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CIA-48dbrenck roundup * #1023/ERROR:RELAXNGV:RELAXNG_ERR_ATTRVALID: Element page failed to validate attributes: [new] [Thu Apr 30 00:32:33 2009] ERROR:ir:Invalid xml view: <string>:6:0:ERROR:RELAXNGV:RELAXNG_ERR_INTERSEQ: Invalid sequence in interleave <stri ...00:46
CIA-48dbrenck roundup * #1014/Notebook page - tab orientation and angle: Quick fix: USERHOME/.tryton form_tab_orientation = 0 form_tab = up01:00
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CIA-48ced roundup * #1014/Notebook page - tab orientation and angle: You can change it from the menu Options>Form>Tabs...01:21
CIA-48ced roundup * #1022/Layout improvements: [need-eg] I don't understand01:24
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CIA-48dbrenck roundup * #1014/Notebook page - tab orientation and angle: CED: thanks ... 4 minutes :-)01:27
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CIA-48Korbinian Preisler <> default * 20:b12b49196ec9 account_de/account_de.xml: remove doubled record07:26
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udonocedk: hi09:39
udonocedk: I have a problem to import a zip module in tryton: not found!09:39
udonowhat does it mean?09:39
udonocedk: I found it, its an error. I put an issue with patch09:52
CIA-48udono roundup * #1024/zip-module not loaded: [new] not found! Patch attached.09:59
carlosudono: Hi09:59
udonocarlos: Hi10:00
carlosudono: I wonder whether you see interesting to extend party_bank so you are allowed to select a bank account per invoice (with a default one set) so you can choose the account where you want that invoice paid10:00
carlosHmm, I guess it should be done in a new module that handles payment types, so you can select cash, check, bank transfer, etc..10:01
udonocarlos: sounds great!10:03
udonocarlos: did you have it already done?10:04
carlosudono: so it should be a new module, isn't it?10:04
carlosudono: I have some code for that in my old tinyerp installation10:04
carlosbut only the concept is useful10:05
carlosgiven that it's an ugly hack10:05
udonocarlos: I agree, a new module is better10:05
udonocarlos: I took a look in the dictionary, I think "method of payment" is what you mean? Some other expressions in this corner are: 'cash', 'bank-transfer', 'check', 'direct debit payment'...10:09
carlosmethod of payment, yes10:10
udonocarlos: do you find time to realize such a module?10:15
carlosYeah, at least a prototype10:15
udonocarlos: sounds great!10:16
carloshowever, I will need to wait until next week, I need to finish the Tinyerp -> Tryton migration and close the 2008 fiscal year10:16
udonocarlos: Much fun on database level10:17
carlosdatabase level, paper review, more Tryton and accounting learning....10:17
carlosgiven that I need to write also some reports missing in Tryton...10:18
carlosfun, fun, fun10:18
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CIA-48matb roundup * #1025/Translation: do not appear in ir_translation: [new] Set to urgent, because module is waiting for release. name and description of record model="" and record model="ac ...11:09
CIA-48matb roundup * #1026/Roundup: Component account_de: [new] Since there are several different account charts for Germany 1) it should be possible to select them as different component in roundup 2) t ...11:14
carloscould we change the module name schema for chart of accounts to something that is not the country code in lowercase?11:21
carlosyangoon, cedk, udono, Timitos: ^^^11:23
carlosif we release account_be and account_de officially, it will be difficult to do such change later, and account_es is going to be confusing once I have the one for Spain ready...11:23
yangooncarlos: hi11:39
carlosyangoon: hi11:39
yangooncarlos: account_de is not good anyway:
yangoonI think that accounting schemata can be rather different from country to country11:40
carlosyangoon: yeah, that's another problem we have too11:40
carlosyangoon: sure, but we could do something like: account_COUNTRYNAME_FREESTRING11:41
yangoonso indeed we should find some common naming scheme11:41
yangooncarlos yes, sounds good11:42
yangooncarlos: but countryname etc. could remain lowercase this way11:48
carlossure, I'm not against lowercase11:49
carlosbut countrycode in lowercase could be confused with language code11:49
