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CIA-48Juan Fernando Jaramillo <> default * 351:c6589f14ad72 account_invoice/es_CO.csv: es_CO translation04:49
CIA-48Igor T?mara <> default * 352:2cfa984e0012 account_invoice/es_CO.csv: merge04:49
CIA-48Juan Fernando Jaramillo <> default * 191:208220339717 sale/es_CO.csv: es_CO04:51
CIA-48Igor T?mara <> default * 192:2f6da185e212 sale/: merge04:51
CIA-48Juan Fernando Jaramillo <> default * 159:65638153dc2e company/es_CO.csv: es_CO add translation for "Current Companies" as "Compa??as en Curso"04:56
CIA-48Juan Fernando Jaramillo <> default * 280:f38709b692de party/es_CO.csv: es_CO transtation of VAT by IVA04:58
CIA-48Juan Fernando Jaramillo <> default * 314:7da3a7f1dd66 purchase/es_CO.csv: es_CO translation.05:00
CIA-48Juan Fernando Jaramillo <> default * 315:0a59ae49657c purchase/es_CO.csv: es_CO translation of VAT by IVA05:00
CIA-48Igor T?mara <> default * 316:fdeb02e37a65 purchase/: merge05:00
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CIA-48Mathias Behrle <> default * 21:ebfb8455c49a account_de/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE07:58
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CIA-48matb roundup * #1053/IRC: invalid links: [new] see also issue1026: links are still pointing to non-existent repos: (08:00:54) CIA-48:
CIA-48ced roundup * #1053/IRC: invalid links: [resolved] Fixed10:29
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marcus321Moin, ich möchte mich kurz vorstellen. Ich schreibe meine Bachelor Thesis bei der Firma Vähning  in Haren/Emmeln. Einige Leute hier im Chat wissen schon von dem Projekt, wie ich gehört habe.12:06
paepkemoin marcus32112:08
paepkewas ist das denn für ein projekt?12:11
paepkeähm bzw deine bachelor thesis?12:11
marcus321Vähning ist ein großes Gartencenter im Emsland und Sie haben noch kein Warenwirtschaftssystem o.ä. im Einsatz. Es läuft alles noch über eine große Zettelwirtschaft...12:14
paepkeund du führst da tryton ein?12:14
marcus321mit 3 komulitonen, ja. wir möchten tryton anpassen an das Unternehmen.12:15
paepkeklingt nach nem super projekt12:16
cedkpaepke, marcus321: there is a deutsch chan on #tryton.de12:17
cedkhere most of people speak only english12:18
paepkeoh i'm sorry, thought it was the channel12:18
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CIA-48ced roundup * #941/webdav: logs: [resolved] Fixed in the version 0.9.215:46
pantheracedk: btw, do you have good contact to pywebdav upstream?15:46
pantheraif so, ping him to merge our patches:15:47
cedkpanthera: ok I will try15:48
pantherathat would be very nice.15:50
CIA-48ced roundup * #1040/account_statement misses a 'New account statement' menu entry: [resolved] Fixed with changeset 88203a815df515:52
CIA-48ced roundup * #878/problem when creating record and setting inherited record manually: [testing] I installed the module and I can not reproduce the issue.16:06
CIA-48dbrenck roundup * #1054/Parser error for *.xml in states="{'invisible': '''party_type != 'person' '''}": [new] This works: states="{'invisible': '''party_type != 'person' '''}" This does not work: states="{'invisible': '''party_type != 'person''''} ...16:16
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1296:c817c4800ea7 tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Add AccelGroup on preference window for issue104116:24
CIA-48ced roundup * #1041/Ctrl-Enter on User preference window: [resolved] Fix with changeset c817c4800ea716:24
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CIA-48udono roundup * #1055/Sale report need to set attribute active = True: [new] Not only sale report, all reports in all modules, in Tryton needed to set the active attribute to True. ... <field name="active" ...16:34
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mugwompHello everyone and anyone.... :)17:53
udonohi mugwomp17:54
CIA-48matb roundup * #1055/Sale report need to set attribute active = True: [chatting] I think, this patch can serve as workaround, but basically there seems to be some issue appearing just in the case of sale and sale_dis ...17:54
mugwompTryton looks amazing but I wish there was more documentation for us STOOPID people.17:55
mugwompIt doesn't seem too end user friendly yet.17:55
udonomugwomp: just ask here, or in our forum
udonomugwomp: where you have problems?17:56
mugwompOK - I'm Sigurd on the Google Group. I'm having problems building an all winxp installation.17:57
mugwompI need something for a one computer office of a small company. I want to be able to grow the application later if its successful - and I hate the style of the accountancy packages I see.17:58
mugwompReplies I get so far say "that should work because it should work" and "It'll work I use a small computer (under linux) and its very efficient) Very friendly and I appreciate them but I'm still looking for steps and solutions.18:00
mugwompyou say timitos and I say Timitos :)18:01
