field (as in OpenERP) to override the method of function field17:16
dbrenckgreat! all i need to know :-)17:16
cedkdbrenck: yes, but a good practice is to always call super when you override an existing function17:16
dbrenckyes - i found this and ill do so - it keeps the "rest" working as expected ..17:17
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cedkudono: it can be a replacement for intuxication19:32
udonocedk: yes19:33
cedkudono: we can use the label tryton19:36
udonocedk: looks good19:38
udonocedk: each module will have an own wiki19:39
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cedknow they put also their audit trail module :-)19:53
cedkbut it is far from our history feature19:54
udonocedk: they say (and you in your presentation) it is MVC but isn't it 3-tiers?19:56
cedkudono: the GTK client is MVC19:56
cedkudono: but it is not realy a feature19:57
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carlosis there any way to set a table column optional based on a relatorio check in a report?21:04
carlosso depending on a value, the column is rendered or not21:04
carlosI know how to do it for the content of the column21:05
carlosbut I wonder whether is there a way to hide/show the table column itself21:05 * r591 /wiki/ Add branch 1.221:07 * r592 /wiki/ Add branch 1.221:07
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carlosudono: thanks21:13
carlosACTION looks closer to find some examples...21:13
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cristi_anguys21:41  works for you ?21:41
cristi_anor i have problem with my net provider ?21:42
paepke works ok21:43
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carlosI have another question about Tryton and reports23:23
carlosis there any way to have a text repeated in all report pages without using header or footer?23:23
cedkcarlos: perhaps with frame but never tried23:40
carlosACTION looks some information about it23:40
carloscedk: thanks23:41
carlosI tried adding it to the header_A4.odt, but only the header and footer is taken from there23:41
carloscedk: I found the solution23:51
carlosI was using a text area, which I think is similar to the frame you suggested23:51
carlosthe only thing you need to do is to anchor it to a paragraph and that paragraph should be either in the header or the footer23:52
carlosI anchored it to the page and thus, it was not working23:52
carloscedk: btw, do you have any example of column looping in relatorio? I didn't find any and I saw your company worked in that patch23:53
bechamelcarlos: column looping work the same way than row looping23:55
bechamelcarlos: except that you must repeat |for|content|/for| on each line23:56
carlosso instead of closing the 'for' in next row, you close it in next column23:57
carlosdoes it remove empty columns that only contain the 'for' tag?23:58
carlosjust like it does for lines23:58
bechamelcarlos: yes it does23:58
carlosbechamel: another question, would it work with the 'if' tag?23:59
bechamelcarlos: I don't know i never tried23:59
carlosok, I will try it :-D23:59

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