carlosmy capital letters was just to represent something to substitute with a valid value11:49
yangooncarlos: from me ACK anyway, thats what I wanted to initiate with 102611:50
CIA-48Timitos roundup * #1025/Translation: do not appear in ir_translation: [chatting] this is because name fields of tax.code.template and tax.rule.template are not set to translatable. we need to decide together if this ...11:56
CIA-48carlos roundup * #1026/Roundup: Component account_de: [chatting] I suggest to use something like: account_COUNTRYNAME_FREETEXT Where COUNTRYNAME is the country name which the chart of accounts and t ...12:04
CIA-48Timitos roundup * #1026/Roundup: Component account_de: another possibility would be to use: account_COUNTRYISOCODE_FREETEXT for colombians it would be account_co_FREETEXT and for spain account_es_FRE ...12:06
CIA-48carlos roundup * #1026/Roundup: Component account_de: That's what's being used right now (except for the extra free text part), and the problem is that the country iso code is in capital letters, not ...12:10
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CIA-48ced roundup * #1026/Roundup: Component account_de: [resolved] Fixed. It was a typo issue.12:44
CIA-48matb roundup * #1025/Translation: do not appear in ir_translation: As long as there are English strings in tax.code.template they have to be translatable, because they appear in the GUI.12:55
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1778:92d5888f62b6 trytond/trytond/ir/
CIA-48Fix delete of old translation when translation number is greater then IN_MAX12:56
CIA-48for issue101612:56
CIA-48ced roundup * #1016/Translation: Module translation not imported: [resolved] Fix with changeset 92d5888f62b612:56
CIA-48matb roundup * #1026/Roundup: Component account_de: [chatting] Thx, I will forward the separate issue of module naming into a new issue.12:57
CIA-48matb roundup * #1027/Naming of accounting modules: [new] This issue was initiated while discussing issue1026. msg3859 Author: carlos Date: 2009-04-30.12:10:17 That's what's being used right ...13:01
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1779:a3609a930efc trytond/trytond/modules/ Fix get_module_list with zip file for issue1024 thanks to udono13:05
CIA-48ced roundup * #1024/zip-module not loaded: [resolved] Applied13:06
carloscedk: Hi, do you have 10 - 15 minutes to talk about accounting moves ?13:14
carloswe have a requirement that is not implemented in Tryton and I want to be sure it will not cause side effects13:15
cedkcarlos: ok13:15
carlosmove numbers should be based on move date, not on registering date13:16
carlosso we should be able to renumber the moves13:16
carlostoo much for cedk ;-)13:16
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cedkcarlos: I have been disconnected13:21
carlosyeah, I saw it13:21
carlos<carlos> move numbers should be based on move date, not on registering date13:21
carlos so we should be able to renumber the moves13:21
cedkcarlos: this is a specific spain behaviour13:22
carlosI think so, yes13:22
cedkTimitos: ping13:22
cedkcarlos: but it strange because it is doubled with the date13:22
cedkcarlos: and you can use the date as numbering :-)13:22
carlosin theory, in an ideal world, we should not need to change the move numbers, but, if an invoice from a provider is delayed, you get this case quite often13:23
cedkcarlos: and forget the move numbers13:23
carlossure, but the report needs the numbers13:23
cedkcarlos: so you can write a wizard that renumber the moves13:23
carlosso what other software does is to sort the moves by date and then, change the numbers to the right order13:24
yangooncarlos:  this is really a Spanish speciality, we are even not allowed to do so in Germany13:24
cedknor Belgium nor French13:24
carloswhat I want to know is whether changing the move number will cause any side effect13:24
Timitoscedk: carlos: i am just reading your discussion...13:24
yangooncarlos I had to remove this feature from abanq13:24
cedkcarlos: no, number are only because accoutance wants it13:24
yangooncarlos: to be able to use it legally in Germany13:25
carlosyangoon: abanq is a Spanish software (or at least started being a Spanish one :-P)13:25
yangooncarlos: exact13:25
cedkcarlos: I think that I heart about this also for argentina13:25
cedkcarlos: so it is perhaps more a spanish (language) feature13:26