Timitosmugwomp: hi :-)18:02
Timitosmugwomp: you are right. right now it is difficult to setup a tryton server on windows. the client is not the problem as there is a setup for the stable version18:03
udonomugwomp: sorry, I can not help, I never tried trytond on windows18:03
udonomugwomp: afaik dbrenck did successful deploy trytond on windows. And cedk talked about a windows package in the past...18:04
mugwompI'm also being too harsh. Some action on my questions in the forum looks very promising. I owe 'dbrenck' a thankyou18:04
mugwompI wish I could implement a simple nix server and windows client but the owner\operator of the business couldn't handle that.18:05
mugwompTryton has to compete in the same space as the other solutions and be MORE of what he wants not NEW and Strange - even if its more secure and better.18:06
udonomugwomp: So Tryton is not the right project for you, for now...18:07
udonoafk bbl18:07
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1813:cfb7c0951935 trytond/trytond/ir/ Fix get_action_id to skip active_test when searching for issue105518:08
CIA-48ced roundup * #1055/Sale report need to set attribute active = True: [resolved] Fix with changeset cfb7c095193518:08
mugwompI hope it is. I'll commit and study and work for something elegant that works well.18:08
cedkudono: I droped the idea of creating a windows setup for the server because it does not make sense18:10
cedkudono: you can not handle modules and their dependencies with windows package18:11
cedkmugwomp: I don't see any reason why trytond could not run on windows18:11
mugwompso the windows server doesn't work? or wont perform18:11
mugwompI need this to be a flexible database but its really a small amount of data18:12
mugwompI'm not trying to defend Windows as an efficient solution but it could certainly be a popular one for the application.18:14
cedkmugwomp: I think you can setup but you must install all the dependencies18:14
cedkmugwomp: we don't provide setup exe for the server because it is not realy possible18:15
mugwompCan I pull everything in from Mercurial?18:15
mugwompThe python stuff shouldn't be very registry dependent once I have Python???18:16
cedkmugwomp: don't understand?18:16
mugwompWell is there a working server for windows that I could simply 'take' rather than build...18:17
CIA-48ced roundup * #1054/Parser error for *.xml in states="{'invisible': '''party_type != 'person' '''}": [invalid] It is the python syntax.18:17
cedkmugwomp: Tryton is in python so you don't need to build it18:18
cedkmugwomp: you must have a working Python environment18:18
mugwompI'm not talking 'build' in the compile sense but rather 'find enough pieces that work together to get it going'. Sorry imprecise speach18:19
mugwompThe dependecies etc...18:19
mugwomp The response I got dbrenck said that he built it with Python 2.4 for the server and 2.5 for the clients on the same machine? Is it not possible to build the whole setup under python 2.6?18:21
cedkmugwomp: I have put here: some packages needed for the client18:21
mugwompThank you Cedk18:21
cedkmugwomp: we have not yet tested for Python2.6 but Python2.5 works for both18:21
mugwomp2.5 is fine. I just dont want to trouble shoot two pythons or install two versions on the final machine.18:23
mugwompI have the files. Is that everything I need for the server?18:24
mugwompdbrenck says "pyWebDav (dont use the (old) "stable" version, you _must_ get the18:25
mugwomplatest source or this won't do on windows.) " Is this still true?18:25
cedkmugwomp: I'm not sure18:25
cedkmugwomp: yes for pywebdav but it is an optional dependency18:26
cedkmugwomp: it is if you want to have webdav interface18:26
mugwompOk - thanks for the help. I'll appreciate the help. I should go make use of it now.18:27
cedkmugwomp: but tell me if you have trouble18:27
mugwompYou are very kind and helpful.18:27
mugwompWhere are you? I'm in Guelph Ontario.18:27
cedkmugwomp: Belgium18:29
mugwompI'm Dutch by background but everytime I'm anywhere near Belgium I end up in France, Holland, or Germany.18:30
mugwompnothing personal :)18:30
mugwompCedk: a question some of these are not the most recent versions are any of these files the older versions because the new ones wont work? or are the new ones just untested?18:32
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 160:9bc27649729c product/ Make search_rec_name search also on symbol for issue93418:32
CIA-48ced roundup * #934/Product selecting UOM, can not search for Symbol only for name: [resolved] Fix with changeset 9bc27649729c18:32
cedkmugwomp: It can be because they was not yet available when I installed on the windows host18:34
cedkmugwomp: It was some month ago and I didn't update it often18:34
cedkmugwomp: because it is a long job as windows has not a package manager :-(18:35
mugwompdont I know it. ok, that makes sense. Were the DLLs part of a package? Where would I find them normally?18:35
