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KovertI have a brand new install of Mandriver with postreSQL and I would like to install tryton but none of the insructions are very goo dthat I hzave seen01:09
Kovertcan some on guide m eto some step by step01:09
Kovertok I have followed the instructions on the wiki for mandriva what next01:41
Kovertdoesnt even look like it installs tryton01:41
cedkKovert: it gives only dependencies01:52
cedkKovert: you just have to download the source and run it01:52 * r654 /wiki/ Remove duplicate01:57
Kovertthe source ? isn't there instructions?02:12
Kovertis that the mecorial suff?02:13
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newnomadHello, first time here. Investigating how I would setup a very simple webshop (no cart, buy now) with Tryton containing all my product data and prices (acting like an offline CMS), and syncing it to the website.13:58
newnomadFor now its only data from tryton to website and not back. So xml rpc to 'publish' stuff would be OK, but  just update xml files on my live server from my local tryton install would be enough.13:59
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newnomadcould anyone point me in the right direction to publish all the data from a product to an xml file?15:55
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udononewnomad: Hi, is it this what you are looking for?
newnomadudona, thanks being just new here didnt find all the docs yet. it seems this could help me16:09
newnomadI am trying to update a page on a website(cms) with the data from a productentry in tryton. Bc I always want to start projects as simpel as possible I wonder if I should use rpc xml to update the DB of my CMS, or if it is possible to simply have tryton ftpupload a new version of an xml fiel contiaing all the data?16:11
newnomad*I would be OK with manualy exporting xml file (instead of csv) from a tryton entry, and ftping it to my life server, where it gets xsl parsed into a webpage with product info16:13
udononewnomad: where is the source of your data? in The CMS or in Tryton?16:14
newnomadno I would like to have all my data in Trytron16:14
newnomadI want to start a webshop and focus first on a good erp and later on integrating my webshop (satchmo or Lighting fast shop) with it16:15
udononewnomad: so you put your data into tryton, and like to send them one way to the CMS?16:16
newnomadindeed,  would like to use trytron as my library with all product info instaed of a cms16:16
newnomadthe cms will just be a simpel xml parser in xsl, with no 'intelligence'16:16
udononewnomad: ok. So when you use XMLRPC from Tryton, you already have the data in an XML Tree.16:18
newnomadI know soem CMSes support RPC, meaning they then put all stuff in tables. Now I wonder wether I can just tap into RPC to obtain the creation of a flatfile xml, not even in DB?16:20
newnomaddoes freenode has a RPC channel - let me know if a go oftopic here?16:20
udononewnomad: I know that django and satchmo are able to talk in RPC. But you need to create the various methods.16:22
udononewnomad: No problem, on Sunday everything could be on topic :-)16:23
newnomadwell in fact for now the life website would not even be phyton, just php16:23
newnomadha thank the starts for sundays ;-)16:24
udononewnomad: But php is able to XMLRPC too, afaik...16:25
newnomadLike magento ecommerce (zend php) they have a module to integrate with openerp, but indeed satchmo doesnt have integration with tryton yet, the developers are talking about it on the group, but havent heard any progress...16:26
udononewnomad: I don't know if it is fun to use XSL anyway ... see
newnomadUdono I am really open for all suggestions here, just trying th eeasiest, or even hackish, way to get a portfolio of products in tryton on the web in pages16:28
udononewnomad: We presented a connection between Tryton and Satchmo on the last cebit. But it was only a very quick hack...16:28
newnomadOpenerp for instance has a module that cretes a webshop in an iframe, to paste on any webpage16:29
newnomadbut the thing is i dont need a full blown webshop just yet16:29
udononewnomad: Tryton doesn't have a Browser client...16:30
newnomadwill it have one in the future, to enable this;
newnomadalthough the penerp example is in fact a life connection with my localserver running openerp, my laptop, so thats no good for a real life webshop?16:31
newnomadudono, do you have any info on ; a connection between Tryton and Satchmo ?16:32
udononewnomad: I dislike the idea to let the Internet connect to my busines data... for me it needs to be seperated.16:32
newnomadudono; I totally agree on that; theinternetcms may sync my buisnessdat on my laptop, at maintenance times, but not connect to it16:33
newnomadare you familiar with the new 'lightweight satchmo" ?16:34
udononewnomad: I have info for the Tryton-Side. But not for satchmo. Therefore you need to request johbo, he did the Satchmoside.16:34
newnomadwould johbo be interested in doing one for LFS? it seems a bit less complex for a beginner like me?16:35