Timitosthis is really specific13:26
carloscedk: I guess I could modify the workflows to get the wizard executed after a new move confirmation, right?13:26
cedkcarlos: if you want that automaticly, I think you must not use a wizard13:27
cedkcarlos: but use the validate function13:27
carloscedk: hmm, there are some people from Argentina at #tryton-es, I will check it with them and if that's the case I will see how to use a shared module13:27
carloscedk: ok13:27
cedkcarlos: it is always to try to make generic module even for this kind of functionnality13:28
cedkcarlos: the module could be named, account_move_renumbering_by_date13:28
carloscedk: I was thinking on keep all the details specific for Spain in a single module (per area, accounting, products, etc...)13:29
carlosI mean a single module per area13:29
cedkcarlos: it is good to think about reuse13:30
cedkcarlos: of course some kinds of stuff will be too specific13:30
cedkcarlos: but the more users, you have for some part of the code, the best it will be :-)13:31
cedkcarlos: and you will benefit from others13:31
Timitoscedk: just a question about the translation issues with the account chart. what do you think. should name fields from tax code and from tax rules be translatable? this would be the only way to provide english names for the root template records13:36
cedkTimitos: yes, but we need to handle the translation when creating real record from template13:38
cedkTimitos: this needs some devs13:38
cedkTimitos: I can do it next week, for now I'm in the CardDAV implementation13:39
Timitoscedk: ok. i think it would be similar than for account and account_type?13:39
Timitosi will take a look on it13:39
carloscedk: ok, thanks for your input13:39
cedkTimitos: in fact it is not done on account nor on account type13:39
Timitoscedk: ok. for the translation of the account chart. is it a good idea to put all values into the translation file? or would it be better only to put the values there that really need translation?13:40
cedkTimitos: from a performence point of view, it is better to not put no needed translations13:41
Timitosok. i will discuss that with yangoon. i also think so.13:41
cedkTimitos: the must will be to have names in english and translated in all language13:42
cedkbut this is a lot of work for no real benefit13:42
Timitoscedk: i donĀ“t think that this is a real option. it would be to much work13:43
Timitoscedk: and i do not have the english values. so it will be more difficult for me to parse the chart13:44
Timitosi think the english names for the root records should be enough13:44
yangooncedk: why is there a performance issue? you will need to lookup translation table anyway..13:46
carlosyangoon: if it's not set as translatable, you don't need to do the lookup13:48
carlosat least that's what It should do...13:48
cedkcarlos: yes13:49
cedkyangoon: it is more on install and update process13:49
carloscedk: btw, the account_be chart of accounts is really slow to activate13:50
carlosit took a lot of time on my laptop13:50
carlosare you aware of it?13:50
yangooncedk I am speaking of performance issues for items existing in ir_translation: it should be almost the same, if they are translated or not. Correct?13:50
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cedkyangoon: yes13:51
cedkcarlos: this is because there is a lot of records13:51
carloscedk: well, the spanish one size is double the Belgium one, and it didn't take so long13:52
cedkcarlos: for which action?13:53
carloscedk: hmm, however, I was using a database where I had the spanish one already created, would that be the cause? (I'm talking about more than one hour waiting)13:53
carlosI really don't remember if it was module installation or chart of accounts creation. I think it was module installation13:53
carlosI will try to reproduce it13:53
carlosand give you more information13:54
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cedk_I store here the work to do on PyWebDAV to be able to support GroupDAV and CardDAV:
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cedkthe CardDAV document is updated15:00
cedkI think GroupDAV for contact can be achieve easily15:01
cedkI already succeed to retreive contacts from Tryton into thunderbird with the SOGo connector15:01
