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CIA-48Timitos roundup * #1025/Translation: do not appear in ir_translation: what do i need to do that this patch will be applied now? this patch still blocks the release of the modul account_de_skr03. are there any other r ...09:48
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CIA-48matb roundup * #1050/IndexError: list index out of range: [new] - Create new product - Create new product category from this product - Set accounts and taxes in this new category - Set 'Use category's acc ...11:55
CIA-48ced roundup * #1048/Disabeling warehouse in order - error message: [resolved] Warehouse is required even if there is only service products.14:12
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CIA-48Korbinian Preisler <> default * 1808:a361b599756c trytond/trytond/ir/ add cache on ir.lang for issue 102517:16
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1809:06c678a18bcb trytond/trytond/ir/ Improve get_translatable_languages to call only once get17:16
CIA-48Korbinian Preisler <> default * 470:af9d2e2ca5f6 account/ ( copy translation from template for issue102517:16
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 471:68a46338de6d account/ (
CIA-48Improve creation/update of translation from template:17:16
CIA-48- don't write twice for the same language17:16
CIA-48- set BrowseRecord to previous language17:16
CIA-48- update translation even if default language don't change17:16
CIA-48ced roundup * #1025/Translation: do not appear in ir_translation: [testing] Applied with some more fixes.17:17
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1810:b8a9c33b91ed trytond/trytond/ir/ Fix guidelines17:23
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CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1811:e67a481a2f75 trytond/trytond/ir/ Fix set_default for inherited fields for issue105017:32
CIA-48ced roundup * #1050/IndexError: list index out of range: [resolved] Fix with changeset e67a481a2f7517:32
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 227:22b71058127b gentoo-overlay/skel.ChangeLog: Add skel for ChangeLog17:45
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 228:2ff2f3311dc5 gentoo-overlay/app-tryton/party/ (8 files): Add vat flag for issue104917:46
CIA-48ced roundup * #1049/Gentoo ebuild for app-tryton/party should have dep for dev-python/vatnumber: [resolved] Fix with changeset 2ff2f3311dc517:46
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 28:ab33f094939e gentoo-overlay-dev/skel.ChangeLog: Add skel for ChangeLog17:50
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 29:5be35c95d693 gentoo-overlay-dev/app-tryton/party/ (ChangeLog Manifest metadata.xml party-9999.ebuild): Add vat flag17:50
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johboHi there, if I have multi-companies in one database, it seems that they share the templates for reports, is this intended?22:53

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