newnomadunless that bruce and co is gearing up a more simple egg-like install for the next satchmo version like LFS...16:36
udononewnomad: We are absolutely interested in doing a webshop integration with Tryton, but we need some more plannings before. We prefer to integrate upon similar technology like Python, Django. So if LFS is right, why not?!16:38
newnomadwell if you aim for the biggest potential community, I guess the more simple LFS migth attract new members easier, especially with a nice integration with Tryton. It seems a lot is talked about ecommerce apps (magento,...) but often the reality of workflow of taking orders is forgotten. I think the erp might be more important then the webshop , personally....16:41
udononewnomad: magento is nice fo big business I think, it needs high level hardware...16:47
newnomadudono would it be of interest to do a case study with a webshop that is liek a dumb client of tryton, so only to use a django cart (no productcatalog, buyer registering) and maybe a checkout or to work with pinax modules16:47
udononewnomad: good question... maybe we better talk about this stuff next week, when all of us online16:49
newnomadyes udono, i know magento needs optimized server, but even with that, and as a big business, you still need offline tools like barcode reading,.... so you always end up integration with erp. So I wonder why erp's are integrated with webshops, instead of webshops integrated with erps (the more important part)16:50
newnomadare you based in germany, so that would be during offcie hours, or rather in the evening?16:51
udononewnomad: new customers and sales orders the erp gets from the webshop. But products the webshop gets from the erp. So it is both side, I think16:51
udononewnomad: office-hours: always you catch me ;-)16:52
udononewnomad: and yes, germany16:53
newnomadyes, but why should the webshop have all kinds of entryfields to input products in it, instead of input ptoducts only in tryton, then sync them, and in the end have a much more simple webshop backend?16:53
newnomadat least this is how I have seen magento and lightningfastshop, maybe these online backend is only optional?16:55
udononewnomad: yes, this should be definitively a design goal. A simple frontend, which is able to do only the parts for showing and ordering the products, not more. So you are right.16:55
udononewnomad: I need to go... voting for european :-)16:56
newnomadNice to hear that, I am designer form belgium, and have very limited experience on the coding end, cya16:56
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newnomadanyone knows of screencasts explainign the use of the client?17:43
udononewnomad: back17:47
udononewnomad: see the doc folder of the client17:47
udononewnomad: there is a complete documentation17:48
newnomadam using the osx client and cant succeed in addign a product17:49
udononewnomad: on the demo server?17:49
newnomadwhen i click products nothign happens, yeah on the demo17:49
newnomador do i need to purchase to add a product in the inventory17:50
udononewnomad: no, just open New product or prduct on the right side17:50
johbonewnomad: udono: hi17:50
udonojohbo: hi17:51
johbovery interesting discussion about integration of tryton and shop17:51
udonojohbo: yes, newnomad has the same ideas like us17:53
newnomadjohbo I am flattered...being a noob, but starting a tiny webshop and want it to be elegently workflowed and coded, I tend to reinvent most anything I need ;-)17:53
johbonewnomad: we based our integration efforts on django-xmlrpc17:54
johbonewnomad: I think this might also be useful when your are trying to fill custom django-applications or this lfs-shop17:55
johbonewnomad: but we tried it only with satchmo17:55
johbonewnomad: but I think the Ideas should also work with any other django-based application, it should just be a matter of a different implementation for the xmlrpc methods17:56
newnomadmy perfect setup of webshop would use google api for geolocalisation and localise all text, and prices including shipping, with oneclick buy (no checkout) so I would need to be able to tranalte and calculate exchange rates in tryton17:57
newnomadI beleive there is a VAT module yet, but not a european central bank feed exchange one?17:58
johboudono: maybe that it's going to be time to start coordinating our efforts in shop-integration?17:58
newnomadIf you guys are interested I am willing to be your test-dummy or usercase with my tiny shop sellign designfurniture18:00
newnomadabout the 'no checkout' I alwasy hate it if I cannot see the exact total price (in my currency, tax, and delivery) right away for each product, and have to start clicking through to find out18:01
newnomadudono / johbo is there only one screencast about the client currently? nothing on how to translate all fields of a product in several languages - or isn't this possible?18:03
newnomadalso didn't figure out how to export all fields of one product (export csv or xml) in the client18:04
johbonewnomad: not shure, that's udono's part, I am the django-guy ;-)18:04