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Timitoscedk: this is really great to hear15:04
cedkTimitos: yes and I see this as a first step for a CalDAV implementation (or at least GroupDAV for calendar)15:05
cedkbut I need to patch PyWebDAV15:05
udonocedk: good news15:10
cedkI put all parties under /Contacts/ URL15:11
cedkdo you think we need some more addressbook?15:11
udonocedk: is PyWebDAV actively maintained?15:11
cedkudono: I'm in contact with the maintainer15:13
cedkudono: he uses PyWebDAV as simply a WebDAV server to share ics file15:13
udonocedk: ok15:14
cedkudono: but he seems interesting to improve it to be able to support CalDAV and CardDAV15:14
cedkudono: but I don't think there is a large number of users15:14
cedkudono: but it is in Python and not so difficult to understand and hack it15:15
udonocedk: I have an issue with pywebdav too. DAV-FS doesn't work this good, because of a wrong header from Tryton DAV connection.15:15
cedkudono: it is one release per year15:16
cedkudono: do you have more information?15:16
udonocedk: I can produce some logs maybe15:17
cedkudono: good15:17
cedkand no remarks about many addressbook?15:18
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udonoThe problem with webdav is, linux systems didn't support webdav well. Only cadaver is able to handle it correct....15:19
Timitoscedk: i think about syncing a smartphone later. it could be interesting to have some different addressbooks for this perhaps15:19
Timitosperhaps you only want to have a selection of contacts there15:19
cedkha also, there is plugins for CardDAV for all major client: Thunderbird, Kontact, Evolution, Outlook15:20
cedkTimitos: this is the job of the smartphone15:21
cedkTimitos: the advantage of GroupDAV and CardDAV is that you have one "file" per contact15:21
cedkTimitos: so you fetch only needed data15:22
cedkTimitos: but we can perhaps think about an module that link employee (or user) to parties15:22
cedkTimitos: and so create a personnal addressbook15:23
Timitossounds good15:23
udonocedk: another possibility is to have a search domain for addressbooks, so the user can define free criteria...15:25
cedkaddressbook on mac doesn't seem to allow to use other CardDAV than the .Mac15:26
cedkudono: yes, what about creation ?15:27
cedkudono: we can not assure that the user will create contact in the right folder15:28
cedkudono: if the search domain is on field that are in vCard15:28
udonocedk: hmm15:30
paepke_Timitos: for mobile phones you need syncml (via funambol for example), active sync (excchange 2003)or webdav (exchange2007 compatible). funambol would be a way to go only for nokia and some other.15:31
ovnicrafthi, i am trying to running trytond but without install iy15:32
cedkovnicraft: you can,  just run ./bin/trytond15:33
ovnicraftbut i have this error,
udonocedk: I don't understand the problem in detail... but the search domain is always on field that is in vcard, IMHO15:34
cedkovnicraft: you must install relatorio15:34
cedkovnicraft: and if you don't want to install it, you can dowload it and put relatorio folder in you PYTHONPATH15:35
cedkudono: yes, so we can not enforce the data the user will put15:35
udonocedk: I don't understand15:36
udonocedk: ah, I understand15:37
cedkudono: like if you setup a domain with name startwith a15:37
cedkudono: what happen if the user add a contact with name that starts with b15:37
udonocedk: ok, so search domains are a readonly gimmick15:38
udonocedk: so your idea with parties connected to user, emplyee, company is good. Everyone can have different addressbooks. With this we solve the problem of parties in Multi company environments, too.15:41
cedkudono: of course records rules will be respected15:44
ovnicraftcedk, installed15:47
ovnicrafti didnt read the doc about dep :(, now running15:47
cedkovnicraft: ok, have fun :-)15:49
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carloscedk: Why is the account move number named 'Name' ?16:35
cedkcarlos: because we can not know if it will be always number16:39
carlosHmm, but it has a sequence attached, hasn't it?16:40
carlosanyway, I guess is ok to translate it as 'Number' in Spanish, right?16:40
carlosgiven that it's part of the localization process16:41
cedkcarlos: don't know. Is the law enforce you to only use number16:41