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mugwompThanks Cedk appreciate the help.18:38
cedkmugwomp: I try on the official project page but somes doesn't support windows so I use google18:42
mugwompThanks Cedk.18:48
mugwompI just wondered if they represent undocumented dependencies18:49
cedkmugwomp: some are dependencies of dependencies18:50
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 193:a413ee7f0e52 sale/ Make sale_uom change also with salable for issue95018:51
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 194:29f7f01cb911 sale/: merge18:51
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 317:3edbb208c648 purchase/ Make purchase_uom change with purchasable for issue95018:51
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 318:c68aa5a06905 purchase/: merge18:51
CIA-48ced roundup * #950/default values for purchase uom and sale oum: [resolved] Fix with changeset a413ee7f0e52 and changeset 3edbb208c64818:52
mugwompWhat will I need to know to write my own modules?18:55
CIA-48ced roundup * #943/webdav: logging of connections: [chatting] Will it not be to verbose as HTTP is stateless so you have login at each requests.18:55
cedkmugwomp: Python18:57
cedkmugwomp: and look at
mugwompCan you recommend the most appropriate printed documentation to supplement doc.tryton.org19:01
mugwompAre the developers pushing for python 3.0 compatability?19:01
cedkmugwomp: not yet19:02
mugwompBroadly, what are the next 3 goals?19:02
cedkmugwomp: to doc comes from doc directory of each repositories19:02
mugwompI know its a terrible question but whats your guess as to the arrival of 1.4?19:04
cedkmugwomp: I don't understand19:05
mugwompEverything looks really slick and I dont want to seem like I'm ungrateful or want to rush you. But when do you think you'll reach your 1.4 goal - so I know to concentrate on learning what isn't going to change.19:06
mugwompHow long till 1.4?19:06
cedkmugwomp: we make release every 6 months19:06
cedkmugwomp: of course there is a lot of chance that all the goals will not be reached19:07
mugwompIs there an automated data backup feature or module? Is one planned?19:08
mugwompYou guys sound very well organized19:08
cedkmugwomp: no19:08
cedkmugwomp: it is easy to backup postgresql with pg_dump19:08
mugwompOk, I've done that before19:09
cedkmugwomp: we don't want to add technical stuff in modules. Modules are for busines stuffs19:10
mugwompThat makes sense. I won't really know more about modules until I have a working setup and I can get a look at them.19:11
mugwompThanks for doing great things with really great components :).19:11
cedkmugwomp: some goals are already reached like GroupDAV19:12
mugwompWhat does GroupDAV mean on the customer level? What can you do with it and Thunderbird? Can you tie into Outlook?19:14
cedkmugwomp: we have made a module party_vcarddav, that export parties on groupdav19:16
cedkmugwomp: this mean that you can have a remote address book in Thunderbird, outlook, etc...19:16
cedkmugwomp: it is synchronous in both side19:17
mugwompSo you can pull addresses to build tables, address reports etc...19:18
cedkmugwomp: what do you mean by "build tables, address reports"?19:18
mugwompWill the module handle an auto mailed report?19:18
mugwompAddress books as a source for the application could streamline reporting and email interaction.19:19
cedkmugwomp: no, it is just to have contacts that are in Tryton also in mail clients19:19
cedkmugwomp: but we have in the client the option to send report by email19:20
mugwompDo you have any other Canadian Users?19:23
cedkmugwomp: I don't think19:24
mugwompBecause I think I'm going to have to customize for Canadian taxes etc.... I'd love to share the workload19:25
mugwompAh well fewer helpers mean more clients :)19:26
cedkmugwomp: try on the mailing list19:35
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CIA-48udono roundup * #172/Database backup fails: [closed] Works!21:20
CIA-48udono roundup * #1055/Sale report need to set attribute active = True: [closed] works21:25
CIA-48udono roundup * #1052/TypeError: hasattr(): attribute name must be string: [chatting] works.21:27
CIA-48matb roundup * #943/webdav: logging of connections: Indeed, so it will make only sense with -v option of server.21:37
CIA-48matb roundup * #878/problem when creating record and setting inherited record manually: I can confirm the issue. I can reproduce it with product_variant installed like this: - create new product template and save - create new product, ...21:48
CIA-48udono roundup * #1044/TypeError: unknown type (null): added screenshots and a stacktrace22:10
CIA-48udono roundup * #1044/TypeError: unknown type (null): bin/tryton ** (tryton:1072): CRITICAL **: pygtk_generic_tree_model_get_value: assertion `VALID_ITER(iter, tree_model)' failed ERROR:common.messag ...22:13

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