newnomadah ok ;-)18:04
newnomadso johbo what shared django host would you recommend? the one in switzerland?18:05
johbonewnomad: I think udono's right, we should talk about it in the next week, when the others are also online.18:05
newnomadnp just using the log as my memory ;-)18:06
johbonewnomad: no suggestions, I never tried one, I started directly with my own servers18:06
johbonewnomad: so I have no experiences with shared django hosting :-(18:06
newnomadI really liked to find where it seemed django hosting shouldnt be complex, dedicated and expensive, so its no excuse to stay in LAMP land anymore ;-)18:07
newnomadso udono, can you hint me  about howto translating and exporting in the client?18:09
johboso, I will be afk now, bye18:09
newnomadthe Translate View plugin ?18:11
udononewnomad: what you want to translate?18:11
udononewnomad: which language you want to translate?18:12
newnomadwell 1 product entry, all fields (written info) originally entered in english, I want to tranalte in 12 languages, and then enter them, i should be able te view the languages later18:13
udononewnomad: all fields with a small flag behind can be translated. But you needed to create the languages at first, I think.18:13
udononewnomad: I don't know if it is possible in the demo version18:14
newnomadso is possibel if i install it myself?18:14
udononewnomad: this is about view translation, not content translation.18:15
newnomadcontent translation, or the management of it is not possible in tryton?18:16
udononewnomad: it is possible, but on fields with a small flag behind.18:17
newnomadOK but then the workflow is to click on each and every flag, or is it possible to export a flat file to hand out to a translator, and then reenter the flatfile in one go?18:19
udononewnomad: I think it is possible, but I never tried. Better ask cedk if he knows.18:20
newnomadok, btw there is no guide as to how to install on macosx? sorry to keep referring to openerp, but a step by step like this;
newnomador should it be more or less the same?18:22
newnomadcedk are you at keyboard?18:23
cedknewnomad: yes18:24
udononewnomad: sorry, don't know about tryton server on macosx18:25
cedknewnomad: the translation process for record is the same then for others18:25
newnomadcedk is it documented here; ?18:26
newnomadcedk what you mean with record, tu parle francis?18:27
newnomadog hang on are you the cedric who was part of tiny?18:29
cedknewnomad: yes18:29
newnomadenchante ;-)18:29
cedknewnomad: for french there is tryton-fr18:29
newnomadmy english is better I think, but could make an effort if there are more people over there?18:30
newnomadI still dont exactly get the translation process, might it be usefull to check openerp docs?18:31
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cedknewnomad: I don't know18:37
cedknewnomad: but to translate you just have to click on flags18:37
cedknewnomad: it is not possible to see in Administration>Localization>Translations to see the records for product because there is a domain that constraints only to module translation18:38
newnomadcedk: i Know, but I was trying to find out how to batch import all fields to flat text, translate it, and then batch import it again....but maybe that is a dreamed up feature by me that doesnt exixsit yet?18:39
cedknewnomad: but it is possible to add one entry for translations that are not linked to module18:39
newnomadcedk: I am using the demo client macosx now, and dont see these menus, I should install the real thing and ask next week?18:41
newnomadcedk; oh you mean the dir structure? not the menus of the client?18:42
cedknewnomad: which user do you use?18:42
newnomaddoh! demo , i'll relog as admin rightaway18:43
newnomaduhm... thats in german :-)18:43
cedknewnomad: I will add the menu entry for the next release18:43
cedknewnomad: it is because someone switch the language18:43
newnomadok it sback ok now18:44
newnomadOK cedk, so you were saying that export translations only exports one field - you call it module- and since i wanted all modules I needed to do what...?18:45
newnomadtranslations that are not linked to module18:46
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cedknewnomad: I just try it but I don't think it is the right solution18:48
cedknewnomad: for now, you can switch user language and edit each products18:48
cedknewnomad: I think it is the simpliest18:49
newnomadcedk: yeah these transaltion are for modules, not content so it seems18:49
cedknewnomad: otherwise we must improve the export/import csv process18:49
newnomadcedk: so translations only serves to translate the words in the client, and you can also translate each product field, with th flag, but you cannot export or streamline the workflow of those translations?18:52
newnomadcedk: what are the report translations?18:53
newnomadthanks for your effort cedk, i'll need to have another long look at doc/usage.html, or is there another source of documentation to get up to speed with the client?18:56
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