carlosI don't know for sure, however I never saw it with anything else than a number, I will check it before changing it16:42
carlosI really love Tryton, it does exactly what it should, no more manual selection of the Period if you introduce an invoice from a different period of the current one, and all the important information is available in a single view16:52
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CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1780:40f6a0fd98a6 trytond/trytond/webdav/ Fix lastmodified to use create_date if write_date is NULL17:47
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1781:37b94c253d1c trytond/trytond/protocols/ Move _get_dburi into staticmethod get_dburi and keep backward compatibility17:47
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1782:25c5d1e012ae trytond/trytond/protocols/ Handle getetag and use lastmodified17:47
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 3:0a999b9c5d41 party_vcarddav/ Add uuid on party17:47
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 4:e58a867a51dd party_vcarddav/ Use only one address, one phone, one mobile and one email to prepare the PUT17:47
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 5:2473ea765482 party_vcarddav/INSTALL: Now required Python 2.5 for uuid17:47
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 6:fb17ae5bf8ca party_vcarddav/ ( Add readonly GroupDAV support17:47
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udonocedk: which client you use for testing groupdav?19:02
cedkudono: thunderbird19:04
udonocedk: did I need connector or integrator from SOGo?19:09
udonoconnector seems enough19:10
cedkudono: connector19:10
cedkudono: but if you can test on other client, it will be great19:10
udonocedk: I would like to test evolution, but it seems they do not support any longer...19:12
cedkudono: yes it seems19:20
cedkudono: I find this:
cedkudono: but Evolution is not a so good :-)19:20
cedkif someone can check with Kontact because I have not KDE and I don't want to compile it :-)19:21
udono:-) me not too19:22
cedkudono: If you try with SOGo don't set the addressbook readonly because it will use CalDAV which is not yet implemented19:23
udonocedk I can not find the place in Thunderbirds addressbook, to tell that I like to use carddav and provide the url19:24
cedkudono: it is named shared addressbook19:25
cedkudono: oops, it is named Remote Adress Book19:26
udonocedk: I can not find. I find the free busy url on a card, but no Remote Address Book19:27
carloscedk: btw, does groupdav work for both ways sync? (not talking about your implementation, but the final feature we will get)19:28
cedkudono: open address book, click on File>New>Remote Address Book19:30
cedkcarlos: yes, I hope19:30
carlosthat will be awesome, to reduce our data duplication and centralise all in Tryton19:32
udonocedk: thanks19:33
CIA-48udono roundup * #1028/res = self.cursor.execute(sql, params): [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/protocols/", line 47, in run res = dispatch(host, port, 'NetRPC', *msg) F ...19:40
CIA-48udono roundup * #1028/res = self.cursor.execute(sql, params): [invalid] sorry I think was my fault.19:42
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CIA-48udono roundup * #1029/AttributeError: class TrytonDAVInterface has no attribute 'get_dburi': [new] I used http://localhost:8080/USIT/Contacts/ lisa.localdomain - - [30/Apr/2009 20:36:25] code 401, message Authorization Required lisa.local ...19:55
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udonocedk_: dbrenck described three kinds of inheritance in open erp. Did we have similar like inheritence by prototyping?
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cedk_udono: there is only two20:49
CIA-48ced roundup * #1029/AttributeError: class TrytonDAVInterface has no attribute 'get_dburi': [resolved] You must update the trytond code20:50
cedkudono: and in OpenERP too20:53
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carloscedk: I wonder whether is possible to use Tryton with a single journal22:39
cedkcarlos: I don't understand22:40
carlosInstead of having one for revenues, another for expenses, etc...22:41
carloswould be possible to use a single one?22:41
carlosfor all moves22:41
cedkcarlos: I don't think, you must have at least the default one22:45
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